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Aurum, Prince of Auraminia

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Aurum, Prince of Auraminia Empty Aurum, Prince of Auraminia

Post by Knightfall on January 11th 2018, 8:00 pm


"You fight, not for yourselves, but for your planet. For Auraminia!"

The Bio

Real Name: Aurum of Auraminia
Hero Name: Aurum
Title: Prince of Auraminia, Slayer of Octopulus, Galactic Peacemaker, Onyx Avenger
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 270 in Auraminian years, 27 in Earth years
Gender: Appears to be male physically but is without a gender
Race: Auraminian
Hair: Gold
Eyes: Bright Yellow-Orange
Height: 8'5"
Weight: 10,820 lbs.
Blood type: Golden Ichor

The Looks

The Personality

Aurum's not as social now as he used to be in his youth, a few years mining space rocks will do that to a person. While he maintains a calm stoic appearance he likes to take the role of a leader when times are grim having done so in the past with Embassy and the others. He cares about few things in life which include his ship, his wife, and his friends.

The Story

Aurum was born an heir to the throne of a planet by the name of Auraminia whose inhabitants were made up entirely of pure gold. He himself is not made up of pure gold since his mother was actually composed of titanium making him what was called an Alloisian. If the rest of his father's people were to find out about this Aurum would be outcast forced to live out his life in the depths of space. Being so this fact was kept secret from the citizens of Auraminia and even Aurum himself.

When Aurum was small he had aspirations to join the army and so his father, even though he frowned upon it, enrolled him in training. Aurum fought valiantly and was at the top of his class in no time due to him being stronger than the rest of his classmates. Soon enough it was time for the Divine Ceremony an event that took place every 1,000 Auraminian years where the current holders of the sacred artifact the Light of the Divine would pass it along to one of the neighboring planet's royal youth as a sign of peace and unity for years to come. It was quite the extravaganza for young Aurum as all the neighboring planet's inhabitants came together to witness and celebrate the Divine Ceremony. Eventually, it was time for the ceremony and the prince of the planet Diomari, Demonak, went up to the sacred pedestal to pull the sword from it. But as the young prince took hold of the sword's hilt a bright flash came from the blade and words seemingly etched themselves into the sword's metal. "You are not worthy." the prince read in disbelief, nothing like this had ever happened before surely this was a mistake. The young prince turned to Aurum's father and asked him if this was some kind of a joke but the king was just as stumped as he was. Then the prince started to grow angry with the man and pointed the sword at the man's chest as a threat. Auraminian guards quickly rushed to the king's aide and escorted the boy away leaving the sword in its pedestal while the visiting inhabitants here to watch the ceremony as it had always gone cried out in outrage.

Several years later the now King Demonak took his father's throne after his passing and went to war against Auraminia. This had been the battle Aurum had been waiting for all his life but his father absolutely forbid his getting involved. Demonak's men were much stronger than the Auraminians and the king knew this. Soon enough King Demonak had brought the fight to Auraminia overwhelming their remaining military force pushing them back to the castle. Out of desperation the king brought Aurum to the sacred pedestal and asked him to retrieve the sword, as Aurum did so the writing that had been previously etched into the sword's blade vanished. The king then told Aurum to flee to one of the escape ships, when Aurum was about to refuse the castle doors were bashed in and King Demonak's men rushed in full force. Aurum fled leaving his father and the rest of his men to fend off the attackers as best they could. Aurum managed to get to the escape ship just before Demonak's men started catching up to him, and Aurum flew off to the nearest planet unknown to King Demonak, Earth.

Upon crash-landing on Earth Aurum was found by a band of refugees: there was a talking rat by the name of Embassy, a demon gladiator who went by Braulio, two brothers who dealt in the way of the samurai and ninja respectively named John and Jesse, and an android they called Nick. Together in a few months time, they rebuilt Aurum's ship and they all flew back to confront King Demonak once and for all. When they arrived on Auraminia they learned from a few refugees that the king and most of the Auraminian forces were still alive but were held captive in the castle dungeons. With the refugees help they infiltrated the castle and managed to free Aurum's father and his men from the dungeon undetected. They then rallied their forces and stormed the castle a fierce battle ensued with the sound of metal against metal echoing across the once cheerful landscape. As the battle continued Aurum could tell that they were on the losing side even with their reinforcements the Diomari were just too much for them. That's when his father called out to him from across the castle courtyard telling him to have faith but his father was soon interrupted by a sword stabbing through his chest. Aurum let out a cry of anguish and rushed his father's attacker, it was King Demonak who flung the king's body off of his sword and into one of the castle walls. Aurum got close to the young king and rose his sword ready to avenge his father but King Demonak was ready for him and he sidestepped Aurum slamming the butt of his sword into Aurum's head. Aurum staggered and fell at his dying father's side who whispered his last words with a dying breath, "Be one with the sword, Aurum. Let it guide you." Demonak stood over him with his sword ready to end Aurum with a smirk on his face. "I see you wield the cursed blade that got you here in the first place. Allow me to show you that your faith is misplaced!" The young king swung his sword down at Aurum and all he could do was aim the sword at his chest in defense. Suddenly a bright white-gold light emanated from the sword's blade and fired a beam straight through King Demonak's chest sending him flying. The fighting in the courtyard ceased to a halt as they'd all witnessed what had just occurred both the Auraminians and the Diomari lowered their weapons and kneeled before Aurum. "The prophecy... is true."

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 2
3. Reaction 3
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Super Strength: Being made of metal Aurum can lift 25+ tons this is easier achieved when in an enraged state.

