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Corgi Girl (hero)

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Corgi Girl (hero) Empty Corgi Girl (hero)

Post by Corgi Girl on May 6th 2018, 9:05 am

Mandy Moon

"Insert Character Quote or Title here"
 I may look like a pet, but don't you try pet me.

The Bio

Real Name: Mandy Moon
Hero Name: Corgi girl
Title: The cute one
Alignment: Lawful Natural
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Scandinavian human hybrid
Hair: Soft short strait platin blond
Eyes: Crystal blue
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 50 kg

The Looks

When she is not transforming her hair grows inside of her skin but she can sadly not pull her ears back inside. Her tail is always poked out. She has to wear a hat to hold her ears hidden in public.

The Personality

She is always trying to show other that she is happy and joyful. She does enjoy to see people be happy.  But she is not the person that likes to invite her classmate home or go out on a Friday night to party.
She is an animal lover and prior the human right lower than animal rights. That makes her also chose to be a vegetarian.
But as she transforms more into her corgi hybrids she gets more playful and easy distracted.
Her moral value is that the law is there for a reason. So even if the people get hurt she normally would look at the value of what the law says
The Story

Mandy was born on a farm on the west coast of Denmark as a single child. Her father was a biologist and her mother was helping him on his project. Her fatter hat for many years trying to optimize people with a handicap by trying to adding genetic codes of an animal and put them in. But for reason, no one wanted to volunteer for it....  except Mandy. She has always hat a lower hearing, but she wanted to have it change.
For many years she hat begged her mom to give her permission to let her have canine code put in her but everytime it was a no.
Her mother sadly past away from cancer and on her last days she finally said to Mandy. " If you really want to do it.... You have my permission. I just want you to have a happy life as you want it to be"

Mandy and her dad finally started to build up the project to let her optimize her hearing by taking some DNA and mutate whit hers. And lucky it worked. But with many things, there is a cost with every action.

When she hit puberty her hair began to grow more than normal young persons and her ears were growing more and grow fur on it and a little stumpy tail. Her hearing got extremely better and her nose could now detect scent even hours after a person has been in a room.
Her fatter learn her to control her new animalistic nature, so she could return her fur on her body (still painful) but she could walk around in the normal  world as long as she tried to hide the ears or tail to not stand out
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Super hearing: She has a good hearing that can go up to  75.000 Hertz so she can hear a person sneaking up to her and bullet shot 1 km away.  It does come with a thing that her ears can not  retract her large ears so she has to hide them

2. Super smelling: Like her hearing her smell is better than human. it makes her better to detect vilians nearby or fire. She can also catch up the scent of the escaping villan.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: High sounds that can give her a really bad headache and can ruin her hearing for a while.
Weakness 2: Easily distracted by anything from squirrels threw object special red squeaky rubber balls and the longer she is in the corgi form the harder it is to concentrate.
Weakness 3: Belly rubs and rubs off her ears because they are special sensitive.
Weakness 4: She is color blind that makes detonating a bomb.
The Fluff

Everytime cats and dogs are around her they bark or hiss at her.
The RP Sample

Mandy sits on the bus home from the university. She really did not want to do anything ells, just go home make a sandwich turn on some dumb tv show and read on her biology.
" Jason .....Jason  where are you?" Mandy's ear begins to twitch by the sound of a woman screaming from her child. "Dam why is it always on my way home ?"  She growls at herself and pulls down her beanie to hide her ears. And push the stop button and jump off the bus. She walked up to the woman and took a good sniff at the area.  She hat a bit problem with concentrate as some dogs was barking at her.
Trashcan, pizza restaurant, cars, gasoline. Finally, she could smell the boy and she runs off to see that he was running after an ice cream truck. She could feel her fur growing out of her skin " This kid better make this easy. " she said and put a hand on his shoulder to return and see this girl with fur on her face and on her hands. " Hey, kid don't be scared. Let's just go home to your mother alright and we keep this a little secret." She said and winked at him and he could see her fur pulled back in and she growled in pain.
They walked back to her mother and smiled at her "He just ran after icecream" she smile at her and she could see her mother smiled  at her  but looked creapped out and the boy added " Your cool ear is peaking out lady dog". She put a hand  up and stuffed it in her beanie. " Thanks kid be safe " she said and begin to walk off home.      

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Corgi Girl (hero) Empty Re: Corgi Girl (hero)

Post by Dubloon on June 3rd 2018, 9:30 pm

approved until stated otherwise o/

The Characters
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