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The League/ The PoIPP First-Draft Character Apps (NPCs)

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The League/ The PoIPP First-Draft Character Apps (NPCs)

Post by Humanity on October 15th 2017, 1:56 pm

The Original Founders of The Proletariat of Ironic Powered People:

    As with ALL members of The League of Extraordinary Metas, and Proletariat of Ironic Powered People... These two founder NPC's may be used by anyone at any given time, in any given thread. The only stipulation is that you contact a Staff Member in regards to the death of a character. Do not just go and kill these people off because you feel like it. If you wanna kill one, odds are you'll probably be allowed at some point, but for now just use them as people who get rag-dolled by a villain, or find another way to utilize them if you wish. A full list of members are available here

The League of Extraordinary Metas: (The League) or (LEM)

Argr Bjørnson a.k.a The Social Justice Viking:

Argr Bjørnson

"Heeeeeey gurl, I hear we gonna save the world!"

The Bio

Real Name: Argr Bjørnson
Renegade Name: The Social Justice Viking
Title: fuðflogi, "The Ass-gardian"
Alignment: Gay Neutral
Age: I can't count that high
Gender: I am a male
Race: Homosexual Asgardian
Hair: Brown with rainbow tips
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Height: 6-foot 10-inches
Weight: It changes
Blood type: Sparkling rainbows
The Looks

The Personality

I am gay, and I have no real care for your laws or culture. I just want to drink appletini's and dance and suck cut off the heads of evil. I have an amazing sense of fashion, but am told I can be horribly sensitive to rude or distasteful comments when I'm not busy being macho or flexing. I'm not very well adjusted as I tend to transforms into a gay macho-man randy savage in a wolf loincloth. I stay true to a lot of  my Viking heritage, but sometimes bigots need punished. So basically I'm like your very own "Rainbow Hulk".

The Story

Asgardian child, son of Bjørn. He is a large disappointment to chieften Bjorn and ultimately was sent to Midgard to live in secrecy. However upon reaching Midgard, Argr soon came to realize that this realm of Yggdrasil sucked. It sucked more than he did, which wasn't a lot because there are pretty much no other gays in Asgard. Argr's abilities didn't manifest untiul he went into a Las Vegas roadside conveninece store and bought a back of skittles. While eating these rainbow colored sweets, lightning struck the store and his inner Asgardian powers awoke. In triumph he was ripped from Midgard and landed upon the Bifrost bridge where he looked to Heimdal when he spoke the most important words he had ever spoken.

"Taste the rainbow, bitch!"

  However, Argr realized that he had transformed, his body was much more muscular and he was far more powerful than when he was last in Asgard. Argr was then welcomed to Asgard and not regarded with the same loathing and distain that he had previously been regarded with, as no one realized that he was the same person they had just tried to sweep off to Midgard just decades ago.

   Argr would come to realize that by eating skittles and calling out for others to "Taste the Rainbow" he could draw upon the powers of the rainbow bridge and transform himself into the great Asgardian warrior refered to only as "The Rainbow Viking."

The Priority

1: Endurance - Like a Champ.
2: Reaction - Knows what to do.
3: Strength - Holds his own.
4: Agility - Not too quick.

The Powers

"Taste The Rainbow, Bitch":
Simply by ingesting skittles and calling out "Taste the rainbow!" Argr enters a He-man like transformation which allows him to become "The Rainbow Viking" where he has enhanced strength, speed and durability akin to the strongest of Asgardian warriors.

Hypno-Eyes: If you've ever seen the Jungle Book, you know how the snake hypnotizes people with their eyes. Well, Argr has the ability to do the same thing, except his eyes glow rainbow and only succeed in hypnotizing homosexuals.

Increased Capacity: Argr is an expert of getting things to fit. He can cram twice as much stuff as most people could, which makes him a very coveted man. Argr is able to fit more into his inventory and fit more into packages in a tidy and neat manner, making him an excellent UPS man. What did you think I was talking about? Mind out of the gutter.

Social Justice Viking: It's like a Social Justice Warrior, except it involves killing people whom are considered bigots or unkind to their fellow man. When opposing an enemy in the name of equality or on the grounds that they are being totally mean and unreasonable, "The Rainbow Viking" has all his abilities augmented so that he has greater strength than giants, he can withstand the coldest winters and his skin is as hard as Titanium. He can run at the speed of a cheetah and he has the ability to call forth rainbows to strike his opponent. The rainbows don't do damage, but they are very likely to annoy someone who doesn't like gay people...especially when he pretends that they "caught his condition".

