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Harper Madison, Arsenal-48

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Harper Madison, Arsenal-48 Empty Harper Madison, Arsenal-48

Post by Odien on March 8th 2018, 1:49 am


“I’ve done great evil in this world. I’ve also stopped some even larger monstrosities than myself. The work I do? No one should have to go through that. I clean up messes so that others don’t have to. I’m not going to try and justify my actions, there’s no point. You don’t need to understand why I do what I do, just that you really don’t want to do it yourself.”  

The Bio

Real Name: Harper Madison
Codename: Arsenal
Renegade :
No alignment truly fits. Arsenal is somewhere between Neutral Good/Chaotic Good/Lawful Neutral/Lawful Evil
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Eastern European
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale brown
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 260 lbs

The Looks

Harper Madison, Arsenal-48 Joe-from-TrueBlood-588

The Story

Harper Madison was born to a Croatian father and a Canadian mother in Ontario. His family moved to the American Pacific Northwest when Madison was young, where both of his parents worked for a private weapons research facility, specializing in creating non-lethal forms of subduement for law enforcement officers. Madison’s powers manifested at a young age; there was no tragedy surrounding them, nor did any of his friends or family turn against him as a result. He trained, harder than his peers and with far more promising results, to work for the U.S. military as a Navy SEAL. Unfortunately for him, he attempted to join around the same time as Dominus was forming on a larger scale. As such, he was turned away, and placed on a government watchlist to ensure he would not prove a threat to the public.

This left Madison bitter, but did not turn him against America and the public in the classic “woe is me” villain backstory-way.. Instead, he bounced around, working job to job for various security firms and paramilitary operations. Around a decade and a half ago he was recruited for a clandestine job by the Panamanian government. He took part in an operation that overthrew an opposition party, allowing the slightly authoritarian regime to remain in power. Following the mission, he was approached by the Panamanian vice-president’s chief of staff. The man revealed himself to represent a group of individuals that took part in missions that did not exist, and told Madison that the young man could benefit greatly from working with them. Having no other goals at the time, Madison did not hesitate long before accepting.

The group was known as The Fallen Gauntlet, and it worked primarily by inserting its members into governments, industries, the criminal underworld, and more, and then striking from the inside. Clandestine assassinations, covert takeovers, secretive kidnappings, undercover blackmailing, you name it. Under the Gauntlet, Madison gained the codename Arsenal-48, for his affinity with weapons and the number of hours he took to enter a country, conduct surveillance, carry out his mission, and leave the nation. He excelled under the Gauntlet’s guidance, turning himself into a master of subterfuge and disruption.

The Gauntlet took a harsh blow when four of its upper members were tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity, unrelated to the organization’s actions. The leadership stumbled, and those that rose to prominence within the group decided to disband, in order to cover their own asses and quit while they were ahead. The agents, who had spent years being carefully groomed and molded, were turned out into the world on their own. Most have gone into hiding, with some becoming criminals (many of whom were apprehended or killed by rival organizations). Arsenal, knowing no other way of life, took to taking on the services of those in need, that were willing to pay. He hires himself out as a fixer, removing threats and eliminating problems, for causes that he agrees with, or at the very least isn’t opposed to.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
2. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Major Powers

-Body as a Weapon
1) Arsenal has the ability to cover his body, in its entirety or any individual part, in a flowing current of an energy form unique to himself. He calls this energy fulmen. It behaves somewhere between electricity and plasma, and puts off a pale blue glow. When hitting an object or individual with fulmen, the effect ranges from a push-back or slight stun to a devastating blow equivalent to a large explosion concentrated into a small area, or being struck by someone with superhuman strength. It can melt through steel and obliterate concrete. (((Cover body in plasma/electricity-like energy, greatly amplifies effects of combat)))

