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Elaine Sayomi {Adlay}

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Elaine Sayomi {Adlay}

Post by Elaine on March 1st 2018, 11:58 pm

Elaine Sayomi


The Bio

Real Name: Elaine Sayomi
Hero Name: The Green Knight
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Physically 22 (literally 33)
Gender: Female
Race: Descendent (ethnically Caucasian)
Hair: Blonde with green streaks
Eyes: Bright green
Height: 5’10
Weight: 130 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Like all Descendants, Elaine is beautiful, though perhaps the most approachable of all of the Descendants. She is tall for a women at five foot ten, though definitely thin. Her body is free of scars or blemishes of any kind, testament to the durability and relatively privileged life she’s led. Despite this, her body is muscled and hard, lacking in the curves department. Not that she’s self-conscious of it, however. She has long legs and a wicked smile, and she uses both to the greatest advantage. While on duty, she follows the strictest of protocols; hair tied in a tight bun, every inch of her uniform neat and polished. While off-duty, however, her clothes change to hide the monster itching to get out; while there is no select style, if it’s slutty and revealing, odds are Elaine owns it. Regardless of her working hours, Elaine wears no makeup, her natural flawlessness making sure she has no need for it.

Long blond tresses top her hair, liberally streaked through green of the darkest color. Her eyes match the green of the color and within their depths is the burning strength of Will. The way she holds herself is nothing short of arrogant, as if she believes herself able to kick the ass of everyone in the room. This is an attitude that is somewhat mollified in her police uniform, but nonetheless present. Her voice is one that treads the line between sultry and girly; undeniably feminine, but of a deeper note than other women.

The Personality

Elaine is an incredibly willful individual. She does what she wants, when she does it. Thankfully (for her continued freedom) that typically follows what the law and her superiors have to say. She fights for good and has a very strong sense of justice and honor; this has, of course, put her in harms way before, and in the crossfire of her superiors at the NYPD. Nine times out ten, she will follow the letter of the law and bring the corrupt and lawless before the court of law. Other times, however, the law must be bent. While she will never commit murder, she will always do what she considers is right, even if that means compromising a case that could potentially propel her career upwards.

During on-duty hours, Elaine is nothing but professional; while a bit sassy and rude, she nonetheless maintains the appearance of a polite officer of the law. Indeed, her appearance changes to match this; her long blond hair in a ponytail, no makeup to speak of. She is polite and professional to a fault, even to the point of offense. None of her sarcasm or wit is displayed when she wears the uniform; in a way, the uniform is her disguise, the guise of Elaine Sayomi being her true uniform. While off-duty, however, she couldn’t be more different. She is wild and promiscuous, with no preference for one sex or the other. Just as willful here as during work, she knows how to get her way and does so whenever the chance arises. This is where she is most comfortable; with the freedom to do what she wants.

The Story

As an infant, Elaine was abandoned at a New York City hospital by a mysterious figure in a green cloak. Found by a nurse, it wasn’t long before she was adopted by a loving gay couple, Robert and Takeshi Sayomi. They lived in the city, above the popular dojo they ran. They loved their little troublemaker. From the moment she could walk, she was embroiled in the world of martial arts, and to her parents delight, she was an absolute natural. She took to the world of fighting like a fish to water, and thus she trained, quickly rising in belts in all the various disciplines her parents knew.

When she started school, her martial prowess extended even to the sports she loved. She soon proved most adept at soccer, though baseball, too, she played. Her academic skills were … average, at best, though she did score straight “A”s. In truth, she didn’t care all that much about school, just about the sports and, as she got older, the boys and girls who populated the school. Her sexuality apparent even from a young age, she never made any attempt to hide it. And her sexual maturity came with a few side effects. This gave her the green streaks in her hair, but more importantly, her powers and personality began to form.

And as they did, she couldn’t help but think of who her parents were; and, in particular, her mother. The woman in the green cloak became an obsession of hers, and all her free time was spent researching and trying to find out who, exactly, she was. She wasn’t a metahuman, and her powers were different from any normal supers. She needed to know who she was. In her obsession, her social life began to suffer, though she did not neglect her training. Despite being able to attend any college she wanted, after high school she disappeared on a soul-searching journey.

