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Requiem Empty Requiem

Post by Mooalally on January 14th 2018, 4:10 am


"It's time to show the world that I, more machine than man, am beautiful."

The Bio

Real Name:  Aleksey James Walker
Renegade Name:  Requiem  
Alignment:  Lawful Evil
Age:  23
Gender:  Male
Race:  Caucasian
Height:  213.36 cm
Weight:  114.305

The Looks

All vital organs and body completely contained within the pelvis.  Oxygen is received through tiny vents placed on the pelvis, covered by filters that don't allow anything but what it was intended for.  A small tank of oxygen, enough for 10 minutes of practiced and shallow oxygen intake, is stored in the chest, in the case that the vents close due to a liquid or some other substance covering the opening.  

Nutrients are diffused through the head, which is made mostly of a thinner but still tough mesh, that allows soft foods and water to be inserted directly into his personal ecosystem.  In emergencies, such as his head being taken off, there is another mesh at the bottom of his neck, allowing only water to pass through until his head and tubing can be reattached.  Waste is constantly being burned as fuel for the suit, allowing him to continue to detach and reattach his forearms (see abilities), and any excess is stored next to oxygen.

 His suit is also made of mainly titanium alloys, allowing himself to be fairly durable while also still being able to walk and function.  

The last modification is that his suit is able to semi-detach at any of the major joints connecting to the torso.  The head can come off the neck, and the arms and legs can come off the torso, all attached by a small chain.  He can then reel in the chain, allowing his body parts to attach themselves back on.  This is used for fitting into tight spaces, where being able to turn his body into a smaller, more compact mess of limbs is extremely helpful.  

He detects things around him using cameras placed everywhere around his body, making him able to see and hear in all directions.  He can also change the cameras to detect different wavelengths, such as radiation, and can focus on certain sounds, shutting down other ones.

The Personality

He's very very precise and always calculating.  Whenever he kills someone, he plans intensely, calculating for what would only just tip them over the edge, and nothing more.  He finds overkill extremely distasteful and wasteful, linking to his almost fetishism for things being exact, just like his suit's inner workings.  He doesn't talk, due to years of being forced to be silent, and instead communications through nearby objects, hand motions and sometimes, not at all.  He isn't persistent or passionate, giving up and retreating when he knows that he has to, and not getting emotionally involved in the people that he kills.  After years of pretending to be the cold, silent killer, it's almost instinct at this point to be one.  He prefers to use scare tactics to actually attacking people, using his faceless suit and intimidating reputation so as to protect his suit from damage that could come from a conflict.  He loves to gloat and show off, especially when it comes to a kill, teasing many of his victims and mocking them before they die, which is the only time when he truly is passionate.  Despite not getting the same thrill as when he made his first kill, he still loves to show that every move by him was calculated from the very start, and that his win was pure skill.  Although he does seem like a remorseless killer, his only wish is to be able to speak again.
The Story

His parents were spies for the government, operating deep within the Russian government.  They were simply there to gather intel and report back, and were strictly ordered not to use lethal force or provoke the Russians in any way.  They did their jobs well, giving the government a wealth of important information, but due to the nature of their occupations, they weren't known at all to the public.  They were celebrities to those who knew about them though, even managing to get information on a Russian "superhero serum", when it was still in its early stages and being tested on animals, and allowed the government to get a headstart on the Russians and skip a lot of points of animal testing that would've taken a lot of time.  Because of successes like these, Aleksey's parents were treated with priority when they had their son.  They reasoned that they couldn't continue their undercover work with a child, and they were pulled from Russia with only minor reprimandation for having a child.  They were simply too successful for the government to punish, and were too loyal on every other account that the government was against punishing them.  

However, the letter that was sent with the orders to pull out was intercepted by Russian officials, and Aleksey's parents were caught just before they got on the plane.  There was a fight, and they managed to board, escaping all the soldiers except one.  He had sneaked onto the plane before it lifted off, and caught Aleksey's mother by surprise.  He wounded her before Aleksey's dad could incapacitate him, and his mother nearly died from her wounds on the plane ride.  The only reason she clung to life was that she was expecting soon, and that she wanted to see her son being born.  She survived until they arrived at a hospital, where she finally collapsed.  The doctors brought her into the emergency room, and started operating on her.  She was already dead.  The doctors started performing a c-section to save the baby, and managed to successfully birth Aleksey.  He was smaller than most other babies, and his father was devastated by his possibly deformed child and his deceased wife.  At this point, government agents intervened and informed him about their own experimental "superhero serum" program that had begun.  Most cases have been with fetuses, and this would be the first human test on something more developed.  They explained that they couldn't affect the baby's physical development, because that had already been decided by genes, but they could affect his mental capabilities because the brain was still being developed.  It was being offered as compensation for being one of the most successful agents in the field, and for sacrificing his wife for his country.

