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Roan's 3rd advancement

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Roan's 3rd advancement

Post by The Swolefather on January 12th 2018, 8:57 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: Gungnir and Aegishjalmur

Item/Character Advancement Description:

Item Power(s):
Allfather's Might: when wielded, this blade doubles the users strength.

Wings of the Valkyrie: Once wielded, the user can summon two wings of light at will, allowing them to fly up to 60mph.

Gungnir can shift between 3 forms: greatsword, longsword and spear.

Gungnir is sharp enough to cut through most metals like paper.

Gungnir can engulf itself in electricity.

Aegishjalmur is nigh indestructible.

Aegishjalmur can collapse into a gauntlet for storage.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
If the wings created by Gungnir are struck with enough force, they will disappear for 3 posts

Gungnir is not a weapon for cowards, if the user runs from battle, they are considered unworthy of its power and must earn it back.

If Gungnir is knocked from the users hand, it can not be called back.

Gungnir is incapable of slicing through Arcadian metals.

Gungnir thirsts for battle, and will influence the user to become more aggressive, if resisted for too long, the user may end up attacking friends.

In order to be engulfed in electricity, the user must be out doors in order for the blade to be struck by lightning.

In order for the blade to be struck,  the user must remain still for a moment, or the bolt will miss. The bolt will not harm enemies or surroundings if it does miss.

Aegishjalmur is mounted to the forearm and is unable to be thrown.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 15 exp
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