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Post by FantasyBound on May 8th 2018, 5:15 pm


"I will never die"


Real Name: Lucas "Luke" James Blanc
Hero Name: Revenant
Titles: Freak face, Zombie, Bloody James.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human variant 66 (Homo Sapien Vivere)
Hair: short straight black
Eyes: Red
Height: 6' 3"
Weight:  160 lbs.
Blood type: O7B4N5M2P8L11T6 ± (That's what the studies show)


After Battle:

Lucas was always told how he was so kind by his parents and friends. So yes, he bought his friends lunch whenever they went out, he always worked extra hard to help his family at home. Well, was...

This was all back when he was 15. There was an "accident" a little after he turned 16, it was incredibly traumatic(Find more in story) and left him a little "Numb". Finding it now harder to understand people, and having an almost constant feeling that he's missing out on life. He often fakes things, laughing when others laugh, even if he didn't get the joke. Crying if others cry, even if he doesn't have a clue what's going on. Shouting when others shout, even if he's as happy as ever. Some people who catch on to this thinks is because he feels rejected, and tries to join the crowd, but it's quite different. He's scared of not caring about his friends death any more(Find more in story), turning into more of a machine then a man, and take the final step to being a full fledged sociopath. So he attempts what he can to feel, well, anything at all.

He also prefers to hang out with hero's or renegades that have physical deformities and/or a inhuman appearance. He likes the feeling of being a little less weird when around these people.

He doesn't wear any disguise, possibly a hat, but usually doesn't care about being all top secret. Not like he's got another life he can hide behind to retreat from hero work.

The Truth: Luke was surprisingly weak at a young age, in between the ages of 3 till 10, he has had 11 fractures and 7 breaks. Leading his parents to limit his physical activity to minimal at 5, making him incredibly weak, hardy able to run 20 feet without getting tired, or even hold a plate full of food with just one hand without losing his grip in the first 5 seconds. One nice fall day when he was 11, after walking home from a friends house after a long day of school and video games, his parents immediately sat him down and gave a long, and a little bit boring talk about disappointment, after what seemed like hours they finally gave each other a look and then handed him an odd letter, it was so formal he could hardly read it, they explained it was test results from a "Inhuman Gifts Test", and he proved positive, and he should expect powers soon, which when he does, he can then go to a special place where they teach him how to use his powers to the fullest. He was ecstatic! Him, a superhero! Before he could shout with joy his Dad Interrupted him, "Buddy, We don't think you should go...". He looked up, at first thinking they were just pulling his leg, but they were dead serious. "You can hardly lift 25 pounds with both hands, and your body gets broken so easily, part of the training is very... physical. We are worried you wouldn't make it, and...". It was too late, they already lost him. He stormed off to his room, holding back tears. "I should have known." He muttered to himself, "I will never be special.". He stayed up all night, contemplating his misfortune. How could he get his parents to let him go, through a test? Through a lie? No, he finally resolved something much less easy, "To exercise." he groaned before going to sleep.
My Greatest Foe, Exercise: He started slow, only working out once a week, then once he got a little stronger, he started going twice a week, then every other day, then finally every day. His best friend, Sean, was also revealed as a power positive, they started working out together, even though Sean only showed up less than half the time, they always held each other up. At 12, both boys powers finally woke up, Sean with a very unique form of seismokinesis, and Luke with a very, very unique power, Regeneration.
The Trial: They were both 14 now, and the boys began there training. To enter the program, you had to display your abilities, so they could evaluate your strength, and decide if they would accept you in. The boys planned a… Unique visual for the onlookers. Once they made it, they stepped on a stage, standing in front of hundreds, stated there names, but when they were asked their powers, they just said “Watch.” in unison. They set up this large, transparent tent, then Sean put on this white paint suit, both stepped in the tent. Announcing “For those with weak stomachs, leave now”. Nobody moved. Sean began by winding up for a punch, directed at a wooden board held up by Lucas, but when he hit it, his fist went clean through, and directly into Luke’s shoulder, his arm flies off, smacking to the back of the tent, Blood gushing everywhere. Then he continues throwing vibrating punches, obliterating Luke to a pile of mush and pulverized bones, Then Sean to the now terrified and disgusted crowd, shouted “And for the finale…” Pointing towards the mush, which started mixing and forming, within a minute, Luke was standing there like nothing happened, “Ta-Da!” The two boys shouted in unison, to the 4 judges viewing, one currently throwing up in a trash can, another unable to move from shock, another one unconscious, The final one took a minute, then said “you… you can stay.”.
Tragedy: The boys where both gladly accepted, once both their parents signed some waivers, the two boys were put in a bus and then drove out. They kept driving along the road until a blue gas was released from the ceiling, causing everybody to doze off, except the driver… Once everybody was awake, they weren't in a bus anymore, they were in a dark room, full of bunks. A moment later somebody came in, he introduced himself as sergeant Caleb, and they were officially enrolled in the army as “Bioweapons”, and anyone caught disobeying would be severely punished, one’s caught trying to leave would be executed, and that they begin training now. This “Training” was a terrible, terrible experience. For everybody other then Luke, who never found it very challenging, but Sean was another story, Sean was often beaten for “disobeying”, which was usually because he couldn't finish his full set of push-ups or something along that line. Luke thought he could leave any time he wanted, but he vowed to not leave without Sean. Then, at 16, they were officially old enough to go on “battle test”, where they would go out on the field of war to finally do something. There Team was built of 6 people, they went on a recon mission, only 3 made it back, Sean not being one of them. Sean was late for the pickup, and they had to leave him. Luke tried to stay, but they used a unique tranquilizer to paralyze him and put him in the helicopter, he could hear Sean cursing his name, then gun fire, then no more Sean.
”Vengeance To The Black Hearted Demons Who Taint My Name”: Luke was in a deep dread, he was put into therapy for months to cure his self hatred. He would bash his skull to the ground as hard as he could whenever he thought of his friend, cursing his name as he thought he had been betrayed, which was very often. Recently he‘s starved himself, now just a husk sitting curled up in a ball in the corner. The sergeant decided he needed his target to get back on the firing range (That was his job most of the time.). So he walked up and told him “Sean was a weakling, don't go on his level by acting up like this.”. Luke turned his head, making a crunching sound from the dryness of his skin, looking up with sunken, yellowed eyes. “There we Go! Now let's get you something to eat.” As the Sergeant turned around to go call someone, he felt something grab him by his arm. Then he started feeling pain like never before, as his arm started shrinking and weakening. “Don't worry, you will do.” Lucas said from behind. The general turned around to see a slowly recovering Luke, yellow energy reverberating up his arm, sapping the general of life. “Let go… I...I can have killed… for this…” The sergeant said, throat drying from the moisture leaving his body. “I will never die.” Luke said, now looking in perfect condition “Vengeance to the sinners who hurt the innocent. Vengeance to the men who enslave others. Vengeance to the black hearted demons who taint my name.” He said, then placing his hand on the Sergeants head, absorbed the last of the Sergeant. Turning him to a skeleton covered in decayed skin, no meat, no organs, no... Life.
I will return: He then just walked out the camp, walking to the place where his friend has died. They tried to stop him, but it was pointless, no bullet or bomb would stop his march, it took him 2 days. Once he made it, to his grim horror, Sean’s body was still there, half eaten and decayed. He touched his body, trying to bring him back, but he didn't know how to do that, and even if he did it probably wouldn't work, he's been dead for too long. He took his friends body, walking another long distance towards some mountains, he always knew Sean liked to snowboard, but he never been to a mountain, which he always wanted to do. Now he could. He spent a week building a massive tomb on the top of the mountain, after he put him in, he felt an almost reassurance, that he was forgiven, this wasn't enough for him, “I did leave you, now I wont leave anybody else behind, I will help all those who need me, And give vengeance to the black hearted demons who taint my name.” He left, taking with him a trench coat he was offered as a gift, but felt it looked better on Sean, now he would begin showing the world that this vow would stay as true long as he breathed.


