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K'Ren Empty K'Ren

Post by K'Ren on May 22nd 2018, 9:11 pm


Princess of Elyria

The Bio

Real Name: K’Ren
Renegade Name: N/A
Title: Princess of the Elyrians
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Elyrian
Hair: Sea foam Green
Eyes: Coral Pink
Height: 5’6
Weight: 110
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

K’Ren is a kind and noble soul. She is a natural born leader. Those who grew up with the princess know her as a kind and caring individual. She was always seen with a smile on her face and knew how to get spirits up when they were down. She’s been known to show an outstanding amount of compassion for individuals, even prisoners. K’Ren puts her heart and soul into every conversation she has, and does her best to place herself in other peoples shoes. Her good nature and desire to see those around her happy, led to her decision to join the Elyrian military.

This sort of commitment to those around her is what makes her such a great leader. Being a high ranking military officer, K’Ren is responsible for the lives of the many soldiers under her command. It goes without saying that the Elyrian princess cares for her subordinates deeply and does her best to ensure they escape dangerous situations unharmed. K’Ren is so determined to protect those around her, that it leads her to be a bit reckless. She is always the first and most willing to put herself in harms way if it means that those she cares about are safe and protected.

The Story

There isn’t much to tell about K’Ren’s childhood. She grew up in the palace with her father and mother, the king and queen of Elyria. She was well educated. And spent most of her time outside the palace making friends. It wasn’t till she had reached her teens that she found her true calling in the military. He desire to do something meaningful with her life lead her to make the decision to enlist.  

K’Ren would eventually get to the age where she was able to join the Elyrian military. It was something she had looked forward to since she was little. It was a way for her to inspire and protect her people without directly joining her parents in politics. Like everything else in young Elyrians life, K’Ren begged her parents not to give her any special treatment. She had always worked hard for things she wanted, and this wasn’t going to be any different. Sure she could have made other contributions to her world but she wanted to fight. Her love for her home would be the driving force behind K’Ren’s dedication and hard work.

She’d eventually rise through the ranks and reach a point where she was put in charge of a small squad. It was the squads mission to seek out other worlds in the galaxy that could provide the Elyrians with materials that were in limited supply or nonexistent on their water logged home world. K’Ren and her squad were just one of many that carried out these missions. It was their job to possibly make piece with the locals and barter a deal in order to establish an outpost which would be used to gather these rare resources the Elyrians needed.

Eventually K’Ren and her team would go on to establish many outposts on foreign planets. One of these outposts would make a discovery that would change the young Elyrian’s life, and the lives of all Elyrians. The outposts original purpose was to mine the planet for a rare metal that it contained. This metal was to be used in the next generation of armor and weaponry for the Elyrian military. As the workers of the outpost continued to dig deeper and deeper, they stumbled upon a deposit of the metal that was far denser than any of the other deposits. Initial scans showed that the deposit had no abnormalities, but the team wasn’t convinced. After cracking the surface the team made a remarkable discovery and immediately contacted their home world.

The team believed what they uncovered was important and the king and queen deemed it a top priority to retrieve what the outpost had found. Who better to do this, but the very people who established the outpost. K’Ren and her team were dispatched to the planet to investigate what the outpost team had found. They joy and excitement of seeing what the team had discovered was drained from everyone in K’Ren’s crew. As they approached the planet they were greeted with a sight of pure annihilation. What was once a lush planet brimming with wild life and indigenous people, was now a waste land. The planet looked as though a wave of death had washed over it.

K’Ren immediately became concerned with the team stationed at the outpost. She hadn’t heard from them since she and her squad had left home. She feared the worst, and right to do so. As their ship landed at the outpost site, K’Ren’s fear was made reality. The entire outpost had suffered the same fate as the rest of the planet and laid in ruins. Still, the squad had a job to do, and they entered what remained of the outpost to find any signs of life. The main level of the mining facility was all but ruined, but when the team descended into the lower levels they found one member of the outpost team barely clinging to life. He held a case tightly against his chest. It was the discovery they had made. K’Ren wasn’t concerned with the case however, she was more concerned with what was responsible for annihilating an entire planet. The researcher mustered up what little life he could and gave K’Ren and her team his account of the event. According to him all of this was caused by a single individual.

K’Ren wouldn’t have believed what she was hearing from her fellow Elyrian if there literally wasn’t a planets worth of evidence. After telling his tale, the researcher passed away. K’Ren could feel herself shaking. She was experiencing a range of emotions. From anger to fear. But most importantly she felt a great deal of remorse. She felt responsible for what had happened to the outpost team. In her mind, they’d still be alive if she hadn’t sent them there. Not only did K’Ren feel responsible for the deaths of her people, she felt responsible for all the life that had been lost. Taking the case, K’Ren ordered her team to gather the remains of the researchers. Once everything was on board they returned home.

Upon their arrival, K’Ren went straight to her parents and relayed the same story to them, that the researcher had told her. The grave look on her parent’s faces meant they had heard a similar story before. And indeed they had. Though when they had heard it, it was a very long time ago and it was just a single isolated incident. But the outpost K’Ren and her team had gone to see wasn’t the only one that had been attacked. They had lost contact with several other outposts and the scout teams sent to investigate relayed a similar message as the one K’Ren was giving them. This meant one thing above all else. The Elyrian home world was surly in this beings cross hairs. Images of the other world flashed through K’Ren’s mind. She couldn’t allow such destruction to befall her people.

