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Pao Kuai - The Hero Hunter "Mogui"

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Pao Kuai - The Hero Hunter "Mogui"

Post by Pao Kuai on October 23rd 2017, 9:19 pm

Pao Kuai

"Hero Hunter Extraordinaire"

The Bio

Real Name: Pau Kuai
Renegade Name: Hero Hunter Mogui
Title: Mogui, Sonic, Flash
Alignment: Evil
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’11
Weight: 146lbs
Blood type: AB

The Looks

The Personality

Pao is a careful planner in most regards. He is deeply entrenched in his own ideologies and seeks to accomplish them at any cost. This includes manipulation, lying or murder. However his actions, though sometimes seemingly random are usually calculated. In an event that a situation goes wrong or unplanned, Pao is taken to acting rashly or irrationally, giving into anger or frustration. This is rare, as Pao is usually cool headed in most circumstances, however when it happens can have dire consequences. Pao has somewhat of a sadistic, juvenile if not controversial sense of humour. Often goading his opponents using whatever means he can to get in their heads.

Despite all this there is a genuine quality to Pao reserved for those that may share his goals or aspirations. He is not above working with others, or even being completely open with his allies if they have indeed proven their trustworthiness. He does tend to work alone in most cases and prizes his isolation, making him difficult to work with. He assumes he is the leader in most circumstances, even when it is clear he is not, and will vie for control of groups or situations.

The Story

At a young age Pao became fascinated with Heroes and Villains. The world was changing drastically, and many had thought it for the worse. Rampaging villains caused widespread fear and chaos across the world, forcing society to ask hard questions about how to deal with these types of criminals. Of course, this situation gave rise to the Heroes. Virtuous beacons of hope and order. Society would rally around these men and women, worshipping them as the new celebrities.

Pao also worshipped these Heroes, these same folk that would risk their lives for the sake of others. Simply because it was the right thing to do. Pao wanted to be just like them, and through his school days would daydream of intense battles with the forces of evil. It was on one of these typical school days that Pao found his child-like reality shaken and confused. Forever tarnished by tragedy.

As Pao was leaving school he was asked to stay behind by a teacher. As the last of the children left the classroom, two police officers entered the room. They explained that there had been an arson attack at his home, killing his parents. It had been a revenge attack from a local mob. Pao’s father as a detective had spearheaded an operation dedicated to bringing them down. They had been successful, but not quite successful enough. Key members had eluded them, and it seemed it was these members that had struck Pao’s home. Pao was ten years old.

Pao was put into foster care, where he was later adopted by an old man. Despite his age, the old man was extremely talented in martial arts. He had picked Pao purposefully as a young boy, so he could start him early in training. He had been famous in his youth for inventing new forms of martial arts, now used widely in combat sports. But his wife had been barren for many years and had died of cancer; thus he had never been able to pass on his techniques to an heir.

He treated Pao harshly, yet fairly. Teaching him all he knew. Pao learned well and quickly became the disciple the Old Man had sought. As Pao grew through puberity, his powers began to manifest.He showed great speed and reflexes, beyond anything the Old Man had seen before. During this time they began devising a new style: “River Flowing Fist”, to accent Pao’s special qualities.

Eventually, the Old Man passed away not long after Pao’s 20th birthday. The Old Man had left him his estate, a house, a considerable sum of money, a dojo in the town and a car. Pao wanted for nothing, but was left with no-one. He took to training to ease his mind, but was left with a sense of longing that he was unsure about. A hole that he couldn’t figure out how to fill.

It was around his 21st birthday that Pao took to dabbling in the Hero trade. Aiding police in chases, thwarting petty criminals and thieves. Breaking up drunken disputes. But it wasn’t enough. He began to notice trends in the Hero culture that he didn’t like. High profile Heroes would take the limelight for dispatching Villains or global threats, but would neglect the common man. Communities would lose out on jobs or be stricken with poverty, yet the wealthy Heroes seemed only charitable in name. After a time he couldn’t take it any more and renounced the Hero’s institution, lambasting them in public for their hypocrisies.

