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Arcadian Horror Picture Show! (Zonky)

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INV ONLY Arcadian Horror Picture Show! (Zonky)

Post by Jett Lockwood on March 14th 2018, 5:13 am

The sun hung high in the sky. It was a beautiful day in New York City, and Jett was finding herself enjoying a nice cup of coffee as she made her way back to her office. Many of the people she walked past shot her confused looks. For a blind individual she seemed to be getting by extremely well, especially considering the fact she wasn’t even using a stick. What the people didn’t know, was that Jett did actually have assistance, and it came in the form of a tiny black tendril resting behind her ear. The tendril was her companion and guardian demon, Vaedren.

Vaedren relayed directions to Jett as she walked, telling her which way to go and occasionally jerking or moving her body to avoid colliding with others. The two were currently on their way back to the firm and to Jett’s office as they had just wrapped up lunch. Or rather, Jett only stopped for coffee as she wasn’t very hungry. Vaedren on the other hand, had different plans, and was leading the blind woman to a small cafe he had seen numerous times during his nightly patrols.

It wouldn’t be long before Jett’s nose started to take in the subtle smell of bread, cinnamon, and other spices in the air. She became rather keen as to what Vaedren was up to and stopped dead in her tracks. “I know what you’re trying to do Vaedren. We can’t stop to eat, we gotta get back to the office. Besides, you don’t even get hungry.” she quietly whispered to her hidden partner.

“We may not need to eat, but we are one, we know you are hungry!” Jett cracked a small smile “I thought you weren’t going to take advantage of my disability any more?”
“We didn’t mean to. Was for a good cause. Wont happen again. But you do need to eat!”
Jett began to turn around, she had no idea where she was, or what direction her office was in. Her body language would tell the hitchhiking demon that her mind was set. “Despite what our body may be telling you, I’m not hungry. I’ll cut you a deal though. Take me to the office for real this time, and we’ll go out and have a nice dinner after work.”
“But we thought you were done with work.”
“I am, but I left some files there that I need to take home with me. So I can review them later.”

The demon gave reluctant sigh but agreed to Jett’s terms. Vaedren only had her happiness and best interests at heart. These uncharacteristic feels he had for Jett only made him worry more about her, and what would happen the longer the two stayed together. He needed to find Madeline or some what into Arcadia, and he had to do it soon.

Perhaps it was this desperation Vaedren was feeling, or perhaps it was just him being paranoid, but his senses had been much sharper these past couple of days. As they passed by an alleyway, Vaedren tensed up, causing Jett to freeze in her tracks as well. “What is it? What’s wrong?” she mumbled to the demon.
“We…We smell home!”
“Don’t be silly, home is like on the other side of the city…..right?” Of course Jett didn’t know how far her apartment truly was from home. She had always had a terrible sense of direction.
“No…Not home sweet home….home home.”
“Yessssss. We musssssst check it out.”
Jett hesitated for a moment. She had accepted everything Vaedren had told her about himself, so the fact that he could sense one of his kind nearby couldn’t have been good. After all, the queen had cursed him into the state he was in now. For all Vaedren knew, the demon or whatever it was he was smelling, could have been there to finish the job. “Uhhh I don’t think that’s a good idea buddy.”
“Please. Is important to usssss!” Vaedren pleaded with his host.
Jett reluctantly took a hard gulp before chugging her coffee. She pretended like it was some potion that was going to steel her resolve. “Alright fine. You lead!”

With Jett’s seal of approval, Vaedren would cautiously lead his partner into the alleyway, his senses on heightened alert.

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INV ONLY Re: Arcadian Horror Picture Show! (Zonky)

Post by Zonky Blong on March 15th 2018, 3:51 pm

Jack grinned happily as he flew through the air, making it seem like he was riding the Arcadian scythe which had been a gift. He had recently outfitted himself with some very nice steel knight armor. He had had it specially made so that he could unhook the back and not have to deal with the large gourd that was his face. It was also carved to look ornate and had a golden inlay. He also had a backpack filled with supplies. Some fireworks and a spray paint can he had filled with gasoline.

