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Doctor Zatabium

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Doctor Zatabium Empty Doctor Zatabium

Post by Hazza40 on May 6th 2018, 7:14 am

Doctor Zatabium

"Please cease your struggles, the procedure has already begun"

The Bio

Real Name: Ameno Phyrgas Zatab
Villain Name: Doctor Zatabium
Title: The Good Doctor
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Race: Greek Cyborg
Hair: Black, with grey
Eyes: One black, the other glowing red
Height: 6"0
Weight: 85kg (187lb)
Blood type: AB-

The Looks

I'm not sure why the image won't work, but here's a direct link:

The Personality

Highly erratic in nature, Doctor Zatab gives the impression of a man not all there in the head. He shows little concern over any human life, endangering and experimenting on any who would be unfortunate enough to come across him. He frequently speaks at a rushed pace, utilising vocabulary and jargon that is often incomprehensible. He is prone to babbling and bouts of madness, causing him to become even more dangerous. Despite his insanity, the good doctor has an elevated intellect that has him lauded as perhaps one of the smartest people alive, not that it helps his unfortunate victims mortality rate...
The Story

Ameno Zatab was born to an Orthodox Christian family in Athens, Greece in the 1960s. Under them he felt suffocated and sought greater sights and achievements. He passed his schooling with grades that surpassed any the teachers had witnessed in their lives, though there appeared to be an issue in how he approached treatment of his peers, regarding them as below him. Eventually he would go on to gain a scholarship at Cambridge University in England.

At Cambridge he saw new opportunities to expand his knowledge and mind in ways that he could never have dreamed of. After gaining a not insignificant amount of grant money he began his research into the realms of science, medicine and technology. His project involved potential enhancement of the human body, producing a stunning thesis on the endeavour that provided his graduation and PhD. However, as he was limited by technology of his time, Zatab's research faltered (much to his devastation).

It was not until the 21st Century that such breakthroughs became possible with the level of tech available. Zatab, who had kept himself busy with other scientific studies to occupy his time, decided to throw everything aside to finish what he had started. After three years of relentless research and experimentation, Doctor Zatab finally found the key to the door he had been desperately attempting to open. Using a complicated strategy of synthesisation, Zatab was able to formulate a new element that could lead to unlimited possibilities. He began engineering a receptacle and body enhancements that would work in conjunction with the miracle element that he hoarded for himself. In his greed and hunger for knowledge, he decided to test his breakthrough on himself rather than a test subject.

The result was everything he could have asked for. The element, which he had dubbed "Zatabium", was accepted into his body and instantly began communing with the nanomachines that had been injected into Zatab's bloodstream. The receptacle that Zatab had designed for himself replaced his entire chest region, including his heart. He began constructing himself an enhanced form by tapping into the nanobots, now going by the name of "Doctor Zatabium".
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Strength
4. Agility

The Powers

Hyperintelligence: Doctor Zatabium's mind has been elevated in its function and capabilities by hundreds of nanobots firing off neurons at an accelerated rate within his brain, increasing his capability of receiving stimulus and processing it. His mind was already at genius capacity, though this heightens it to mad supergenius

Regenerative Powers: The zatabium-fuelled nanobots scattered throughout Doctor Zatab's body are able to reconstruct damaged areas of the body through the use of artificial tissue, albeit very slowly (would take a sufficiently sized wound a dozen hours of so to heal, and the mending is incredibly imperfect)

Energy Projection: Utilising the zatabium generator replacing Doctor Zatabium's heart he is able to generate a great deal of energy to manifest from a small jolt, up to a beam of concentrated heat that he can project from his right eye and both index fingers.

Enhanced Physical Feats: The cyborg replacements that Zatab has subjected himself to allow him to achieve greater physical feats than he would ever have been able to in the past. His metallic legs allow higher jumps and his metal arms are best used to crush things in his grasp.
The Weaknesses

Overstimulated: Zatab has the weakness of increased stimulus, his neurons firing at a rate that given enough things all happening at once unexpectedly, it will begin to fry his brain completely. Given enough explosions, shouts, flashing lights, etc, it could be incredibly damaging, either throwing Doctor Zatab into a seizure, or even worse, causing a stroke.

