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R4T PT 01 - Audrey-Anne Vanier

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R4T PT 01 - Audrey-Anne Vanier Empty R4T PT 01 - Audrey-Anne Vanier

Post by CrazyAngel on December 14th 2017, 2:06 am

Audrey-Anne Vanier

"If you knew the undesired informations I've seen through hacks... Uggggh..."

The Bio

Real Name: Audrey-Anne Vanier
Hero Name: R4T PT 01
Title: The cybernetic's scryer
Alignment: Neutral good
Age: 19
Gender: Woman
Race: Meta human
Hair: Strawberry blond
Eyes: Green
Height: 1m63 (5'3)
Weight: 142 lb
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The Personality

Audrey is a rather energetic girl, usually happy going and friendly. She's got a bit more trouble focusing on something if she doesn't find it interesting considering she has an attention disorder. She's easily gets distracted and will take medication to stay focused when necessairy (for exemple, for school or work). She'll befriend anyone pretty easily, providing if she gets to talk with them considering she's not one to approach others that easily unless something triggers her interest. Even though she gets along with almost anyone, she's still cautious on people she barely knows considering she could trust someone a little bit too easily.

She's pretty nerdy in the video games, comic, cartoons and anime side and enjoys talking about stories. She's also a maniac when it comes to informatics and knows about hacking. Give her a job where it demands someone with a good knowledge on informatics and despite her ADD, she'll be working on it for hours until it's done and with perfectionism because it interests her. She has a desire to help make the world a safer place and aspires she might be one day of use through informatics.

She has one major fear and it's being locked up in a closed up space. Basically, she's claustrophobia and it will cause her to panic if such situation happened. She hates going in an elevator for that reasons and loves having a window open in a car (Though it's not a necessity, but it does make her feel less anxious).

The Story

Born in the Quebecian province of oh Canada, Audrey-Anne was originally born city that was not too far from Montreal called Vaudreuil where she grew most of her child hood. She grew up in a pretty normal family, having an older brother who she often bantered with and with rather patriotical parents. Meaning that for them, the Quebecian culture was very important, fighting for their rights and for what they believed was right. Many of their values grew on her.

At the age of 5, since her father used to go in an english school when he was younger, she had the rights to go in an english school which her parents chose to so she could speak both french and english, which was very useful in the bilingual province they lived in. Especially for when she'd grow up to have a job. Public jobs often asked for people who could speak both. Eventually, for job reasons, her parents had to move out in another city when she was about to start her secondary, eventually sending her in a french school since the english ones we're further. Thus, through time, she gained a bit of an accent while her older brother spoke english better than she did. But she still kept the language considering she had several friends on the internet.

Making friends had became difficult considering she went in a new school and didn't know anyone. So getting used had been very hard for her and she was often victim of bullying. Such thing had caused her to become colder toward others and defend herself a lot more, though not very well. As time passed, some girls started changing and chose to protect her, denounce what was happening and eventually she did make friends. Of course, she became a little harder to trust others, but eventually she started making several friends and herself becoming empathetic for others and even protective to certain.
She had also learned how to hack, starting through video games and so on as she grew up. One day, when she was about 16 years old, she had accidentally discovered one of her powers, the one who had given her access through information's. At first, it freaked her and she had fallen unconscious after her consciousness had rejected what was happening. Then believing it was a dream but later coming to realization it was true. For a while, she had ignored this power and tried to avoid it happening again.

She always had relatively good grades in school, even though going to a french school when she was in English one took time to get used to. She eventually went in a CEGEP (pre-university colleges) without really knowing where she wanted to go. All she knew is she had a lot of interest for technology, animations, she did enjoy music and video games. She started off in an integration course, where she got used to college life and after the two first semesters, finally decided to go study into informatics in the Old Montreal CEGEP (CEGEP du Vieux Montréal) where she still studies now. She had moved out in a college residence, casually going back to her parents when the sessions we're over and going back during the sessions.

As time would go, a part of her wanted to fight for a cause. She had a lot of interest for what was happening right now, in the world. Sociologically speaking, politically speaking. She participated in a lot of things that concerned her province such as fighting for students rights, going in strikes for causes that would touch her. That it be patriotic or for simple human rights and she would looking a lot of Meta-Humans, super heroes, etc.  They we're fighting for a cause, and she wanted to fight for a cause. All the things that perhaps a hacker could help and she already had a good basic knowledge with hacking. So she slowly remembered that little thing that happened when she was younger and decided she'd try it again, slowly rediscovering her power. At first she had trouble with it, but eventually, she had a hang of it and slowly discovered how it could become useful later on. She had even hacked a website, gaining so much information and not even getting noticed. So she slowly began exploring that perspective.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Technopathy :

She may not necessarily be able to control the technology as so, but she has the capacity of finding information through technology. It would kindof be like telepathy, though not necessarily by talking through the mind but seeing what the other person thinks. Instead of a person's mind, she see's information through machines. Giving her the capacity to understand better, find secret codes or other form of secrets. It grants her many possibilities which makes hacking easier and could even make it possible for her to intrude a building without being noticed by casually hacking through their system.

