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Leon Trabocchi

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Leon Trabocchi Empty Leon Trabocchi

Post by Helel Amaranthine on April 29th 2018, 3:12 am


"Invoked or not, the gods will be present."

The Bio

Real Name: Leon Trabocchi Bray
Hero Name: Helel Amaranthine
Title: Fairest and Fallen
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Eons 22
Gender: Agender [primarily male presenting]
Race: Human
Hair: Red Gold
Eyes: Amber
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 138 lbs
Blood type: B -

The Looks

A tall, slender man at the height of 6'1"; their eyes are amber and their hair is a red gold with skin that is very pale. No freckles or visible birthmarks. Their features pull towards androgynous, and they could easily pass as female if they tried. One could definitely describe them as beautiful.

They tends to dress in a comfortable, but put together classical style. Think sweaters, button up shirts, jeans, etc.

The Personality

Leon is a rather enigmatic figure. The first impression they tend to give is simply: disengaged. They have been criticized often by authority figures for showing no passion or enthusiasm for anything, seeming to just go through the motions of all they are involved with. This is partially an act (They still Burn). Since the beginning, They have been characterized by Their pride, anger, and conviction in all They has wrought. However, in becoming what They are now, prior certainty has been replaced with murky ambivalence (and indeed, it has been like this for a while). They recognize the chance They have been given, yet still resents it. Hence, They hide. Coupled with a rather low empathy, this furthers the disconnect between them and their peers.

That isn’t to say they’re bad with people. Leon is very gifted at reading people and hence, manipulating them. And while they rarely actually lie, that doesn’t mean they can’t manipulate with the truth or make one believe a lie is true. They are also a rather good actor, capable of slipping from role to role.

Disrespect is something they does not take likely. They absolutely hate being made fun of or pitied, especially if they feels they’re at a disadvantage in some way. Their pride means they holds grudges and that they can be very stubborn at certain points. They can also be very blunt and tend not to care about a person’s feelings it gets in the way of their goals.

Still, they are here to now better the world, so they try not to be needlessly cruel. And as hard as it can be, they are doing their best to learn compassion and kindness (as well as to accept it. Part of Them feels like they don’t deserve to be saved, and as much as they hide it, they feel guilty for what they’ve done.) After all, there are many paths to evil, as well as many ways to further entropy and death. They would know.

The Story

The story of Leon technically starts in the very beginning, and it’s one that has been told from culture to culture. Fairest and brightest. Rebellion. The fall. Except in many ways, They are the original, the inspiration of them all. But that was Then.

Leon’s story also starts in Bellevue hospital, where they were born with barely a cry, eyes opening moments later to reveal a bright amber that were much too lucid for a newborn. Still, they were much loved and grew up with a relatively normal life, if not for the fact that their family was heavily entrenched in organized crime. It was an uneasy position for the parents while Leon reveled in it.

This all changed when their older brother was murdered, as that was the catalyst for the patriarch of the Trabocchi family to betray the whole organization, becoming whistle blowers and bringing a large portion of the NY mob down with them. So, at 9 years old, Leon was whisked away from everything they knew and loved. They spent the next few years of their lives shifting from place to place in the witness protection program, finally settling down in small town Utah one the danger of being assassinated was deemed lessened.

They never quite fit in, with an innate cruelty and pride that was hard to hide. Their misbehavior and lack of discretion of their past almost forced the family to move once more. Right before the last resort came to being though, it all just… stopped. Their son seemed to have changed on a fundamental level, and in a way, they had. Through what could only be described as an ordeal, they regained their memories.

On the surface, everything was normal now. Leon became more involved in class and socializing with their peers. Their grades went up, their behavior problems disappeared. All the hallmarks of a now normal and healthy child. Unknowing to just about everyone else though, they had begun to spread their influence, touching base with allies and gathering information on anything that may threaten the delicate balance on not just Earth, but the whole entire universe(s).

