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The Scepter of Maat (Part Two)

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The Scepter of Maat (Part Two) - Page 3 Empty Re: The Scepter of Maat (Part Two)

Post by Danny The Sphinx August 9th 2018, 1:39 am

For once Plan A looked better than Plan B. Revoking the attempt to mediate shifted things to the side of the heroes. It did not make Danny feel any less angry about the deception. "We were going to talk you jerk! Fine! Here's the new gambit!" Like normal, Danny did not want to kill him. Well, she wanted to kill. She really wanted to kill him, but like normal, Danny abstained from straight up murdering someone and instead opted to go for a nonlethal subjugation.

Focusing not just on the creation of material, but more or less where to put it took enough focus from Danny to draw a bead of sweat from her brow. It was also really hot, but Danny would just chalk it up to focus. Danny went for it. A turquoise bar would appear just below Warhead's sixth rib, piercing between his lung and liver. It would not kill him, but it would hurt. A lot.

If the turquoise bar did not end the fight, turquoise bars would still follow up to bind Warhead, keeping him wrapped up for the time period.

None of this evened out Danny's anger.

Danny The Sphinx
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The Scepter of Maat (Part Two) - Page 3 Empty Re: The Scepter of Maat (Part Two)

Post by Puglife43vr August 14th 2018, 8:58 pm

"You have no clue who you're dealing with."

Warhead has had enough of this nonsense. Time to end this and end everybody in the room. His men jump behind cover which isn't too useful as it's immediately turned to liquid by the heat pouring off him. He releases a wave of energy so powerful, the shockwave would be felt for several miles from him. Heavy amounts of dust and sand particles flow through the air from the force of the shockwave, making the gasmasks the men wore even more useful. The power of the explosion near wiped the museum building they were in off the map. He puts a finger on his earpiece.

"The children will not listen. Detonate the bombs in the city."

The explosives are armed somewhere within the city, starting a countdown to the boom. It would be reasonable to assume the bombs are in different areas, but there's not telling where they were positioned and how complex it might be to defuse them.

The Scepter of Maat (Part Two) - Page 3 HRN5OeL
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The Scepter of Maat (Part Two) - Page 3 Empty Re: The Scepter of Maat (Part Two)

Post by FantasyBound August 15th 2018, 1:22 pm

Lucas looks up at the mass of undead rushing up to the main room, he feels his regeneration reserves, and isn't happy about the results. Well, doesn't look like I can fight, only a bit above 2%. Just enough I could regrow 3 limbs and a few bullet wounds. Well, not Warhead at least, maybe I could pretend to be one of the mummy's and try to close in?
He looks up, the green glowing was getting brighter, he prepares to run in there as fast as he could, golden sword in hand...


Lucas is launched back in an explosive force, he was spinning in the air like a ragdoll thrown high in the sky, he flys some distance before crashing into a statue. He slumped to the ground, pain shot up his shoulder, which took most of the impact, and his body repairs the multiple breaks in his ribs, shoulder, and arm.

After repairing, he looks about the room, and his jaw drops(Almost literally). There's the scepter, it was tall, golden, and had a small crystal orb of blue almost suspended over the tip, and around the orb was a coiling piece of gold, surrounding it like a cage, but it never touched the crystal. Lucas felt that was what Warhead and everybody else was looking for, and also what the mummies wanted. He finally sees the three fully dressed ones standing in front, noticing lucas finally, and they rush at him.

These ones obviously weren't of the same stock as the others, they had that bit more flesh and muscle remaining on them, and their faces, they didn't have faces, they had masks, and the masks looked like dogs with ruby eyes, and there weapons were interesting, they had gold staffs topped with a blade like a shortsword, so a sword staff? But they wore no real armor, they had shorts similar to the others, but they also had lots of jewelry on them.

Lucas grabbed his blade, lying near at hand, and stood up. The first to come at him swung for his chest in a wide sweep, Luke just dislocates his spine and drops, his head almost touching his heels, and then swings back up, body holding itself together. He tries for a swing himself, but they aren't close enough and he misses by a considerable distance. I need one of those, otherwise they have a much needed advantage against me. The same one tries a diagonal slash, and Luke grabs the blade, his hand stung just the slightest bit as it hit him, and he yanks it from his opponent without much issue. His hand bleeds as it tightly grasps the staff, and he tries to stab his foe, his hand still burning ever so slightly, These are heavy, and they seem to be poisoned too, thank God for regeneration.

He stabs at his foe, who doesn't have the same dislocation ability as lucas, and gets hit hard. Luke throws the still struggling body to the side, and he meets his next opponent, who swings for his ankles. Lucas doesn't bother blocking and aims for his foes head, as the mummies blade cleaves through his ankles, he cleaves just as well through its neck. He stumbles to his knees, waiting for his feet to grow back, as the mummy falls dead.

He feels the plunge of a blade digging in his back, it was the final one. He felt the mummy’s foot kick him off of its blade, and then it stabs again, and again, and again. He falls to the floor, bleeding rivers, all his back is torn to ribbons, repairing itself as it can, but his undead foe just kept on stabbing, he knew he couldn't have more of this, his body was already skimming the 1% it had. He spun around, just to get the one blade aimed for his neck, and he went to do the same. The mummies blade dug deep into his throat, but his blade dug deeper, and his foe finally fell.

He got up, his regen all used up, and his body and mind unwilling to “Eat”, he has no way to make noise, his throat was slit. He turned to the radiance of the staff, and he walks, hand outstretched, his hand almost upon its surface.

It’s mine.
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The Scepter of Maat (Part Two) - Page 3 Empty Re: The Scepter of Maat (Part Two)

Post by ghost August 16th 2018, 4:51 pm

Too late...

A flash engulfed Iha as he flew through the air, his trajectory being altered as a massive wave of heat and force pushed him way. Everything happened so fast, a quick alarm sounded in his ear, a bright white flash as his mechanical eye's seemed to be overcome by energy, and pain. His body was forced against an adjacent wall, he now sat right next to Mehka and her bubble Thank Ra it's still there..

Iha's head fell. His system booted down for exactly fifteen seconds. He was back in the spirit world. Sitting against a large tree trunk, it was more like a pillar of wood, stretching to the sky endlessly. Its thick branches darting out over the grassy landscape for miles, leaves as big as a man, some only the size of Iha's head, they caused odd shadows to fall along the plain, the grass dancing about in them. Iha didn't miss this place. It was a beautiful place, the animals here ran free and almost without care, he longed for earth to be such a way, he knew he could help keep the evil back, he just needed one more chance. The drive filled his mind.

He looked down at his hands, human again, actual flesh and bone. No wires or awkwardness about the movemnts. Then his vision blurred slowly and as if suddenly lifted by wind his body seemed to jolt.

Pain. As if his skin was sheered off his body. It was more toward his back, all along his posterior. He tried to move. His hands able to flex and extend. Iha opened his eyes and all he could see as he lifted his head was a heap of rubble. He was outside. The high noon sun started to cake him with heat. His chest was bare metal, strands of metallic wires that made up his muscles were showing all along his chest and abdomen. His face was bare too, left to look like a metal skull, only bits of hair and skin lined the back of his head and neck. The pain was from the artificial nerve endings, everything was so deep it sheered them off, leaving pain only on his back where the nerves were still exposed.

Iha's vision was so red and confusing he almost didn't pay any attention, his temperature was fair, sitting at about 300 degrees. For being blown up, at least that is what he had thought it was, he was doing OK. He looked across a rubble stricken floor. Both metallic bubbles were still in place. I hope she made it Iha thought. His body wracked in pain as he attempted to stand.

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