2) Even without his fulmen, Arsenal is a fierce foe. He is unmatched in hand-to-hand combat, with insane reaction speeds and kinetic agility (movement speed, not running). He can perceive attacks before his opponent has more than barely twitched, and respond in the same amount of time. There is no real order or art to his personal fighting style, merely to protect himself and damage his opponent. However, he has mastered Engolo, Moraingy, Musangwe, Dambe, Capoeira, American Boxing, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo, Aikido, Muay Thai, Sanshou, Wing Chun, Bokator, Bartitsu, Bakom, Dambe, and Okichitaw, among other forms of martial arts. (((Extreme superhuman reactions and fighting skills)))

-Perpetual Suit of Armor
Adding to the difficulty of defeating Arsenal in combat is that he is so damned hard to injure. His body is durable beyond any human means, capable of withstanding onslaughts of blows, strikes, hits, etc etc. Bullets don’t bounce off of him, but they do not easily penetrate his skin. Blades made of naturally occurring metals slip off of him upon impact. Arsenal can fall from great heights and walk away from the scene; he can take the impact of a car crash and, after he stops flying, face his assailant; he can enter a burning building without fear of harm. His endurance matches his durability, leaving Arsenal capable of running for great periods of time at top speed, holding his breath for a seemingly unending duration, going long stretches without food or water, etc. His body shrugs off toxins and illness with ease (((Superhuman durability and endurance)))

Minor Powers/Roleplay Mechanics

-Master of all Arms
The reason behind his moniker, Arsenal can master any weapon known to man instantly, without need for practice. He instinctively knows how to use any weapon that he touches, and is able to put this knowledge into practice. This ranges from a slingshot, to a broadsword, to a tank and beyond. Not only does he know how to use the weapon, but he has full, intimate mastery of it as well-the weapon will never misfire or break in his hands, for items with limited ammunition he will always know exactly how many shots or uses are left, etc. This applies to arcane or advanced weapons as well, even those designed by other superpowered individuals in his world. (((Mastery and perfection of any weapon, player permission required if applying this skill to a unique weapon belonging to another character)))

Arsenal is at the border of human possibility in regards to speed and strength. He can lift several times his own weight, with effort, and run alongside cars in traffic. These are not superhuman capabilities, merely the result of blessed genetics and years of personal training. (((Peak human physicality)))

-The Fight Must Go On
Even through his extreme durability, Arsenal can feel pain, and does so at approximately the equivalent rate of someone else of his training when dealt similar damage. In other words, when his skin is cut, he feels it the same way someone else does, it just takes a lot more to accomplish this. When in combat though, Arsenal can dampen these sensations, virtually erasing the pain for a short time. (((Ignoring pain more than normal people can)))


- Close, Close Combat
For Arsenal to inflict damage with fulmen, he has to be able to come into physical contact with his target. The energy extends perhaps a few millimeters from his skin, and doesn’t do any harm to anything that Arsenal strikes unless he personally touches it. Enemies or objects at a distance are safe from direct harm from fulmen. (((Energy requires contact to work)))

-Restricted Movement
1) Arsenal’s greatest weapon his is body. As such, if you restrain his body, he cannot do much to fight back. His martial arts capabilities and inhuman reflexes require him to be able to move to utilize them. (((Can’t fight back if he can’t move)))

2) Fulmen is also greatly weakened if Arsenal’s movement is hindered. It still retains all of its properties, but can only do passive damage if he cannot strike with it. Further weakening its abilities is that it is stronger the more concentrated and extensive it is. As such, it is not as damaging if it is merely lying atop his body, and cannot break through durable means of bondage. (((Fulmen is weakened when Arsenal is restricted-can’t break through sturdy restrictors)))

-Mastery, Not Augmentation
While Arsenal is in tune with every weapon, he is just that-in tune with it. The item does not become stronger because he is the one using it. Someone else who had perfected the use of a weapon would be just as strong with it as Arsenal would. (((Does not improve the power of the weapons he uses)))

-Thrill of the Fight
A sword hungers for blood to wet its blade. Similarly, Arsenal requires action to stay sane. It’s not that he needs to kill, but if he doesn’t engage in some form of conflict, even one-sided ones, for a long period of time, he becomes agitated. Eventually, given long enough, he would erupt and begin fighting anyone and anything near him. (((Has to have some form of conflict or he'll go berserk, eventually)))