In present times, they keep up the façade of being a normal young adult graduate, working an entry level job at Obverse Securities. On the down low though, they’ve become known as an information broker in the world of the supernatural/occult. One who no one has ever met in person, or so they think. Dealing in favors and information, they keep an ear to the ground, nudging events around as necessary. Anything to ensure to protection and continuation of Life.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Power 1: Language of Creation
Leon is capable of utilizing the language that brought the Worlds and its various Laws into being. It is a universal and innate language that can be understood by all, with others experiencing it in their native language, but more. With this, they can speak to anything, even objects seen as traditionally non sentient. It also allows him to attempt to persuade said objects. A prime example of this is cajoling a locked door to unlock itself. This is just the language though. Once it becomes more structured, that’s where his spells come from. With the right combination of ‘words’, they can accomplish anything from solidifying the air in front of them, creating constructs, to forcing a section of space out of sync with the rest of time.
Most Used Spells:

  • Teleportation: Self-explanatory. Distances up to the moon in one jump surprisingly isn’t much of an issue.
  • Shield: A shield that is capable of blocking physical, energy, and magical force.
  • Glamour: This glamour is very powerful, able to trick all five senses on normal human beings.
  • Attention Diversion: Whatever this is placed on or around suddenly just becomes the least interesting thing anyone has ever seen. The closer you get, the least you care about getting near it.
  • Solidify Air: Makes a section of air solid.

Power 2: Higher Consciousness
Being the avatar of a being that exists outside of time and space, their mind is capable of a lot more than most humans are. Their processing speeds are blindingly fast, they are capable of holding multiple trains of thought, and their memory is second to none. They also have an innate comprehension of how things work and are able to pick up patterns and logic in a snap. Due to their nature, they are very resistant to attacks on the mind, and indeed can even overwhelm the other.

Capabilities of the mind aside, they hold a vast knowledge of the various realities, and are able to identify most species and beings. They can also sense magic and are able to see the very mesh of it.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: When Speaking, every word must be carefully chosen, as a single mistake could fuck alter the fabric of reality in a detrimental way. There is also the fact that just because one can speak to something, it doesn’t mean that something must agree.

With the more structured spells, as theoretically limitless as this could be, it also really… isn’t. Spells also take time and preparation. Sometimes, a lot, depending on the effects and scale of what is being accomplished. Each spell also requires energy, with the bigger the effect, the more energy needed. Said forcing a section out of sync would no doubt kill Leon to accomplish in their current state. So, almost like writing a computer program, they must use existing laws and structures in order to accomplish something (though some bending can still occur).
Specific Weaknesses:

  • Teleportation: They actually need to know the exact coordinates of where they’re going. Each time they teleport, unless it’s already saved in the spell, they have to input it. Also while distances up to the moon aren’t too bad, any further starts getting tiring and breaks are generally needed in between jumps.
  • Shield: Each block takes energy and the more powerful the thing they’re blocking, the more energy is used. A supernova point blank would probably take about a year off their life span for an example.
  • Glamour: More perceptive people, or those capable of peering through magic may be able to see through the ruse. The complex weave of the spell will still kind of obscure their natural form though.
  • Attention Diversion: Once again, those better versed and perceptive to magic will be able to overcome the effects.
  • Solidify Air: It’s not really too sturdy. Its main use is transportation.

Weakness 2: While they are fundamentally not human, they are also currently stuck inside a human body. Hence, they are still very much limited by what the human brain they have to use. It’s still much more than normal, but in the end it’s about on par with most genius metahumans.

Weakness 3: They’re human. A regular squishy human in the end. Shoot them, stab them, break their neck, etc. They’re going to die. At least this iteration will.

Weakness 4: They hold a general apathy towards the singular human so to speak, and despite being placed on earth to help defend humanity, they always have the greater good in mind. Basically, they’re not going to make big, flashy shows of power unless absolutely necessary. Especially not to save a single person (or even a single city). In fact, they’d prefer to stay backstage for the rest of their current iteration.

Weakness 5: There are people they hold dear in this world including their parents and some friends. These people can become leverage (with ease depending on who you pick).

The Items

Sword – A divine sword forged from the heart of a star by one quite like Leon. Capable of harming even a God. It is in the form of an arming sword. Attached to it is also a limiter that helps control the flow of magic going through their body at any one time (with the added bonus of hiding the true extent of their presence) . Unsheathing the sword + saying a Word releases the limiter, temporarily [2 posts] giving them full access to their energy and allowing them to accomplish usually dangerous feats of magic. Afterwards though, as their body has been pushed to the brink, they are basically incapacitated and may even pass out. There is also the fact that despite its capabilities, it’s still just a sword that requires skill to wield.

