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Horror Squad

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Horror Squad

Post by beepsa on March 30th 2018, 10:25 pm


"Don’t pray to your pathetic gods, mortals, it’s worthless!"

The Bio

Real Name: Mary Eve Joseph
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: Allocer
Title: The Convenience Store Demon
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Yellow?? Spooky?
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 121 lbs
Blood type: B-

The Looks

Allocer is the demon looking one.

The Personality

Allocer lives a lie. She shrouds herself in unreality, and prefers the dramatics and grandeur she creates with her impressive imagination rather than the harsh reality. She calls herself a killer-- at most, she’s maybe stepped on a cockroach or killed a mouse. She’s over dramatic, and takes things to the extreme-- not because she necessarily feels passionate about these things, but it’s one of her many ways of keeping her from ever touching the ground. She’s quick witted and clever, for a 15 year old. Her age and mental maturity still plays a huge factor in her attitude, however. She’s sharp, much more intelligent than she lets on-- but can be swept away in the false confidence and cockiness she exudes, and tries to show off her fearlessness and cockiness through sheer recklessness. It’s not that she doesn’t know it’s stupid, it’s that she’s either too scared to actually do something impactful, or wants to make a point. She refuses to lose. Beyond all of this, however-- is a girl frightened, and disgusted by herself. She both resents and wishes for her previous life, but knows she can never go back. With this in mind, she hates anything connected to her past with a passion-- and has came up with an entirely fake history for herself to hide in. Illusions are rampant with this girl, and while you’ll always know she’s lying, it’ll be hard to ever find the truth. She cares for her friends deeply, but has a hard time expressing it within her persona. After all, there are images to be maintained, after all.
The Story

Mary Eve Joseph was born in a small town in Texas, and was her little communities pride and joy. She excelled in gymnastics. Her father, the pastor, was exceptionally proud of her. She had a blissful life, full of youth church camps and gymnastic meets-- until puberty started to set for her. All at once, she was hit with a sudden, inescapable pain-- like things were growing out of her. Her skin was slowly getting ruffer, and her complexion was turning reddish. The doctors back home didn’t know what to do with this unusual and downright terrifying issue, and she was sent to a city hospital, where the issue was quickly explained to her father: she was a meta-human. Disgusted and paranoid, the priest took her home, waited until she could walk again (and by that point, she’d become a horned and tailed human, much resembling the iconic imagery of a devil) helped her pack her things, and sent her off. By the rest of her town’s standards, Mary Eve Joseph is dead, according to the priest. He had a private funeral for his last standing family member.

Mary, now abandoned, alone, and terrified, found herself wandering back into the city, and passing out in the junkyard. She scrounged for what she could out of trash cans and jumped around from homeless shelter to homeless shelter-- and as her transformations came closer and closer to being done, less and less people wanted to help this demon-child. So she took taking care of herself into her own hands. She began robbing convenience stores for food, and hiding out in the junkyards about Houston. She got a hang of her powers that way, and forgo her old identity-- coming up with the name Allocer after sneaking into the library and finding some cool books on demons and stuff. She became imfamous as the ‘Convenience Store Demon,’ a bother to any local shop owner, but too slippery and too little of a problem for the police to seriously care. Eventually, the pesky little faux-demon would hear rumors of a young necromancer that cleared out an entire town. With this in mind, Allocer went out of her way to meet the other, and to team up. Along the way, they met and grabbed other individuals for what Allocer deems to be their reviled and evil group, that will surely one day rule over all.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Smoke Transport-- Allocer can teleport herself any which way, through walls and most barriers within 30 feet of her in any direction- up, down, left, right, diagonal, front, backward-- anything. She leaves behind a thick purple smoke that smells of brimstone.

Hot in Hell-- Allocer can handle extremely high levels of heat that would harm normal humans. In fact, she seems to prefer hotter temperatures.

Wings of Fury-- If Allocer can get about 60 feet in the air, she can use her budding magic ability to create wings of fire, tethered to her by a magical bond. Once she’s below 60 feet, the wings disappear.

Smog Possession-- After meditating and storing her energy for at least an hour, Allocer can turn into that same thick brimstone smelling smog-- that, if it enters an orifice, will allow Allocer to take physical control of the body’s movements.

Kitten Claws-- Allocers nails are melded into her skin, and sharpened like talons. They are stronger than normal human nail, but not indestructible, or anything of the like.

