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Detective Ronald Stone

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Detective Ronald Stone Empty Detective Ronald Stone

Post by Detective Stone on October 19th 2017, 6:59 pm

Detective Ronald Stone

"You aren't defeated until you stop trying to win."

The Bio

Real Name: Ronald Stone
Hero Name: None Currently
Title: Detective
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Metahuman)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 pounds
Blood type: O

The Looks

A rugged, square jawed man who could have stepped right out of noir detective fiction.  Has short, neat brown hair and blue eyes.  Usually seen in a long coat, suit, and hat.

The Personality

Personality: A dogged, clever man who doesn't shy away from rough-and-tumble action. He suffers from some socially backwards ideas about women rooted in a 'classical' upbringing.

The Story

Ronald is the son of Detective Danny Stone and Rhosyn Forrest, the product of a steamy affair between the pair that only lasted about a year.  Shortly after giving birth, his mother- who secretly operated as a vigilante- surrendered custody to his father, and he saw little of his mother growing up.  

During his early childhood, he had an alarming incident where he fell into a public pool and nearly drowned before being rescued by a
lifeguard.  This caused him to have a lifelong fear of drowning or being unable to breathe.  He usually avoids swimming as a result, and prefers not to get into anything deeper than a jacuzzi.

Idealizing his father's pursuit of justice as a police detective, he went to school for criminology and then applied to the city police force when he graduated.   An excellent officer who was willing to work long hours, he soon made Detective.

Shortly before his father's expected retirement, things took an ill turn.  Danny Stone was investigating mob activity and was killed.  

Ronald was shattered, and was further disheartened that the investigation into his father's death seemed to be inadequately pursued.  

For a time, he tried to perform his own investigation, but was ordered to drop it.  Though he finally followed these orders to preserve his career, the unsolved case of his father's killing would always haunt him.

In later years, while working with vice on an investigation into designer drugs that had been used to kill someone, he followed a suspect into a research lab owned by the Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals company.  In a struggle within, he was exposed to an experimental retroviral serum being developed by the company to treat brittle-bone diseases.  The serum made him intensely ill for months, and he was kept in isolation while his body struggled to survive the creeping genetic modification of every cell in his body.  

During this time, he was granted long-term disability leave from the police department.

During six months of isolation, he gradually recovered his health and was allowed release once it was determined that the retrovirus which had sickened him was no longer contagious.  Though he appeared to have no further ill effects, Ronald had started to notice changes with his body.  The needles that the nurses used to run blood tests at the hospital often broke.  Among the nurses, it was often joked that Ronald was a 'cursed patient', but while they laughed off such oddities, he felt something more was going on. The changes in his body only got more pronounced after he was cleared to return to duty.  

Three weeks after returning to duty, an automobile crashed into him while he was crossing the road.  He was knocked down, but suffered no more than some minor bruising despite the rather severe impact.  Finally, Ronald reached out to a friend named Chris Carter in CSI who had some knowledge of biology.  Explaining the situation, and even making a minor demonstration of his exceptional durability, he asked Chris to look into it.  

Chris learned that something about the serum had fundamentally changed the way Ronald's body processed collagen, causing his body tissues to become extraordinarily resilient.  Moreover, enhanced collagen production had improved his healing rate, allowing him to recover from wounds about ten times faster than a normal human.  The newfound durability of his tissues made it much more difficult to strain them, allowing Ronald to perform feats that might injure ordinary men.  Finally, while it is not confirmed yet, it is suspected that the resilient nature of his body tissues may even slow down the aging process.  In short, the serum had made Ronald into a metahuman.  

Ronald swore Chris to secrecy, concerned about how his personal rights and social life might be impacted by confessing his metahuman status.  He fears he may even lose his job, as metahuman rights have not been fully secured by civil rights legislation.  Yet while Ronald did not want to confess his unusual qualities, he did want to use them to help enforce law.  Due to the prevalence of metahumans and the rise of exotic criminal activity, the city had created a Special Investigations division to handle such situations.  

The division had a high rate of attrition, and few wanted to serve in such a dangerous department.  Ronald requested a transfer into it, becoming one of its lead detectives.  After all, who better than him to brave the powers of supervillainy?

The Priority

1. Agility 3
2. Endurance 1
3. Reaction 4
4. Strength 2

The Powers

Damage Reduction - Ronald isn't immune to damage, he just doesn't take much of it.  His resilient body tissues are difficult to destroy.  As such, things that would kill normal humans often only cause him pain and inconvenience.  Sword slashes become shallow cuts. Bullets fired from guns embed themselves shallowly beneath the skin, without sufficient depth to pierce internal organs. Lasers take much more time than usual to burn through skin and flesh, often causing only superficial burns. Mortal wounds become shallow 'fleshwounds' or 'bruises.'  Less lethal wounds may be limited to redness or bruising.  Ordinary punches and slaps from ordinary humans are like harmless shoves.

Quick Healing - Ronald's enhanced collagen production enables him to heal in record time.  Cuts and scrapes and (typically) shallow gunshot wounds heal in a day.  Bruises heal in hours.  If he ever broke a bone, that would heal in a couple of days.

Maximum Human Strength - Ronald isn't a superman, able to lift train engines above his head.  He can't perform feats of strength a human is incapable of.  But he can perform feats of strength that would be harmful to humans, and he can do them routinely.  Pushing his muscles doesn't shred them, stressing his joints doesn't usually dislocate them.  He doesn't get hernias, tear ligaments, or slip discs in his back.  Thus, feats that other humans might be able to do once and then spend six weeks recovering from, Ronald can do without ill effects.  But they still have to be within the limits of human strength.