It was while overseas in India that she discovered her family. Her mother appeared to her in a dream - or a vision, or premonition - and explained what she was, that she had fallen in love with a human and she was the result; a Descendant, that her powers were a result of their union. Then she was told of a place in India who could help her train her powers, who knew more about who she was. There she spent three years of her life, only returning to New York after she mastered her powers. From there, she joined the NYPD, earning honors and after several years, becoming SWAT. And from there, she set her sights higher, eventually putting in an application to ECLIPSE.

The Priority

1. Agility 2
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 4
4. Strength 1

The Powers

”First Generation Hero”
Elaine’s mother is Adlay, the Primordial God of Willpower and Heroism. This makes Elaine a first generation Descendant, the Descendant of Willpower, Honor, and Justice. As the Descendant of Willpower, she is almost invulnerable to the likes of illusions and pain. Only the most powerful beings can put her under their spell. This includes mind-reading, but does not include emotional tampering unless it acts upon the psyche.

Willful Forces
As a Descendant, Elaine is significantly more powerful than normal humans. She is able to lift two tons, move at speeds up to 100 miles per hour all day, take bullets at point blank range, and react with far superior human reflexes. She can’t quite catch a bullet, but she can avoid them if given enough distance.

Many Flavors of Danger
Her entire life, she’s been training in various martial arts and weapon skills. As a result, she has multiple blackbelts in four different disciplines; Wing Chun, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, and Muay Thai. In addition to her martial arts skills, she is proficient in the use of firearms and martial weapons, such as swords and maces, and shields. Her police training, in addition, has granted her with a vast repertoire of detective skills and subduction techniques to use against perps.

”Green Eyes of Willpower”
This is the first level of the powers granted to her by her extradimensional physique, the abilities that set her apart from her human kin. This is the passive ability of Elaine.Due to her connection with the Gate of Will, Elaine can see the amount of Willpower, Justice, or sense of Honor present in the soul. This takes the form of a green haze of varying hues, and is limited only by her sense of sight. Additionally, with a touch, she can imbue Willpower in allies, granting them the emotional and spiritual strength to continue fighting despite overwhelming loss, overcome illusions, and otherwise power their way through obstacles. This doesn’t grant any physical abilities, unfortunately, other than making those that are meek or mild as powerful and mighty as the best of humanity.

”Emerald Cuff”
-Energy Blasts-
This second level of her powers manifests itself as a green, skintight gauntlet on her left hand. This gauntlet is incredibly durable, able to sustain damage from even mid-tier super strength. The light green material glows faintly in the dark. However, it’s durability is merely a side effect of its power. This gauntlet allows Elaine to control concentrated Will energy pulled from the Gate of Will. This energy can be shaped into nearly anything within reason. Elaine’ particularly brand of concentration can form this energy into anything ranging from swords and shield to full walls. Anything with moving parts is, unfortunately, beyond the capacity of her skill. This can create fifty feet of construct at a time.

Unique to Elaine is the ability to create blasts of energy with which to destroy things. These blasts of energy, taking the form of oblong bullets of energy a foot in length and half that in width and depth. These blasts move at half the speed of sound and carry enough force to shatter hard stone, which is over 7 and a half million joules. These blasts can be fired from her gauntlet at the rate of three per second. They can travel up to one hundred yards before dissipating into raw will energy.

”Lustitae Molior”
-Pocket Dimension Manipulation-
The third of Elaine’s power, Lustitae Molior, focuses exclusively on the pocket dimension known as ‘The Gate of Will’. This is the source of all Willpower in the universe, so her mother claims, though Elaine doubts that. What Lustitae Molior allows her to do is to convert things into the energy of that world and subsequently retrieve them. In addition to this, she can have these items anywhere on her body ie instantly getting dressed in the morning or summoning a sword to her hand. This takes the form of a cascade of green sparks.

The Weaknesses

”Extradimensional Tampering”
Elaine is, physically, a “superb specimen”, as one of her friends might say. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her weaknesses. She has no significant defenses against magic, and while her Will energy can resist elements, her physical body cannot. Because her body is partially made of this solidified Will energy, she is extremely susceptible to items, places, or powers that interfere with dimensional energy are severely damaging to her. Additionally, she can still be afflicted with disease through artificial means.

