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Blake Ryan

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OPEN Blake Ryan

Post by Wolfbane33 on April 5th 2018, 6:09 am

Name: Blake Ryan

Alias: Black Wolf

Nicknames: Lycan



Species: Werewolf

Personality:He is somewhat calm and collected, along with mysterious and silent. He also tends to have a quick temper.

Class: Hero

Physical Description:blonde hair and yellow eyes, usually wearing a black jacket, white shirt and jeans.

Year Level/Occupation:1st year student

Powers/Abilities:Main Powers:
o    Feral Mind.
o    Night Vision.
o    infectious Bite.
o    Natural Weaponry:
   - Bite.
   - Claws retraction.
o    Canine Physiology.
o    Wolf Transformation.
o    Lunar Empowerment.
o    Anger Empowerment.
o    Environment Adaption.
o    Enhanced Speed, Strength and Stamina.

Weaknesses: Silver. He tends to have stage fright when it comes to performing. He is not good at science

Strengths: Music, baseball and football. His best subject is math.

Backstory: Blake Ryan was born a werewolf. He, his parents and brother lived happily in the forest. He went a normal school. He made good friends. He was happy, until one full moon. His first transformation changed his life. He and his friends were at the movies until he walked out to get some air. He always had a fear of crowds so he kept very few friends around. He saw the full moon and he started changing. His friends knew what he was but were afraid of what to do. When he realized what had happened, he ran home. His friends came to him the next day and said "We can help." He refused because he knew what that meant. So he left everything behind to find a new place to call home. After he left, he found himself in another forest. A whole new place.
Dislikes: Smart mouthed people and silver (naturally). He also hates bullies.
Likes: Sweets and coffee. Stays up late playing video games and watching anime. He also works construction.
(normal and lycan form)

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OPEN Re: Blake Ryan

Post by Odien on April 5th 2018, 9:43 am

Interesting concept, but there are a few issues with the application.

1) You posted it in the wrong area, so I'll move it for you.

2) You may want to consider using the application templates found here, but even if you choose to use your own format you need to include all of the information listed on those apps. This is: Basic biography (Real name, "super" name, title(s), alignment, age, gender, race, hair color, eye color, height, weight, and any additional information you would like to add), a description of appearance (if you have faceclaim or head canon images, you can insert those into the app. If not, up to-but not a required amount of-six sentences of description will suffice), a personality section, a substantial history or backstory, a priority section (where you rearranged the following into the order that your character is best at: Agility, Endurance, Reaction, Strength), their powers, their weaknesses, and an RP sample. Any items, minions, or "fluff" (like your facts about sweets and stage fright) can be included here as well.

3) Being a werewolf is fine, and being enrolled in a (presumably) supernatural school is also fine. However, "Akademi Academy" doesn't already exist in SHRP, so you'll need to define it some more. What is the 'Noctiuagus' house?

4) Please write out the personality more, even if it's just using two or three complete sentences.

5) You'll need to describe each power with a few sentences, minumum. Furthermore, there is a required 1:1 powers:weaknesses ratio, which means you'll need 13 weaknesses to keep those powers (and infectious bite would be permission based, you can't force someone else to become a lycanthrope without their consent. Stage fright and an ineptitude toward science are fun facts, but not appropriate weaknesses.

If you need some further idea of what I'm talking about, most characters that you can find by clicking this link will serve as a good reference point. Respond to this post once you've made any necessary edits and with any questions you might have, and feel free to ask for help in the Discord chat.

Happy writing,


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