-A Stained Hilt
Arsenal is good at what he does, and he knows it. However, he is not proud of his actions. During his time with the Gauntlet he committed many actions against innocents in order to complete his missions. This has left him riddled with guilt. It doesn't stop him from doing what he believes he must to clean up the world, but it does haunt him at night (and, given the circumstances, occasionally in daylight as well). (((Haunted by the harm he has done to innocents )))

-Rusty Barrel, Bloody Bottle
Alcohol of the normal human variety doesn't impact Arsenal, nor does any garden variety drug, as his body processes the toxins out too quickly to inebriate him. Should he use, knowingly or otherwise, an enhanced/superhuman/otherworldy intoxicant, he is at risk for the possibility of snapping and raising hell all around him. (((Intoxicants strong enough to impact him may trigger episodes of PTSD )))

The Items

-Retinal Contacts
The wearer can, through mental commands, see in thermal imagery and the UV/IR light spectrums, as well as identify known criminals/Metahumans/anyone who has a "record" with a government agency (Permission Based, to an extent). Also, no pictures or video imagery can be taken or recorded of the person wearing, as they send out a radio frequency that disturbs the camera’s optics. (((Approved for character Dante van der Bliksen under "normal human intelligence, transferred over to this app now that Dante is no longer in use)))

A suit made of boron nitride nanotubes and minute amounts of gold plating-both materials that, since the initiation of research in the 1990s, would have been accessible for use to those interested by the 2020s.. The suit is somwhere between these images in design. It protects against radiation, temperatures up to 900 degrees celsisus, and is roughly 42 times stronger than Kevlar. It is not more durable than Arsenal himself, but serves as an extra layer of protection nonetheless. It's main attributes are the properties of the suit, not it's strength:

1) The boron-nitride nanotubes and gold serve as excellent conductors. As such, when wearing the suit, Arsenal can still utilize his fulmen to its full degree. Normally when hindered by thick materials, the powerful impact of fulmen can still be used, but the electrical and plasmalike qualities are supressed.  (((Doesn't inhibt the power of fulmen while wearing)))

2) The suit negates any form of passive technological detection, and many forms of active detection. In other words, motion sensors, thermal imaging, etc. will not pick up on Arsenal while he is in the armor. (((Negates passive surveillance systems. )))

3) In times of necessity the suit can also render itself practically invisible. It is not a perfect act; think "Covenant Elites from Halo". Light is mottled and the user becomes entirely transparent, but some degree of their form is still visible. There is no post duration for this (explained in weaknesses).  (((Suit of body armor serves as durable means of protection and allows for some degree of undetection by individuals and surveillance systems. Can use fulmen while in suit. )))

The Item Weaknesses

Mundane for the Elite
Arsenal's suit is top-notch, advanced technology. However, it is not very special in a world of superhumans and magic users. There are those individuals that can produce means of detection that still pick up on the suit, so long as those means are far enough advanced beyond normal human means. In addition, the suit's anti-detection system does nothing to stop magical or occult means from picking up on him.  (((Doesn't prevent all detection by other characters' surveillance. )))

Stay Very Still
1) The invisibility system utilized by the suit is not perfect, and still allow for a figure to be seen, in certain settings or by people with refined senses. As such, it is ideal for low lighting. (((Invisibility is more obscurement and just makes viewing harder, not impossible )))

2) In addition, it requires a large level of effort to retain the insibility. Because of this it only works when standing still, allowing for a few inches of motion at best. Beyond this it will begin to fade. (((Invisibility only works with a very minimal range of motion, meaning you can't fight with it active )))

No Plot Armor Here
if someone manages to damage the suit to a substantial degree, it will lose its technological functions. The passive properties of
the materials will obviously remain, but the stealth-aiding uses will be nullified. (((Damaging suit will shut off stealth capabilities.)))

Harper Madison, Arsenal-48 Ul10
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Harper Madison, Arsenal-48 Empty Re: Harper Madison, Arsenal-48

Post by Chellizard on March 11th 2018, 4:06 pm

Approved and moved.

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