The Weaknesses

Crime against fashion: He feels compelled to solve everything the way a viking does. This includes a lot of violence. If someone has trangressed against the laws of fashion, Argr is forced to attack them with everything he's got.

My body may or may not be ready: Without skittles, Argr is just a basic bitch who got basic bitch levels of sass.

Mysterious Identity: Argr must not let anyone know that he becomes The Rainbow Viking, otherwise they'll never let him back into Asgard, even under that persona.

Rage: Argr has anger management issues. When people make him mad he goes to his room and squeezes his stuffed animals until he cries and inevitably settles down with a tub of Ben&Jerry's on the couch while watching Teen Wolf or Sex In The City.

Bigotry: That which Argr is strongest against, he falls victim to just as easily. Characters that are perceived as bigots, can actually harm Argr much easier, simply by wanting to cause him harm. His power is especially devastating against his feelings. It works on him physically too though.

Don't label me!: Argr's flesh is burned when labels are put on him. Like literal labels. If you peel a sticker off of a Wal-mart toy and slap it on him, it will burn his skin and have a caustic effect that makes him ill. No to be confused with the fact that he doesn't like it when people label him... that's not really a weakness, it's just a pet-peeve.

World of Wonder: Everything in Midgard seems to fascinate Argr. Especially Television and music. They can be very distracting, and even force him to break out into sporadic dance.

Ass-Sass-sin: Argr has the unfortunate characteristic of becoming contrary and full of sass whenever confronted with a problem that is matched with an equally sassy or contrary individual. Argr won't lift a weapon to fight because he's too busy in a battle of sass with another individual.

Twitter/Trending: For some reason, Argr is addicted to twitter. He has 150 characters to fit in as much as he can to tell people what exactly he is doing right now, at this very moment in time. He's never to busy to stop, take a selfie and strike down evil all at the same time. Of course typing all the characters on such small buttons with his big masculine sausage-fingers can prove time consuming, or distracting at the very least.

The power of Friendshipzone: Argr has to admit, he's got a thing for the bad boys. Unfortunately, he's typically shut down and rejected by the villains because their obviously nefarious plans don't allow them time to date, or perhaps they just haven't acquired the taste for only the sexiest of gay Asgardian you've ever seen...assuming you've seen a lot of them. If he's pushed to the friendzone, the power of friendship actually becomes literal shackles on his powers, inhibiting from utilizing his powers. This strange invisible rite actually weakens his durabiliuty and forces him to revert to his scrawny self. This can also occur if Argr is forced to fight beside an individual that has recently invoked the rite of this sinister "friendzone" upon him.

The Items

Whorenir:A rainbow hammer that manipulates and fires out rainbows. Can be called to an individual, and can only be held by gays.
Weaknesses: Can be called by all LGBT character. The hammer demands virgin sacrifices. Not virgins as in people, Virgins as in like "A virgin Strawberry Daiquiri". It's watching it's figure...obvi...

The Fluff

Super Gay: He cannot be affected by any mind control that will cause him to take action to compromise his connection to the Gayness

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Kris Kringle a.k.a Santa Clause:

Santa Clause


The Bio

Real Name: Kris Kringle
Hero Name: Santa Clause
Title: St. Nick, Papa Noel, Kerstman, Father Christmas, Swiety Mikolaj, Ded Moroz, Etc.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 1684
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'4
Weight: 350lbs.
Blood type: Sugar

The Looks

The Personality

  Jolly, fun loving and cheery. On a first glance of the good old Kris Kringle these are the traits that would stick out. He is to the passing eye everything that a person would think of when meeting the Jolly Old Elf. Unfortunately there is far more beneath the coat and beard than a heart of gold. Instead that heart is as black and as cold as the night he takes his sleigh to the skies. Santa is ruthless but fair, passing his wintery wrath only onto those who he has deemed "naughty". Granted, its not hard to make Santa's naughty list. He does have a soft spot for children, meaning that he only slaughters the ones he sees as truly naughty. But once you pass the time of youth where you still believe, its open season.

  Santa Clause has not always been this way, something, or someone has blackened his heart and corrupted him into an agent of chaos, fear and slaughter. Can The League of Extraordinary Metahumans figure out what it is before Christmas and the Jolly Old Fat man are lost to us forever?!

The Story

The man Kris Kringle, has little remembrance of his past. As far as he is aware, he is Santa and has always been Santa since the first Christmas. This is of course highly speculative, and most likely is untrue as his behaviors and actions instead indicate that he is some sort of ravenous killer thrust into magical power and driven to further madness by it. However, if he is indeed the real Santa, something has gone terribly wrong.

