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O/kara Empty O/kara

Post by Okara on June 1st 2018, 3:26 am



The Bio

Real Name: O/kara Marx
Villain Name: Kara/Sleeper
Title: Sleeper
Alignment: True Neutral / Chaotic Evil
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race:Meta Human
Hair: Long and black,
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4
Weight: 115 lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Kara is hard to put a mark on, dressing in gothic attire but holding the facial expressions and cheerfulness of a foreigner. She stands four inches over five feet tall, a cute little thing in a small-sized package, and has a very lean built frame. Her skin is slightly pale and delicate, soft to the touch and well cared for despite her line of work. There are very few visible cuts and blemishes on her, the majority is hidden away, either by clothing, makeup, or whatever secret she has to keep herself looking in perfect condition.  She has wavy black hair with short bangs and two little-curled tendrils hanging down the sides of her head. Her neon-green gaze always carries a sense of unnatural joy that can make some people feel uneasy once they realize it never seems to go away.

Her attire shares a common theme-  black, black, and black all over. The main piece is a long black dress made of thin, but deceptively durable fabric that drapes around a good chunk of her body. Where the dress ends, her leggings begin, made of the same light material and caressing her body tightly, trailing all the way down to the tips of her toes from the top of her thighs. Twin black pumps cover her feet, giving her the slightest little boost in her height when worn. Her hands are shrouded by black, fingerless gloves that just leave her dainty fingers out in the open while keeping the rest of her skin up to her wrist shrouded. Its all topped off by a black bolero that hugs her smaller frame tightly. A neat little white-ribbon is tied near the bottom of the dress, giving a stark contrast to every other fiber of her blacker than black color scheme.

There are a few more little things here and there too. Kara's nails are painted the same shade of neon-green as her eyes with a reflective sheen to them While mostly concealed by the dress, it is possible to make out the outline of her smaller B-cup breasts when the cloth is pressed tightly against her. When she is out and about, it is also frequent for her to wear a little headpiece over her hair, a band with two black horns carved to mimic curving vertebrae. Her smile is almost shiningly white, displaying an unnerving level of contentment with each grin. And on a rare occasion, she might decide to wear a set of all-around green glasses, more for the aesthetic than actually needing them.

Okara on the other hand, while maintaining the same physical traits, is much more vanilla. She usually appears drowsy, her green gaze gentle, but feeble. There isn't any of the spunk or fire her other persona shows, just the dull stillness of someone trying to get by. She often wears a formal business suit in shades of white and a few lines of blue, black shoes, white socks, and no special accessories to speak of. The best way to describe her is bland, just an ordinary young woman without much ambition. She wears a pair of ordinary glasses most of the time and her lack of presence often leaves her going unnoticed by most people.

The Personality

Okara is a gentle spirit, a lone girl that only wants to make it through the day, have the smallest social life without being an outcast, and stay out of the way. She has no ambition, no desire for much else. She could be described as kind and gentle, but she is mostly self-interested. She doesn't want to help or harm anyone, just live a moderate life for a moderate girl. She is heavily introverted and fearful of a lot of things out in the world, no thanks to her unfortunate unique developments from a young age. She prefers to avoid people, stay close to the few people she cares about and push anyone else away. Her insecurity has definitely taken a toll on her as a person, already leading to a very solitary life at such a young age.

Kara on the other hand..Is nothing short of an abomination. She exists purely for her own hedonism. She wants to feel everything life has to offer, pain, pleasure, love, hatred, spite. She wants to feel it all and share those feelings with those around her. She has no morals, no sense of loyalty, just gut-instincts and her eternal pursuit of fun!  The girl always appears happy and giddy, which is more unnerving considering her usual hobbies. She is an extreme sado-masochist, loving the feeling of bringing suffering and anguish to others, and even sharing those feelings herself! Even the concept of her very own death is something she can talk of with unnerving interest Whether its dancing, murder and slaughter, exploring new cities, torturing her enemies, inventing new and exciting ways to play games, or casually discussing racial genocide, she'll do anything and everything to keep herself entertained.