Reflexes: Aurum is able to react to and or perceive things much faster than most other organisms to the point of seeing bullets fly through the air as if they were amateur swimmers moving through a pool of molasses.

Enraged State: When Aurum enters an enraged state a white-yellow fiery aura envelops his person and his abilities are enhanced tenfold.

Flight: When in his enraged state Aurum is able to nimbly fly around with great precision at speeds of Mach 3.

Telepathic Resistance: Aurum has grown a resistance to telepathy having been subject to mind reading and control several times.

Personal Magnetism: Aurum has the ability to manipulate his own magnetic field, allowing him to affect ferrous materials, attract/repel objects/entities with dissimilar/similar polar charges, and damage the inner workings of mechanical devices.

Metamorphic Arm: Because Aurum is an Alloisian he has the ability to morph his right arm into various shapes and sizes while still maintaining it's composition.

Mind Link: Aurum has the telepathic ability to link minds with other living beings to share thoughts, memories, emotions, or feelings.

Divine Protection: Through his spiritual connection with the Light of the Divine and those who forged it Aurum is able to create a protected aura of pure divine energy to envelop and protect himself and others from corruption or malevolent entities.

The Weaknesses

Extreme Heat: Aurum can start to melt at 2,491 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,366 degrees Celcius.

Magnetism Manipulation: If Aurum's magnetic field is manipulated he could be rendered stuck against whatever he's magnetized to.

Metal Manipulation: Being made entirely of metal Aurum is extremely vulnerable to metal manipulation.

PTSD: After witnessing the destruction wrought upon his homeworld and Earth Aurum has had difficulty recovering from the past traumatic events he's suffered through making him anxious. This is one of the reasons why he chose to stop being a hero and live a quieter life as a space miner.

Speed: While Aurum is able to maneuver himself well even in places with different gravity he remains to be somewhat lacking in speed due to his mass and weight.

Large Bodies of Water: When underwater Aurum sinks like an anchor and can't enter his enraged state to fly out of the said water.

Stamina: Aurum can only stay in his enraged state for a few hours until he gets worn out.

Acid: Strong acids can burn through and corrode Aurum.

One at a Time Please: Aurum can only have his mind link connected to one person at a time and the farther away they are the harder it gets to communicate with them effectively.

The Items

Light of the Divine: A highly illustrious and decorated longsword with deep spiritual meaning said to be forged by the gods out of all the planets that make up Aurum's galaxy. Its full potential can only be unlocked when wielded by someone with a pure heart. The hilt resembles the blade of a double-sided ax and can be used as such. When wielded by someone of a pure heart the sword makes a bond with the user and upon command, whether it be verbal or telepathic, starts glowing a bright white-gold color and fires a single glowing arrow that burns straight through anything in its path. Through Aurum's bond with the blade, he can bring it to him upon command whether it be telepathic or verbal. The sword also has the ability to split into two copies of itself for dual-wielding at the sacrifice of both the blade's length and the charge shot, the blade can be recombined into its original form after it has been split apart. If a person who is unworthy wields the sword and tries to use its power then glowing white writing will be etched into the blade reading, "You are not worthy." Weaknesses: The blade's shot can't be used often or in succession and it takes a while to charge up the shot before it fires. The blade can't fire dual shots or a shot in general while it's split in two. The blade can't be summoned if it deems the one who commanded it unworthy.

O.ffensive N.eutral I.nconvertible X. Augmented Exoskeleton: A suit engineered and used by Aurum during the Battle for Auraminia it is made entirely of black onyx with yellow lights on the outside. The suit features deployable nanobots for repairs, a deployable time field that slows down everything encapsulated within it, a sheath for Light of the Divine that allows it to give off a more powerful shot, and cloaking capabilities. Aurum only uses this suit as a last resort as it is built for war and does not take it into battle often. Weaknesses: Only one function can be used at a time or else the suit starts overheating cooking whoever's inside, when damaged shards from the suit can be sent flying into allies as well as enemies, and the suit hinders Aurum's movement making him less than flexible.

The Minions

The Fluff

Eye and O.N.I.X. Suit Color: When Aurum enters an enraged state his eyes go from a bright yellow-orange to a glowing whitish-yellow as well as his ONYX suit.

Self-Sustenance: Aurum is not bound by the same restrictions as humans are meaning that he doesn't require oxygen to breathe, etc. Which is a good thing considering that his planet, Auraminia, lacks an atmosphere.

Metal Mimicry: Aurum retains the same properties as the metal he's made of. Which includes magnetism, tensile strength, etc.

Fighting Skills: Aurum has had extensive military training both Earthen and Auraminian and is very proficient in the art of swordplay and hand-to-hand combat. His leadership and action in multiple wars and battles have given him a good knowledge of military tactics.

Regenerative Healing Blood: Aurum's blood is made up of a substance that upon making contact with wounds helps them to heal and regenerate at a faster than human rate.

Multi-Lingual: Having been all around multiple galaxies in his adventures Aurum has picked up many languages that he can speak, translate, and understand fully.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Aurum, Prince of Auraminia Empty Re: Aurum, Prince of Auraminia

Post by Chellizard on January 13th 2018, 8:24 pm

Mach 13 is not going to happen.

Let's dial that back to about... Mach 4 and we'll call this approved.

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Aurum, Prince of Auraminia Empty Re: Aurum, Prince of Auraminia

Post by Chellizard on January 14th 2018, 12:17 am

Approved and moved.

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Number of posts : 4777
Location : The Closet.
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