What Kris does know, is that he has not always had the dark tendencies he currently acts upon. Instead they took time, decades even to fully manifest themselves. It started with a simple accident. Olive, the other reindeer was never one of Santa's favorites. He was far less obedient than the others and for some reason refused Santa's gift of flight. Well one day well trying to groom Olive, he slipped with the clippers and sliced into the reindeer's hide. Something stirred in the jolly old elf that day, something primal. The site of the blood, the suffering set his heart on fire in glorious joy. From there the mayhem started, molding St. Nick into the twisted being he is today. Unfortunately few people know of his new sick obsession. Every Christmas he still departs on his sleigh and delivers presents to the good children of the world. But he also has more sinister tasks, carving up people and wreaking Christmas themed terror on them. There is something not quite right about this new Santa. For all our sakes, we can only hope that the real one still exists somewhere. He is currently enrolled and handled like a dog on a chain by the League of Extraordinary Metas, in hopes to find and restore the Fat Philanthropist to his former ways.

The Priority

1. Endurance- It's like trying to kill the monster in a horror movie. Nothing seems to keep him down for long.
2. Strength- He is a strong old man, wielding a might toy hammer as if he were Odin.
3. Reaction- He is a limber fat freak of nature.
4. Speed- Again, he is a fat freak.

The Powers

The Power of Christmas! Santa is made and sustained entirely off of The Spirit of Christmas. That being said, he has the ability to utilize the Christmas Spirit in many way that are akin to the spells of the supernatural world.
Santa's Spell List:

  • Blow and Nod: Santa Clause is known just as well for escaping up chimneys as climbing down them. This small teleportation spell is exactly how he does it. Santa may only use this ability to escape from an enclosed area, such as a house, and the house must have some form of vent or system that leads to the outdoor world. Max distance is 40 Meters.
  • Silent Night: Santa forces absolute silence on an area around him by let a single snowflake fall to the ground. The effect falls on whatever structure Santa is currently inhabiting or 50 meters in an open area.
  • Jingle Bell rock: Santa Clause can summon a large boulder which makes a jingling noise, much like a large sphere of jingle balls. The boulder is entirely weightless to Santa as he can lift it as if it were air, however to anyone else this boulder weighs a whopping 15 tons.
  • Clogged Arteries: Santa Clause's magical body can only do this every so often. By ingesting milk and cookies, Santa's arteries become clogged by "Christmas spirit" and cause him to suffer a "Christmas-Cardiac-Attack" which sends him into a death like state, but gives him a very highly accelerated healing rate, regrouping limbs and fatal wounds in mere minutes. The healing continues until Santa is completely healed, any damage incurred in this state will simply be healed back. (Can only be done once a thread) but on Christmas Eve he may do it as many times as he wishes.)

  YOU CAN'T KILL CHRISTMAS!: Santa has the physiology of a horror movie monster. He can take fatal blows but it will only serve to slow him down. He seems to persist and return even after being beaten or harmed, even fatally. This does not make him invincible, as he can be overpowered and knocked unconscious or burned, or damaged beyond the ability to function.

The Weaknesses

The True Meaning of Christmas: If someone shows Santa an act of kindness, or unity and love, even when faced with certain death, Santa Clause will lapse back into the familiar jolly St.Nick we all knew and loved. This lapse is momentary, causing Santa to pause and then immediately retreat or bypass the person whom honored the values and the True Meaning of Christmas.

"You've been very naughty...:" Santa Clause is compelled to act upon the dark urges to bring "just deserts" to those whom have been naughty. This makes Santa a fickle ally, as doing something bad may invoke the wrath of the fat man.

"I'M SANTA CLAUSE!: Santa Clause is sort of a famous figure, though many people don't know the dark fate that has befallen him. To top it off, he's incredibly fat, making it impossible for him to sneak around.

"I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM! YOU HAVE A PROBLEM": This phrase is typically heard when Santa sees cookies. He's addicted to cookies. He needs it, like Octomom needs more attention, like how humans need oxygen, and how a fat kid needs a Chinese buffet.

"I'M THE GOD OF WAR AND DEATH!": Santa Clause is rumored to have once been an off-shoot of Odin, the God of War and Death. It probably doesn't help that Low-key, Santa is blind in his right eye. It also probably doesn't help that Santa will always stop and immediately become distracted when he sees ravens or crows, and will look for something to feed them.

The Mistletoe: Mistletoe and other parasitic plants are actually a repulsive force to Santa Clause, which is why he tends to sneak into people's houses through unconventional ways. Mistletoe will force Santa back like Superman to Kryptonite, and to touch Santa is to cause a heavy necrotic damage.