1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility


Human Variant 66 Physiology:

Fast Healing: Luke can recover from injuries 2.5 million times more faster then a reguler human, rapidly healing him, even allowing him to regrow things that shouldn't grow back, like limbs, or even a head. He can heal small cuts instantly, gunshots within a second, missing limbs return after 5 seconds, his head takes around 10 seconds, and to rebuild a new body requires a full minute, if he has the nutrients.
Freak physiology: Luke has no internal organs, there all spread out through his body, every part of him is a brain, stomach, liver, etc. So he can survive without a head, or without anything but a finger. He also does not require oxygen to run his body, so he isn't required to breathe.
Selective Limb Removal: Luke can remove a limb or other piece of his body with just a thought, enabling him a quick getaway.
Never Tired: Luke doesn't get tired, his body recovers so fast all he needs is the time in between steps to count as a 2 week long rest, making it so he's never tired. This applies to sleeping as well, a blink could act like a long nap for him.
Resilience: Luke doesn't easily get cold, or over heats, or gets sick. His body's blood travels very quickly, enabling his body to regulate his temperature at an comfortable rate. Also his body has a near complete immunity to poisons and diseases, only the most alien and most concentrated can infiltrate his body.
Enhanced Condition: Luke's body is at above peak condition at all times, enabling him high levels of strength and speed. He can barely lift 800 pounds, he can, through the help of a rapidly healing and enhanced skeletal structure, support much more, around 800 tons. He can run 30 km h (18.6 mph), and throw a punch at 300 km h (186.5 m/ph), And leap 40 feet in the air.
Vitality Absorption: Luke can only use this in his decayed state, so he can eat without opening his mouth, which may fall off in that state. He can absorb the life juices from a creature that he touches. Feeding his body, well destroying his “meal”.
Hidden Ammo: Luke can store bullets, blades, and general equipment inside his body, releasing it at will(not as a projectile).