Night vision-- Allocer can see perfectly clear at night.

Prehensile Tail-- Allocer has complete control over the movement of her tail.

Contract-- Allocer has touchpads at the end of her palm, that when she makes physical contact with another individuals palm, gives her a boost of energy and speed-- and gives the other a brief boost in strength, lasting at most 2 hours on each end. This ability does not stack. People who are repeat ‘contract’ focuses give her and the other more of a boost, at most 6 hours at a time.

The Weaknesses

Smoke Transport-- Allocer cannot teleport through firm earth. She cannot see what she’s teleporting into if she couldn’t see it with her eyes already. She can only teleport once again after all the smoke has cleared out from her previous area, which takes about 10 seconds. Teleporting too often and in too much of a chain can exhaust her, leaving her unable to walk. The smoke left behind drifts in the direction she went.
Hot in Hell-- Being immune to heat doesn’t equal being immune to fire.
Wings of Fury-- Cutting off the magical tether drops the wings entirely. The magical tether is a physical thing you can aim for and hit. Due to the fragility of Allocers Magic use shooting at that sweet spot with a normal gun twice can destroy the tether completely. She can’t do this twice in the same day, it takes up too much energy, especially if the tether was broken forcefully.
Smog Possession-- Anyone with a lot of control over their strength and physicality is practically immune to Allocers control. She cannot stay in this form for longer than 2 hours. Anyone with an extreme fortitude and impressive willpower can try to hack up and force the smog out, which will cause Allocer to revert back to her physical form once the other gets her out. Intense winds can push her in an unintended direction, and if she can’t find anyone to force herself into she’ll revert back to her original form. She can only enter through an open and available space in the body-- nose, mouth, ear.
Kitten Claws-- They’re still just nails, and not exactly made of some nigh indestructable material. You can rip them off, and something hard enough can make them break.
Night Vision-- Daytime gets incredibly blurry and too bright for her.
Prehensile Tail-- Intense emotions can override this control, and she’s still not got a complete finesse over it.
Contract-- The effects of a contract cannot be stacked, and starting a new contract ends the old one. A contract can only be made with a firm press to activate the touch pads.
The Items

Utility Belt Contents:
Stolen Tazer, Rope, Stolen BB Gun, Stolen smoke bombs, stolen stink bombs, lockpick tool, and a singular knife along with a standard first aid kit.
The Minions

The Fluff

She used to want to be an olympic gymnast. Her favorite color is blue. Playing video games with Alex is unnecessarily hard due to her permanent nails. She claims to be the daughter of Satan himself, and that she’s come to stake her rightful claim as the ruler of mortals.

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Experiment 11307


The Bio

Real Name: Laurence Michaels
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: Experiment Ileot
Title: Rogue Alpha Project
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: physically 16, technically 17
Gender: Male
Race: Undead?
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Glassy eyed and green
Height: 5’9
Weight: 162 lbs.
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

He’s the one with dried blood still about his face. He’s the walking cadaver.
The Personality

Laurence is a gentle rain turned into a storm. He’s protective of those he knows, and closed off to those he doesn’t. Despite being a facsimile of life, he feels intensely. It’s just hard for him to express anything that isn’t negated and softened by his undead appearance. He still has all his mental facilities, but they run a bit slower than a normal humans-- so he can be a bit slow to the punch, or catch onto a joke a little too slow. He has a problem with adult authority figures, and the law. It’s not exactly that he lacks morality or enjoys hurting people, it’s more so that he doesn’t trust the law or adults as far as he can throw them-- and providing the adults don’t squirm and aren’t metahumans, he could probably throw them a good distance. Maybe they’d take his arm with them, oh well. He’s result oriented, and would, once again-- do anything for those who have proved loyal to him. He’s got a soft spot for things of sentimental value, and can’t help but relate and sympathize with any sob story ever. Due to his time as an experiment, Laurence has some serious deep seated anger issues. He can’t stand for people pushing him around, and can tend to lash out when his buttons are pressed too far. Short tempered.
The Story