Creepy: Santa cannot engage in any form of combat, or act against anyone without first completing his "scouting" phase. the Scouting Phase is where Santa will hide himself and will stalk an unsuspecting person and wait for them to do something naughty. Regardless of who it is, if Santa doesn't see them do something naughty, he cannot stop them or inhibit them in any way.

Kleptomania What, does this surprise you? Think about it, this fat-freak breaks into your house from the roof. Then he puts toys under the tree, for your children that he's been stalking for the past 364 days, and then he proceeds to steal your milk and cookies. That's a compulsion, a habit. It's Kleptomania, it's he doesn't have a choice in the matter. He'd be a lot thinner if he didn't have said compulsion.

The Items

Santa's Sack: A sack of red velvet covering over the stomach lining of a gluttonous child. This sack allows Santa access to a hammerspace that allows him to store and access items he has previous left within it.
Item Weaknesses: The Sack demands sacrifices, which Santa must appease, lest the sack turn on him and devour him while, removing any and all involvement from the thread. Any player at any time may choose when Santa must take care of his sack, and this will obviously delay him.  Santa cannot hold any magical items within his sack. If Santa's Sack has any more magic put into it, it could become unstable and force a regurgitation of the bag's contents.

The Fluff

The Spirit of Christmas: Santa's magic comes "Christmas Spirit" and as such his powers hit a peak on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Not only are his powers stronger on these two days but it becomes an especially valuable day to him should he come to harm. You see, if Santa dies and no matter the way, he will return to life in a flurry of snow at the North Pole on Christmas Eve the next year.

Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas: Being full of the "Christmas Spirit" Santa is at all times surrounded in a pleasant aura. It has the slightest smell like warm cookies, gingerbread and peppermint and feels like a warm fire after you come inside from the cold, giving him a sense of inviting benevolence to all who encounter him

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Billy Joeseph a.k.a The Unicorn:

Billy Joeseph

"Mess with the Unicorn, ya get the horn."

The Bio

Real Name: Billy Joeseph
Hero Name: The Unicorn
Title: "The Destroyer of World"
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 25 years
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black/Brown with white streaks
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160lbs.
Blood type: O-

The Looks

The Personality

Bob might be considered Goth to everyone in the world, he is a bit laid back though and usually keeps to himself. Much like Boo Radely(if you have not read TKAM then shame on you) Bob likes to be left a lone, only showing himself in times of dire need, or to those who greatly deserve his help. Bob is not a sadist, evil, or vile; though at the same time he is not your average 'hero' who swops in to save the day. No he is directly in the middle caring not to get involved in things that don't concern him, and when playing the hero doing what needs to be done, to do so. Though this does not mean he won't be tempted to steal a thing or two from the local bank if the occasion arises. The goth front is a complete contrast to his hyper-colorful and cheery unicorn outfit.

The Story

Much of Bob's history is unknown or forgotten in the years he's been a live. For one thing, he has absolutely no clue how he lived to be so old or when he was actually born. His earliest memory's were from 2017 or somewhere around there. Though he does remember fighting in the New York Crisis and what not. Bob lost his 5th wife by 2021 and the only one he truly loved. Because of that he became very depressed and less outgoing than he once was. It took him ten days to finally 'get over' her death and go out again on another date, even after that his attitude still has not changed. He curses the sad fact that the only thing he can turn into is a unicorn-man and it pisses him off greatly. He doesn't remember
how exactly he found out he could turn into a unicorn, but he accepts the gift and
uses it to the best of his abilities. Because with this power also came super strength to carry things, the speed of a galloping warhorse, and a massive horn protruding from his head. Well that and besides who wouldn't love turning into a unicorn, or showing up as one, at a date?

The Priority

1. Agility - The speed of a Warhorse!
2. Endurance - The Stamina of a Warhorse!
3. Strength - The strength to carry the weight of a Warhorse!
4. Reaction - Absolutely not used to it. He runs into things and trips over himself all the time...

The Powers

Super Strength: He can carry heavy loads, and even heavy people. Just don't ask him to lift them.
Super Speed: Well it's not like... 500mph or anything like that. If he's lucky he can match a cheetah in a run.
Minor Shapeshifting: He can shapeshift in and out of his costume at will. He also gains a massive horn, hooves and horse ears.

The Weaknesses

Clumsy: Bob doesn't have hands as his Unicorn self. He has hooves. He can't open doors, walk up stairs easily or do so many things we with thumbs take for granted. That being said, transitioning form feet and hands to hooves is never easy. He is liable to trip if he runs too fast.