He accepted.

Aleksey would be named so, as a memory of his dad's countless decades spent in Russia, masquerading as something he wasn't.  It was this name and reasoning that led to Aleksey being interested in the idea of becoming something you weren't, and eventually creating his suit.  

He grew up mostly with his dad, with occasional checks from doctors and scientists that continued to study his development over the years.  Aleksey was a topic of great interest, especially to those in the superhero serum program, as it was a step closer to being able to mutate infants when they were born, as opposed to having to find fetuses as early as they could, so they could have a better chance of mutating DNA.  Aleksey had a great interest in creating machines and being precise mathematically.  He would create small robots that would perform certain tasks, such as walking forward, or picking up objects.  He always challenged himself to make it smaller, more compact, more efficient.  It was a fascination of his.

132 days after Aleksey had his 14th birthday, a Russian special forces team entered Aleksey's house and murdered his father.  They had deemed that it would be a blow to the Russian government's reputation to let a man that had done so much damage to the Motherland walk free, and had plotted his murder.  Although his father had put up quite a fight, catching two soldiers by surprise and managing to knock them unconscious, they eventually discovered his position and opened fire.  Aleksey had hid in his bathroom when he heard footsteps up the stairs, and called authorities.  Within minutes, a hostage rescue team had showed up and a standoff between the Russian special forces and the government's special forces started.  The former was unaware of the fact there was a small boy in the house, and the latter was all too aware of that fact.  The standoff lasted all night, eventually culminating into a firefight when a sniper had managed to catch a Russian soldier at a window and blew his brains out.  The Russians held out, due to the fact that the hostage rescue team had to be precise, so as not to hurt the boy, dragging on the firefight until every single Russian had been killed or otherwise incapacitated.  Aleksey was rescued and was brought into the superhero serum program full-time, to live there and create whatever he wished with funding from the government.
As he got older, he got more and more interested in creating a suit in which he could be immortal.  The fleshy body that had doomed his mother and father to be murdered could be cut out.  It was unnecessary.

He worked for years on creating his suit, becoming more and more depressed and reclusive.  He despised the government for not being able to protect his parents, despite their massive contribution to their country, he despised other people for not knowing that they were living in inferior bodies; that they could be improved.  He planned to show everyone that this superhero serum program was a waste; that genetics were nothing compared to the raw power of machinery.  Despite all this, he made a very loyal friend in the process.  It was a boy his age, who had intelligence that just fell below Aleksey's.  He was a result of the intelligence mutation in the fetus, rather than in infancy, and he looked up to Aleksey.  They worked together on the project, and when it was finally completed, it was agreed that Aleksey would be the one to be put into the machine.  

Eventually, Aleksey showed his suit to his government handlers.  They were blown away by the design, and it was quickly decided that this suit would be the future of the military.  They informed Aleksey that his suit would be taken away and reverse engineered to discover how everything worked, and that he had done a great service to his country.  But Aleksey knew that this thanks meant nothing.  The government was nothing but thieves who stole from greater beings such as him.  He fast forwarded his plans, telling his friend that Aleksey would transfer into the suit that night, before the government could get their hands on it.
The experiment was a complete and utter success, and when the workers had shown up to take his suit away, they found it ready to be transported.  It was brought into a secret lab, and only a few hours later, many lead scientists and generals were brought into the room to bear witness to the starting of the future.

The scientists were shocked when the suit came to life, revealing that Aleksey had been inside it the entire time.  He had no body, or head or limbs.  He was organs, a brain and a nervous system contained inside a metal core.  He saw all the people who wished to take his precious suit away from him.  