This was Jack's first time in New York, and he wanted to make an impression on the citizens that had been so terrorized not too long ago. After all, he was Mr. Nightmare. He couldn't just go with... a random. It had to be a hero. Preferably someone established. Even if he couldn't, you know, kill them; he would at the very least cause as much carnage as he could for them. Make sure New York knew who had arrived.

Jack spent a few more minutes flying before he settled himself into a dark alley, where he was surprised to find he wasn't alone.

A man was poking a sick alley cat with a stick. His face seemed to be emotionless. Jack was uncomfortable with this, but he thought maybe just maybe he was checking to see how far gone the cat was. Trying to decide if it was worth taking the cat to the vet, or just giving it a proper burial. Of course to Jack, the cat looked very sick, yes; but it wasn't dead or dying anytime soon. He could tell on site that if he just- THWACK!

The man brought the stick down on the cats back, and forced it to run off. Jacks eyes blazed. His pumpkin face shifted from a puzzled smile, to an angry grimace. Jack stepped out from the shadows, his eyes burning brighter with ever step he took. The ground smoked underneath his feet.

When the man turned around, Jack threw his backpack in his hands. "Hold this for me, Red." Jack said and extended his arm to the shadows. "What do you mean-" The mans head was violently separated from his shoulders before he could even finish his thought. His eyes looked surprised and Jack knelt down beside the head. "I don't like abusers. I guess you learned that lesson too late." Jack set the body on fire, and shoved the head in his backpack before pulling out his supplies.

He knew that without screams, a hero probably wouldn't show up. Not enough media coverage either. So, Jack would have to wait until someone walked down the alleyway and started a ruckus. Until then, he could set up for his heroes arrival.


Jack had finished just as Jett walked into the alleyway. He could sense something about her. She was different. He couldn't quite put his finger on how, but he knew somehow that she wasn't completely human. If not a hero, she was probably good enough.

"Welcome, to my alleyway of horror!" Jack yelled as loud as he could, and let loose a torrent of flame onto his props. Setting several fireworks into the air, even though it was mid day; and lit the gas which he had spray painted onto the walls to spell the word "Nightmare" in flaming lettering.

"You've got a chance to run and get help before I really go in on you." Jack said and cackled.

Zonky Blong
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INV ONLY Re: Arcadian Horror Picture Show! (Zonky)

Post by Jett Lockwood on March 16th 2018, 2:25 am

Jett slowly moved further and further into the alley per Vaedren’s lead. He seemed awfully eager to meet another of his kind. Jett thought it was a terrible idea. That said, if her and Vaedren were to spend the rest of their lives together, then she’d have to give him the benefit of the doubt. The two were definitely playing it safe with how slow they moved. Jett was hesitant to meet another demon, even if Vaedren would protect her. It made her think though. What would happen to her if Vaedren ever got hurt really badly? “Jett should not worry about us. We are strong! We no get hurt.”

Jett shook her head but still cracked a smile. “You know its rude to read my thoughts.” Vaedren felt slightly embarrassed and was about to apologize when someone began to shout. While the body went unnoticed, the sudden outburst did cause the young woman to let off a startled hop. What really summoned a response was the sudden burst of flames that spread across the walls of the alleyway. The response however, did not come from the girl, but rather her partner.

Through the smoke and flames, the girls slender body would shift and give way to a large brutish male body. A deafening roar filled the alleyway as Vaedren instinctively swapped places with Jett. The flames causing him to act on instinct. “We’ll carve you to pieces for threatening USSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Vaedren bellowed. His imposing form rested in a hunched over almost animalistic stance. His head cocked towards the sky. Despite the stench of gasoline and blood, Vaedren could tell there was someone else there…..They reeked of Arcadia. “Your scent is unfamiliar to ussss. SHOW YOURSELF!” the hulking demon demanded.

Until he could actually see the Arcadian in question, Vaedren could only assume that this was some rogue demon looking to make prey of the humans in the area. Unfortunately for him, he chose the wrong human to pick on.

The Characters
Jett Lockwood

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