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Taladorous, BP

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Taladorous, BP Empty Taladorous, BP

Post by Odien on March 22nd 2018, 12:12 pm


"The Blue Prince"

The Bio

Real Name: Taladorous
Hero Name: The Blue Prince
Title: Wielder of the Eternal Flame, Protector of the Pure, Guardian of Good
Alignment: Lawful Good (No, seriously. And he’ll act like it too!)
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Race: Marid
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varied
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

In his base ethereal form, Taladorous resembles a vaguely anthropomorphic gas of radiant energy. When solidified he naturally appears as a slightly glowing, sky blue humanoid with emerald eyes. His form is quite obviously alien and inhuman, as, color aside, there are certain things “off” about it (facial angles, limb length, stature, etc), but is not so far removed from people that he appears more than slightly odd. He can take the form of anyone or anything that he wants though, so how he appears will vary.

The Personality

Taladorous is the Protector of the Pure, Guardian of Good. He seeks to uphold the powers of light in every situation and with everyone, and is incapable of intentionally upsetting someone. Truly the embodiment of Lawful Good.

Despite being wise and sanguine, Taladorous is also new to Earth. Eager to learn, and even more eager to believe the best in people. He approaches the world like a combination of a wizened scholar and a curious child.

The Story

On the planet Zaminaranimaz, the dominant species on the planet are energy-based beings that call themselves the ‘Marid’. The Marid are both a simple society and an advanced one; the closest Earthly comparison would be if the Tamil people of the Sangam period had existed into a cold-fusion operated, technologically forward future. There are several varied levels of social class and duty delegation within the Marid, but all within the group are equal. The governing body is the Thonral-manaivi, a group of Marid that serve as a mouthpiece for the collective thoughts of the society. The Thonral-manaivi appoint those that serve in elected-positions, in a manner that truly represents the will of the people. Elected officials work in a manner more akin to royal families than traditional democratic governments on Earth, but they work efficiently to ensure the needs of the Marid and all other species on Zaminaranimaz.

Taladorous was elected by the Thonral-manaivi’s decree to serve as the Wielder of the Eternal Flame, a Protector of the Pure, Guadian of Good. He was tasked with upholding the tranquility of Zaminaranimaz, standing watch over the forces of light and peace. For several badrmah cycles (the unit of measurement on Zaminaranimaz) the Blue Prince has worked in this position, keeping peace in his realm, and those around him. The Protectors of the Pure would safeguard those regions surrounding them as well. Now Taladorous operates in various spheres of influence, controlling evil and spreading light.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Taladorous’ mind processes information at inhuman speeds, and he holds a vast amount of knowledge. His mind in its natural form is not compatible with human understanding, and, naturally, is alien in nature.

Material Mimicry
Taladorous can absorb the makeup of nearly any energy form, material, or other substance, and force his body to take on the composition of that matter. When doing so, he gains most every property of the matter-form.

Material Manipulation

After absorbing the material, Taladorous can use his telekinetic-self to manipulate the material. For example, should he take on the form of an iron wall, he would gain the power of ferrokinesis; swim in the ocean and pick up hydrokinesis, and so on.

The Blue Prince has a God-like level of strength in manipulating the outside world, rivaling top metahumans. He can lift unfathomable weights, cut through steel, crush walls, divert rivers, and so on. He does this by sending out minute parts of the energy that form his body, and controlling it in a manner that can best be described as telekinesis.

Taladorous has a nearly expendable amount of the energy that composes him, as he is essentially a walking-battery of power. If this amount is reduced, or he is damaged in some way, it will, in most circumstances, reform at an extremely quick rate.


His own person isn’t the only thing that Taladorous can reform. By manipulating his energy and placing it into other living beings, he can repair bone, muscle, and tissue, and cellular damage, and reverse the effects of disease. This can be done on an individual or in an area-of-effect style, up to a few meters outward.


Taladorous can render himself selectively invisible-either to everyone, machinery included, or to only specific individuals.

Taladorous has to concentrate to make himself tangible and able to influence the physical world. In his natural state, he is an ethereal energy form, untouchable by most any other substance. In this state he has no physical form, and is immune to any form of damage, and can walk through solid matter. He can alter the level of tangibility his form possessed, from non-existent to fully solid.

