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Nick Grant // Helios

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Nick Grant // Helios

Post by GeekStar on February 1st 2018, 6:55 am

Nicholas Grant

"Dreams save us."

The Bio

Real Name: Nicholas Grant
Hero Name: Helios
Title: Earth's Brightest Hero
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: African-American, Meta-Human
Hair: Black, short cut
Eyes: Brown, oval
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs
Blood type: AB Negative

The Looks

The Personality

Nick is as calm, level-headed and responsible as one can expect a 21 year old to be. In situations that require decisive action, he radiates professionalism and confidence much like that of a soldier.

On a personal level, Nick is charismatic speaker and has a very amiable countenance. His soft spoken and respectful manner makes those around him trust him almost instantly and he is able to forge strong bonds of friendship in a very short period of time.

In battle, Nick is a fierce and competent fighter. He strikes without doubt and always answers his enemies attacks with the suitable amount of force. He will often wade into the fray utilizing his inhuman strength first, graduating to his solar powers if the situation warrants it, and should the opponent prove to be too much for them, he will unleash his full strength in the attempts to down his foes.

The Story

Nick Grant is the son of an American millionaire Jack Grant and his wife Nina, a heroine. His father's company is one that can help the Earth's environment with it's cutting-edge technology. His mother is a famous heroine, that can focus sunlight and manipulate plants, and the face of Grant Industries.

The Grant kids couldn't have been more different from them if they tried, Nick being the youngest of three. Jessica, the oldest, is confident, self-determined, and cold. She's destined to take over the family business and has been training her whole life as such. Her criticism of heroes comes from a lifelong envy of Nick who is the only one in the family with powers suited for heroics. This causes a lot of friction between the two. Liam, the middle child, is boisterous, spontaneous, and overflowing with energy. In addition to being an expert engineer, he had managed to gain three doctorates by the age of twenty.

Nick first manifested his superhuman powers at the age of fourteen, he was being bullied for being a freshman. Nick retaliated by tackling the bully, who began brutally beating Nick. It was then that, without being aware of what was happening to him, Nick first manifested his superhuman strength. After learning of the incident his father hired private trainers to help control and grow the rising hero's powers.
The Priority

1. Strength
2. Reaction
3. Agility
4. Endurance

The Powers

Solar Empowerment: Nick's powers grants him the ability to enhance his physical stats and accelerate the healing of his wounds in the presence of direct sunlight. He can convert solar energy to radiate heat, light, or small electromagnetic sparks. He also has the ability to project concussive plasma energy blasts from his hands. Nick can release all of his body's stored energy in one intense, omni-directional "nova-burst,"  which is similar to the heat-pulse of a nuclear warhead detonation.

The Weaknesses

While hailed as a power that can harness the power of the sun itself, a huge limitation of Nick's powers is pretty obvious: that it's significantly weaker during the night. Nick would quickly exhaust his energy if he was not in direct sunlight. 

Nova Burst's violent discharge uses his entire reserve of energy at once, entirely exhausting his solar power. He generally requires at least 12 hours to recover from such a feat.

The Items

Hero Costume: Nick's costume is built with one of the toughest materials available to be able to withstand his powers, while allowing him free, unrestricted movement.

Hero Suit Upgrade V1: Nick's suit is lined with a strong, lightweight metal, giving him the ability to fly by using his electromagnetic abilities.

Hero Suit Upgrade V2: The parts of Nick's uniform which are shiny are built with photovoltaics that function similar to solar panels. They have a highly advanced silicon cell layer that absorbs and stores sunlight, either for an immediate boost or later use.

The Minions

Jessica Grant - Profile coming soon
Liam Grant - Profile coming soon

The Fluff

Nick's identity is public.

The RP Sample

The cool New York breeze brushed against Black Spider's body as he swung from building to building, twisting and flipping as he blew off steam. The sun beamed down on him with such elegance and grace as he was freefalling and quickly shot a Web right before hitting the ground. Jesse couldn't help but cringe at the thought of having a normal life as he passed over the normal civilians of this obscured city. 

Jesse is new to the Web Warriors but he new most of the current members and a very few of the past. So when he passed the extraordinary Spiderman of 2099 and the dreadful Hybrid, he had to drop in and say high. He expressed his excitement by showing off and making an unforgettable entrance. Jesse has been swinging for years but hasn't quit got the hang of it yet so when he swooped he started to fumble past them both. 'Smooth Jess..' After gathering himself he turns to them with joy in his heart, pride in his soul, and embarrassment in his mind. "What's up, Web Slingers." Jesse crouched close to the two heroes with his elbows resting on his knees.

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Re: Nick Grant // Helios

Post by Shadowoof on February 8th 2018, 10:11 am

Alright, your solar empowerment can be separated into 5 to 8 powers. As all together the powers, while related are vastly different.

Nick's powers grants him the ability to enhance his physical stats up to three powers. If he increases Dur, str and speed, then please be a little more descriptive on how much it increases, what the limit may be, and you may need to separate this into three separate powers as such.

and accelerate the healing of his wounds in the presence of direct sunlight. This is a power, also maybe describe how fast the healing is a little more.

He can convert solar energy to radiate heat, light, or small electromagnetic sparks. Now, I'mma need you to describe what he can exactly do with this heat, light or 'small electromagnetic sparks'. Can he make fireballs or just radiates heat, then how much heat? Make light shields? This itself might be three powers in one depending on what exactly it is that happens.

He also has the ability to project concussive plasma energy blasts from his hands. This is a separate power.

Nick can release all of his body's stored energy in one intense, omni-directional "nova-burst,"  which is similar to the heat-pulse of a nuclear warhead detonation. And this is a power. Not sure about the nuclear war head power but should be fine, consult on that later.

Now, these powers can all be done under the pretense that this is because of his solar empowerment, but they are separate powers. And you will require a weakness for each.

Your current weaknesses are okay, not sure about the first one as it would be situational, you just may never have a thread at night, you know? Again, consult.

Your items will need weaknesses, also please describe if the suit can resist powers other then his own as it states it can do so with his. If so, it will require a weakness, along with the two other powers the suit has.

Just do this and we can have another look at it.

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