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Axe Knight (Maria Rosa Halzfaller)

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Axe Knight (Maria Rosa Halzfaller) Empty Axe Knight (Maria Rosa Halzfaller)

Post by The Nekromonga on April 16th 2018, 10:07 am


"I am the Axe Knight."

The Bio

Real Name: Maria Rosa Holzfaller
Hero Name: Axe Knight
Title: She's Axe Knight!
Alignment: Bloody Good (neutral good)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: German, Scandanavian, Polynesian
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175 lbs
Blood type: O

The Looks

Rosa is a tall, blue eyed chestnut haired german. Swimming, swinging an axe everyday, living in the countryside for much of her life has made her lean, strong and athletic. Like many active youngsters, she prefers active wear (tank tops, sporty pants, sneakers) ... and adjusts to the climate with coats and trousers. As Axe Knight, she is the spitting image of a medieval knight, an imposing warrior in black plate armor and carrying an axe. When she speaks, her voice changer distorts her speech to a low growl, while her psionic energy manifests as purple electric arcs than course over her. A white tabard reminiscent of the teutonic knights separates her from her peers who prefer more tactical and sensible outer wear, but it suits her fine- Rosa’s endurance lends well to her role as the front liner.

The Personality

An idealist at heart, Rosa is an honourable knight trapped in the 21st century. Raised, taught and trained well, Rosa is a straightforward and unsubtle warrior who seeks to solve problems head on. Honest and friendly, she gets along well and makes friends easily, while quick to speak out against injustice and despises deception and trickery. She tends to view the world in black and white, clear rights and clear wrongs.

The Story

Born to a German father and a German-Filipina mother, Rosa feels the call of both the expansive land of Europe and the waters of the Pacific. She spent an idyllic childhood traveling, spending spring and summer in the German heartland while she wintered in the Islands of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Borneo. Rosa grew up on tales of knighthood and heroism, of dragon slaying and damsel rescuing, and dreamed one day perhaps, of joining the military. Her parents encouraged her to pursue her dreams, but more importantly, imparted a sense of justice tempered by compassion- the world was filled with the downtrodden, and it was the duty of the strong to help them.

As a teenager, Rosa began joining her father at the mill where he worked. While modern logging involved chainsaws and heavy machinery, the axe was still a well practiced tradition. She awakened to her powers, thankfully, during a logging event when she cleaved right through a thick oaken trunk in a single swing, as well as the rock that served as a brake below it. The axe was not the most precise or sharp instrument, yet here it was, a clean cut.

After the incident, an organization stepped forward and offered to take Rosa to a special institute. They claimed ties to the German metahuman program, as well as opportunities to use her power for “a higher calling”. They called themselves the Templar, and their Knightly imagery, as well as the chance for adventure appealed greatly to the aspiring knight. Rosa agreed, and joined the Templar program at the advanced age of 14, where she found she was surrounded by younger peers with much more affluent backgrounds. 5 years of training, of bickering with spoiled noble brats, and of reviewing the Templar’s rich history later, Rosa grew into a fierce warrior who fancied herself a knight, and was eager to set upon a righteous crusade against evil.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Power 1: physiokinesis (high durability)
Physiokinesis is the power to psionically control and alter one’s own physiology. This power allows Axe Knight to withstand great punishment. With the special psionic amplifier within her suit, she is a walking battle tank, subconsciously decreasing an attack’s inertia as it connects to her. Without a psionic Amplifier suit she is roughly as powerful as a large land animal, like a bear or rhino. See items for Psi-Amp armor for further details.

Power 2: psionic tachyon field (powered weapon)
Axe Knight psionically generates a tachyon field through her body or objects containing a psionic amplifier. Any weapon containing an attuned psionic amplifer generates this field upon striking a target, imparting supernatural sharpness and cutting power, while protecting the weapon from the force of the blow. Without a psi weapon, her unarmed blows are as effective as a large animal’s. See item for psi-weapon for further details.

The Weaknesses

Psionic Amplifier dependence: Axe Knight’s psionic powers are still in a rudimentary stage, requiring the use of attuned psychic amplifier armor or weaponry to be reach their full potential.

Awareness: Axe Knight’s physiokinetic defense is only effective against attacks she is aware of. She is a peak human in durability against effective surprise attacks.

Secret identity: Axe Knight has both living parents and lots of friends. She prefers Axe Knight when on the job always.

Honorable: Axe Knight is honest and tries her best to do what is right. Unfortunately, she expects the same from those around her, and has difficulty understanding 'tricky' people.

The Items

Psi-Armor : At first glance this seems to be some medieval suit of darkened plate armor, but hidden circuitry and a visible energy field reveals it to be so much more. While wearing this suit, the wearer’s physiokinetic power is amplified, allowing them to endure immense kinetic attacks.

Psi-Weapon: Psychic warriors require items of focus with built in amplifiers to channel their powers to their fullest potential. For Axe Knight, it is a Dane Axe, a viking weapon made with modern materials and fitted with the amplifier that lets her cleave through obstacles and enemies.

Mundane Equipment:
Machine Pistol: A sidearm at best, mundane situations may call for the Knight to resort to the practicality of a firearm.
Smartphone with internet connection

The Fluff

Good with machinery: having had a mostly blue collar upbringing, particularly in the forestry business, Axe Knight knows her way around plenty of mundane machinery.

Power glows: whenever Axe Knight uses her psychic powers, purple lightning dances across her armor/weapon, while her eyes have a faint purple in them.

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Axe Knight
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Axe Knight (Maria Rosa Halzfaller) Empty Re: Axe Knight (Maria Rosa Halzfaller)

Post by Dubloon on April 16th 2018, 9:35 pm

Approved until stated otherwise o/

The Characters
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