Gathering her team as well as some of the brightest minds on their planet together, K’Ren devised a plan. It was really a series of plans. They would prepare to go to war. They would begin preparing their defenses on their planet, while several scout ships set out across the galaxy to find some sort weapon or technology they could use to protect their home.

K’Ren and her team would eventually make their way to Earth. It was here that K’Ren found the Elyrian key to victory. It didn’t come in the shape of a weapon, but rather the shape of people. The planet Earth was home to beings known as metahumans. Beings with extraordinary gifts. If the Elyrians could get their hands on many of these metahumans, they could use their abilities to copy the meta powers and arm themselves with said powers. K’Ren would remain on Earth with several other members of her team where they continue to learn about the Earth and uncover more incredible metas. Metas that they could send to their home in order to arm their soldiers with their incredible abilities.

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: Accelerated Healing Factor- The Elyrian people poses an innate accelerated healing factor. This allows them to recover from almost any injury given the time. Small wounds such as cuts, bruises, and bullet wounds heal in a matter of seconds or minutes depending on severity. If internal organs are damaged or limbs are severed, Elyrian’s are able to regenerate them within a day or so given they have the opportunity to rest.

Power 2: Genealogical Mimicry- They Elyrian people posses the ability to copy the genetic code of individuals they come in contact with. This allows them to rewrite their DNA in such away that incorporates and allows them to use any special abilities or powers of people they meet. This extends to any physical mutations as well, such as wings, gills, a different skin tone, ect. Anything that is required for the powers to function properly. (Permission Based)

    Copied Power 1: Adaptive Physiology/ Geneology- This power allows K’Ren to passively absorb a lifetime’s worth of knowledge, memories, and even powers from those she comes into skin on skin contact with(PC permission required) Much like her normal power. When contact is made, K’Ren’s mind is instantly flooded by the other person’s memories and knowledge/skills which she ends up retaining. Instead of only retaining the powers from an individual for a short amount of time, K’Ren retains the power. [h]Additionally, with Lucy’s power tacked on to her own,[/h] K’Ren is able to instantly learn and adapt to the powers she copies. Unlike other Elyrians that must wait a few hours to a full day to master their newly acquired powers.

      Copied Power weakness 1:- K’Ren experiences great pain when absorbing the knowledge, abilities, and powers of an individual.

    Copied Power 2: N/A

    Copied Power 3: N/A

    Copied Power 4: N/A

    Copied Power 5: N/A

Power 3: Physiological Mimicry- In addition to the Elyrian’s ability to copy the special abilities and power of others, They also posses the ability to change their appearance. This ‘shape shifting’ is limited to only copying other humanoids. (Permission Based). This power allows Elyrian’s to often infiltrate or assimilate into other cultures and peoples.

Power 4: Super Strength- Elyrian’s posses a somewhat boosted physique which grants them a small degree of super strength. Their boosted musculature system allows them to dish out and lift a total of 5 tons.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: We Don’t have that on our planet- The Elyrian’s are a technologically advanced society. They have no idea what magic is or understand its concepts. Because they have never been exposed to such a thing, magic nullifies their ability to heal wounds. This means any damage sustained from a magical attack cannot heal as rapidly as it should.

Weakness 2: Come here and let me hug you- In order for an Elyrian to copy the powers and abilities of individuals they meet, skin on skin contact must be made. Not only that, but all powers that are copied also come with weaknesses.

Weakness 3: Just don’t look at it.- While Elyrian’s may be able to copy or shift their appearance to look like others, their blood does not change. This means they can be found out by either them bleeding their semi unique blue blood or through blood tests which would show that they are indeed not what they appear. While the shape shifting may be a physical change, those with true sight may also be able to see through their guise.

Weakness 4: Take me instead- K’Ren has always been about looking after others. After experiencing the shock of loosing some of her people by placing them in a situation that ultimately lead to their demise, this rings even truer now. K’Ren wants above all else, for everyone to be safe, a trait she shares with the human that she’s replaced. If put into a situation where her team or innocent people are in danger, K’Ren will gladly and easily trade herself for their safety.

The Items

Item 1: Vibro Weapons- K’Ren has a small arsenal of weapons she and her team brought with them to Earth. This includes a set of Vibro Tomahawks, Two Vibro Daggers, and a Vibro Sword. These weapons have a small device within their handles which cause the blades to vibrate at a variable frequency. This allows the weapon to cut through most common materials with great ease.

Item Weakness: Not of this world- All of these Elyrian melee weapons are forged from metals not native to Earth. If they become damaged in some way or lost, K’Ren and her team will be unable to replace them.

Item 2: Laser Weapons- Among the arsenal of weapons the team brought with them, are laser pistols and rifles. These weapons use a special power cell that feeds the weapon energy and allows it to fire solid beams of plasma hot enough to melt through reinforced steel.

Item Weakness: Not so easy to come by- Because these weapons were forged and created on the Elyrian home world, they use materials that are either nonexistent or very hard to come by on the planet Earth. This means that their supply of ammo is extremely limited and if they wanted to continue to use these weapons they would have to find a way to engineer a new power source.

The Minions


The Fluff

-Great strategic mind
-High Intelligence
-Expert in hand to hand combat
-Good with firearms
-Can stay under water for an extended period of time due to Elyrian’s being amphibious beings.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

The Characters

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K'Ren Empty Re: K'Ren

Post by Zonky Blong on May 22nd 2018, 9:31 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

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K'Ren Empty Re: K'Ren

Post by Dubloon on October 8th 2018, 9:29 pm


The Characters
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