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The Staff of Ptah

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INV ONLY The Staff of Ptah

Post by Voltage March 19th 2018, 9:33 am

As wind blows throughout the streets of Chicago, uplifting and carrying trash along with it. Thunder rolls throughout the city, preparing it’s citizens for the storm that is approaching. On the concrete that lays before the Field Museum in Chicago has little bolts of electricity circling around one spot. As pedestrians pay little attention to the lightning, it does catch the eye of one man, who quickly runs and changes into what seems to be a corny superhero outfit. As the man returns to the scene, he looks in the sky and sees Voltage, slowly coming down to the Earth. The blue lightning in Voltage continuously moves, and as he looks to the people, he notices that some still pay him no attention.

“I am Voltavious! The last son of Skadus and the destroyer and conqueror of six planets. I have travelled long and far for the artifacts of Ancient Egypt. The Spear of Ptah is said to be located here, at this museum. The only smart thing your people have done up to this point has been spreading the artifacts from me. I shall take now, what is rightfully mine. And you all have a choice. You can either leave, and allow me to take what should be rightfully mine, or you can stand in my way, and cause me to turn your body into dust. Make your decision wisely.” Voltage shouts as the crowd looks around at each other.

A few stragglers leave, but for the most part, everyone stays right where they are. The man in the corny superhero outfit steps up to Voltage and points to him with courage.

“Just because you bark orders does not make you a god sir. This is Chicago, we are all men here and men can fall. So, you shall feel the wrath of my mighty fists, as I am the fierce vigilante known as Daywatch!” he shouts as Voltage chuckles a bit.

As Dayfall goes to punch Voltage, he is quickly zapped down onto his back. The hero, stuck on his back continues to be struck by lightning until his insides explode. As his guts splatter on the concrete, the rest of the civilians run away from the villain Voltage. As they all run towards their homes, Voltage levitates himself and flies towards the doors to the entrance of the Museum. He quickly starts up a sphere of lightning and throws it into the museum, exploding the doors off. As Voltage enters the museum though, red laser lines appear all throughout the room the slightest mistake would cause the staff to lock itself away, and then Voltage would never be able to retrieve it.

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INV ONLY Re: The Staff of Ptah

Post by Shadowoof March 19th 2018, 10:06 am

Jake never cared much for the nickname of the city for Chicago. No matter however true it tended to be. Wind was rather pleasant, he had to give it that. It could be strong or soft, but it carried the heat or cool air and depending on ones mood. It was nice.

And indeed, Jake found himself on the street just to enjoy it more so. Sure the rooftops might have offered more wind, but he was atop those so much he had almost forgotten what the ground felt like. Not... Exactly true but he wasn't there to argue the point. No. He was simply there to enjoy the breeze, the light storm and...

A sudden bump made Jake look forwards to the grown man that had tried pushing past him, only to find his strength was not enough to even get past the boy. Still, Jake stepped to the side and looked ahead, ignoring the panicked sorry and the footsteps as the man ran, for he had his eyes on the two that remained ahead of him. A man laid on the ground, blood seemed to pool near him and another floated towards the door of a nearby museum, blowing open said doors to get inside.

Paused for a moment, Jake considered just what was happening in front of him, and it wasn't long till it clicked... This guy was a villain. Oh... Jake was surprised at how.. Surprised he was to even think about the title, villain. He hadn't considered that title for anyone for a few months now, mostly just considering those he had to face down... Well, asses.

Not sure if the man on the ground was alive or not, knowing he couldn't do anything even if he was, he trusted that someone running would have reported this, hell, maybe half of them did. And if the weirdly dressed men lived, they'd save him. Jake had other problems.

Running forwards, he got to the steps before angling himself and jumping though the doorway and above the killer, twisting in the air and athletically landing just ahead of this. Electric fellow. Unknowingly passing, and quite possibly hitting many of the red lasers as he went. "Alright dude. I am going to need you to sit down and wait for police to arrive. You do know you just murdered someone, right?" Jake hadn't dealt with... This kind of situation in long time. A killer villain wannabe, and he thought it might be best to at least. Reason with him first. Unaware he might have ruined this mans easy chance to retrieve what he came for.

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