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Dax'thur Umuna

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Dax'thur Umuna Empty Dax'thur Umuna

Post by Gemini on January 31st 2018, 9:37 pm

Dax'thur Umuna

A living storm

Basic Biography

Real Name: Dax'thur Umuna
Hero Name:
Title: The Rebel Prince
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 20 in human years.
Gender: Male
Race: Atmonian
Hair: Deep purple
Eyes: Deep purple
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160lbs
Blood type: A deep purple fluid. Highly conductive.

The Looks

Dax'thur Umuna 90ce53

The Legacy

Personality: Dax'thurr is as noble as he is curious. He is filled with a childlike adoration of humanity, finding their culture, technology, planet, architecture and lives fascinating. He is having a hard time adjusting to life here however and often misreads humans weird social queues and interactions. His translation necklace doesn't pick up most slang and often results in miscommunications. He loves learning about and talking to humans and is particularly intrigued by their politics and multiple governments.

His friendly nature is not to be underestimated however. He comes from a beautiful, cultured planet yes. But it's also been locked in an intense civil war for several decades. Every citizen is expected to serve in their sides military, even the royalty, and Dax'thurr was no exception. He understands that raw power is often the only way to earn some people's respect and he isn't afraid to flaunt his species' natural abilities.

He is somewhat prideful, often showing off his powers to impress the humans who have rarely, if ever, seen anything like it. He enjoys the attention the humans give him for his strange appearance. Human fashion is something that he has adopted quite quickly and he adores that they make their clothes out of more than different crystals and glass.

Dax'thurr had to leave behind his lover when he fled his planet and remains touchy on the subject. The fact that he has no idea about their fate breaks his heart. He doesn't know if he should mourn constantly or look forward to returning so he can see their face. He is still devoted to them, despite keeping their existence secret to all but his closest friends.

Dax'thurr was born on a planet roughly 36 light years away, about twice the size of earth, designated 'XKX-678-KO', locally known as Atmonia - which is renowned for its ridiculously intense storms which can span continental distances. These storms are the result of the planets intense atmosphere and an intense civil war raging across the planet between the rebels and the monarchy. One side being lead by the Tyranical king, Jazthun Umuna and the other by the Rebel Leader who goes by the codename Pex (atmonian for Free.). Dax'thurr was Jazthun's 8th child and the youngest of the royal family. He lead a relatively sheltered life, only becoming exposed to the existance of the massive desire for his family's head on pikes when he turned 12.

He was raised to despise the rebels and told that they stood for nothing but reckless destruction and hate. He believed it too. All he'd seen of them was the damage they'd done to his father's kingdoms and cities. The storms they created were capable of leveling cities. When he turned 16, Dax'thurr underwent a tradition for his side. Enlistment. No-one was exempt. Even the Queen had to do it. After his training, being taught how to storm weave and channel his personal storm for combat, Dax'thurr was deployed into his first Anti-Pex mission. He and his Squad were to go into a Rebel occupied town and destroy them. While he and his squad were flying over the village, the battle broke out. Immediately a bolt of lightning pierced the dark purple clouds and channeled itself between the squad, sending each of them crashing down into the village. It was there he experienced the reason why the rebels hated his family so much.

Where he'd landed was... disgusting. It was the only way to word it. Poverty and disease were rampent. He held his wound and got to his knees, looking at the slum he'd crashed into. He began limping, trying to find the end of it. But when there was no sign of it, it occured to him... the entire village was the slum. He rested for a while, trying to comprehend what he was seeing. He was told that the reason the rebellion existed was jealousy and hate but for the first time he was seeing that maybe they were just trying to save themselves. Before he could re-activate his storm and retreat from the battle, the rebels soldier's found him. He didn't resist. He just put his hands behind his head. Maybe he deserved to die for being so blind. But, one of them recognised him as the Prince. They approached him and put both their hands beside his head, channeling lightning between them, shocking his brain and rendering him unconscious.

When Dax'thurr awoke, he was suspended from the sealing by chains. Before him was an orange skinned Atmonian. It was also a sign that that particular atmonian was very, very powerful and attuned. She approached him, her hair reaching her knees. He couldn't take his eyes off her. He was fixated. After a 20 second silence, she parted her lips.