It was during one of these rants with another Hero that he was beaten almost to death in the street. An egotistical and selfish “Hero” had been pushed over the edge by Pao’s jibes. It took some time for Pao to fully recover, roughly two years. During this time Pao found himself in a deep depression, hating Heroes for their hypocrisy, despising them for not protecting his parents and loathing them for their self righteousness. He took to training vigorously in preparation, he had decided that he would test the Heros. Deem them worthy of their positions. And if they were found wanting, he would remove them entirely. He resolved that they must be held to account, if they truly call themselves “Hero.”

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Exponential Speed Pao can move at enhanced rates, beyond any normal capability. It is unknown how fast Pao truly is, however he has proven to move beyond the speed of sight or sound. Given an infinite flat surface to run on, Pao could likely reach speeds that surpass light itself, however this is unlikely to ever happen.

Speed Skin A term coined by his adopted father. Pao has incredibly dense skin when running at speed. This enables him to plow through walls or buildings with ease. If hit or shot while moving it has no effect, unless matching his velocity or density. Effectively rendering him, or parts of him, invincible when in rapid motion.

Rapid Eye Response Pao’s eyes and reflexes are of an exceptional quality, causing him to be able to react at a very high level to most physical threats. Coupled with his martial arts training, this makes him extremely dangerous, especially in one on one encounters.

The Weaknesses

Frustration Pao is known to act irrationally in unpredictable circumstances. This causes him to make mistakes and put himself at risk. It is in these times where he finds it difficult to plan or rationalise, simply reacting to a “fight or flight” response in himself. A lot of the time this is not good, and often leads him into trouble or danger.

Slow Skin Another term coined by his adopted father. When not in rapid motion, Pao is like any other human, soft and squishy. When walking at regular pace, talking sitting or unawares, Pao is just as vulnerable as anyone else.

Hyper Focus When in combat Pao is inclined to fight foes in one on one combat, to the point of tunnel vision. This makes him distinctly open to group attacks. If coordinated correctly, any group should be able to take on Pao with relative ease.

On top of these, Pao is also vulnerable to psychic hallucinations and other mental abilities.

The Items

Dojo (with training equipment)
Small wealth (1mill or equivalent)

The Minions

The Fluff

Pao is an expert in many forms of martial arts, as well as his own “Flowing River Fist”.

The RP Sample

Pao skulked outside the bar. Any minute now “The Bandaged Marauder” would be leaving. He kept his hood up and his head down, watching the raindrops thud against the concrete. He was soaked through and cold, but it kept him alert. Ready for what was to come.

He had been tracking The Marauder for some time. The man was barely close to being a hero. He whored, drank and fought with almost anyone. He occasionally helped the police with their work, giving him the moniker “Hero”. But Pao knew otherwise. The man had been gaming the system, helping drug traffickers avoid police detection. It was likely the Marauder had rendezvoused with them that night. It made Pao feel sick.

Pao heard a commotion coming from the inside of the bar, it seemed it was closing time and the remnants of the evening were leaving the premises. They burst out into the street, complaining about the rain, belching impudently and one even beginning to throw up by the side of the building. They all seemed to be together, and all inebriated.  There were nine altogether, four women, four men, and the Maruader. Pao noticed him instantly; bandaged from head to toe, a revolver at his waist, leather cowboy hat and duster jacket. He was drunk but still dangerous.

Pao stepped in front of them definitely. Without any warning Pao charged forwards, faster than an eye could blink, slamming into the Marauder. The Marauder was flung back from the force and smashed through the door of the bar. Pao stepped into the bar, standing over the bloody Marauder. The Barman in shock pulled his shotgun and began to fire, Pao ducked the buckshot and had the barman’s gun in an instant. He pointed it at the barman who promptly ducked and fled the scene.

The crowd from outside were shouting and making their way in, he began shooting at the door frame, making them scramble for cover. He dropped the gun and strode over to the partially conscious Maruder. Gripping him by the scruff, Pau pulled him close.

“You do not deserve the name Hero. You have stained it with your lies. Your hypocrisy. For that, you will die,” Pau drew back his hand and jabbed the Marauder in the neck with his fingers. The force of which punctured the Marauders skin and opening a deep wound in his artery. The Marauder began choking on his own blood and struggling to move.

Pao left the Marauders body on the floor, and escaped the scene using his superior speed. Within seconds, he was halfway across the other side of the city with yet another Hero's blood on his hands.

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Pao Kuai

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