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Application for the City of Defiance

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Application for the City of Defiance

Post by The Swolefather on January 21st 2018, 5:36 am

Things with a * are meant only for Companies.

Place Name/Business*: The City of ‘Defiance’

Built/Founded*: Founded in 1113 AD

Location: Lincoln County, Nevada


History: Defiance, the last sanctuary for ‘monsters’ as they have been dubbed by modern society, currently boasting a population of 7-8 million. This bastion of hope for these once proud people lays in Lincoln County, Nevada. Created around a little over 900 years ago as a safe place to hide from the ever growing human population, it stands strong to this date. It wasn't until the mid 1800s that mankind stumbled upon the city be accident, which was quickly sectioned off by the government in order to protect their citizens. The city itself lays mostly underground, minus a small town which decorates the desert floor, which mainly acts as a border. Defiance branches deep into earth through handmade catacombs, the very bottom of which is filled with a deep sea. Each species of monster is gifted with a section, specifically designed for their lifestyles. The lycans live within forests, the vampires have dark towns, the undead roam desolate lands of decay, and the water born populate the water below. The city is overseen by a council of elders, the eldest and wisest of each race, who carry out all justice within the city, as well as run a small form of government which only gives out one simple rule:
Do not prey upon your brethren
The economy within Defiance is ran on the precious metals; Gold, Silver and Copper..but the barter system is also widely accepted within the city. The council taxes the city, but runs as a non-profit government, using the money to employ teachers, doctors, and those who can repair city structures and streets. The city provides free education and medical care to those who wish to use it, allowing for young monsters to learn to blend into human society without the stresses of being caught. As for infrastructure, motor vehicles are prohibited, but self propelled modes of transportation are encouraged. For the water born, aqueducts are seamlessly incorporated into the streets, allowing for comfortable commutes for those less inclined to dry climates. The ceiling of the cavern is covered by an artificial sky, which cycles through the hours, as to keep citizens sense of time on track incase they travel above. The city itself is self sustainable, but stays away from industrialization. Most electronics are ran off of mana crystals which supply electricity, while food is farmed and never wasted. For those with a diet consisting of anything related to humans, there is a farm for that as well. Many humans are kept to produce blood for the vampire population, while others are slaughtered for their flesh and bones. These options are for those who choose to play it safe, such as children, until they are ready to hunt. The current state of the city is relatively peaceful..basic quarrels between rival species such as vampires and werewolves occur, but never go beyond a few insults in fear of punishment. The human outcast population on the other hand is under much scrutiny. While considered outlaws and monsters due to their practices, they are generally not accepted within the walls of Defiance.
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