He was born to a high ranking military family, who had a base out in New Mexico. Being raised by a single father, it was quickly discovered he had an immense, unhuman level of what the scientists at the base called ‘Will Power,’ which made him more likely to survive improbable situations due to his high level of Will. They asked to use Laurence for an experiment, and, his father, assuming they’d use his powers to make him an extremely powerful super soldier, he was willing to oblige. However-- while supersoldier-ifying was part of the experiment, the real test was this undead serum to see if after they did kill him, he could come back and be practically unstoppable, a force of good. After having him take the serum, they knocked him out with some hard sleeping drugs, and-- tried everything they could to kill him. After two shots to the chest and burning him, they managed to get it done. By the time his father understood what was really going on, it was much too late-- while still ‘aware,’ his son was dead. Disgusted, his father shut down the project and put Laurence in isolation within the base’s deepest cells. He spent time in there for an entire year, seething and building up his hatred for the people that not only killed him-- but locked him away. However, he met horror squad while they were doing a break in for some intel, Alex stumbled upon him and freed him from his shackles and bonds. He was the official third member of their group from then on, and has decided that his only goals in life is to get to that father of his, and to make sure his saviors are as happy as humanly possible. To give them a chance at the life he lost.
The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Will Power-- It’s the metagene he was born with, that is currently spent solely on keeping him in this undead state. Originally, it would allow him to survive unbelievable things with an incredible mental fortitude and determination to live. Currently, it’s the only thing that keeps any semblance of ‘person’ in his body.
Till’ Parting do we Die-- He can really only be officially killed via decapitation.
Enhanced Speed- When enraged, he regains a bit of his speed given to him by the super soldier-ifying, and taken away by the undead process. He can push through with a heavy amount of bloodlust and sprint for about 10 minutes, at the top human speeds achievable by non metas.
Enhanced Strength- He retained this even through the undead process-- due to being made a super soldier, he’s got an immense amount of strength, only improved through letting go of the natural hesitation of full force that comes with being a human being. He’s about strong enough to lift an empty four seater car with both hands.
Undead Durability- He can really only feel any sort of ‘pain’ if something completely tears through him in its entirety, whether it be tearing off an arm, or punching a hole through his chest.

The Weaknesses

Will Power-- This power is really just the thing keeping his ‘self’ and ‘soul’ in the body. It can be removed through general soul altering/shaking/removing/editing based powers, which will turn him into an undead husk. Power negation based abilities can also turn him into an unthinking, undead husk in a similar way.
Til’ Parting do We Die-- He can definitely be permanently immobilized through various other means, and once you officially decapitate him-- he can never come back, unlike the Will Power weakness in which power negation can be thankfully temporary.
Enhanced Speed-- The ability only puts him at an average human speed for the most part due to how being undead affects his ability to move, and then those short bursts of speed are very temporary and far inbetween. Furthermore, the process of getting faster makes him logistically impaired most of the time, as anger tends to consume him.
Enhanced Strength-- This strength he’s hit now, as an undead-- is his limit, as his body will never grow again. Furthermore, he has no real training in how to use and control said strength in the most effective way possible. Thereby, how he uses his strength becomes very predictable and can become easy to avoid if you can manage to keep avoiding it long enough to figure out his habits.
Undead Durability-- As previously stated, this doesn’t mean he’s immune to cuts and throws and the like-- it just means he doesn’t feel it.
Undead Side Effects May Include-- due to being undead, there are some things that he has to avoid, as a walking corpse: most notably, like water. Furthermore, the longer he stays an undead being, the longer he has to fight against the pull into aggressive, unfettered bloodshed and brain eating.
The Items

The Mask-- It’s a mask gifted to him by Alex that he wears when out to avoid people getting uncomfortable with his, well… Aggressive undead-ness. It’s kind of very creepy. But less creepy and unattractive than his face.
Machete-- His weapon of choice. Very rusty and very spooky. It’s probably going to break someday soon.
Eye Drops-- To keep his eyes wet and able to see.
The Minions

The Fluff

He smells, very obviously, like a corpse. He makes some BOMB nachos.

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"Ugh. Really?"