”Blind Eye”
Due to the effects of The Green Eyes of Will, Elaine can have issues with subtle facial cues from those with high Willpower, as the green tends to overwhelm those. Additionally, she has a natural prejudice of those with low Willpower or sense of Justice and Honor born in her DNA.

”Will and Grief”
The Gauntlet of Adlay, perhaps Elaine’s greatest power to date, has pretty severe weaknesses. The first and foremost is the drain it puts on her soul. While using it can’t kill her, she can drain all the Will energy from her soul, rendering her weak and unable to move; additionally, if this happens, she becomes susceptible to illusion and fear. However, the most severe weakness she possesses is her weakness to grief. Not sadness, per se, as sadness and grief are two seperate monsters. For the purposes of the roleplay, Grief is a feeling of complete and total loss and emptiness brought about by great tragedy. If confronted with Grief - and she has had plenty in her life - she will lose her powers irrevocably until she can recover from the emotion. Additionally, if anyone possesses the ability to physically manipulate Grief, she will be greatly affected by this power.

”My Pocket is not a Zoo!”
After a memorable incident involving a chicken, a cow, and copious amounts of alcohol, Elaine is no longer capable of storing living beings in The Gate of Will. Additionally, as previously mentioned, only inanimate objects under 500 pounds can be stored here.

The Items

Item Name: Riotous Shield
Item Type: Riot Shield
Item Description and Effect: A large shield approximately the size of Elaine with a large panel of clear polymer connected to a green handle. The words “Enforcer” are scrawled across a black screen where typically police would be written.
Item Weakness: The most significant weakness is it’s weakness to bullets. It doesn’t do much against anything mid- to high-caliber. Additionally, it can be a bit unwieldy.

Item Name: “Body Bunker”
Item Type: Ballistic Shield
Item Description and Effect: A heavy shield about half the size of Elaine. Instead of the typical black, it’s dark green and camoflauge. A viewing panel is set into the top, and in addition, two high-powered halogen lights are set into side by side to this. It is activated by a switch near the handle. This shield can deflect all forms of small arms fire and throwing and stabbing weapons.
Item Weakness: While this shield is capable of protecting Elaine, it does have it’s limits. It also doesn’t protect against explosions or any meta abilities. It is significantly unwieldy, as well, weighing upwards of fifty pounds.

Item Name: “Adlay Family Shield”
Item Type: Kite Shield
Item Description and Effect: A mid-medieval Kite Shield painted with a camoflauge pattern. Over this pattern is the symbol of Adlay; two concentric rings with a star in the center. The defensive capabilities of this shield are pretty low. It can’t even stand up to basic bullet fire. It is, however, designed to stop or deflect melee and close quarters weapons, as well arrow and other ancient weaponry.
Item Weakness: As stated already, this shield cannot resist even the smallest of small arm fire, but is highly resistant against stabbing and throwing weapons. It also is significantly less unwieldy.

Item Name: “Ritual Blade”
Item Type: Arming Sword
Item Description and Effect: An arming sword, like the type typically carried by medieval knights. The hilt is a deep emerald green and wrapped with compression-resistant wire. The blade is a much lighter green than the hilt. An emerald is set in the pommel of the hand and a half sword. The sheath is of a green so deep it’s almost black. This blade is made of modern materials and despite it’s excessive sharpness and durability, it is in no way supernatural.
Item Weakness: No real weaknesses, as it has no real advantages.

Item Name: “Armor of the Green Knight”
Item Type: Armor
Item Description and Effect: A full set of plate armor, made of modern materials, capable of resisting small caliber bullet rounds. Dyed varying shades of green, it consists of three layers; the first being a leather jerking and pants, skintight and showing off the few curves she has. The second is an arming jacket, a thin cloth curtain meant to protect the body from the scrapes and cuts of wearing metal. And the third is the actual plate, the interlocked sections dyed in interspersing colors, creating an emerald tapestry. This armor consists of a full set of chainmail armor, including a helm. Shaped with jagged lines with shaded lenses to hide her identity, the most striking feature of this helm are the two curved horns that extend out from the sides. Modeled after the Green Knight from Arthurian legend. The symbol of her mother, outlined in black and white, is emblazoned upon the chestplate.
Item Weakness: Due to Elaine’s strength, weight is not an issue. Perhaps the greatest weakness to this armor is it’s relative cumbersome. Elaien has to be careful in moving, even if she isn’t encumbered by it, she can rip the materials if she moves too quickly, and in addition it isn’t built for stealth. The heavy materials make noise, even with Elaine attempting to keep it quiet.