The Weaknesses

Psychological - Holds to outdated notions of chivalry and strong amorous desires that can make him go easy on, be influenced by, or underestimate female villains or suspects.  This, not because he thinks women are incapable, but rather because he prefers to believe they are less evil than men and should be treated more gently.  Though he will still try to apprehend female criminals, and even fight them, his reticence to use his full strength and brutality to subdue them sometimes allows them to escape.  His preference to not consider them as sinister sometimes makes him overlook female suspects, and this can also allow them to escape.  He knows he has this problem, but has not been able to overcome it.  

Psychological - Has a fear of drowning and will not willingly enter a body of water that is deeper than a jacuzzi.

Physical - In the rare instances that surgery may be required to repair internal damage to Ronald's body, ordinary medical equipment is not suitable to the task.  His body tissues are significantly tougher than ordinary human tissues.  Even forcing a needle into a vein to collect blood can be a challenge.  Extraordinary tools or techniques will have to be put to use if such medical intervention is ever needed.

The Items

Although he has been issued a department-standard 9mm semiautomatic pistol, he prefers to carry his own privately owned and registered firearm, a .44 special Charter Arms Bulldog revolver.  

He also uses a panoply of Special Investigations gear, including cameras, binoculars, a laser-microphone, tracking devices, a taser pistol, and sapphire-coated tungsten handcuffs (which are supposed to be unbreakable, acid proof, and cut-proof, though this is not always the case in his line of work.)  

A pistol-gripped 12 gauge pump-action shotgun is kept in the trunk of his car, with a variety of shells meant to incapacitate or kill special threats as needed.  (Steel slugs, Rubber slugs, Peppergas slugs, and regular buckshot)

His car also contains an evidence collection kit.  

He drives a 2016 model Volkswagen Beetle, which often seems almost comically small for a man of his size.  (Though he claims it is actually quite roomy.)  Police resources allow him to conduct background checks and license checks as needed, and he can do this remotely via a department-issued tablet with secure cellular data connection.  He lives in a small apartment in the bad part of town, though it is relatively well appointed.  Security bars and triple locks at the door keep his possessions safe in what would otherwise be a robbery-prone location.

The Minions

Ronald has no 'minions' per se, but he does have several connections with allies and adversaries:

Chris Carter is an old friend in the city's CSI department who knows the secret of Ronald's metahuman status.  

Joe Finley is a Bounty Hunter with a private practice in the city who sometimes helps Ronald with investigations, or requests help from Ronald.  Their relationship is symbiotic, with each periodically relying on the other for assistance.

Peter Garner is a Homicide Detective who sometimes resents Ronald's intrusion into cases and gives him a hard time whenever he takes up a murder investigation in the name of Special Investigations.

Rhosyn Forrest is Ronald's estranged mother, who gave up custody of him when he was born.  Unbeknownst to Ronald, she is a retired vigilante and self-styled 'superhero.'   He generally wants nothing to do with her, feeling that she rejected him by surrendering custody and rarely seeing him throughout his youth.

The 'Pit Viper' is a local villain with a snake theme that often winds up in the employ of criminals whose activities Ronald often gets mixed up in.  They have tangled on multiple occasions, and the Pit Viper is an effective foe because of the poisons he uses, which can temporarily blind or incapacitate Ronald, allowing the villain and his cohorts to escape.

'Ruby Red' is a local villainess with a femme-fatale theme who often steals jewels, and sometimes winds up in the employ of criminals whose activities Ronald often gets mixed up in.  She is seductive and intelligent, as well as being a capable martial artist, and Ronald seems to be chronically unwilling to use the force required to apprehend her due to some outdated views on not beating women senseless, shooting them, or breaking their bones.  

The Fluff

If you've seen Die Hard, Rocky, or Rambo, you've seen what Ronald can do.  Only he can do it without winding up in a hospital or morgue.  His wounds tend to be more drama than dire, and he can get away with the sorts of things that only action heroes in the movies usually can.

The RP Sample

"Looks like you've got yourself into a sticky situation, Detective."  Ruby's lips, as red as her monniker, curled upwards into a smile.  He'd seen that smile before.  Too many times.  

Ronald strained against the goo that held him in place.  Whatever brand of exotic quick-drying cement this was, it exceeded the capacity of his muscles to break it.  He did have one arm free, however.  One arm that hadn't been hit by the insidious product of her chemical grenade.  

One arm that could reach an axe her minion had dropped when he fell.  

He seized the axe by its haft, lifting it, taking aim for a throw.

Ruby's eyes went wide and her mouth formed an 'O'.  For a moment, she believed that he might throw it at her.  For a moment, Ronald believed it, too.  

But... no.  

His arm slackened, and Ruby's smile resumed.  She winked at him.   "Until next time, Detective."

And with that, she was gone.  Gone, like so many times in the past.

Well... she was only a thief, after all.  And he couldn't put an axe into her just for stealing some jewelry.

Next time.  He'd get her next time...

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Last edited by CaptainTony on October 19th 2017, 9:04 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Expanded on 'Damage Reduction' power)
Detective Stone
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Detective Ronald Stone Empty Re: Detective Ronald Stone

Post by CainVulsore on October 23rd 2017, 1:45 pm

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