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Marcus Jones [Ready]

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Marcus Jones  [Ready] Empty Marcus Jones [Ready]

Post by PropTop on December 16th 2017, 5:45 pm


"Yesterday was the first day of my afterlife."

The Bio

Real Name:  Marcus Jones
Hero Name:  Bobby Veil
Title:  The late
Alignment:  Lawful good
Age:  23
Gender: Male
Race: Ghost, once human
Hair: A translucent faded brown, kept neatly trimmed to his head, with a light patch of stubble over his jaw
Eyes:  Translucent faded blue
Height: Six foot exactly
Weight: When fully phased back to the realm of the living he weighs 140lbs
Blood type: N/a; his blood left his system long ago

The Looks

Marcus maintains the image he had upon his death, which is that of a typical Englishman, with dirty brown hair, trimmed short and neat to keep in line with the uniform regulations of his work. His eyes still maintain a sharp gaze to them despite the distance given by the faded colours and strange translucence to his form, his smile is still warm with a full set of well kept teeth, and for all intents and purposes, he would have been a handsome man, had it not been for the strange burn marks that covered the left side of his face, which burned with a pale blue untouchable flame that set itself over the injury whenever his form fully phased back to the physical realm. He stands at a solid six foot, with a body that was built more to keep up with people and wear them down, rather than a body of a person who punches their way through problems, as such his body is fit, but not bulky or muscular. He wears the outfit of a standard police officer in Britain, with the lightly armoured vest, black trousers, white shirt, and the cap, with a taser still in the holster, however the left collar of his shirt is burned a darker colour than the rest of it, the full outfit also having the faded and translucent nature of his condition, the translucence only fading when he fully phases, letting his body become solid again, and yet still looking faded and unnatural.

The Personality

Marcus tries to remain upbeat around others, trying to be as helpful as he can for as many people as he can, his instincts from serving in the police force still firmly with him, guiding his every choice with what a good peacekeeper would do, in that regard he tries his hardest to talk people out of issues before seeking more physical reactions. As well as this, being a person who has died once before has given Marcus an even more concrete view on imposing the experience upon others, and so he will always try to find a way that does not include death, and in the case of enemies, something that involves hefty sentences in a solid prison. Marcus can very well be described as a person who is firm but fair, giving those who deserve affection exactly that, and seeking out ways to punish those who do break the law for their own ends.

The Story

Marcus was born to a rough lower class background in London, England. Growing up with two older brothers, the three of them would often keep themselves busy getting into all sorts of trouble, and as such spent an equally long time recovering from the injuries of said trouble. The group had quite a dynamic, with the oldest brother being a big bruiser of a man, the middle child being able to dodge a stone thrown from right behind him, and Marcus being able to sneak into the areas that the other two could not ever find their own way into. Their first encounter with a meta was while they were out roaming the streets looking for trouble, and that trouble certainly found them, it took the form of a rather lovely looking woman, however Marcus soon realised there was something off about this lady; mainly the fact that as she drew nearer they could see her nails were long sharp claw like protrusions, almost seeming to be literal metal nails themselves. All three got away, though only barely, the oldest brother got slashed across the eye, leading to the damaged eye having to be removed.

After that, the brothers were a lot more careful, and even more so, they were fearful; Metas were everywhere, and they had no idea which would be good, and which would be bad. After they received their educations, the brothers went their separate ways, the oldest brother became a middleweight boxer, having moderate success in his work, and a lot of satisfaction doing what he loved. The middle child went off to pursue a newfound love of theater, and worked his way into a performance college, where he aced the course and went to perform all around the world. And that left Marcus, who still had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, mostly milling around the house and flitting from job to job, never settling into one and constantly getting fired.

His inspiration came when he was watching a few news reports of the damage both caused and prevented by Metas, and he realised that the law enforcement agents, despite having no powers, were rushing into harms way to save people, and that was when he decided that he wanted to chase a life of police work, so at the age of seventeen, he set off to enroll at a police academy, where he aced the criteria and soon was out on the streets of London in a nice new uniform. It seemed like the perfect job, after all, with heroes around as well, what could go wrong? It was only a few years later that his question was answered, with the fall of New York, seeing just the damage that could be done, he was put on overtime nearly every day of the week, keeping out in the public, helping people and trying to keep the atmosphere calm, to keep the peace. Sadly that peace would not last long, as it was only a few months later that Marcus would be out on patrol in London, when he saw a woman running down an alleyway, chasing after her he stopped her at a dead end to find out it was the woman he encountered as a child, as he raised his taser to try and take her down, she turned around, her face twisted in a horrifying grin, the pin of a grenade between her teeth. The building around them collapsed onto both of them, and when the emergency services came to clean up, Marcus was stood by the side, his hearing a bit funny, like it was somewhat muffled. As he waited for them to uncover the body of the woman he noticed nobody was talking to him or even looking at him, and that was when they pulled him up. It took a while for Marcus to come to terms with his death, and even longer to figure out his powers, while he was learning to get in touch with the world again, people sighted him around the building, quickly dubbing the ghost Bobby Veil. Eventually Marcus realised he was kept like this for a reason surely, and he would find that reason even if it killed him again.

