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The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen Empty The Crystal Queen

Post by Minty on June 7th 2018, 11:26 pm

Iris Veladona

The Crystal Queen

The Bio

Real Name:Iris May Veladona
Hero Name: "Crystal Queen"
Title: "The Mech Nut"
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'1" (185/4 Cm)
Weight: 196.5 Lbs. (89.1 Kg)
Blood type: O-

The Looks

The Personality

Like any hero to be, she's worked herself up socially, a motherly figure to the friends around her. to others, a sister. To some, a gentle lady. Her kindness is what she shows day to day, out on the streets, and even within her group of associates. However, those who have known her for a very long time can see the inventive hunger, and ceaseless drive to be strong. Crafty in the day to day before her power manifested, and tirelessly curious when they did. She can be short with people, tenacious, and protective. a part of her personality that she shows to Supervillians.

The Story

Well, just like a lot of Superheroes, she was inspired by the heroes around her. She loved how sharp, intelligent, and powerful they were. She used to be bitter as a teenager that she didn't have the meta-gene, or the mystical intervention that some heroes might, though when she was 20- an undiscovered dormant meta-gene in her triggered due to high stress when she happened to come from getting hit by a car. A blast of horns, and the smash of metal frame reverberating throughout the street, and yet. No blood. Just red crystals spewed onto the floor. Driver getting out found the side of his fender bent to hell, and Iris curled up in a ball, half of her body shielded by corundum. After that she excitedly tested her abilities as much as she could, stress test (jumping out the window), Type test (Extent of the crystals she could form on, and as herself.) Any regenerative properties (No.) After some studies she conducted on herself with heat, she learned how dangerous her powers could be to herself. As defensively capable as it was, she could get really hurt if she wasn't smart about it.

So, a plan has been hatched, be known as the Crystal Queen, let it take flight slowly. build a suit of high tech mechanical armor, shield it with crystals in a fight. That way, it can shield her glaring weaknesses as long as they didn't know how to truly destroy her. she will be better than the heroes that she's looked up to. she'll win again supervillians, save the innocent. right?

The Priority

3. Agility
2. Endurance
1. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Crystal Form: The meta-gene within Iris causes hardening, and produces and grows crystals on the surface of her skin, or can change her body from flesh to crystal, never both. It's either a hefty shield that can be a temporary defense, as most crystals she makes crack under harsh duress. Or a much more risky shield, that while thicker than the surface growth, any damage to her crystalline form carries over. The harder the crystal, the more it exhausts herself.

The quality of the crystal is proportional to the time she spends generating it along her body, full form creates pure crystals.

The Weaknesses

While creating diamond everything would certainly make you incredibly strong against scratching and pressure, you wouldn't last very long. Diamonds can be melted, evaporated by radiation, and sliced along a specifically aligned plane of it's atomic construction.

Crystals are notoriously hard, but incredibly easy to cut. Cutting along a specific plane of the crystal will cut through it like butter, diamond, or apatite alike. It's easy to image how terrible that can go for the full form.

Crystals with impurities can have low electrical resistance, if in shield form, she hastily puts up a casing of crystals, and someone were to run current through her, it'd resist nearly none of the current.

out of mechanical weaknesses, and into embedded weaknesses. The process of creating, or shifting tissue and such to crystal is pretty exhausting. the fuel for the process directly comes from ATP, and therefore it's tiring, too much used at once will make her pass out as her mitochondria in vital organs are being robbed of precious ATP. in the long term, she'll start losing weight as a battle drags on, then muscle mass, then it'll become fatal if overused way too much.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

When she's in her crystalline forms, her body is completely clear, and the light reflects through extensively complex layers creates a blinding flash of light in the sun. she uh. she shouldn't do so in public very often. Not many people enjoy being flash banged randomly.

The RP Sample

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