Aversion to Water: When water enters his body Doctor Zatabium undergoes a series of malfunctions that can seriously debilitate him. The obvious effects are decreased speed and reaction times, but also stops his zatabium generator from running at a capacity that can keep him alive. While submerged, Zatab would likely have a mere 20 seconds before his life drained completely.

Replacement Heart: Should his zatabium generator be damaged dramatically, de-attached from his body, subjected to EMP, drained of energy, etc, the remaining zatabium and nanobots within his body would only be enough to keep him alive for another ten minutes at maximum. The generator is highly exposed most of the time, with a distinct lack of armour and a blue glow indicating its location.

Shoddy Mending: The nanobots that reconstruct the flesh and bone destroyed by injuries are slow and inexpert in the mending they are programmed to do. Once the flesh has been replaced, it is now even more vulnerable than the flesh that was once there before. The flesh regenerates blackened and dead, as if afflicted with leprosy, which indicates weak spots in Zatab's body.
The Items

- Standard Scientist garb (lab coat, black leather gloves, goggles)
- Replacement heart (Zatabium generator used for his enhanced powers, though with many unfortunate side effects)
- Scientist lab materials and resources (general stuff for science that can be carried such as a scalpel)
The Minions

None so far, though I wouldn't put it past him to create some half robotic monstrosity
The Fluff

When Doctor Zatabium moves it is often with a wheeze as his body is merely held together by experimental and dangerous machinery that he administered himself with no anaesthetics or helper.
The RP Sample

The dimly lit lab is once again exposed to the consciousness of Ameno Zatab as he finally comes to. Rather than pained screeches, however, only light hacking is heard occurring from the form on the metal gurney.

Doctor Zatab coughs violently through his artificial lungs, the metallic taste of both blood and actual metal on his tongue. He shakily begins to shift his arms through the intense pain that racks his remaining human body. He feels his mind racing, colours and images blurring into one, aggravating his intense migraine to the point of unbearableness. Saliva and chunks of his own flesh pool out from his mouth, dripping onto the filthy metal gurney.

Despite the horror that he had subjected himself to, despite the experience that had rendered him unconscious five separate times already, Zatab finds himself begin to giggle through the blood. The operation was complete and now he had fortified himself into a being beyond that of the meagre limits of a mere human being. He looks down at the bloodstained metal that now protrudes from his chest, a gleaming azure aura emanating from within its confines.

Finally, Zatab musters up the ability to speak, despite his mutilated body, "It- It's beautiful..."

Zatab suddenly screws up his face in concentration, focussing on the one desire. He keeps both eyes open (not that he would ever need to close his right one) and watches as a pure beam of blue energy bursts from his chest, exiting through the window to his new heart. The beam travels straight up to collide with the flickering light fixture hanging there, instantly vaporising it. An immense shower of sparks rain down upon Zatab, illuminating his face, now etched with a maniacal grin.

He slowly begins moving his body to stand beside the gurney, placing his dirty feet upon the cold metal floor. As he stands there, naked and coated in a layer of blood, he begins cackling to the sterile lab, his mad ejaculations of mirth echoing around the chamber for none to hear.

Amidst his laughter, he screams out the words that will seal his destiny, "Behold, world! Meet your new master, Doctor Zatabium!"

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Doctor Zatabium Empty Re: Doctor Zatabium

Post by Hazza40 on May 29th 2018, 7:13 pm


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Doctor Zatabium Empty Re: Doctor Zatabium

Post by Shadowoof on May 30th 2018, 4:46 am

Hmm, so far it seems good, and while the weakness for the regen and the heart are well thought, I don't think you have considered what happens if someone pulls that heart out.

If so, as stated, it is a general death sentence if that heart is badly damaged, he will die soon enough, and I am unsure in the midst of battle, you can retreat fast enough to get somewhere to fix it or fix it on the spot. Otherwise, it is entirely up to you weather the heart gets damaged, if you get me. Thus the weakness is good, but maybe don't make it a death sentence weakness, make it a weakness that severely limits the character. And can kill them, but at your behest.

And the regen is cool, just don't expect it to be great if it gets to a point where his entire body is dead tissue. And, does it include any of his remaining organs being dead tissue if they are damaged and if so, can they really function right? Idk. Maybe this is fine, but this is me looking out for you anyway.

Sorry this took so long, but edit the heart weakness and think about the regen, and then post here or on the discord.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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