The Story

The circumstances behind Okara's birth were far from ideal. Her mother died during the last month before she was intended to be born. As such, not only was she born in critical condition but hadn't fully developed when she was extracted. Through the advancements in modern technology, she did manage to survive it all, but it did lead to complications. Even without the incident, it wasn't uncommon for her family to develop mutations of some kind. They were all carriers of a gene that had a fair chance of bringing some kind of supernatural change to them. Okara's was drastically affected by her circumstances at birth, twisted toward something unstable and repressed into the core of her being.

The girl lived a normal life with her father in New York for many years then after, her mutation staying dormant and her life slowly heading in the direction of the mundane. But as she neared her tenth year, Okara started to have frequent nightmares, things that terrified her, involving things she didn't even know existed. Monsters trying to kill her in her sleep, retellings of tragic events, including her mother's death somehow. It lead her to become docile, shunning anything out of the ordinary and trying to live as safely as possible. Even she didn't know what was happening, a dark spirit slowly forming in her subconscious.

Around her fifteenth birthday, paranormal happenings started to take place across the town she lived in. Sightings of monsters showing up briefly, just to vanish into thin air. This doubled down her reclusive nature, hearing of the horrifying things so close to home. By her sixteenth birthday, one of those creatures even killed her own father throughout the night. Horrified, she became a complete shut-in, trying to avoid anything dangerous and stay out of the way of things. What she didn't know was that the cause of these abominations, monsters through the night, was her own subconscious.

Kara had formed, an amalgamation of the darkness and fear Okara held, along with her repressed yearning for fun that was constantly locked down by her dread. Over the next few years, Kara gradually became complete, learning to take over Okara's body as she slept, using her dreaded powers of bringing nightmares to life to terrorize the world and enjoy herself. As Okara grew up, she eventually moved out to live on her own, getting a comfy job from home and rarely going out. She was a nobody, knowing as few people as possible, and completely oblivious to the monster she became when she went to bed.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Secondary Coonsciousness- Whenever Okara is asleep or knocked out, Kara will remain aware of everything going on and can control their body as if they were wide awake. This can make things difficult for others since Kara will always be aware of what is happening to her and is very difficult to knock out since her very existence is tied to Okara being knocked out already.  Similarly sleep powder and other abilities centered on taking a person's consciousness  out of commision prove drastically less effective, or useless depending on context.

Psychomanifestation- The main ability all of her powers are drawn from. Kara can manipulate psychic energy in a unique and terrifying way. Her brand specifically focuses on the creation and manifestation of things she, and sometimes others, imagine. On a low scale, this can allow her to create small things on a whim. She thinks of a knife or pistol? Boom, she has one. Food Got it. This does become more difficult for larger scale things. She can't, for example, create buildings, explosives, or generally powerful or complex weapons with rare exceptions that will be stated in any specific instance if allowed. As far as lone objects, it always maintains that small scale.

Physical Nightmare Creation- However, the main use of Psychomanifestation is to create creatures, monstrous things ripped straight from Okara's nightmares as well as the dreams and nightmares of others. Each manifestation will have a specific minion app devoted to it and she can't summon anything with a special ability that doesn't have its own approved app. These creatures can be summoned at any time by Kara to any spot within fifteen feet of herself from a black fog her psychosis creates.  Their abilities vary and act as the girl's primary means of combat and terror.  She can also create small powerless things on a whim if someone nearby has a specific strong fear of it, such as normal spiders. These lesser creatures will have no powers what-so-ever though.

Short-range teleportation- Kara can teleport herself short distances using her psychic traits.  This can allow her to bypass most obstacles and appear at any spot within fifty feet of where she is currently at. This appears as her body fading into the same black fog as her creations, reforming at the desired spot.

Dream Eater- In the event Kara is near someone that is sleeping or unconscious, she can delve into their dreams and gain a large degree of influence over them. She can read their thoughts and memories, manipulate their dream world to interact with, torture, or even influence them, but most importantly? She can steal an aspect of their dreams for herself. This is how she acquires new minions, stealing the dreams and nightmares of people and adding it to her own so she can manifest a perverted and corrupt version of it as a new minion. These creations will be heavily influenced by the person they were taken from, often having powers and traits based on something they fear, admire, strive to be, or based on someone of great importance in their life.  