The Bio

Real Name: Sharon Blythes
Villain Name: Disturbia
Title: The Bible Belts Black Swan
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 143 lbs
Blood type: A-

The Looks

She’s the blonde one.
The Personality

Sharon is a girl made bitter and cold by her circumstances. She lost her childhood at an early age, forced to present-- so, now, she puts herself at stark opposite. She’s cynical, crude, and self-serving, at first glance. You have a problem? You probably made it in the first place. However, her care for truly empathetic and kind people cannot be unspoken. Brash and uncomfortable with showing affection due to the fear of being hurt-- but it should be stated that she’ll care for those she cares for to the moon and back-- with the most ‘I don’t care’ person she can put up possible. Very nihilistic and probably depressive, she takes a comfortable sort of relish in using her abilities to exert control over those she deems ungrateful, or even just exhausting. She’s highly competitive, and really doesn’t like to lose. She tries to cover up her insecurities and fear of going back to being caged and vulnerable by acting cold and cruel.
The Story

Sharon was the unlucky meta-gene positive girl born to two hyper religous, anti-metagene parents. However, because they refuse to not show love to their daughter, they came up with a solution: by proving that God forgives superhumans who do not indulge in their sinful abilities. They started by pushing this belief all over deep deep south Alabama, and eventually the idea spread all throughout the southern bible belt. And, little Sharon-- became the spokesperson for it, the poster child for a lack of power usage making powered peoples holy once more. She spent most of her childhood like this, under the pressure of performance and the filth of her existence. This all, however, changed when she was ‘kidnapped’ by Allocer’s group of three, at that time. Whilst in captivity she found herself actually swayed by the teens positions, and when they voluntarily let her go after 3 days and no word from her parents, she instead decided to run away with them instead, causing her official indoctrination to their little ‘group.’
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Inside Your Head-- As long as she can see you, Sharon can connect telepathically for a brief 3 seconds and get flashing images of your subconsciousness. It also has the benefit of genuinely feeling like, someone's physically internally probing your brain. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s freaky as all hell. Permission based.
Madness and Men-- She has an AOE effect of 60 feet circle that causes heightened emotional reactions and states, leading to irrational, “crazy” behavior. This AOE does not affect herself. Permission based.
Day Terror-- Upon making eye contact and focusing her will into a singular person, she can instill a state of being that’s eerily close to night terrors. Wild thrashing, kicking, screaming, fighting-- panic and chaos. In this state of existence, the person afflicted enters a dream like state in which hallucinations and nightmares are experienced. Permission based.
Frozen in Fear-- This is another thing she can cause if she’s making eye contact with another being. The individual is barely able to move, their muscles wrought with anxiety, but everything around them happens in real time. The individual will then begin to hallucinate, seeing, hearing, feeling things that simply aren’t there and are of a stereotypically terrifying nature. Permission based.
Corner of Your Eye-- Sharon has another AOE effect that can give minor shared hallucinations to anyone within the 60 ft radius. She can control what the illusion is, as long as it’s still inherently minor and not in the person's main focus. Permission based.
The Weaknesses

Inside Your Head-- The OC’s mun gets to choose what images are seen, and Sharon doesn’t get to immediately understand or know what these things can mean. Sometimes these visions can overwhelm the girl. However, on the flip side-- these images sustain her physical energy, no matter how emotionally or mentally draining. She only can see about 3-5 flashes of images that relate to the person's subconscious. Not all images are important. Anyone with particular mental/will based fortitude can push her out of their brain. Furthermore, you know you’re being probed/fed upon when you are, so it’s nigh impossible to be stealthy whilst using it.
Madness and Men-- The AOE only lasts twice as long as she built it up. For example, if she spent a minute just focusing on activating this power, then the ‘madness’ will last for two minutes. Furthermore, not all emotions have a negative outcome. If her focus on building up the AOE is broken, it will start despite her wishes to keep fostering it. Anyone with particular mental fortitude or will based abilities can push themselves out of this.
Day Terror-- Being touched by another human being ‘awakens’ the person. The ability only works if they share eye contact, and anyone with abilities in mental fortitude or will based abilities can push themselves out of the effect.
Frozen in Fear-- The ability only works if they share eye contact, and anyone with abilities in mental fortitude or will based abilities can push themselves out of the effect. You can also push through the physical side effect of being unbearingly slow if you’re particularly strong, though the heavy horror based hallucinations will remain.
Corner of Your Eye-- Hallucinations last and are as specific as she’s able to stay focused and detail and think on it. You can see past the hallucinations if you take time to focus on them. Anyone with intense will or mental fortitude can push out of this ability.
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

She coined the term Horror Squad. Don’t let Allocer say she did, that bitch. Enjoys being legally the oldest Horror Squad member.

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