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Jeanne d'Arc

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Jeanne d'Arc Empty Jeanne d'Arc

Post by The Swolefather on March 30th 2018, 9:02 pm

Jeanne d’Arc

"I am not afraid...I was born to do this."

The Bio

Real Name: Jeanne d’Arc(Also goes by Joan of Arc)
Hero Name: The Saint
Title: The Maid of Orleans
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 606 years old
Race:Spirit of Justice
Height:5’2”(8’2” in armor form)
Weight:150 lbs(600 pounds in armor form)
Blood type:None

The Looks

Human Form:
Jeanne d'Arc 3054

Jeanne d'Arc Darc11

The Personality

Jeanne is a quiet individual, allowing her actions to speak for her. She lives a life of forgiveness, compassion and love, never even showing hate towards her enemies. When she does choose to speak, her words are used to lighten the hearts of those around her, and encourage them, rather than attack. She does however, choose to reprimand bullies
The Story

Jeanne was born in the village of Domremy in France, to a family of farmers. She was illiterate, but learned to speak quite well during her short life. She fought in many wars, disguised as a male soldier, and made her way to become a hero of war. Many allegations stood against her, such as being a sorceress or a witch, due to the heavenly powers she called upon on the field. At the young age of 19, she was captured, tortured, and sentenced to death on the stake.
Almost 600 years later, her soul was dragged back from the afterlife, and bound to a suit of armor by a young woman, who claimed that the world needed their Maiden back once again. Jeanne, confused and slightly annoyed that her rest had been cut short, rose to the occasion. In these new times, filled with corruption and hate...where demons walked the earth unopposed, and the holy light was fading; Jeanne knew what must be done. In her more brutish form, she now walks the world, cleansing it of all corruption, at any cost.
The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Knight’s Strength: Jeanne while in her armor, is capable of lifting well over 500 tons.

Arthuriam Skin: The armor that Jeanne is bound to, is made of the same metal as the legendary King Arthur’s sword. This allows her armor to be impenetrable by mortal weapons.

Archangel’s Wings: Two large wings of golden light erupt from the armor, allowing Jeanne to take to the skies. Jeanne is capable of flying up to 250 mph.

Jeanne does not tire, nor does she need to eat, sleep or drink due to the fact she is a spirit.

Justicar's Magic:
Righteous Flames: Golden holy flames erupt from a target location, only affecting the most wicked of hearts. For those true of heart, it burns away corruptions, such as sickness or ill thoughts.

Smite: Jeanne calls down a massive sword from the heavens, which she can wield and be able to cleave small buildings in half, or allow to hit the ground and cause an explosion of holy energy.

Judgement: Jeanne raises a stake from the ground, and attempts to bind the opponent to it. Those bound begin to proclaim their sins to Jeanne, allowing her to judge their heart.

Healing touch: Jeanne lays a hand upon the forehead of an individual, allowing her to heal them of their ailments.

Blinding Light: A blast of light erupts from Jeanne’s blade, blinding those in the immediate area.

Exorcism: Jeanne is capable of demanding demons to return to the realm they originate from, as well as spirits with ill-intent.

Blessing of Sacrifice: Jeanne blesses an ally, and chooses to take the pain and wounds of her ally onto herself; protecting them for a brief time.

Champion’s Roar: Jeanne lets out a bellowing battle cry, which empowers her allies with newfound energy and strength.

Holy field: Jeanne summons a sword from the heavens, and jams it into the ground beneath her, which nullifies all magic within a 100 foot radius.

Detect Life: This spell is a passive one, allowing for Jeanne to detect the life of anything within a 50 foot radius of her.

Aegis: Jeanne creates a bubble of holy energy the covers a 10 foot radius, allowing her to protect allies from large attacks.

Horn of Gabriel: A horn of light forms in Jeanne’s hand; when blown, it summons forth 9 spears of holy energy, which launch at the foe.

A mile in their shoes: This is Jeanne’s main form of punishment for bullies and the sorts. She fills their head with the emotions of the one they bully, hoping to teach them a lesson.

Human Form:
Jeanne is able to create a projection of her previous human form, and travel around outside of the armor, and interact with the normal world. She is able to use her healing touch spell, as well as a few others.

Healing Word: Jeanne begins a loud speech, aimed towards the masses, healing them their minds of stress and worries.

Resurrection: Jeanne is able to resurrect the body of an individual who has died less than 24 hours ago.

Create Food and Water: Jeanne is able to conjure large amounts of food and water to feed crowds.

Purify: Jeanne can place her hands in water, and purify it with ease. When dealing with large bodies of water, she can create a bubble of purification that lasts 72 hours.

Repair: Jeanne can take an object into her hands, and repair it of any damages, as well as repair structural damage.

Turn back the clock: After a large meta fight, Jeanne is able to undo all property damage done in the immediate area.

The Weaknesses

Cold Iron: Jeanne is a spirit, and any contact with cold iron will cause her to dissipate from her armor, until summoned again.

Salt: Jeanne is incapable of crossing a line of salt without being banished from her armor.

Before being burned alive, a lock of hair was taken from her head. Whoever is in possession of the hair is able to control her every move.

If Jeanne intentionally harms an innocent soul, she will fall from grace, which takes away all of her holy powers.

To access her holy powers, Jeanne must pray before she begins a fight within the thread. If she is interrupted before her ‘Amen’ she is unable to call upon holy powers.

If Jeanne’s wings are struck during flight with a hard enough blow, she will plummet to the ground.

Jeanne never divulges her true name, and to use it would cause her extreme pain and physical weakness.

Jeanne is completely inept when it comes to current society. Not only does she mainly in old english, she doesn’t understand technology besides simple things such as crossbows and cannons.

Smite requires Jeanne to be outside in order to cast, otherwise the blade will never reach her.
Human Form:

While in this form, Jeanne is only human.

Jeanne is incapable of any offensive spells while in her human form.

Jeanne can only stay in her human form for a few hours at a time.

While in human form, Jeanne’s armor is left sitting wherever she chose to leave it, completely defenseless.
The Items

Archangel's Armament:
This is the suit of armor that Jeanne was bound to. Originally it was only created as a show of power, and was used by the late King Arthur, but later became a measly decoration within the Vatican. The material which it was made of was lost to history, which hid the true power of the suit. The Arthuriam steel it was made from gives the armor magical attributes, which turn the wearer into a force to reckon with.

Holy Empowerment: The wearer of the armor’s holy magic is nearly doubled in power, and takes less energy to cast.

Durability: Refer to the power above(Arthuriam Skin)

Only those with pure hearts may use any item made of Arthuriam, and to strike an innocent individual with it will cause the item to shatter.

Unholy powers strike the metal as if it were normal steel, leaving her more vulnerable than she would be against most other attacks.

Blade of the Archangel:

Jeanne d'Arc Excali10
The blade is made out of the very same material as Jeanne’s armor, and is claimed to be the long lost Excalibur. The weapon is around 13 feet long, and the blade is about a foot wide.. It holds the same powers and weaknesses as her armor, but is capable of cleaving through mortal steels, but loses its sharpness during combat. The handle of the weapon is wrapped with Jeanne's battle standard, which has been through much abuse and is almost unrecognizable.
The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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Jeanne d'Arc Empty Re: Jeanne d'Arc

Post by Zonkes on April 2nd 2018, 12:42 am

Approved until stated otherwise.

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