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Post by Zonky Blong on May 22nd 2018, 11:35 pm


"Quote or title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Applox
Renegade Name:

Title: The Elyrian Head Genetic Scientist
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 78
Gender: Male
Race: Elyrian
Hair: White, Low Fade(Base form)
Eyes: Yellow with cross shaped pupils (Base form),
Height: 5’7” (Base form),
Weight: 137lbs
Blood type: Blue blood

The Looks

In his true form; Apollox has light purplish skin and white hair. His yellow eyes; sparkle with intelligence and have a cross shape instead of a circular pupil. He is around 5’7” in height, very lithe in frame. Under his eyes; are glowing green ornate markings.

The Personality

Apollox is very much a social chameleon. He attempts to blend in to any situation. Although, Apollox is also vain, snobbish, and has a bit of a temper at times.

Apollox can be trusted for the most part, though if he sees a chance to grab power; he very well might just go for it and leave you in the dust.

Apollox does care very much for his people, and his planet. Only wanting what is best for them.

The Story

Apollox grew up on the planet of Elyria in a far away star system. In his youth, he was taught the many sciences of his home planet as well as a secret Elyrian martial art, only taught to those in certain bloodlines; and would soon become the most promising youth in the scientific field on the planet.

Apollox chased his goal of becoming the lead scientist heartily; and at age 50, he got his wish. He had been kissing up to the previous head scientist most of his life, and when the head scientist had an accident that would surely make it impossible to survive; he was given the task.

It wasn’t long after that word had reached them of a threat that would surely destroy them all. Apollox, deciding that he could not tolerate this; took up a position on a task force that was to go around and gather weapons to use against the threat.

Apollox has spent quite some time looking for a suitable population, and found earth alongside his team, which included the Elyrian princess.

Currently, Apollox is on earth; studying the metahuman population with a few other members of his team.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

As an Elyrian, Apollox has access to…

Elyrian Shapeshifting - Due to their unique physiology; Elyrians, like Apollox, can touch any humanoid being and shapeshift into an exact physical replica of them.

Elyrian Super-Strength - An Elyrian is capable of, on average, lift up to 4 - 5 tons

Elyrian Regeneration - An Elyrian can regenerate at amazing speeds. Healing small wounds in a matter of seconds, and an entire limb/organ in the space of days.

Elyrian Pit Fighting - Apollox studied an ancient martial art of the Elyrian people known as “Elyrian Pit Fighting”. When Apollox is backed into a corner, he will use a combination of pressure point strikes, and throws to unbalance his enemy. He will then go into a rage where his powers are briefly doubled. If he is continuously provoked; Apollox will then begin delivering blows that are likely deadly.

Intellect: Apollox has one of the highest IQs on his home planet, with an IQ of 371

Elyrian Power Copying [Permission Based]- An Elyrian can copy up to 3 powers through touch. However, they may only copy one power from anyone they touch. Apollox currently has

Power 1 Power Randomization - Stolen from a powerful metahuman this power was useless to Apollox at first, as his DNA didn’t carry any genetic abilities of its own naturally; however he created a device that allows him to store 5 more abilities that are randomized daily.

Power 2 Not filled

Power 3 Not filled

Power 4 Not filled

Power5 Not filled

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Elyrian shapeshifting can be pierced by true sight, and additionally will be counterbalanced by the fact that their blood and genetics remain largely the same.

Weakness 2: Elyrian power copying requires that he touches the person he is copying and takes time before he can completely copy the power.

Weakness 3: Elyrian regeneration is slow, and will not stop fatal wounds from killing them.

Weakness 4: Apollox can be disabled quite handily through electrical shock.

Weakness 5: Apollox cannot control what power he gets per day, and may be caught off guard.

Weakness 6: Magic nullifies an Elyrians regeneration, thus; damage from magical attack will heal far slower than a normal wound.

Weakness 7: Apollox will let pride overtake him if he is not careful.

The Items

Genetic Bracelet - Apollox copied 5 metahuman abilities and stored them in the additional power slots the bracelet gives him. Once every 24 hours, his ability will switch.
“Powers of the bracelet”:
1 Chlorokinesis - On any given day; Apollox can control plant matter that he recognizes.
Weakness - Apollox cannot manipulate plants he is unfamiliar with, and needs to familiarize himself with earth plants before he can do anything.
2 Sticky Skin - Apollox didn’t just get only incredibly good powers. He also got a bad one in the form of Sticky Skin. If you couldn’t already tell, when Apollox has this ability activated; he secretes a strong adhesive that allows him to stick to any surface.
Weakness - He very well might become stuck until someone unsticks him.
3 Pyrokinesis - Apollox gains the amazing ability to generate fire from anywhere on his body by expelling excess energy into the air.
Weakness - Using too much energy could cause him to pass out.
4 Petrification - Apollox can use this ability to turn his enemies into stone until his power change. There may be a way to make this permanent, as has happened with insects and small animals after having been petrified and having a piece broken off; but it’s rare. To turn someone to stone, Apollox shoots a beam of light from his hand, moving at medium speeds. Like a car coming at you in an intersection.
Weakness - Mirrors can turn the beam back on Apollox until his power change.
5 Cloth Manipulation - With this ability, Apollox can manipulate any piece of cloth fabric.
Weakness - Water makes the cloth heavy and less responsive. Slower.

Vibro Weapons - Apollox doesn’t like to rely on these weapons, however; Apollox does carry a small vibro-Jambiya. As with all vibro weaponry; Apolloxs Jambiya can cut through most devices with ease.

Weakness: If the jambiya is stolen or lost; Apollox cannot simply get another one. This weapon was forged on Elyria. The materials to make a new one are nigh-impossible to find on earth.

The Minions

The Fluff

Elyrian Water Breathing - Elyrians can stay underwater for an extended period of time.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Re: Apollox

Post by Dubloon on June 3rd 2018, 9:30 pm

Approved until stated otherwise. o/

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Re: Apollox

Post by Chellizard on July 19th 2018, 5:17 pm

Unapproved for edits.

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