"I am Pex."
Dax'thurr just stared. His heart sinking. He'd heard stories of Pex. The Rebel's self-proclaimed Goddess leader who was hellbent on destroying his family, his culture, him. They'd doubted she was even real at first but the orange storms coating their major battles against, and defeats at the hands of The Rebels, reaffirmed their belief that she was a very real threat.
"And you, are Dax'thurr Umuna, 8th son of the Tyrant King Jazthun Umuna." She seemed to calm, but like most calms, a storm usually followed. Orange lightning flared between her fingers and Dax'thurr immediately flinched, trying to get himself as far away from it as he could.

Orange lightning bolts were the only ones capable of killing an atmonian with a single strike. Other forms of lightning usually took 3 or 4. The average cloud to ground lightning bolt on earth can contain up to 1 billion volts. The average cloud to ground lightning bolt on Atmonia could contain 5 to 20 billion. An orange lightning bolt? 40 to 300 Billion.

This immense, near godly force on their planet was at Pex's peck and call, as an Orange Atmonian. It made sense to him now how the rebellion had gained so much ground. Pex began walking towards him, her orange eyes glowing brighter.
"Why have you come here?! HOW DID THE KING FIND ME??" She held her hand up to him, threatening to unleash a force that could easily turn him into a smoldering pile of blackened flesh.

"I was sent here as a routine mission! We had no idea you were here!" Dax pleaded, closing his eyes. He'd only heard myths of orange atmonians. Only one in 1 billion of their population were born Orange, and most were killed at birth by their parents as they were an extremely bad omen. Not to mention untamedly dangerous, the second most powerful race of Atmonians, with the first being the extinct Dark Atmonian. Tears began forming in his eyes. He didn't want this to be how he died.

After a few seconds, the horrifying crackingly of the lightning coming from her hand stopped and the orange bolts faded into nothing. "You... had no idea?" Her tone changed immensely, turning much gentler. Dax'thurr sunk his body in relief, but his heart was still trying to escape from his chest.

"Please don't kill me..." Dax'thurr didn't really plan to let those thoughts become words, but there they were.
He heard Pex laugh.
"Why would I kill you? I could ransom you off to your putrid father."
She reached forward and grabbed his chin, causing Dax'thurr to flinch.
"But i feel, like most of his kind, that you have no idea what your family has done to us."

Dax'thurr opened one eye to look at her. Her expression was motionless. She turned her back on him and motioned her hand to the right. The flat crystal on the wall of the room began showing images of dying atmonian children, people literally too poor to live.
"His greed and austerity have caused so much damage and destruction that somebody had to do something. That's why we do what we do. He needs to be stopped before his avarice destroys us all."
She turned back to Dax while the images kept playing.
"I bet he told you that we're responsible, that our battles are the reason why so many people suffer. But these images were taken before our Rebellion. This was all his doing."

Dax'thurr began crying, before his sadness turned to anger. He wanted to try and argue against her but... she was right. He had heard things. About how bad it was. But chose to ignore them. He opened his mouth and yelled, letting out his anger, frustration and disapointed in his father. Pex folded her arms and closed her eyes.
"THAT SACK OF SHIT!" Pex laughed and approached Dax'thurr once again.
"I tell all my family that there's no point in letting your anger out when the enemy isn't here. Save that rage for the battle, and channel it into every single volt you've got." She smiled. Dax'thurr sunk down once again.

It was then that Dax'thurr defected. He was officially declared KIA by his family. It took him some months to settle into the rebellion's forces and obviously there was a natural disdain for him at first, as he was a direct descendant of the enemy. But with every battle he let his storm's convince them. He fought against his Father's forces without holding back. His father would pay for how he'd corrupted his home. Eventually, reports of his survival made it back to his father, who began planning an attack to 'rescue' his son from the clutches of Pex.

Pex had been changing her battle strategy, taking more aggressive moves and even bigger risks by attending more and more battles. Her orange storms cut through his father's troops like they were nothing. The more Dax witnessed her power, the more he realised why she was often referred to as 'The Rebel Goddess'.

It wasn't until The Battle of the Black Crystals that Dax'thurr would meet his father again. 'The Black Crystals' were the burial place of the last living Dark Atmonian. Even being near the place amplified an Atmonian's natural powers, the ambient energy given off by the dead god was that strong. Jazthun used this to his advantage. See, it only amplified regular Atmonian's powers. Orange Atmonians were unaffected. He positioned his strongest storm weavers on top of the crystals. Jazthun had noted that Pex had been consistently appearing at each battle, and that was exactly what he was counting on. He had a plan to defeat the goddess and crush the rebellion once and for all.

