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Ozwald A. Nael (Not completed)

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Ozwald A. Nael (Not completed)

Post by CrazyAngel on December 22nd 2017, 1:02 am

(I'm heading to my moms tomorrow, so I won't have access to my computer xD so I will post what I can now so I can continue it with my phone or if I get to borrow a laptop there when I can)




The Bio

Real Name: Ozwald A. Nael 
Hero Name: Mad hatter 
Title: The inventor (Not certain I'll keep this but I try XD) 
Alignment: Chaotic good 
Age: 24 
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Hair: Dark red
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2
Weight: 186 lb
Blood type: O-

The Looks

The Personality

Oz is a pretty charismatic man who generally knows what he wants and knows what he's doing. He has a bit of his own excentric charms, being pretty gentlemanly, curteous and polite. He gets along with pretty much anybody and has a good sense of humor. He's generally very dedicated to the work he does, that it be on his inventions or fighting crime.

Though, as friendly as he appears you do not wish to get on his bad side. For one, he's pretty straight forward. If you get on his nerves a little too much, he will let you know and won't hold back his words. How he reacts can also depend on the situation, generally he will get aggressive if the other one is or attacks someone who asked nothing for it, having a bit of a protective side. He can feel empathy and guilt for those who doesn't deserve to be harmed, but he won't to those he deems deserves severe treatment and that would generally be those who plays with peoples life.

He does want to protect people and help making this world a safer place, his ways might not necessairly be one everyone agree with. He is not afraid of killing. He will kill someone if he considers the person doesn't deserve to live due to his crimes and will feel no guilt about it. He is not afraid of torturing to get informations if he has someone under his claws with informations that interest him. For him, he will use any methods that will bring him to his goal. Of course with certain boundries, he would never harm someone who wouldn't deserve it. But in the case he considers the person does, he can show himself extremely cold blooded, brutal, harsh, manipulative, calculating and even sadistic. He does feel some kind of satisfaction in making others suffer if those particular others have had their own fun in making innocents suffer. He's also very resentful. He does not forget easily. But one thing he can actually understand is some just needs to be brought in the right path if he see's they live a similar situation than he did.

Though, he is still an extremely prudent man and doesn't give his trust that easily. He doesn't jump into a fight head first either, he'll take his time to make a good plan and make sure he doesn't fuck things up. His charismatic side does give him a certain advantage. He won't be afraid of joining a group of criminals for infiltration purposes, earn their trust to know where to aim.

The Story

Oz was born in a small England city about an hour from London. He eventually had another brother, another sister and that was about it. She took care of them, but more or less cause she was stuck with them in a way. In his young age, he used to be very sensitive but the harsh environnement his mother brought him in slowly taught him to not be. He hadn't really grown up knowing what mother's love is. She was harsh, cold and strict. She did teach them certain things though. She taught them a few good morals, she taught them to care for eachothers and Oz was pretty protective to his younger siblings. Their was also this one point... This one point where she would tell them to hide.

In short, when a group of people would come in, she would immidiately tell them to hide. Another thing she taught them was to never argue with her, because they'd get the shit slapped out of them and they did not want the shit slapped out of them. So they would hide and say nothing. Hearing a bit what they we're saying without really understanding the adults talk and never really knowing what they we're talking about. Either way, their mother knew they we're too young to understand so all what she said was that they we're very bad people and that's all they needed to know, so they listened.

One day, when he was about five years old, the men came again. But this time, they actually found out about it. He didn't know how they did but they seem to accuse their mother of something and started searching all of the house until they found them. The mother did try to stop this from happening and she actually used some strange kind of power they didn't know what it was, but it was scary. She tried to protect them, but in vain. They we're more than she was and eventually left her there, bringing the three kids with them.

(These are the three first paragraphes I might keep. I'm just trying to make the story a bit more simple and better xD It's huge. So it might take me time to finish his damn history :'D)

The Priority

1. Agility 4
2. Endurance 1
3. Reaction 3
4. Strength 2

The Powers

The Weaknesses

Status :

Quote : ''I present myself, this one french artistic twat. At your service!''

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 25
Location : Canada, QC
Age : 24
Registration date : 2017-12-07

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