Cuff – While it looks like a gold and jeweled cuff, it is actually a complex knit of magic that allows the storage and fast activation of spells. Currently, up to 6 types can be stored. If it is removed, then they lose access to their fast access spells.

Trenchcoat – Various spells have been placed on it that help protect them from damage, high temperatures, etc. It’s mostly meant for environmental hazards, so extremes will break through the defenses.

Manual – Takes the form of a small paperback book. It’s generally in their back pocket. Inside is listed all the spells they, and others with enacture, have created, as well as the knowledge of multiple species across multiple ages and universes. But hey, it’s a book. People can take it, Leon can lose/forget it, etc. Granted there is a tracking spell on it and it’s basically indestructible. But it’s a book. Everything is written in the script form of the Language.

Rowan Wand – A peeled stick of Rowan that has been soaked in moonlight. Willingly given. Produces a whip of magic. Still, it’s a stick of wood. This is most effective against those with supernatural origins. The energy is cooling. It also isn’t limitless. Once it runs out, it’s out.

Metal Wand – Made of noon forged steal. Willingly given by an old radio. Shoots bolts of magic. A bit more effective against normal people since the bolts are very hot. Once again though, it’s a stick of malleable metal in the end. The energy also isn’t limitless. Once it runs out, it’s out.

The Minions

Golem – A stone construct. Not intelligent. Best used for simple orders that are just point A to point B. While strong and sturdy, they’re too slow to be used in a fight. They’re mostly used to do grunt work within Leon’s space like carrying things around.

Origami Mantises – At first glance, they look like flying paper cranes, except with huge, sharp claws. Are very fragile, but work in swarms. Especially susceptible to fire and heat. About as intelligent as an attacking swarm of bees. Or a particularly aggressive school of minnows.

Perytons – Intelligent constructs powered by the souls of those with so much hatred in their hearts that they don’t want to stay, simply to cause more pain. They’ve basically been tricked into this subpar existence, and take on the shape of the primal fear of whichever civilization they’re in. They’re actually created by other iterations that are still evil, so while Leon can summon them still, they really aren’t on their side either and will attack them as well. Their intelligence is on the level of a very persistent and creative pack of wolves.

The Fluff

Presence w/o Seal – Once the seal is broken, their divine nature is revealed. The space around them seems to crackle with energy. Their aura has a slight effect of decomposition inducement effect (not enough to harm a human or something, but for effect, grass around them will die/metal may rust a bit). Getting near them, one will feel ozone and taste rot and decay. It’s really not comfortable or pleasant. Also their eyes glow and their hair and clothing will move like blown by an invisible wind.

Vast Information Network – Through both their information brokering and meeting up with likeminded individuals across the galaxy.

Pocket Dimensions – One is a smaller space that is constantly keyed to Leon’s location. They store various items in there. They also have a larger space mainly used to safely test spells and is basically a big workshop for magic. The doorway is hidden in their closet at their apartment.

The RP Sample

The Library of Minerva. It truly has been awhile, even by the standards of a nonlinear Power. The last time he was here, he had been attempting to destroy this place, recognizing it for the threat it would become. Unfortunately, he had been thoroughly… turned away, though he did almost manage to demolish that thorn in his side thankyouverymuch.

Former, thorn in his side. He was reformed now. On the side of Good and all. Despite that, seeing the library in all its splendor still sent a twinge of annoyance through him. The fact that it was now going to be useful to him just further rubbed salt in the proverbial wound. As he approached the Librarian’s desk, he had to grudgingly admit that the guardian had done rather well for himself. The whole space thrummed with power and indeed, it felt almost alive. While he had known this through various past attempts at sabotage and the like, actually being here was something else.

“Good evening sir, I don’t suppose you could help me find a book on the magic systems of Universe T95D512SZ?” He asked with a pleasant smile, though his eyes revealed his latent irritation ever so slightly despite attempts to hide it.

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Leon Trabocchi Empty Re: Leon Trabocchi

Post by Bliss on May 1st 2018, 3:18 am



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Post by Chellizard on May 6th 2018, 2:28 pm

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Leon Trabocchi Empty Re: Leon Trabocchi

Post by Dubloon on May 7th 2018, 12:57 am


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