He held a parade at the site, celebrating the Death of Pex and the defeat of the rebellion. Pex wouldn't waste the opportunity to exposed Jazthun as a liar. She painted the sky with dark orange clouds. Rain began pouring from the abyssal clouds. Everyone at the parade gasped in terror, staring at the sky. Dax'thurr stayed to the side and awaited the opportunity to go straight for his father. Pex parted the clouds and descended, surrounded by a vortex of orange lightning. Behind her was a large portion of her rebellion, who slowly descended from the clouds.

"NOW!" Pex shouted, her troops diving to the sides as she channeled gigantic streaks of blinding orange lightning at Jazthun.
"NOW!" Jazthun roared, his troops all summoning their storms and unleashing their enhanced lightning directly at Pex.

An orange atmonian's lightning is roughly 300x stronger than the average ones. However, a regular Atmonian's power is nearly tripled at the Black Crystals. Jazthun's soldiers lightning bolts streaked forward, their colour a deep black, augmented by the dead god's power. Each bolt met one of Pex's, who tried to unleash more of her storm to overwhelm them.

Dax'thurr soared in and grabbed his father, flying off as fast as he could, before throwing him to the floor. His troops turned and were about to go help him but Jazthun ordered them to maintain focus on Pex. Dax'thurr yelled and began throwing lightning at his father, who deflected them with his storm. "YOU LYING, GREEDY PIECE OF SHIT!" Dax'thurr flew right for him and went to punch him but his father grabbed his arm and slammed him into the floor. He sat on Dax'thurr back and held his head up, forcing him to look at Pex.

His soldiers had used The Black Crystal's energy to overwhelm her troops and now more and more were focusing their power onto her. Soon, Black bolts began to outnumber Orange. One of them dodged past her own and pierced her side. That's all it took. That one, brief gap in her focus before it all came undone. The black lightning quickly consumed her own. It engulfed her whole body, her screams filling the skies. Her rebels began to retreat, being persued by Jazthun's troops.

Dax'thurr stared in stunned silence. Everything was silent before sound slowly began to return to him. He felt his muscles give up and he just lay there, his father's elbow in the back of his neck.
"You ungrateful little bastard, you had everything, and you gave it all away for some false goddess and her lies." Jazthun grabbed Dax'thurrs hair, lifted up his head and smacked it into the ground. "You're going to be trialed and executed for treason."
Inside his head, Dax, kept replaying one scene, over and over...

"There's no point in letting your anger out when the enemy isn't here. Save that rage for the battle, and channel it into every single volt you've got."

He was about to go unconscious before he heard her... her spirit... her will...

He's right there. And just as fast as she'd arrived, she was gone.

Dax'thurr shot his eyes opened which began flaring with energy.

For every child who'd starved to death.
For every woman who'd died giving birth.
For every man who, no matter how hard they worked, couldn't provide for their family.
For every who he had hurt. He was going to pay.

Dax'thurr flexed every muscle he had and a spherical pulse of lightning exploded out of his body, sending Jazthun flying off of him. Dax'thurr staggered to his feet and threw out his hands, black lightning spiraling at his father who met it with his own.
For everyone who couldn't afford medicine.
For everyone who died protecting their families.
For everyone he'd forced to do awful things just to be able to afford life.
He had to pay.

Dax'thurrs lightning grew darker and Jazthun's was slowly getting pushed back towards him. Dax began slowly walking towards his father, who's feet were scratching across the floor from trying to hold his own against his son.
For Pex.

Dax let out every drop of rage he had in one primal scream before a pitch black bolt left his hands. He heard his father screech, his storm exploding. Jazthun rolled across the floor, steam rising off his still body. Dax'thurr's lightning retreated and he fell to his knees, exhausted.

Was he dead?
Had he killed him?
Was it worth it?

These were questions that Dax'thurr wouldn't have time to answer. He felt himself getting to his feet despite his exhaustion. A member of the rebellion flew down and grabbed him, taking him to one of their air ships. He was rushed to the medical bay and treated for burns. They were retreating to the other side of the planet to regroup.. and to mourn. But their retreat was cut short as Jazthuns troops turned their lightning on the ship. The pilot was about to send the ship into hyperdrive, and the split second before it shot off at half the speed of light the lightning smacked into the side of it. The pilot was rendered unconscious by the blast, and the ship was pushed off course. It blasted off. Travelling hundreds of thousands of miles, with nobody to hit the breaks.