Psychological Terror- Kara is practically a god in the realm of her and Okara's mind. This gives her an immense resistance to any ability trying to psychologically alter, manipulate, or read her even when she is inactive. In fact, she can fight back against other telepathic links, instilling crippling pain and nightmarish hallucinations in anyone that dares to try to mess with her head, sometimes even knocking them out in the process.  This will also apply to anything created from her consciousness, as she has similar dominion there.

Superior Consciousness- Kara's spirit is overwhelmingly powerful as stated before. Because of this, if for some reason someone were to fully enter her mind or bring her into theirs, she would be immensely difficult, if not impossible to control and might even take over them instead(with PC permission if needed.). In a dreamscape, her powers become like that of a Gods, able to fully bend everything to her willl while her consciousness remains there. This makes getting fullly inside  Okara's head the most dangerous thing a person can do.

Superior Perception and Reaction Time- Kara, while operating at a human level, can comprehend superhuman things. Her eyes trace the world in slow motion and her brain operates as fast as a supercomputer. This allows her to track even supersonic speeds and issue orders to her creations in an instant despite not being remotely fast enough to do much against them herself. This has also given her exceptional aim and other minor benefits assosiated with superhuman perception like picking up on the smallest out of place details with ease.

Coma- Oddly, a coma is the time where Kara is at her strongest. When Okara's body is rendered unconscious for such a long period, she gains complete control over it until it has recovered. This can void a lot of her flaws for a short span of tme, depending how long it lasts. She can sleep normally and it will become drastically more difficullt to wake her up than normal in tthe event this happens.

The Weaknesses

Human- Physically, both Kara and Okara have a normal body. Other than reaction time, she has the strength, speed, and durability of any other woman. In fact, she might actually be weaker due to extensive sleep deprivation at times. This means she is almost entirely dependant on her creations to fight and protect her, with the exception of other similarly Human adversaries.

Waking Hours- Kara is the only one that can use any power at all, and she can only act if Okara is asleep or knocked out.  This means that throughout any span of time Okara is awake, she is completely powerless to even mundane threats like thugs or wild animals. On top of that, it puts Kara on a timer for her work, constantly keeping in mind when Okara will wake up.

Do Not Disturb- While harder to wake up than most, Okara can be awoken even when Kara is in control. Exceptionally loud close range noises, moderate to substantial injuries, and any kind of heavy stimulus that affects the body directly will start to wake her up, and will do so if done a few times. This, like before, leaves her completely powerless.

Psychological Limit- At any time, Kara can only maintain three sets of minions. A set is anything included in an individual minion's app, so a single unit and one consisting of five equal spawn(like a small group of zombies) will both be treated as one set.  On top of that, not only can she only create one copy of a minion's set at a time, but once its destroyed? She won't be able to create it again until she wakes up, then Okara falls back asleep or is knocked out. At which point this limit is refreshed.  If in a coma, this resets when Kara sleeps instead.

Psychological Drain- Everything she creates has a drain on her mind. This is often minor for objects like knives and snacks, but when her minions are created and destroyed? It does pain her and drains her energy. Over time, this will weaken her, reduce her reaction time, make powers harder to use, and bring her closer to collapse.

Teleportation-  On top of its short range, the teleportation isn't so easy to use. Each time Okara does so, it takes a moment to dissipate her body and to reform it, leaving her open for a second or two longer than most. It also drains her energy with extensive use and can only be done once per post.

Limited pool- Kara can only maintain a limited number of possible creations from each person. She can create two from Okara due to their unique synergy, but can only pull and maintain one warped dream turned minion from each individual consciousness she interacts with.  However, they can still be altered and improved from their original designs.

Sleep Deprivation- Any time Kara takes over okara's body, it is treated as if she is still half-awake. This leads to extensive sleep deprivation very quickly if done multiple nights in a row. As such, Kara can only manifest herself for about twenty-four hours overall throughout an entire week. While doing so more is possible, it will result in migraines, blurred senses, lower reaction time, and typical flaws of not sleeping.

Mad- Kara is completely insane, driven by hedonosm and emotion more than any stretch of logic. This can easily cause her to make bad decisions that will negatively impact her based entirely on a whim or reasons that make absolutely no sense.

