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Post by Zonky Blong on February 24th 2018, 3:44 pm



The Bio

Real Name: Cadmus Agaememnon
Hero Name: Mythos
Title: The Hellenic Hero
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Demigod
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green, *glows red beneath helm
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 1 ton
Blood type: Golden Ichor

The Looks

The Personality

Cadmus is a hard headed man. If he believes something, he will very likely continue believing it until the day he dies. However, he is also adaptable. Able to switch his tactics to defeat any enemy, or appease any crowd.

Cadmus is a very protective person, and will protect those he calls friends until he can no longer protect them. Cadmus is a loyal, but guarded individual. Metaphorically keeping an invulnerable shell up around himself at all times.

The Story

Cadmus was born of a being who claimed to be Zeus, and a mortal woman. As Cadmus would not have survived the trip fully to Olympus, as only the “Gods” could survive there, Cadmus was taken to the river Styx and dunked in the water. All but the small of his back, where he was held down, so that he may survive the journey. However, the being who claimed to be Hades was outraged by the Nymphs audacity. To bathe a mortal in the river Styx is an injustice to his power.

As such, Hades stole the baby from Zeus and his mortal mother, and took him to a place where the mortals still worshipped the “gods”. The mortals took him in, and raised him as their own. Never telling him that he was a demigod. On his 14th birthday, two gifts were best upon Cadmus. A spear made of pure Bronzine, a metal native to the dimension of Olympus, and an Amulet that when called upon turned into a ferocious set of armor. However, Cadmus was unsure from where they had come. These weapons were fine, yes. But they were not of mortal making.

It was then Cadmus found out about his destiny. As a son of Zeus, Cadmus had a very important duty. He had to become the hero that the world needed. He trained for 10 years with his people, mastering his every gift and defeating their greatest warriors.

When tragedy struck his home however, and a group of alien “gods” decided to torch the village; Cadmus watched as his home, his family, and his world was destroyed. He fought back and managed to kill them all; but not before he closed himself off to the world.

Cadmus moved to New York in search of those in need of Heroism, and became the hero known as Mythos.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Nigh-Invulnerability - Like the ancient Greek hero Achilles, Cadmus was taken to the river styx as a child and dunked in the water. As such, nearly every part of his body is entirely immune to damage of any kind.

Muscle Mass Increase - Cadmus can increase his muscle mass on command to increase his strength, speed, and overall stamina.

Electrical Control - Cadmus is able to summon electricity on command, and is able to put out massive amounts of electrical impulses - equal to that of your average lightning bolt - in a massive burst.

Super-Strength - Cadmus can - on average - lift 340 tons. When used in combination with muscle mass increase; Cadmus can lift 680 tons.

Super-Speed - Cadmus can run 310 MPH, and when used in combination with muscle mass increase; Cadmus can run at Mach 1.

The Weaknesses

Weak Point - As with all humans dipped in the River Styx; Cadmus has a major weak point on his body. The small of his back. Any blow there, is incapacitating and possibly deadly.

Time - Full muscle mass control takes time. Approx. 3 posts to completely grow.

Water 1. - Cadmus has two major weaknesses with water. He is extremely dense. Cadmus will sink to the bottom of any body of water he is in and will have to walk his way out. This could take years depending on where he is dropped.

Water 2 - Cadmus cannot summon electricity when he is in water without shocking himself, and hitting the weak point.

Water from the river Lethe - When water from the river lethe touches Cadmus’ skin, he temporarily loses his memory and abilities such as super speed and and super strength.

The Items

Mystical Armor - Armor made of bronze and enchanted to withstand pressures like those at the bottom of the ocean, fires as hot as the sun, and completely remove the wearers need for oxygen. The helmet also provides protection from those wishing to learn the wearers identity, by blocking out intrusive mind reading that would allow someone to learn the wearers name and by completely shadowing their face.
If hit with a blast of divine - or light - energy; the suit crumbles back into the form of an amulet.
If the straps connecting the armor are cut - like any normal leather - it falls apart and becomes an amulet once more, and will be unusable for the next 5 posts.
If the phrase "I am defenseless" is spoken in Greek in the armors presence, it will retract until the end of the thread.

Bronzine Spear - A spear made of the native metals of Olympus. The weapon can absorb electrical impulses, and redirect them on command.
If the runes on the side of the spear are touched by anyone other than the chosen wielder, the spear will turn into a nigh-indestructible normal old fashioned pen and be unusable until the end of the thread.

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Post by Chellizard on February 24th 2018, 6:31 pm

Approved and moved.

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