Taladorous can phase not only through solid matter but also through the fabric of space itself. In both short and long distances, he can leap from one point to another, disappearing and reappearing elsewhere.

Taladorous can reshape his form to appear like any other object or living individual. This is a perfect physical representation of the mimicked subject, but is purely cosmetic.  

In his ethereal state Taladorous can still speak to the outside world. He can telepathically communicate with others, both individually through mind-contact and by voicing his thoughts aloud to all those near him. This process isn’t impacted by distance-he can use the power to speak to those nearly anywhere. In addition to outward reach, he can also hear what is spoken back to him, and discern the general mental state of those he is communicating with (Player permission required).

Aggressive Telepathy
A branch off of the telepathy, Taladorous can surround the mind of an individual and attempt to overload it with his own thoughts, ranging from confusion in the individual to cranial pain to complete mind control (Player permission required).

Another subpower of telepathy, Taladorous is able to view the world through the eyes of someone he is telepathically communicating with. This consists of merely watching along with a sentient creature, to directing lesser beings to go where he needs them to so that he can see what he desires (Player permission required).

As part of their mandate to uphold the powers of good, the body of a Marid will not allow for those around them to die. Any sentient being near Taladorous shall always be prevented from passing unless he intentionally allows them to do so (which he isn’t capable of doing at this point), and he can choose to prevent the death of non-sentient beings.

Stasis inducement
Taladorous can produce a field, maintained by his telekinesis and self-form, in which nothing can change. . There are two forms of this: (1) Where actions can take place inside the field, and damage can be done, but after the field is dropped everything will revert to the way it was. It will allow for any non-death event to occur, it just won’t be long-lasting. (2) The second form is more absolute. It ensures that all actions shall  have no lasting impact. No more damage is done to anything inside of the field than already existed prior to the stasis-inducement; conversely, no reconstruction or healing can be accomplished either. A person that is bleeding out would have the blood flow stemmed, but they would remain in the same weakened condition throughout. This applies to both natural occurrences and to powers. (Permission based, by writers allowing for characters to be near Taladorous).

Original invulnerability
As part of his peacemaking nature, Taladorous cannot usually attack someone first. On the flip side of that, though, he also cannot be damaged by a first assault. He is immune to any damage from a first strike, no matter the origin of the assault. To an extent, unless he is engaging in combat, he is immune from any damage whatsoever (should he respond with an attack then he will be susceptible to harm. When he cannot be impacted by attacks, he likewise cannot impact anyone else. NOTE, THIS DOES NOT MEAN HE CAN SUPPORT ALLIES THAT ARE ATTACKING ENEMIES WHILE REMAINING IMPERVIOUS TO DAMAGE. WHEN UNABLE TO BE HARMED, HE CANNOT TAKE AN ACTIVE PART IN ANY COMBAT SITUATION WHATSOEVER)

Energy redistribution
The law of Conservation of Energy states that energy, like mass, can never be created nor destroyed, merely changed in form. Taladorous can force energy to change forms, from kinetic to electrical to thermal to potential, and so on. He can also take energy from an energy source or mechanism and to transfer it elsewhere, or store it within himself or an object/individual.

Taladorous can float, hover, fly, and otherwise remove himself from the surface beneath him.

The Weaknesses/Limitations

When taking on the physical form of a material or energy form, Taladorous gains the physical properties of said substance, and as such also gains its weaknesses. Heat will evaporate him as a liquid, rubber will be resistant to him as electricity, and so on.

If he chooses to absorb and take the form of a material, most of his body (except for a miniscule amount of his core self) becomes that material. As such, he loses most of his powers unrelated to the material, keeping only his regeneration and the “moral” tendencies.

The powers such as teleportation, invisibility, intangibility, etc. are restrictred in combat. Ie, I won't be a metagaming jerk and use them to dance around combat on a whim, and then rain hellfire down just as easily.

One such moral tendency is that he is incapable of killing any individual, regardless of what evil they have committed. It isn’t simply a refusal to do so, he physically cannot cause another being to die.