By the time he walked out the building, his suit was dirty with blood and bile.  He already knew that once he had done this, he would never be able to go back to his normal life.  He had started his life as a fugitive and he wouldn't give up now.
He roamed for years, becoming known by the word he left on all the bodies: REQUIEM, meaning a remembrance for loss.  The loss that he had suffered with his parents.  The loss the government had suffered with him.  The loss that he had suffered of his humanity.  Anywhere he went, he reminded people that loss was coming.  And the loss he inflicted would never be forgotten.
He was tagged as a serial killer and all citizens were cautioned to proceed with extreme caution when dealing with him.  He eventually found the secret lab he had started his killing spree in, and managed to add parts, such as a blade and a minigun, and he is currently trying his best to figure out a way to add a vocal function in.  

He's lost track of the people he's murdered and the family he's torn apart, and he only has one mission:
To prove that the government and the superhero serum program was useless by hunting down everyone that's associated, and, more importantly, to show the world that he, more machine than man, was beautiful.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Reaction
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

1.  The limbs of his suit are interchangeable, but it takes time.  With a few hours and access to his lab, he can switch an arm for a minigun, a blade, or hands.  The minigun runs out of ammunition fairly quickly, and finding more is extremely difficult for a fugitive like him, so he prefers not to use it except for when it's necessary.  The blade is the default arm he uses.  It's a foot long, starting at the wrist, and is used for combat only.  It's lightweight and can be moved quickly due to the increased strength from his suit.  It's also completely straight and cone-shaped, used for only stabbing.  Slashing with the blade would be the same as using a blunt object, and is the technique that Requiem uses when he feels that lethal force isn't necessary.  The suit configured to have two hands is only used for construction and things that are guaranteed to be pacifistic.  He doesn't like this configuration, as it's not as intimidating as having a blade, so he'll only use it when it's necessary for things such as delicate measurements or carrying things that couldn't be done with one hand.

2.  His forearms are able to detach from his arms and shoot out, propelled by a mechanism in the arms, impaling anything or reaching anything he needs to without having to move.  He can then reel in the chain, allowing his forearms to reattach themselves.  

3.  In case any foreign object finds itself into his suit, he can use his waste reserve and overheat himself, disintegrating anything that is in, or close to an opening.  His organs are contained by a metal shield, protecting them from this heat.  This can only be performed once in a while, considering he has to build up his waste reserve.

4.  He has increased strength that comes simply from being in his suit.

The Weaknesses

1.  As long as he's kept submerged in anything for a long period of time, his organs will shut down and he'll die.  His oxygen vents will close and his reserve will run out, and his cells will start deteriorating, just as the pure human body would.  Because of this, he will avoid fighting near water or anything that could drown him, and he is careful not to let his enemies know about this weakness.

2.  Although his suit can incinerate anything that enters, it can only be done once in a certain period of time.  If something relentlessly enters his body, his suit can be destroyed from the inside out.  Again, he viciously tries to withhold this information from his enemies, and will use his chains with great care, as that's the only time something can enter into his suit.

3.  He can't speak and communicate his ideas, which frustrated him the few times he's managed to team up with people.  He doesn't like teaming up for this reason, although he craves companionship.

4.  His cranks are slow to reel back in his chains, being powered by only a very small generator.  Similar to his fear of anything entering, he avoids letting anyone know and is constantly trying to think of improvements to the design.  He uses his chains with caution.

5.  His last weakness, which he believes to be the worst, is he's still human.  He still feels remorse when killing, although much less than before, and has come close to sparing someone due to them begging or crying.  He yearns to laugh, which frustrates him to the point of crying, which he can't do either.  He's learned that he must try to suppress all emotion so that he can focus on improving himself, although he has a hard time doing that sometimes.  The only thing keeping him alive is his hope that someday either he will be fully human again, and will be able to reintegrate himself somehow, or he will become fully robot, and will never have to live in constant torture ever again.

The Fluff

A scientist at heart, he will sometimes get distracted by things he deems interesting.  He will quickly forget tasks at hand if he sees an interesting machine or parts that he thinks could help him.  He's very curious, driving him to study his opponents and learn their weaknesses, leading him to win many battles that he shouldn't have.  
The RP Sample

There wasn't an easy way to do this.

