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Airryna WIP

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Airryna WIP

Post by Quinn on February 17th 2018, 9:29 pm


Real Name Airryna
Alias N/A
Alignment Lawful Evil

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Age 28
Gender Female ♀
Race Sventari
Hair White
Eyes White
Height 4'4"
Weight 84 lb
Blood Type N/A

The Legacy

Personality Text Here

History Text Here

Powers and Weaknesses


Active Camouflage Airryna has the ability to shift the coloring of her outer skin at will, much like a chameleon can, though she has a nearly limitless color choice and can do so at frightening speeds. While it doesn't give her true invisibility, as long as she is moving slow enough, she is impossible to see with a normal eye.

Black Zone Much like all of her race, Airryna is naturally immune to almost every form of detection. Excluding natural, unmagical sight that every living being has, there is no currently known form of detection that AIrryna is subjected to, and in theory she would be immune to all future versions of detection created. Of course, when one of these methods of detection would normally hit her, it passes through her like she is made of air, not even giving the detector the slightest feedback that might be used to trace her location, so that they cannot find her that way either.

Super Sneaky Even the most well trained thief or assassin is not as silent as Airryna is when she is trying to be sneaky. Her stealth is so good she could almost sit on someone without them noticing her.

Spider-Airryna Airryna can stick to the walls and ceilings, seeing as how she is a spider and all.

Webbing Airryna can produce webbing at will. This webbing gets stronger the more of it is used on a single object. Airryna can also have it adjust it's coloring much like she can, but once the webbing is placed, she can no longer change what coloring she picked.

Poison When Airryna bites, she can release an extremely deadly neurotoxin that can prove fatal within fifteen minutes of the bite. After being bitten, the subject has muscle weakness, vomiting, nausea, and paresthesia around the bitten area.


Name Weakness


RP Mechanics

Name Details


Item What the item gives you
What weaknesses the item has

Physical Priority
Reaction One
Agility Two
Endurance Three
Strength Four

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

Status :

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