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Character Application for Phosphor

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Character Application for Phosphor

Post by quacksonquackson on November 30th 2017, 10:10 am

Real Name: Antonia Zipperman
Hero Name: Phosphor
Title: flashbomb, sunshine, twinkle twinkle
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human, African-American
Hair: medium, caramel, and tightly curled
Eyes: close-set and hazel
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 167 oz
Blood type: B-


Friends would say she's an optimist, but really, she's a realist. She has a sharp wit, but she still laughs at her own jokes. She loves to eat and sleep, as well as play with her neighbor's dogs. She seems like a regular college student, except for some little quirks. The biggest one, of course, is that she's a superhero. No big deal. But she also is strongly susceptible to brain freeze. She has dyslexia. She is good at imitating voices. She's really just an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation.

Tony was born in Manhattan. She had a happy childhood living with her mom and brother. She didn't actually have a technical dad, her mom had both of them by sperm donation. She was confident that she could raise them alone, and she did! Her mom had a good job, she was a surgeon, so they always had enough money to buy the necessities, and sometimes splurge on more expensive things. However, Tony definitely wasn't spoiled. She always had to make sure to save her money, so that one day she'd be able to pay for college.
College is where Tony actually got her powers. She was running low on money for food and bills, so she volunteered to be a test subject for the science majors. Something went wrong- or rather something went right. She woke up with powers, superpowers. But she didn't share them with others. She decided to keep a secret identity and fight crime- all the while studying for her exams.
The reason she decided to fight crime was that she accidentally stumbled upon an exotic pet smuggling ring and used her powers to bust them and save the animals. The ring happened to be linked to another ring, and that to another. She kept having to fight crime so much that it just became a routine thing.


1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

Light Manipulation- She can bend and manipulate light at will, using it to blind opponents or even temporarily turn herself invisible.

Sounds- loud sounds make it harder for her to focus her powers. They could even drive her insane if they are kept up long enough.
Migraines- due to a lingering medical condition as a child, she gets severe migraine headaches from time to time. She has a daily injection that she uses to prevent them, but if she forgets or is too busy...

She "borrowed" a bullet-proof vest from her friend who works in one of the city crime labs, and wears it under her suit.



Tony sat in a cafe, waiting for her order to arrive. She was working on a research paper that was due in a week. If you're going to be out fighting crime all night, you're going to have to make sure you get all your homework done as soon as possible. At this point, she was running purely on spite, overconfidence, and Red Bull. then, she heard people screaming. She looked outside and saw that the back across the street was being robbed at gunpoint. Nobody else in the cafe seemed to notice, so she packed up her computer as fast as possible and walked out the door, putting her mask on and pulling off her trenchcoat to reveal her superhero outfit as she went. She ran into the building and held out her hands and letting them start to glow. The robbers looked at her fearfully and stopped what they were doing for a second. Tony took this opportunity to catch them off guard by turning invisible. They looked around confused, when all of a sudden, BOOM! Tony appeared and punched the main thug with a sweet uppercut.
"It's glow time," she smirked, before manipulating the light into the other thug's eyes and knocking them out as well. She left them tied to a column for the police, before turning invisible and heading home.

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Re: Character Application for Phosphor

Post by Chellizard on December 15th 2017, 2:26 pm

Hi there; are you finished with your application?

If no, please make appropriate changes.

If yes, could you please format it to be in the character application like other users?

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