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Matilda Stark

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Matilda Stark

Post by Fort/Sam on November 3rd 2017, 12:26 pm

Matilda Stark

"A Stark always goes through till the end."

The Bio

Real Name: Matilda Elisabeth Stark
Title: Professor Stark, Lady Stark
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 39, Born on August the 15th 1981
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Ginger
Height: 5’5 (166 cm)
Weight: 130 lb (59 kg)
Blood type: AB Positive

The Looks

Matilda is an attractive woman with a strong jaw, thick eyebrows and deep blue eyes. She had thick ginger hair which she keeps in a pageboy. Her build could be described as slender and toned. Matilda has a small V-shaped scar underneath her left ear, the result of an old injury sustained during one of her first expeditions.

At work Matilda needs to follow a strict dress-code and ca generally be found wearing a skirt-suit often in darker colours such as brown, or a darker shade of grey. Rarely will she wear something black. While high-heeled shoes are mandatory for female staff, Matilda doesn’t think to highly off them and kicks them off at the first opportunity she gets. In the privacy of her office she will usually wear comfortable trainers or even be barefooted.

When out adventuring, or exercising as she sometimes calls it, Matilda dons an entirely different, far more practical attire. While the attire may vary depending on the terrain, certain elements frequently come back. The most notable are: a black tank top underneath a beige safari shirt and a brown leather jacket on top. Below the waist Matilda wears green cargo pants with a simple brown bet and black combat boots.  Around her neck she wears a red bandanna. Reinforced black fingerless gloves often complete the attire.

The Personality

Matilda takes her profession, both archaeology and teaching, very seriously and does not take kindly to anyone mocking it. Regardless, she isn’t above making a sarcastic or witty comment from time to time. Even at her own expense.

If possible, Matilda would rather avoid a fight. Either though talking her way out of it, or even running is possible. When no other option is available, she will resort to violence to defend herself. Even go for the kill, but at a great emotional cost.

While brave, intelligent, resourceful and level-headed, even in the thick of it, Matilda has the bad habit of being stubborn to a fault. Once she has made up her mind, no force of earth is capable of convincing her otherwise. Nor will she give up once she has set her goals, a trait shared by most Starks. She can, from time to time, be reckless too, taking great, often personal, risks to achieve her goals.

Despite her tough appearance, Matilda is quite kind and compassionate. Towards her friends and family, especially her children, but also towards a person she had only just met. Loyal too, once she has deemed you worthy she would move heaven and earth to help you. In return she expects the same loyalty back. Beware if you abuse this loyalty.

The Story

Matilda is the only child born to Lord Henry Stark, a renowned historian and archaeologist, and Lady Elisabeth Blackmore, a successful businesswoman. Even as a child it became quickly clear she had all the markings of a true Stark: the looks, the intelligence and a level of stubbornness that far exceeded that of any mule.

During her early childhood this spirited young lady was a constant worry to her parents. Not that she caused any mischief, at least not deliberately, but her energetic behaviour was too much for her parents to cope with. Even teaching her how to ride a horse wasn’t enough to calm her down completely. The real improvement came one summer when her father took her with him on one of his excavations in Greece. What a nine-year-old Matilda had believed would become the most boring weeks of her life this for, proved to be one of the most defying moments in her life: the trip sparked her interest in archaeology. From that summer on, she would always accompany her father when he went out for one of his digs and became a lot easier to handle. Though she retained her spirited nature.

When she was old enough, Matilda went to university where she, to no one’s surprise, studied archaeology and graduated as the top of her class. Most would say she had an easy time over there, and it wouldn’t be too far off. Her academic achievements were impressive, but her social achievements were less so. Especially when Adam Smith, who studied literature, was involved. When they started going out during their last year, everyone but Matilda had seen it coming.

During the next 6 years, Matilda worked on her doctorate and her relationship with Adam. To the outside world at least. Less knows is that she often left, usually for weeks in a row, on her so-called expeditions which were dangerous trips to uncover long lost secrets. It goes without saying that these expeditions have helped her in no small amount to obtain her title. Her marriage with Adam followed soon after.

Two years later disaster struck when Matilda’s father had a heart attack while driving. His car got off the road and he did not survive the accident. Mathilda’s mother had trouble living in that big house full of memories on her own and opted to move to Spain. Matilda and Adam in turn moved to Stark Manor.

Approximately three years later the family had several successive reasons to celebrate: Adam’s latest book became an international bestseller, Matilda was appointed a chair at the university, and they found out Matilda was pregnant. Just when they had given up all hope of having children of their own. The twins were born the same year, on a cold December morning.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

None, she’s a normal human.

The Weaknesses

Mere Mortal: Matilda is a normal human being.

The Items

Heroic revolver: Matilda’s default weapon.

Black Crossbow: A modern day crossbow. Together with a rope capable of establishing a zip-line.

Mission specific equipment: Whenever Matilda embarks on an adventure, she takes with her equipment she might use (such as mountaineering equipment when mountain climbing, a jeep or a private plane and such things).

Stark Manor: The family estate, south of Edinburgh.

Cool Bike: A fancy black and silver motorcycle Matilda uses when in a “civilized” environment. Jonathan does not approve.

The NPC's

Adam Smith: Matilda’s husband. He’s 39 years old and works as a writer.

Elisabeth and Robin Smith: Matilda’s children. Twins and 7 years old.

David ‘Dave’ Jones: Matilda’s secretary at work. 26 years old.

The Staff: Stark Mansion is taken care of by a small army of servants. Chief among them are her butler Arthur Hudson, and Bod Gardner who takes care of the garden and the horse when Matilda’s not at home.

Hengroen: Matilda’s black stallion. A fierce creature that won’t take anyone else on his back.

The Fluff

Highborn: Matilda might not always behave ladylike, she still carries her late father’s title. A title that might open many doors if dropped at the right places.

Rich: Matilda is rich, plain and simple. The Stark fortune is enormous and well taken care of. Money isn’t something she has to worry about.

Mens sana in corpore sano: Matilda has a well-trained body and a sharp mind.

Archaeology: Matilda has a degree in archaeology. And teaches it as the local university.

Multi-lingual: Matilda can speak, read, and write multiple languages, including a few dialects and dead ones.

Markswoman: Matilda’s an expert with the crossbow and knows how to handle a gun.
Horsemanship: Matilda knows how to handle a horse and is a crack rider.

Street Fighter: While capable of holding herself in a fight, Matilda has never received special training or such and isn’t pinpointed to a specific school. Her skills are what she picked up on her travels and are emphasized on avoiding hits rather than enduring them and striking at the right time. She doesn’t mind fighting duty if needed.

Survival Skills: During her travels she has picked up a few useful skills in order to stay alive in a hostile environment.

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Re: Matilda Stark

Post by Chellizard on November 27th 2017, 2:16 pm

Approved and moved.

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