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[NPC] Mehka Icarus

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[NPC] Mehka Icarus

Post by ghost on Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:47 am

Mehka Icarus

"It was my Mothers..."

The Bio

Real Name: Borne: Mehka Longsted Married: Mehka Icarus
Hero Name: Mehka
Title: The “Smart One”
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Race: Human, Half Egyptian/ Half American
Hair: Brown, Long, Soft
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 110lbs
Blood type: A +

The Looks

Mehka usually wears normal clothing with a doctors coat over it. Her hair is long, soft, and brown. Her eyes are also brown. Her skin is tan. She has an athletic body but not too muscular. She stands five feet tall and five inches. When she goes out into the field she wears a tightfitting suit, similar to Iha’s, it monitors her vital signs among other things. The difference between them is that her suit is all black with no Ankh in the center.

The Personality

Mehka is kindhearted and will do mostly anything for little children and a person in need. She works hard and never gives up to a challenge, always aspiring to be better. If she gets something wrong she questions why and tries again. Though she takes part in some dark ritualistic occult things she tries not to be a person of hatred. She will go out of her way to make sure people don't think bad about her, or try and find a way to make it up if she upsets someone.  

The Story

Mehka was born in Washington state. She grew up in the city, Seattle to be exact. She had no siblings and was born to her mother Yuhka. Her father was never around and abandoned them when she was only two. Mehka didn’t know till she was 20 that her mother was part of secret lineage of Magicians. Not the ‘pull a rabbit from the hat’ kind either. Yuhka was taught by her mother secrets to the occult and different mysteries of the ancient Egyptians. She started to teach her daughter everything she knew.

By the age of 30 Mehka had mastered many things including multiple spells. She graduated with a dual doctorate in robotics and bio engineering. During collage she studied martial arts and through the years excelled to fourth degree black belt. She taught at the local Teakwondo club, but when she graduated she was offered a job in New York working for TriCor, she couldn’t resist.

One day after he mothers tragic death in a car crash she wore a necklace her mother gave her only a day before. Unaware, she went into work and a strange thing occurred, one of the droids ‘woke up’. Afterwards she had to run from the company. At least it seemed like it, they might have been catching on to the situation so she went into hiding. Mehka soon got married to the doctor that worked with her at the company and moved in with him and Iha, the droid that woke up. She now helps him and Dr. Icarus search for the relics so they can protect them… it’s a mater of life and death.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Superior Intellect: Having a PHD in robotics and bio engineering she is able to help doctor Icarus with his experiments. She was a lead scientist on making the droid’s parts and is skilled with a wrench. Her mind is always going, learning new things is part of what she loves so much about her job. She is known for making new things herself. She now works for her husband’s company, ‘Armored Robotics’ in the bio engineering branch.

Occult Sorcery: Sense she was twenty years old she has practiced the arts of the occult. Learning new spells and old ones, some she came up with by herself and others she learned from her mother. Over the years the occult has become part of her life, its constant nature seems to draw her in continually.


Name: Shadow Dance
Requirements: A lighted area, ritualistic words
Effects: She is able to manipulate her shadow. Causing it to become solid, it stands as another person. The shadow lasts for five posts (two post cool down) or ends when it enters darkness. The shadow form is destroyed only when it losses its head.

Weakness 1: Light will destroy the shadow.

Weakness 2: The shadow will also be destroyed once it loses its head.

Weakness 3: The words must be spoken, if gaged the shadow will not be able to appear.

Name: Militi Fortissimo
Requirements: Ritualistic wave of the hands
Effects: The caster is covered in a suit of red and gold samurai armor. A red facemask the has 12in horns decorates the helmet. The rest of the body is covered head to toe in armor that is scaled with iron and leather. The armor is enchanted and easily deflects sword strikes, small arms fire, and blunt force.  

Weakness 1: The armor can be penetrated by rifle rounds.

Weakness 2: She has to waver her hands in order to cast. If bound she would be unable to preform such a feat.

Name: Pugnax Umbra
Requirements: Ritualistic wave of the hand
Effects: She summons three shadows forms from darkness that is around her. They looked to be dressed in roman centurion armor and carrying one handed short swords and shields. They stand at 6' and have muscular builds.

Weakness 1: The shadow is destroyed when it enters darkness.

Weakness 2: The shadow will be destroyed once it loses its head.

Weakness 3: Silver causes a disturbance in their structure making them implode.


Name: Light Abides
Requirements: Ritualistic wave of the hand
Effects: The spell summons 6 floating lanterns to the casters position. The light emanating from the lanterns is bright and almost blinding when looked at.

Weakness: The lights are easily broken.

Weakness: When hit with beams of light from the sun or flashlights the lanterns implode.

Name: Shadow Circle
Requirements: A wave of the hand
Effects: A 5-foot diameter circle appears around the caster, it has an intricate design within it, looking like spread flower peddles and a six-pointed star in the middle. When the user is within the circle she is protected from any projectiles or attacking spells. She also gains the ability to control the shadows of objects around her and summon shadows of people standing nearby (Max 6) they become solidified and personified, they are at the will of the caster. The shadows are wielding swords and shields. The shadows of objects in the room become elongated and shoot out like tendril at the command of the user. The tendrils sap the energy out of the person they grab hold of making them weak and tired.

Weakness 1: The shadows dissipate when they hit darkness or lose their heads

Weakness 2: When within the circle she becomes static. Standing in a position with her hands together at her chest, her eyes go dark. She can not defend herself if someone where to attack her physically. All of her mind goes into the room around her and controlling the shadows.

Weakness 3: The spell takes energy and makes the caster weak for 2 posts after the spell is over. Energy and power are sucked out of the caster. They will only be able to walk or run slowly, think slowly, and complex motions will become difficult. It would be unlikely that the person could drive, operate a complex weapon or have the strength to wield a sword or knife or even cast a spell.

The Weaknesses

Needs Her Glasses: Without her glasses she is useless unless her target is within five feet. Her vision blurs and she can not see.  

Love: She loves her husband and Iha. If anything were to happen to them she would be distraught, unable to think or concentrate. Coming up with new things would seem impossible, helping on a mission would be unthinkable.  

Human: She is a female human. She is able to die, contract disease, brake bones, ect.

Spiders: Of all things she fears spiders the most. If one lands on her she will most likely just jump up and run around for a moment till she KNOWS its gone.

The Items

Shadowmatic Ring: A silver band she asked an Indian guru to bless. She enchanted it with a spell that allows her to form simple weapons from shadows. She can generate swords, knives, or any noncomplex weapon that she can hold with in her hands.

Weakness: The weapons are weakened within direct light.  

Armband: The armband she wears controls all the doors and windows, and has access to all the cameras within their estate. She is able to communicate through some of the cameras and call to some of their droids that patrol about the home.

Field suit: Her suit is tight fitting and allows for quick flexible movements. There are coils within it that monitor her vital signs and can heat up or cool down to keep her body temperature at a reasonable level wherever she is.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Re: [NPC] Mehka Icarus

Post by Zonky Blong on Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:04 pm


Zonky Blong
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