Either he stormed in there and made a scene, alerting the heroine, along with police and other superhumans, to his presence, and risked putting himself into a tight situation, or he somehow snuck into cafe and took out his target quietly.  But there were two problems with that last idea:  a suit like his was sort of hard to hide, standing at 7 feet tall, coated with shiny metal plates that showcased the great care the owner took, and a large spike extending from his right arm.  He was almost alien-like, and he knew it.  It was situations like these where he almost missed the days where he could just walk into the cafe and pretend to be a normal person, rather than scoping the building out from the top of the building across the street.  

It was an inconvenience, really.  A disappointment.  

Though he was a genius in almost all regards, he couldn't figure out a way to make his suit more conspicuous, which he seemed to be regretting more and more these days.  He still didn't really understand the reasoning behind going for a model that looked like a war machine, rather than something that resembled more of a humanoid shape, other than the simple reasoning of kid stupidity.  Still, it helped his reputation, which was always nice.  He still got a rush if someone recognized him, the shock in their faces and the whites of their eyes as they realized who he was and what he must've come to do.  He ventured only into public with a target in mind and it had left an imprint on the media.  He had seen himself on the sole TV he had in his hideout, heard eyewitness recounts, known about the horrors he had put people through.  And still, he got a rush.

But he was distracting himself.

The second reason he couldn't take out his target quietly was that his employer had requested that she be publicly humiliated.  He hated that word "employer."  He hated working for someone else and he hated people thinking that he was in it just for the money.  He was more than that, but, as proud as he was, he was desperate.  Cash had been harder to come by, especially with villains making more of a grab for the surrounding areas recently.  More muggings, more murders, more filth.  He couldn't be bothered to get caught up in all of it.  He had the simple mission of sending a message, and if he could get a payout along with it, he would take it.  The heroine working in the cafe was known as "Spitfire".  His employer had informed him that she had the power to spit caustic acid, something which was sorely proven by the fact that many dealers were found with acid burns, at the least, and holes, at the worst.  Although she hadn't taken too much of a crimefighting role so far, she had plucked a few of his employers' strings, motivating his employer to simply follow her home one night and finding out her secret identity.  And that's why Requiem was here.  She had to be reminded of loss.  

He jumped down, landing with the metallic clank of his feet on concrete.  He had prided himself on how little his body weighed.  While most geniuses out there could build some kind of supersuit, it would most likely be heavy, or big or a combination of both.  His was neither, being light enough that he could walk across the sidewalk and to the front door of the cafe without alerting the entire block, and being compact enough that he was able to crouch down only a little bit, and step through the door, before drawing himself to his full height, instead of having to smash through the door.  He found his target, a small woman with light brown hair, fairly short stature, and average looks which were improved slightly by muscles being lightly defined through her barista shirt, probably from all the secret crimefighting at night.  He found it amusing that one of the first indicators of a superhuman was their above average body, due to all the exercise they have to go through, whereas he simply stayed the same no matter what.  Another win of machine over man.

He had started to make his move when he heard a scream from behind him.  It seemed that someone had noticed the trail of blood from the building across the street, leading through the door, and up to a limp male body that was being held by the neck in the large figure's arms.  It was Spitfire's husband, her identity quickly revealed by his employer's informants, and someone personal to her taken hostage.  He was still alive though, and he managed to make that known to her but squeezing his body tightly, making him groan in pain.  She had seen him at this point, and the look on her face sent that all too familiar rush through him.  He knew that he had no body and it was almost impossible for adrenaline to do anything for him, but he still loved that useless rush anyway.  It was one of the few useless things he kept.  

His actions were simple and clear.  Requiem held her husbands body up easily, facing Spitfire.  Her husband's head rolled as he fell unconscious once more, kept up all night by the serial killer so he wouldn't be able to struggle or help when he had planned to enter the cafe, just as he did now.  He had a plan for the acid spitter, and it had the best of both plans:  he wouldn't get cornered, and he'd still be able to make a scene.  He pointed his spike dead at her heart, watching her intently as she opened her mouth into a small gasp.  She had nowhere to go if she wanted her husband to live.  He motioned his attachment in a "come hither" fashion, and then placed it on his hostage's throat.  

He knew his message had gotten across when he saw Spitfire, looking resigned, stepped closer to him.  The fear is her face was clear.

This was what he lived for.

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Requiem Empty Re: Requiem

Post by Chellizard on January 23rd 2018, 3:28 pm

Approved and moved.

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