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Alpha's experience

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Alpha's experience

Post by Alpha on February 27th 2018, 10:11 pm

Travis Masters

Experience Sheet

Experience Spent/Gained



5 EXP: Telepathy
10 EXP: Mind control
15 EXP: Advanced Illusions
20 EXP: Psionic expansion
25 EXP: Regeneration
30 EXP:
35 EXP:
40 EXP:  
45 EXP:

Experience Tracker

- Well that was rude 4 exp
- London Highschool host club 3 exp
- An interrupted heist 6 exp
- I am the alpha and the omega 8 exp
- First mission 4exp
-  The Canine-Sapien Defender vs The Perfect Boy 3 exp
- Black out- in and through the barrier 4 exp
- Gatherings and Social anxiety 11 exp
- Blackout:into darkness 14 exp
- Dreams of dragons fire 8 exp
- Superiority complex 8 exp
- Takeover of Springfield 16 exp
- Agents vs steel 11 exp
- Old relics and new enemies 10 exp
- Into the depths 5 exp
- The Source 10 exp
- SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!! 11 exp
- Existentialism] 24 exp
- What lies in shadows 10 exp
-Sanctuary 9 exp
- I wait another Eon 10 exp
- Danny is just better than everyone 28 exp [double exp]
-Legends 12 exp
- Science 2.0 70 exp

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