The Priority

1. Agility  2
2. Endurance 1
3. Reaction 3
4. Strength 4

The Powers

1.  Dual phases- Marcus mainly resides in a spirit phase, having a set of benefits from that condition, however if he concentrates, he can phase into the physical realm, giving him a different set of uses as opposed to being in his spirit form.

Spirit phase:
2. Poltergeist- When in his spirit form, Marcus can use a form of telekinesis to move around objects.
3.  Stun bolts- While in spirit form, Marcus' taser has unlimited shots from the one pack it has loaded onto it, and when used in his spirit form fires a bolt that if it connects with the target, causes them to be stunned for a few seconds.

Physical phase
4. Ghost fire- When in his physical form, Marcus can launch bolts of pale blue fire at his opponents.

The Weaknesses

1. Physical phase- In his physical state, he is able to be hurt by anything that would hurt a normal person, and if he takes enough damage, can be forced back into his spirit form and have to recover enough energy to use any of his powers.

Spirit phase:
2. Poltergeist- Unfortunately the power of the poltergeist can only affect non living objects, so cannot be used to hurl people or openly attack them, the main weakness of the spirit phase being having no physical way to attack enemies
3. Electricity- While in his spirit form, Marcus can be hurt and eventually destroyed using electricity, a solid enough blast causing his form to be eradicated.
4. Ghost hunters- As a spirit, Marcus can be tracked and found using conventional ghost hunting equipment, meaning that as long as one has the knowledge of him, he can be traced.
5. Angels and Demons- In both of his forms, his biggest weakness is that of angelic and demonic beings, both of which being able to physically touch and hurt him.

The Items

The only items that Marcus has with him are his taser, and baton, the taser holding the source of his electric powers in his spirit form, and his baton being a useful weapon when he takes on physical form.

The Fluff

Marcus' face becomes covered in pale blue flames when he enters his physical form, the ghostly flames a reminder of the final few breaths he took when in the land of the living.
Marcus' body has a strange translucent effect to it, making him somewhat see through.

The RP Sample

This is the story of the final moments of a man. It is not a story often told to people in its entirety, but this was not a situation which occurred very often either, the story of a man denied eternity.
Marcus stood in shock and disbelief at the creature before him, grinning with the pin in her mouth, it scared him greatly to see a woman so keen to kill that her own death filled her with some twisted form of glee, he quickly unholstered his taser, pulling the trigger as the area around them was shaken by a heavy explosion, the flames catching him in the face, knocking him to the floor as he saw the rubble cascading towards him, hurtling down at such speeds, and then silence and darkness as they impacted.

Marcus came to as the emergency services were hard at work scrabbling through the rubble, his ears still ringing, and sound muffled slightly almost like he was far away. As he watched he tried to get the attention of the police officer on duty, waving his arms at the man and calling out "Harvey! It's Marcus, I'm alright, we have a meta in there who could still be alive, be careful." And yet, nobody really seemed to move or acknowledge his call. Getting annoyed at his friend playing games at a time like this he goes to step forwards as an emergency service worker pulls up a piece of rubble in front of him, something underneath it scarring Marcus beyond any rational belief; his face, devoid of life, staring into the sky, the side of his face burned horribly. The worker calls a team of paramedics over, who rushed through Marcus, the workers shivering slightly, looking at eachother with confusion in their eyes before they crouched by his body, confirming his death a few minutes later.

The last thing anybody wants to hear is that they are dead, especially from the experts, but that is what Marcus had just found out. His body was laying in a body bag, a couple of meters in front of him, being carted into the ambulance with the rest of the bodies to have arrangements made with the family. Marcus just sat on the ground, his head in his hands, in a state of sadness beyond despair, realising now what he was, and that was trapped. Trapped on the Earth for time unknown, left to wander and wonder what life meant to keep him around like this. He went to stand up, sadness in his eyes as he came face to face with his own mother, looking straight through him, a similar grief across her face, unable to even see her son standing there before her.

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Marcus Jones  [Ready] Empty Re: Marcus Jones [Ready]

Post by Chellizard on December 17th 2017, 9:50 pm

Approved and moved.

Welcome to SHRP.

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