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WIP Kaiju

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WIP Kaiju

Post by Row on April 3rd 2018, 4:42 pm

Scarab "Kaiju" Klick

"No I don't grow to 200 feet."

The Bio

Real Name:  Scarab Klick
Hunter Name: Kaiju
Title: The Monster Hunter
Alignment: Anti Monster
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood type:

The Looks

The Personality

Sarab is a very simple girl. She love hunting and proving herself. She hunts for no reason other than the thrill of danger. Living life on the edge, she feel invincible which leads her to stand up to anybody no matter what size they are.

The Story

The Priority

1. Agility 4
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 1

The Powers

Kaiju Hunter: Kaiju can call the monsters she defeated into battle to assist her in combat by using their Spirit Gem. Upon activating their gem, the monster takes form with the gem at its core.

The Weaknesses

Kaiju can only have 1 active monster out at a time.

The Items

Kaiju's Glaive - a pole-arm with a blade on both ends. The blades are sharp enough enough to damage even the toughest skins.

*weakness: They dull easily and need to be sharpen or else they lose effectiveness to the point were they cant even cut human skin.*

Kaiju's Heavy Cannon - A gun meant to down monsters from a far. It is much more powerful than its lighter variant but is much slower to use and reload.

Kaiju's Slingshot - A mini crossbow that attaches to Kajui's left arm. It can fling things like rocks, bombs, knifes and it has a build in grappling hook.

Kaiju's Soul - a pendent that can fit the Spirit Gem of a monster. Upon doing so, Kajui can obtain a new form which varies base on what monster's gem she uses. (See monsters for the effects)

Kaiju's trap set - A tool that can be use to create different traps which were meant to incapacitate large creatures using different materials Kajui grows or nurtures

The Monsters

The Fluff

Kaiju is a trained monster hunter who specializes in taking out bigger opponents, stronger, and faster opponent. While she lacks superhuman feats, she is in peak physical condition.

Kaiju is versatile enough to use most melee weapons and is quick to adapt to range weaponry.

Kaiju is an experience gardener and grows most of the materials she uses for where weaponry and tools. (to include insects)

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Lunetta Voglia
Poring Flan
Emerl (EXP)

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