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Xeonix Tetra Artillery System 3.0

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Xeonix Tetra Artillery System 3.0 Empty Xeonix Tetra Artillery System 3.0

Post by Saileyra on May 27th 2018, 5:54 pm


"No Truth in  There Is"

The Bio

Real Name: Xeonix
Renegade Name:  Xeonix
Title: Sai's Best Friend?
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 20
Gender: Male By Bio-Construction
Race: Organic Robotic Bird-Man?
Hair: Magents with Silver Rings
Eyes: Black
Height: 3FT Bird / 6'2'' Male
Weight: 30LBS / 120LBS
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

Happy. Positive. Good To Go. Friendly. Wears Heart on Sleeve.

The Story

Sai's long time companion and best friend. Can Add More Later. Kinda lazy.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Strength
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

-Power 1: Humanoid Form:
Xeonix takes this form mostly during social occasions, it can be considered either his strongest form or weakest form. Due to the materia radiating between the plates of the armor he is at least 200 degrees in natural body heat. Fabroid armor is receptive to pain, if you cut his arm, he'll feel it. Despite not being able to breathe, the red glowing weavings. The conciousness essence filters and crystallizes becoming a sword at the base of his back. He can utilize this as a blade to fight along Sai. The humanoid form doesn't offer many perks other than closer range combat and more social interaction among peers.

-Power 2: The Gauntlet:
The tails become a shoulder harness, the shoulder spike and elbow spike protrude about two inches from the top end of the shoulder. The elbow spike is presented and the talons are two inches long. The gauntlet is always combined on Sai's right arm. Most of Xeonix's abilities are rendered useless and the simple fact of the matter is the gauntlet is now in place to be just a simple device to fight with sword and add some defence to battle. Not that it protects her overall person, but a shoulder spike to the face for defense never hurt anyone.

-Power 3: The Bird Form/Tactial System:
Xeonix is 9 feet tall, four feet tall when perched from foot to top of the head. The bird has 9 feet long wings, 30 barbed tails. It's own conciousness powers it's form but it has no sense of pain unless in humanoid form. This is where the fabroids inside the creature is exposed much like nerve endings as an armor but also they perceive pain considering a little living person is in there. Xeonix can feel, love, and be happy just as any other but is subject to being nothing more than a weapon when it comes to battle.

Advanced hyper UV plating lines the bottom of the XERAMs wings giving an gamma ray effect and allowing more radiation to seep from the Xetallium metal. In this form, Xeonix can reach speeds up to 200MPH rivaling Sai's top olympian speed in this world. Allowing this creature to take flight, long distance battles, and take control of ranged targets giving Sai's lack of multiple target focus a larger range. Both of them are connected through their biological cells. Xeonix resembles a phoenix in the conciousness in his core burns with might, utilizing his conciousness, and plasma core reactor he can heat himself up to dangerous amounts of heat.

Xeonix has telescopic eyes and can see through night vision, heat vision, EMF, EMP to create a fine field of vision. He can see up two foot ball fields giving him that wicked 'birds' eye people like to talk about. Anything dangerous to Sai they can relay to each other through their connection.

Power 4:
The Sword:
Xeonix takes form of a double pronged blade the wings spinning and coiling into the blade along with the strips of tail folding and morphing itself. Through mental thought this weapon can change plasma outputs when being thrusted or waved. In length, the blade is about three in a half feet long in length. Offering a deadly offensive weapon when Xetaken would not be needed for her personal purposes, personal vendettas.

With the increase of size, Xeonix will become three feet tall and six feet in length. Thus an increase in the length of the double pronged blades. With an extra shifting mechanism in place, the blade becomes nodachi length at five feet allowing the blade to shift and cause an opening to single sword at five feet length with hooked edges.

The Weaknesses

Pain Perception: Xeonix will shift back to Humanoid Form if he gets hit to much.
Electricity: Xeonix if not in humanoid form can be rendered useless by electricity
SubConcious Connection: He Is Unable to Battle if Sai Says He Has To
Vulnerable When Shifting: Xeonix is vulnerable if he is changing forms.
Useless Without Saileyra: Xeonix and Saileyra work as a team one cannot fight without the other. If Sai gets knocked out in battle he will rush to her aid as she him.

The Items


The Minions


The Fluff

Always friendly with most people he meets unless Saileyra says otherwise.

The RP Sample

Will Do Later?

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Xeonix Tetra Artillery System 3.0 SaiSig_zpsbe04a7d2
Xeonix Tetra Artillery System 3.0 OCEANSai_zpsb138942c
Xeonix Tetra Artillery System 3.0 SaileyraFill_zps6a43c955

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Xeonix Tetra Artillery System 3.0 Empty Re: Xeonix Tetra Artillery System 3.0

Post by Bliss on May 27th 2018, 6:33 pm



Mitsy's Boutique


Xeonix Tetra Artillery System 3.0 Tumblr_ozgubkfisi1vr4jzto2_r1_500

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