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Ryan Lester

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Ryan Lester

Post by Poseidon on March 4th 2018, 4:53 am

Ryan Lester

"I stopped understanding what I was doing a while ago."

The Bio

Real Name: Ryan Lester
Hero Name: Poseidon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 19 [ 17 +2 years in stasis]
Gender: Male
Race: Methuman
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’6
Weight: 147
Blood type: AB +

The Looks

The Personality

A more somber individual, Ryan is still capable of being light hearted to a degree but finds that he is more dour than he used to be. Attempts to help people however he can despite the fact that he has put himself in this situation himself. Tries a modicum of humor when the situation fits, but overall Is uncertain how to deal with life in general. At least he doesn’t have any cold puns. Now those would suck.
The Story

On the very day he was born, the sky grew bloated with clouds, and rain fell. No one really took notice of the phenomenon, or did they care, yet that day it rained heavier than it ever had within his home town. The baby boy took his first breath in the world, and by the very next day a flood had hit the place in which he was born, though the property damage was minimal. His life was filled with similar storms, though not all of them were as disastrous as the one that marked the day of his birth, simply ones that proved rather annoying; yet sometimes there storms were not present at all, mostly on days when he was the happiest or atleast happy. Considering that his home was known for its rainy weather beforehand, no one really thought of the fact that it could have possibly been something that was being caused. However things only got worst on one day of all days, the day that his powers manifested.

It was this day that the rain seemed to pick up, increasing to an intensity that had never been seen before and it was a day that the male was going through a rather emotionally trying time. His mother had been injured, in a car accident to be correct and that had caused somewhat of an emotional strain on the male. In fact this was what caused his powers to first activate, the rain that was falling around his house to move as if being controlled by a phantom hand, swirling around his home and mostly tearing it apart. Once someone had come upon the scene, the rain was still going, though the remains of the home itself was coated within a thick layer of ice. The rain soon ceased after that day, and the boy that had lived within the house was nowhere to be seen, as if he were taken away or gone altogether.

All that remained was a body too mangled to be recognized, though it had been assumed it was the boy’s father. That was three years ago, when he was only the age of thirteen and since then the young guy had been traveling around, unable to really keep in one place too long while the strange localized curse of his seemed to follow him around.  Time went on until he met his friend Silus who saved his life from certain death, due to sickness gained from time without a home. Time went on and on with them growing closer together, he met more people who enriched his life. This changed when his mother was murdered by Lucius Alba, even due to the fact

Revenge burned within him over that event happening, and taking that anger he took training from his friend Matt to further his own capabilities and allow him to deal with the person he held such hatred for. However that lead to him meeting joining with a suspect individual and killing Lucius’ daughter rather than the dictator and quickly regretting the decision. There was not much that could be done about it now in the end, and now being nothing more than a villain himself Ryan tries to cope with who he has become.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Hydrokinesis: Ryan is capable of controlling water through the sheer force of his will, moving it as he would see fit. The things that he can do with water is potentially varied, but at the moment his skill with it is rather limited, considering that his knowledge of being a metahuman is only recent. So far he is capable of drawing liquid water from readily available sources, such as plants, pools of water, and even the air if the moisture if sufficient, as well as increasing the pressure of water and using it as a form of offense. Along with this he can create rather vague looking constructs of water, and even increase the surface tension of water to the point that he could walk along it.

Cryokinesis: Another of his abilities is creating, manipulating and controlling ice. This usually involves turning the water that he has under his control into ice, and then manipulating it from there, in the form of powerfully dense shards of ice, as well as weapons and even barriers to protect him. Along with this, he is capable of lowering the temperature of the area around him, allowing his icy constructs to remain instead of melting away as they normally would. Along with this, he can also rapidly lower the temperature of things, especially those he is touching. This allows him to cause metal to freeze and becoming brittle enough to shatter.

Ice body: Deluge's body in response to stress will coat itself in a dense layer of ice that will cushion his body, and cause a rapid freezing of anything around him. This can range from a simple frosting over the skin to a dense armor, though sometimes it does something to the water in his body and causes his entire body to become tough and yet extremely cold.

Hydroport: Part of his hydrokinesis, Ryan is capable of moving through a puddle of water and then appearing from another. To accommodate this process, his body will turn itself into water, allowing it to move through puddles that would otherwise be unable to support him.

Cryostep: Another ability of his is moving through ice, however unlike his Hydroport, Ryan must be moving through a shard of ice that could allow his form to move through it.

Water Body: Part of his hydrokinesis is the ability to turn his entire body into a sentient mass of water that acts much like his solid body would, yet it can move through places only a liquid could and things that would normally hurt a solid would have no effect upon him, though he cannot keep this form up forever.

Reformation: If he is injured to the point that he would die, Ryan’s entire body will freeze solid before shattering and instantaneously melting, forming a body of water that will attempt to find the nearest source of water, where it will reform his body by converting all of the water taken in to anything that was lost. He can still be killed during this process, though it would require destroying him even at the molecular level.

Clouds: Along with this, he is capable of effecting even the moisture within the air, it usually manifests in the form of clouds that sticks around his approximate area. Another thing that can effect this section of his hydrokinetic gift is his cryokinesis, which will occasionally cause the precipitation from these clouds to become cold, coming in the form of snow, hail or even sleet.

Soldiers of Winter: Ryan is capable of imbuing constructs of ice or snow with wills of their own, allowing them to move without him needing to really do anything. The size of the constructs varies, and is speculated to have no limit so long as he has the sufficient amount of material available. They can range from simple small constructs to even larger ones, and the shape varies depending upon what he wants them to do. Additionally, Ryan is capable of extending his sensory through these creations, suggesting that perhaps his psyche is connected with them.

Combat Training: Through extensive training given within a space out of the bounds of time as we know it, Ryan has been able to train with the vigilante Humanity, greatly increasing his overall combat skill to a level that would take a year or two to reach normally.
The Weaknesses

Electrical Weakness: His water body can be undone by electrical shocks, usually forcing him out of the form and knocking him unconscious.

Fire: His Cryokinesis are less effective in extreme heat, and his ice body is easier hurt by flames.

Piercing Damage: His ice durability is easier to damage by piercing attacks than other means.

Self conscious: Ryan can be goaded into acting out by being insulted, such as being called stupid.

Dry Climates: If put in a location with little to no moisture, most of his powers would be unable to work.

Concentration: if he doesn't have a certain amount of concentration, Ryan's power may go out of control and even potentially harm himself.

Emotions: His powers can go out of control if he is emotionally compromised, likely causing damage to everyone around him, allies included.



Without moisture, he cannot even create these constructs, making them useless in dry areas or in places such as a desert.

The more constructs that Ryan makes, the more fragile they become individually, meaning that if he attempts to erect an army, they would possibly be equivalent to an army of humanly durable creatures, if not fragiler.

Intense heat and fire can harm them far easier than your average methods, causing them to melt.

When an ice construct is destroyed, Ryan feels a fraction of the pain that they would have felt, which can lead to a lot of suffering for him.

While he is looking through their eyes, Ryan is unaware of his surroundings and thus even more vulnerable to a sneak attack.

The Fluff

This part of his hydrokinesis  is almost always on is one that makes him unable to get wet, water usually slipping down his body and clothing.

Along with his control over ice and frozen things, Ryan is capable of withstanding extreme cold, his body incapable of succumbing to hypothermia and things of that nature due to its natural affinity for the cold.
The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Re: Ryan Lester

Post by Shadowoof on March 4th 2018, 5:04 am

Approved, re-approved and moved from retired ((Without moving the old app.)) on the account that this is a new app unless stated otherwise.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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