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Post by FantasyBound June 7th 2018, 5:14 pm




Real Name: Hammond "Ham" Clarke MacArthur
Hero Name: INK
Title: The Blot, Ink Man.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Transformed)
Hair: Black short straight
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6" 3'
Weight: 210 lbs.
Ink type: Black Tattoo Ink


INK John-c11

He has lots of black tattoos every where but his face.


Hammond appears like a gruff, rude man in his early thirties. But for those that talk to him when he isn't on screen (Which isn't often) he is incredibly kind and empathic, acting more like a father figure then what he appears on TV. He does this from more habit and instinct then anything. He grew up acting different then his criminalistic and violent family and neighborhood, so he wore a fake behavior so people wouldn't insult him for being soft or weak. He maintains this on set to get a better audience, so he can achieve what he was promised.
He often says sorry after especially bad moments, such as when he insults or yells, then gives the person, if they are willing to listen, a "fatherly" talk about how they are valued and important to him and everybody else.
He is also known for the inevitable "Dad joke" every so often off set.
He is quite convinced that his power is more a curse then a blessing, and that he needs to use this curse to it's fullest use.


Childhood: Hammond grew up in a broken home. His parents where both severe alcohol/cigarette addicts, they often beat him for inexplicable means, and they got angered over non existent things. He was an only child, he was reminded this often by his parents, saying they already learned there mistake for having a child. And he didn't really have many friends, most kids considered him a weakling, a wimp, because he often cried when his parents where mentioned, it just brought too many bad memories. He decided at 10 that he would change who he was in order to not get insulted. He started swearing a lot, got into cigarettes at 11 after his dad forced him into it. He kept this up for years. He got good grades in school, and he started raising in popularity for his behavior, he was successful beyond the other students, excelling in every class. But he still hated his life.

Early Twenties: Hammond got a job as a tattoo artist, he was getting a decent pay, and eventually gained quite a bit of fame from his skin art. He opened a small shop in the heart of his hometown, and started raising in the ranks of skill. This job was what got him to meet his wife, Diana. They got married both at the age of 23, Ham quit smoking after that, he even proposed by burning all his alcohol, and had it form a giant flaming heart with some help. After that, he had a very happy life, even having a daughter at the age of 25. Life was good.

Late Twenties-recently: They said they where working on something. The city was getting a particle accelerator, a machine, which would be able to create nearly infinite energy. That sounded good and all, but that isn't what happened. He was just, at home. He was in the living room, he remembers hearing an explosion, then everything goes black. He later wakes up on the ground, its al covered in ink. everything is covered in ink... His wife, and his daughter where both covered in ink, but they weren't breathing, they where dead. Police came in, to see a 30 year old man crying, clean despite the room full of ink. They assumed he was one of the meta freaks that the city has spotted showing up recently, and took him into custody for the murder of his wife and daughter. they put him in a special cell, designed specifically to hold him. He stayed there for 2 years, then something quite odd occurred. He was escorted out of his cell and sent in an armored vehicle to some tall building, and told that if he partakes in this reality show of superhero's, he can be proved innocent, and freed from his cell. Just as long as he rakes in the views, he agrees.

1. Strength
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Reaction


Ink physiology:

Ink Tendril Generation: Hammond can launch these thick tendrils from any part of his body, using them to swing around the city, to grapple objects, or to pull objects. He can release multiple, which require anchor points. He then manipulates there length, causing them to retract or detract at will. He can sense when one is touched, like a tripwire, while it is still connected to him.
Liquefication: He is able to "melt" himself, and then reform. He is able to do this to his entire body at variable rates, so that he can turn his face into a sleek, black surface to hide his face, yet still have the solidity in his arms to use them. Once in a puddle form, he can move as if it where a muscular mass, capable of stretching and retracting for locomotion, he is capable of generating an adhesive so he can climb walls while doing this.
Regeneration: He recovers at an accelerated rate. enough that he can resist multiple fire of ammunition to his body, but it is taxing. He can regenerate a limb if given a few days.



Tiring Regeneration: His regeneration is quite exhausting, he can go unconscious from his body taking too many hits.
Poison Blood: A human was never meant to live off ink. He is slowly dying, he is easier to poison, and he may not live much longer...
Smokers lung: He smoked, a lot. His lung's are in terrible condition, and most simple gas effects, even large amounts of water vapor can cause him to suffocate.

He has a "Brough Superior SS100" motorcycle from a long time ago, he keeps it in good condition still, and likes to go on it every so often.

Adaptive Clothing: Hammond can generate clothing with his ink, its just part of him.

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INK Empty Re: INK

Post by Zonkes July 1st 2018, 3:45 pm

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