Big Eater: Luke eats double what a normal person his size would eat, his body turns every piece of his food into a extremely dense fluid, which he uses to fuel his regeneration. He can store enough that he can, if not in any tough situation, to go without food for 2 months, each day growing weaker, after the first month he loses his enhanced condition and most of his fast healing, then during the second month, his body starts dehydrating until he's not much more than a wrinkly skeleton, then after that ends, he enters a coma like state. Until meat touches his skin, and he absorbs it, he can't leave this state. But assuming he will take damage, this isn't a 2 month case, it would require somebody to annihilate his body for something noticeable to happen, which every time he is annihilated, his starvation time is cut in half until he eats.
Anesthetic Weakened: Anesthetics hold off his fast healing, slowing it to 1/10 its regular rate. This effect will usually last around 5 minutes, unless continually applied, or given a large dose.
Weird... That Shouldn't Be There..: His body will, if affected with certain chemicals, grow the wrong material in place of other's, such as bone with muscle, cartilage with flesh, and so on.
One Big Heart: Luke's body is just one large organ, so attacks that target organs (Such as biokenisis) Are greatly increased.
Sonic Rejection: Very unique frequencies can severely mess with Luke, upon having these frequencies sent through his body, it begins separating, attempting to get away from himself, once the sounds end, his body attempts to rebuild itself.
Augment Rejection: Luke's body see's modifications, including if there beneficial, his body will attempt to go back to it's original condition, usually, the effect disappears 10 times faster then normal.
Separation: His body will be unable to return if placed in a cold, condensed state.(Example, sticking his head, if that's what remains, into a jar, then cooling it, would make it so he cant regrow.
Magnetic: When Luke is storing metal blades/bullets in his body, they can be ripped from him, or used in other ways against him.

He hides a deconstructed axe inside his body, multiple blades, ammunition, and a single pistol.

Emotionally Damp: He doesn't have very strong emotions, making it really hard to empathise with people.
Unique Blood: His odd blood type is very easily tracked with its own unique smell and chemical makeup.
Dead skin: Usually, his skin maintains its tanned appearance, also his regeneration rate is kept at only 1 million times faster than average. But his body, when adrenaline is released, increases back to 2.5 million times faster, so fast that his body starts disintegrating itself in order to stay away from increasing mass unwantedly. Turning his skin gray and releasing a gray “mist” of dead skin cells.
Clothing helps: His clothes regenerate as well.
Broken Crane Style: Luke uses a special martial art that was taught to him at the camp, used and created by one of the early Variant human 66's. It consists of dislocating and rejoining joints, allowing the user to spin and swing his body in odd and unexpected ways, allowing a very unique twist to regular combat.
Laws of regeneration: His body has a rule, whichever piece remaining of him is bigger, will be the one that is animated, so he cant just chop of his hand and throw it , then become the hand, unless his body is quickly destroyed, that won't be happening.
RP Sample

Luke was walking down a long, crowded street, in some city he could hardly remember the name of. Stumbling around in jeans, his trench coat and tank top he always weared. “I like going places” he thought to himself, “People aren't told the damn lies about me the news tells them around here.”. Just as he was enjoying the near serenity, he heard something like a loud crash, then screaming. “Back to work”. He leapt from the ground, defying earth's gravity for a moment as he shot up to a roof. Peering into the distance, he could see a building start to topple, He wasted no time running and leaping over buildings as he dropped to the base of the building he saw tilting, spotting something like an explosion mark, with a blasted side of the support on one of the corners. He immediately placed himself in the spot of support, having the beam dig into his shoulder blades was painful, but pain was part of the job. He let the regeneration hold the beam up, not moving an inch, it dug in a little more, then stopped. He was holding up a freaking building! “There better be some other heros on the go, right now.” He muttered through his cracking teeth. Eventually,he saw a streak in the air then it left, with a bunch of people who weren't originally there back on the ground, Good. As he shifted his knee, knowing it may take a while for the other hero to come back and help, the support smashed through his spine, crushing him as he fell to the ground. He had no time to rest, the building was falling, he propped his arm and threw himself in front of the people standing too close to run, by then his spine returned, he stood up and got ready to act as one sturdy post, shaking, knowing how this will feel, he suddenly notices that the building hasn't fell yet, he looks up to see the people, as this blue hero looks down at him, he suddenly knew what would be soon happening. He tried to sneak away, but a crowd gathered, thinking he was the one to cause this big issue, they started throwing things at him, shouting and mocking him. This made him feel a bit of sadness, which was common, well, more common than being happy. “Al… Alright, I’ll just leave.”. He just started walking away, with people following him, continuing there mob of hate. He got sick of this, he grabbed a light post and swung it over his head “Well then! You still want to be tough!”. They all started screaming for help and ran the other way, all accept this small child, who walked up, too shy to look up and handed him a drawing, and then ran to go home, he looked through the picture, it was a crude drawing of him, with a big thank you written on the top, “Sigh… I guess this should be good enough an award.” He muttered. “I guess I could help out a little longer...”.

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Re: Revenant

Post by Zonky Blong on May 15th 2018, 9:37 pm

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