For this to work, she first off needs to touch a power source. The wires or anything that can connect her through the information. She won't get shocked by it, being immune to this. But it will bring her in a kind of trans where she can see the information as if she was walking in a space, choosing what she see's and what she doesn't. During her trans, it'll be as if her mind is in a different world. She will see it as a different world. At the same time, she can decide which information becomes hers, therefor keeping it in her mind and having no problems writing it back on her laptop afterwards or wherever she has to.

Motor recall :

This power goes along her technopathy. Where any combat information she has learned about through the internet, she can recall and use as if she had known it all her life. For example recall all the combat techniques of an American/Canadian Soldier if she has found the information on the internet through the same manner she searches through hacking systems. She makes this information hers.

The Weaknesses

Lack of situational awareness :

The down side of all this is while she is under this trans, she has no idea what is going on around her. She could easily be found out or captured during this moment so best is to have someone around to defend her in case it was necessary.

Electrical discharge :

Considering the fact she has no idea what's going around her, she can be interrupted through her process if someone moves or even simply touches. This simple touch causes an electrical discharge. Of course, the person who touches her will get electrocuted, not enough to kill him of course but it could knock him off or badly hurt him, unless he is wearing rubber gloves. Something that doesn't conduct electricity considering electricity is going through her body (though it is kind of noticeable considering her fluffs, so one would think they'd think twice before touching her). It will also knock her out for a good while, so it puts her in a very vulnerable situation where she's easy to capture if they are more than one person (if the other did not wear gloves) or one single person who did have something to protect him. She has to get out on her own decision for it to be safe.

Motor Recall limitations :

Though, naturally, it takes her a lot of practices. For one, her brain can only take a certain amount of information. She can only keep this information for a day and eventually will take more through practice. After, if she can take more and permanently keep it, she still only have a certain amount of information she can keep. Meaning she has to get rid of one to keep another one.

Last of all, what her body can endure also affects what she can learn. She's currently not an experienced fighter, so naturally, if she learned all of Bruce Lee's combat technique, her body would not be used to it. She could get tired really fast, be unefficient and even seriously harm her own muscles. So best is to train her body before doing anything or at least start with simple things. The rest depends on how she'll improve on this power. Currently, she hasn't really trained combat wise so she's very limited on what she can do.

Psychological weakness - Claustrophobic :

Though it is mentioned in her personality, I will mention it here. She hates being locked up in closed up spaces, causing her to hate elevators, though can still go through one if she doesn't have the choices, but if she get definitely stuck in one... She will panic. Even in cars, she prefers when the window is open. As for the window, it isn't necessary but it does help her feel a little bit less anxious. She will naturally feel anxious. She prefers having some space. And when she's having a panic attack if she's stuck somewhere, she won't think rationally. She will freak out and she will have trouble reasoning.

The Items

A laptop
Several USB keys
A screwdriver

The Minions


The Fluff

Techno form :

When she's entering different forms of technology, electricity flows in her body considering she has to touch the electrical source. It is noticeable because of a form she gets. White glowing cracks coming out of her hands and going around all of her body. There will be a blue electrical discharge inside her body and will be shining in that color toward her eyes, the tip of her fingers which is touching the source of electricity, her forehead and eyes. It also obviously means electricity doesn't harm her unless she's suddenly interrupted.

The RP Sample

(I've done this post more or less to show how her power works but if ever it's best show another way feel free to tell me)

After a long day of class and listening to teachers, Audrey-Anne had finally arrived toward her dorm room. She took out a small key, unlocking her door and opening it. Once she had passed, she closed the door behind it, locked it and let out a final sign ''At last!'' She mumbled in a small murmur. She let all the stuff she had in a messy pile that was on her desk. Messy, but surprisingly she always found herself back in that mess and her stuff we're fine. She threw herself on her bed, taking a few seconds to rest before grabbing her laptop ''Time for work!'' She mumbled to herself.

She raised the cover of her laptop, pressing on the start button so it would turn on. As soon as it would turn on, she opened her internet browser, going on google and casually searching for information. She began scratching her chin, casually thinking. Should she try or not? Hmm... Heh, might as well take the practice! She grabbed a screw driver, whistling innocently while she reached toward the power outlet, unscrewing the cover so she had access to the wires. She plugged her laptop and searched through google for information's she needed for  a course. Of course, it was something she normally did for hacking purposes, but nothing stopped her from cheating her way to get information's in a quicker way for classes. She placed her finger in the outlet, something so many people told a child never to do and suddenly, a zap sound could be heard as she entered the electrical current, heading toward her laptop.

She could now see inside her laptop, as if she was in a different world. A cybernetic world filled with information's she was casually shamelessly taking. After several minutes, she finally grabbed everything she needed and left. She removed her finger from the outlet and unplugged her computer. She placed back the outlet cover and one heck of a chance no one knew what shit she did. With a satisfied nod, she opened word and began transcribing everything she knew in her own words. Simply that if she did not write it down, she would forget it very quickly. Might as well note it before it was too late.

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R4T PT 01 - Audrey-Anne Vanier Empty Re: R4T PT 01 - Audrey-Anne Vanier

Post by Bliss on December 14th 2017, 2:56 am



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