Furthermore, Taladorous cannot, in most circumstances, attack an individual first. He has to have been attacked prior to striking back. The only exception to this is if he has previously been attacked by an individual and feels he or innocents are in danger, or if he witnesses the target commit an act of true evil.

Taladorous' powers cannot (intentionally) cause any actual, lasting harm to others-in the rare instance that he as a result of him, someone is injured, his healing and death-suspension will ensure they are not impacted by it.

Extremely loud sounds, or those of (seemingly) impossibly high frequencies, have the potential to disrupt Taladorous’ hold on his physical form, causing him to revert to his intangible state.

In Taladorous’ intangible state, where he is immune from harm or contact, he cannot impact the physical world. He cannot touch or move objects, his telekinesis and other powers will not function. The only form of interaction he can have is through telepathy and speech.

Characters/creatures/materials immune to telepathy, naturally, won’t be impacted by Taladorous’ use of the ability.

Taladorous is entirely incabpable of not trying to save innocents from harm’s way (and he believes nearly everything and everyone is ‘innocent’, so...).

Suppressing death around him slowly erodes Taladorous. To stop something from dying, a small part of his energy-self is used to sustain them. Usually his regeneration is quick enough to combat this, but in a massive-scale mass casualty event, such as a bomb taking out a section of a city, he may break apart and dissipate, unable to hold himself and the others together.

Taladorous can only absorb, mimic, and manipulate inorganic materials and energy-forms. Organic substances are beyond this ability.

To teleport somewhere, Taladorous must know exactly where the location is. This usually requires having previously been to the place, but having seen it in someone else's thoughts might suffice, depending on the level of detail. If he doesn't know enough about somewhere, he can't go to it.

When mimicking the appearance or form of another superpowered individual, Taladorous does not gain any of their special attributes, only their looks.

Taladorous cannot produce more of a material that he is manipulating. He can only control what is already in existence near him.

Additionally, it has to be near him for Taladorous to absorb and mimic a material. He cannot conjure the transformation from his mind, nor can he store the material in memory. He has to come in direct contact with it to take on its properties.

The flight, unlike how it usually seems to work, does not come with any quicker form of movement. Taladorous can only levitate/hover/fly at speeds he is capable of moving normally (terrestrially).

The energy that comprises Taladorous’ form is more efficient and compact than anything naturally occuring in this solar system. The amount that makes up his body is enough to power the Earth and all of its functions indefinitely. It can be used in its volatile base form, or when hardened into a dense crystalline structure. In and of itself this is not a weakness-however, it opens up the potential for people to abuse him, and utilize him as a walking battery (as will be done in his initial thread).

Taladorous is willing to, and will usually, believe the best in everyone. The Blue Prince refuses to accept that someone can actually be evil, and will always try to work with them to accomplish their good self.

Taladorous is incapable of telling a lie, and usually doesn’t see a reason to be discreet with his knowledge either, because information and learning are good, and good should be shared.

Taladorous, because of his inability to lie and his idea that everyone is innately good, does not consider the possibility that others could be lying to him, either. As such he is extremely gullible and quick to trust.

Despite his extreme intelligence and knowledge base, Taladorous is still new to Earth. Most of his information is relevant to places and people millions of lightyears away, and he is like a child in many situations, learning an entirely new planet at once.

Most of Taladorous’ weaknesses stem from the fact that he is a good, honest, trusting, moral person, and rants to see the best in the world. He can, in most circumstances, cause virtually no damage to others or the world because he is morally and physically restrained from doing harm. This isn’t a characteristic that will be thrown away casually when a fight with a villain or a mental-breakdown calls for it. His moral hold-backs are as tangible and as restricting as Superman’s Kryptonite.

In addition to this, he is not a combat oriented character. Very seldom will he participate in a fight, and if he does so, there is no chance of the other characters being harmed in the long-term, except in rare instances where it's done for plot-development purposes and has been discussed with the other writers involved, and even in that case it will not have been as a direct result of one of Taladorous' powers.

Too Long, Didn't Read:

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Taladorous, BP Empty Re: Taladorous, BP

Post by Zonkes on March 22nd 2018, 2:51 pm

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