Item Name: “Martial Gauntlets”
Item Type: Gloves/Armor
Item Description and Effect: Leather gloves overlaid with ringmail and painted green. The palms and bottom of the fingers are left bare, while the back are inlaid with metal.
Item Weakness: While providing a bit “oomph” to her punches, they aren’t much good for durability other than against other hand-to-hand opponents.

The Minions

The Fluff

Rousing Speeches
Elaine is a lot older than she looks, and due to this experience, her pretty face, and sense of force, she is quite convincing. While by no means a master of manipulation, she’s had negotiation training with SWAT and the ageless advice of her mother to help her.

Like all Descendants, Elaine doesn’t age. She will live potentially forever, if knife nor poison take her. While she has no healing factor, she can’t get things like cancer or other inherited disease.

The RP Sample

”Freeze! NYPD!”

The gun in her hand bounced as she kicked down the door, the thin wooden slab reduced to splinters. The warehouse was a madhouse; a site of drug trafficking in the area and, currently, the object of a joint raid through the NYPD SWAT and the DEA. And Elaine was running point. Any other day, she’d be thrilled; but tonight? She just wanted it over with. This was nothing to be happy about. These scumbags have killed and murdered for years to get to their current position. This wasn’t the time for frivolity. This was serious, utterly so … so she needed to forget this was her last day at this job. And definitely don’t think about the job she was leaving and potentially, as her daddy told her “throwing away a future as the Chief of Police!”

The sound of gunfire echoing around her brought her back to herself and she glanced at her partner. John was 6’3, blond and blue eyed, and was by far the most handsome man Elaine had ever met. He also happened to be the most loyal and professional cop on the force, and one of the finest to boot. She wouldn’t have anyone else by her side on her last day. She drew her eyes away from her partner and dragged them up to the balcony up above; she could take them all out with a single Will Blast, but no. The NYPD had strict policies on superhumans in their police forces and she wasn’t about to blow it now.

”Smith, Williams. With me. Alpha team, cover the entrance. Gamma, cover the exit.” She issued the orders through her earpiece. She paused for a second, making sure they followed through with it, then went out. A jerk of her head indicated to her comrades where to go, and she was, gun held ready. Every inch of her body was shivering from anticipation; she wasn’t scared, not really. But now, so much more was at stake than just her life. With HOME, she feels she could have a future. With the NYPD … well, she can’t even be her true self.

An assailant stepped around the corner, armed with an AR-15, but he was down by either John or Gregory, she couldn’t tell which. From there, it was all a haze of gunfire, ducked corners, and smoke. They came out victorious, of course, but Elaine barely stuck around long enough to see the end result. After she was debriefed, she left. She had her farewell party that afternoon, already emptied her locker. The only thing left was the thing itself.

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Re: Elaine Sayomi {Adlay}

Post by Chellizard on March 2nd 2018, 1:00 pm

Approved and moved.

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Re: Elaine Sayomi {Adlay}

Post by Zonky Blong on July 30th 2018, 1:12 am

Unapproved for edits.

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Re: Elaine Sayomi {Adlay}

Post by Elaine on August 1st 2018, 5:17 pm

>Added a proper physical description
>Rewrote and clarified powers; nothing really changed, just harder numbers
>Added a couple of items with no magical properties
>Added two fluff bits to reflect her charisma and agelessness for being a Descendant
>Changed nickname to The Green Knight
>changed Height to 5'10 and Weight to 130 lbs
>Changed names of powers

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Re: Elaine Sayomi {Adlay}

Post by Zonky Blong on August 1st 2018, 5:22 pm


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