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Valen Sinclair

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Valen Sinclair

Post by Valen Sinclair on December 12th 2017, 5:47 am

Valen Sinclair

Basic Biography

Name: Valen Sinclair
Alignment: LE
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Ethnicity: French/Scottish
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 130Ib
Blood type: B-

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: Valen is at his very core self serving. Since he was very young he only ever wanted to advance his own position, or otherwise make his own life more pleasant. Basically, selfless and Valen Sinclair should never be used in the same sentence. It was this ambition and thirst for personal glory that lead to him leaving his father's order, as he desired to advance himself, not some organization. That said, he used the teachings and the power gained from them even after he left.

One might call the young man cocky, or even arrogant, yet he has a certain way with people, a 'charm' so to speak. People often like to be around him despite his tendencies to put himself first, and this he certainly uses to his advantage. He's manipulative, seemingly care free, cheerful, off the wall, and prone to deceiving others, but deep down it's approval he wants rather then money or influence. If you stick with him through a few back stabbings, you might actually become his friend. Just don't count on it.

Just because he has an overblown ego doesn't mean it isn't somewhat warranted, though. Valen is very intelligent, being particularly skilled with obscure lore and the mystical arts. There is very little he doesn't know about the supernatural, and he knows it. This knowledge and his general intellectual attitude has seemingly created a person that likes to run circles around people less knowledgeable then himself, enjoying the irritation people get from being belittled. All in all, you could say he's a dick, but one too intriguing and eccentric to just brush off, one you want to like you.

History: So many lies. The world is full of them. In every field, every organization, every nation, and every religion. Lies built upon lies that were built on lies. The truth hurts, sure, but the untrue only prolongs and increases the pain of the inevitable fall. That's why Valen is who he is. Too many liars, too many cheats, and too many greater goods. When you live in such a world, it's difficult to trust anything—difficult to think someone has honest motives.

Valen was part of something that exists only to lie. An organization, some call them Templars, some Freemasons, that has been bent on hiding for centuries. Think of every secret throughout history, every unknown, and every lost set of documents. These people were most likely involved. Why? Well, if you ask Valen, it's out of fear. These successors to the knightly order, these Men of God, they are simply frightened at the idea of the public knowing certain things. They call themselves protectors, but hiding the flames beneath a blanket doesn't cause the building from burning to the ground.

Valen, the son of the current Grandmaster, was initiated into this order with high expectations put on him. He was a Sinclair, after all. That family had powerful blood—magic. Forced to study book after dusty book, with slanted philosophical teachings being jammed down his neck, it was only a matter of time before the successor became disillusioned with the order. A bleak, distrusting outlook set in, and soon he refused increasingly to take part in the organization.

His father was not having that, of course, and prodded him day after day. Rants about protecting humanity and following in his footsteps were frequent, but these things did nothing to convince Valen. The teenager was too headstrong, and to set in who he wanted to be. It was when he was faced with such a stubborn personality in his son that Valen's father acted in a rash way, using powerful artifacts and manipulations to try to drive the boy back to the order..... Unfortunately, it only did the opposite.

Lies, lies, and more lies. Even his father was not immune. Valen's already ambitious personality was twisted and pulled to the surface, and when he found the truth about what his father had done, that he wished to change him, the young man concluded he would never serve another again.  He could never be sure who was lying to serve their own purposes, because that's all everyone really cared about—their own goals. The only person he could put his faith in was himself, and that's what he was going to do.

Valen, the successor, left the order, taking with him what secrets and artifacts he could, and he's been on his own ever since.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Magical Mind: Valen is what you might call a genius in the magical and supernatural arts. He understands these things in ways people who have been studying it for decades don't, and as such has a vast amount of knowledge on the subject.

Bloodline: Valen is part of a very powerful magical bloodline, and contains a vast well of magical energy within him. Although this doesn't allow any innate gifts (yet), it does allow Valen to interact with the supernatural in a way only one with magic within them can. He can see spirits, perform plot based rituals (permission), and use magical items with exceptional ability.


Squishy: Valen has the physicality of a human, meaning he can be pretty easily killed.

Permanent Injury: Valen's right arm was broken as a child by a magical artifact, and can't be healed. Using it for anything more then casual, everyday exertion causes immense strain, which is why Valen has learned to use his left hand for most tasks rather then his dominant right.

Item Reliant: Separated from his items, especially his book, which he chose as his channel, Valen is vulnerable. He can essentially do nothing to defend himself without his trinkets.

Pain: Valen can't perform magic with his book if he is in pain, as a requirement of most of the spells is that he have a certain peace of mind. He can usually maintain that, but pain breaks it entirely.


Order Ring: A ring that allows an member of the order to channel any magical energy they may have into weapons to improve them quite a bit. A knife might cut through the cutting board, and a bullet might just go right through the Kevlar vest, but beyond about tripling the damage mundane items do, it has little other uses.
- Again, this uses Valen's magical energy reserves, and if he does it enough it will tire him.

- The objects can only be imbued so many times before they break under the pressure of the magical power.

Attuned Coin: This is a gold Templar coin that is attuned to Valen. He can manipulate it and direct it's terrifying speed at enemies. Basically, it's a more lethal bullet that he can control.
- Unlike many other items of this type, Valen actually has to focus on it to direct it, meaning visibility is needed. So no, he can't just stand there as the coin bounces around the room killing everyone. He has to focus on the action, or it will simply drop to the floor.

Eye of Horus: The famed Eye of Horus. Or at least, an amulet that has it's name, Said to be fashioned by a God for the knight Sir Guy De Levi. It provides a huge resistance to magical and supernatural attacks, even damaging creatures that make contact with Valen with malicious intent, such as spirits or even vampires. But, most of the time it is just used to redirect a decent quantity of magical energy sent toward the wearer.
- If the amulet is cracked or somehow taken off Valen's person, it's protections no longer work.

- Despite the fact it can shield most magical attacks, it can be overwhelmed if it is made to protect against a vast power or from multiple different things.

Benedictine Dagger: A dagger used by some of the first exorcists to end a failed subject. This was meant to send the demon back to hell as the host died so it wouldn't latch onto anyone else. It does heinous damage to demons, burning and causing intense pain. If driven through the heart, it sends even demon Lords back to their realm of origin in an injured state.
- It's a dagger. He can be disarmed and it can be picked up by anyone, even demons.

- This dagger uses an individuals own magical energy, meaning it's limited. Valen could probably execute several demons with it before tiring, but the normal human would likely pass out from one use.

Book of Secrets: No, not the President's, the Order's. This book contains secrets covered up by the order for centuries, including magics that even Valen has yet to decipher. He can currently call on six spells.
Levitate: What it says on the tin. Allows Valen to levitate objects weighing no more then five hundred pounds briefly, including himself.
Fire: Calls on flames for a single attack or defense.
Air: Calls on air for a single attack or defense.
Water: Calls on water for a single attack or defense.
Earth: Calls on earth for a single attack or defense.
Smite: Calls on holy light to smite an evil creature. Deals heavy damage to demons, vampires, ghosts, spirits, ect.
- A weakness will be added for every three spells to the character weakness section, as i felt this was more of a power then an item, but put it here none the less.

RP Mechanics

God's Hand: Valen has always been told he's part of some prophecy known as God's Hand. Apparently he is the next to take the mantle, and he even as a spiffy outfit to go along with it..... But he hasn't found any properties of interests on it, and chalks it up as another idea his father had to keep him interested in the order.  

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4

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Re: Valen Sinclair

Post by Chellizard on December 16th 2017, 2:58 pm

Approved and moved.

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