Uncooperative- Okara and Kara are not friends and have no influence over eachother, so neither can depend on the other in a situation where they'd be at odds. This is why Kara keeps her existence as quiet as she can to her host, knowing full well they might try to get rid of her. Likewise, Okara wouldn't be able to trust Kara for anything either.

Shared Pain- Any minion created by kara will share her injuries. This means that if she is cut up badly, anything she creates or has created will be as well. If she loses her right arm, all of her creatures will lose their equivalent to their right arm, so and so forth. This does not apply to her if her creations are injured though.

Fading Influence- Anything created by Kara will instantly dematerialize and vanish the moment she wakes up or is killed, meaning her minions won't be able to remain to defend her if she wakes up in a bad situation.

The Items

Medication- The only real unique item Kara and Okara has are their meds. Okara was prescribed a powerful medication to help her sleep after her youth of constant nightmares and trauma. These tablets are an extremely powerful painkiller and sleep aid. This is the primary reason distant explosions and light wounds won't immediately wake her up. On top of that, Kara often uses these to extend Okara's sleep cycle, both if she is about to wake naturally or be awakened by another strong stimulus.  However, taking too many of these can be dangerous to their health, much like any medication.

The Minions

Will be apped  for individually and linked when done.

The Fluff

Jack of all trades- Kara, and by unknown extension Okara, have a vast number of minor skills. She isn't a master at anything but has picked up a huge assortment of practices. From being a decent cook, a good shot, decent at parkour,, able to dance even though she avoided social engagements her entire waking life, and many more. There are very few things she won't find some slight talent in.

Witness Protection Program-  Conveniently, Okara is harder to find than most. After the incidents with her parents and the possible belief of an unknown mutation, the girl was cleared from most records and was given aid to maintain a quiet, solitary life away from others. This makes her difficult to track down and find info on through mediums outside of the US government.

The RP Sample

The moon was shining, smoke clouds rising into the air and the beautiful flicker of embers danced along the night skies. The cries of the ravaged town filled the air like a beautiful symphony, drowning out the otherwise dull backdrop of another familiar night. Monstrous creatures had come to play, superhuman abominations with rotting flesh and tar-like blood wrecking havoc upon the innocent villa torn between two cities. It'd be some time before anyone had the chance to come and until then? The onlooker could just sit back and enjoy, sighing contently as the fires spread, gunshots rang out, and the clammer of the newly deceased smacked against the pavement.

Kara sat on one of the few rooftops free of flames, kicking her legs back and forth as they dangled over the edge. Her big green eyes looked over her little pets as they ripped people to shreds, sharp claws digging into flesh, ripping apart bone and spilling entrails across the streets. A few cars did manage to carry some people to safety, but she didn't mind. A true omen always left some alive to tell the tale of what happened, and she sure did love her fame.  She was dressed as always, a long dress, black pumps, and a little headpiece around her head that resembled two spines curved in the shape of horns. Her smile was wide and deceptively friendly, betraying the graphic scene beneath her.

She was just giddy, feeling the heat of the fire, the sight of all the years being cut away in fractions of a second. It was pretty amazing when you took a moment to think about it. All the things these people did and could do with centuries of life shared between them. All brought to a swift end to brighten a young woman's evening. Like spending a fortune on gold-encrusted coffee, something so simple that wasn't remotely worth its weight, yet still paying such a hefty price to see it happen. There was something liberating about it that she loved to thrive in. The fiends were like the undead, without the infection bit. Mindless drones wielding bloody axes and shotguns, demons of the night forged by the nightmares the very populace forged in the girl's mind.

There was no other reason for it than the slaughter itself, that unfittingly warm smile the only thing any survivors could look up to before they were met by an ax carving their skull in twain or an explosive shotgun blast ripping their frail, human bodies in half. It was funny too, how frail people were, how frail she was. All someone would need to do is get some old rifle and pop her in the head- boom, it'd be all over. She was as vulnerable as she was deadly, but something about the way she carried herself made it easy to overlook. She still had a few more hours before lil' Okara would start to stir, and Kara was going to relish what time she had left until the ash cleared and the only remnants of her nighly venture was a trail of crimson painted with buckshot.

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