It wasn't until the ship ran out of power that it came to an immediate halt. Dax'thurrs medical stasis was shut off after the ship ran out of juice. He awoke just as a nearby planet's gravitational pull was slowly dragging it towards the surface...
Earth, you got a big storm coming.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Dax'thurr is an Atmonian. Atmonians most notable feature is that each of them can manifest their own personal atmosphere and project the weather generated within it. They are also capable of controlling the atmosphere of the planet they're on, allowing them to manipulate weather patterns and storms.

Personal Atmosphere - Dax'thurr is capable of manifesting his own atmosphere. This appears as a translucent shell around his body. He can manipulate this atmosphere as an extension of his own body and it allows him to achieve a number of effects.

  • Lightning Manipulation: Dax can generate electric storms inside the atmosphere and project them out of it, guiding them towards objects or people. These bolts have about half the strength of a regular earth lightning bolt, but may be enhanced to the typical Atmonian strength if he charges them up.

  • Weather Resistance: Dax's atmosphere absorbs natural lightning and cold with ease. It is less effective at absorbing artificial electricity and thermal extremes, with only about 50% effectiveness.

  • Force field: The atmosphere is a physical object will take impacts before Dax'thurr does. The shell has roughly the same durability as reinforced glass. Dax can extend the forcefield a few metres out from his body to protect other people.

  • Flight: Dax'thurr can move the shell, enabling him to achieve flight. If he has the shell extended from his body, he can allow the others contained within it to fly as well.

Weather Manipulation - In addition to each Atmonian being able to conjure their own atmospheric shell, they are also capable of extending this control to the atmosphere of the planet they're on, allowing them to directly manipulate and influence the weather. It usually takes several Atmonian's working in unison to control and alter the weather on Atmonia however, as Earth is much smaller and it's atmosphere much less ferocious, Dax'thurr is capable of achieving this feat alone while on it's surface.

  • Lightning Strikes: While Dax'thurr is already capable of generating lightning bolts from his own atmosphere, he can also summon them from Earth's sky. These lightning bolts strike from above and are stronger than the ones he can generate from his own shell. Due to his Atmonian heritage, Dax can alter the skies to create Lightning bolts stronger than what would be typically found on earth. Thunder naturally accompanies this.

  • Wind: Dax can generate wind storms at will and is resistant to their pull. He can create winds intense enough to knock normal humans to the ground. If he really applies himself he is capable of creating a localized hurricane or tornado, however doing so is exhausting. Dax can use wind to break his falls, levitate objects, glide and achieve effects similar to simple telekinesis (I.E throwing objects).

  • Rain: Dax can open the heavens and cause rain to pour out of the sky. This rain can be anywhere from gentle spittle to torrential. The intensity of the rain storm directly affects how long he can maintain it.


  • When he has his personal atmosphere extended around other people, he cannot generate storms or lightning within it or else he risks electrocuting them.

  • If his personal storm is broken/shattered he'll have to wait atleast 30 seconds to summon it again.

  • After being re-summoned, it takes about 10 seconds for it to restore itself to it's normal durability, meaning that if you kept up your assault, you could keep smashing it before he can restore it to it's full strength.

  • Weather Manipulation is much less effective while indoors and completely useless underground.

  • Dax'thurs storm shield only absorbs naturally occuring lightning and thermal extremes completely. If you were to use articially created electricity, heat, or cold, it would be resistant but not immune.

  • Dax'thurs body is as durable as the average humans.

  • Organic matter can pass into Dax'thurs storm shield effortlessly unlesss he consciously chooses to reject it. If you snuck up on him and physically attacked him you would pass through.

  • Dax'thur is almost completely oblivious about human technology and is unable to operate a large portion of it.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

Outer Space: While his atmosphere is being projected, Dax'thur is capable of surviving in vaccums due to the air within it. This air supply lasts about 45 minutes.

Aesthetic: When lashing out with lightning, Dax'thurs hair and eyes flash bright white. From the outside his shell looks like glass which is being rained upon. The miniature rain storms occuring inside it cause whoever is within it to emerge wet.

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility: two
Endurance: three
Reaction: one
Strength: four


Dax'thur Umuna Purple-pendant-necklace-0

The Lexicon - a semi-mystical piece of Atmonian technology which translates what Dax'thurr says in his native tongue into the native tongue of whoever hears it and vice-versa. Essentially acting as a translation device.

: The lexicon cannot interpret and translate Slang or things that were not stated clearly. It also only translates their native tongue. If someone Polish were to speak to Dax in English it would not translate it as english is not their first language. If there is no direct translation for a word it will not be translated. If taken off, stolen or lost, Dax'thurr has no method of communicating verbally unless he is taught english.
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