Self-loathing: Bob still hates himself and his powers, though it does have it's perks...the value tends to depreciate when you're trying to make a living.

Confetti, It's a parade: Bob's transformation and shapeshifting isn't subtle. At all. It looks like an explosion of glitter and confetti, like The super bowl victory screen is taking place just over his head.

Murphy's Law: If things can go wrong, they will. Mostly when it comes to attempting to actually use his powers. Half the time he wants to become The Unicorn, he can't. The other half of the time he want's to be himself, but can't change back.

Speed-sickness: Not only is being clumsy a weakness, but exposure to fast speeds and sudden stops will produce a nausea that lingers and forces The Unicorn to be sick or distracted, perhaps even going to the extremes of stomach pains.

Magpie Eyes: Bob can't help it...his eyes are really, really attracted to sparkling things. His eyes will tend to wander, or fixate on something that sparkles, like a cat with a laser pointer.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

The Proletariat of Ironically Powered People: (PoIPP) or (PIPP)

Jack Foxx a.k.a The Worst Thief Ever:

Jack Foxx

"I swear I didn't do it officer..."

The Bio

Real Name: Jack Leonard Foxx
Villain/Renegade Name: None
Title: "The Worst Thief Ever"
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 112lbs.
Blood type: O+

The Looks

The Personality

  Jack is literally the worst thief ever, despite the fact he seems to think that he's the best. Jack is an arrogant and cocksure kid with a wild side and a devil-could-care attitude that tends to land him in trouble. Jack is not an outgoing individual and tends to be secluded and keep to himself, putting up a course personality and a rough exterior to keep others at bay. Jack is also a teenaged boy that has learned to use profanity. He enjoys letting everyone know that he has learned to use profanity. Despite that making him seem stupid or barbaric, Jack has proved on several occasions to be quick witted, though easily scared.

The Story

  Jack Foxx is the son of Master Thief; Raymond Foxx. Jack never knew his father, but he knew very much of the accomplishments his father had. Raymond was one of the few humans in this world so dangerous that he needed to be kept in a high security metahuman prison. Of course, his successful escape was marred by the fact that he was cornered by a metahuman gang, abducted and then never seen again. This left Jack with nothing but a desire to be a thief, and absolutely no one to teach him.

   Jack attempted to make friends in low places, but they used him as a scapegoat. Then he got shanked that one time, then his arm was broken. He didn't have the best of luck, but one day everything fell into place. Jack found himself at a nursing home visiting his grandmother when he watched and old man fall asleep on a couch. Jack proceeded to walk into the old man's room, and steal absolutely anything of value, throwing it out the back window and onto the pile of leaves. then, before leaving he went out and piled the items into his mother's car. So was born, Jack Foxx, The Master T-okay I can't even write it. Here's what really happened.

  He thought the guy was sleeping, he went into his room and he tried to steal his stuff. Well it turns out the old man was just Asian, and saw the little boy going into his room. Then when he arrived, he saw the kid throwing his things out the window. when the old man called for help, Jack blew past him and tried to make an escape. He was intercepted by his mother and forced to work in the nursing home under her close observation every day for the entire summer. But that didn't stop Jack from honing his expert level lockpi- again with the exaggeration. He jammed a bunch of bobby pins into locks and jammed them, then waited for security or maintenance to come and open the doors, thereby claiming that he unlocked them.

    Look, this kid wants to be the best thief there ever was. He claims to be the best thief alive. The unfortunate part is that...the only thing this boy has going for him is the cunning of a thief. The kid knows how to identify an opportunity and use it to his advantage. Unfortunately that doesn't always make up for the fact that he's a total failure at ever other aspect of thieving. He was pulled into "The League of Extraordinary Metas" as a community service sentence that he chose in hopes of meeting real thieves and criminals that he could learn a few tricks from. His actual cunning proved useful in THAT situation, bringing up the fact that denying him that community service because he was a human, when his HUMAN father was locked away in an inhumane high security META prison was just outright racist, and he'd take it to the highest authority.  Truthfully, he was just lucky he watched Law and Order earlier that day...

The Priority

1. Agility - Speed is key!
2. Reaction - Oh-uhm, yeah. Totally an expert at this...
3. Endurance - I'm..totally tough.
4. Strength - I uh, I can squat two plates...what is that too much? Dangit, I knew I shouldda said one plate.

The Powers

Human Ingenuity: Jack may only be a human, but he's got a way with figuring things out. Every now and again, Jack will do something that may surprise people, and when he does that he will typically gloat about it. Unfortuntely this is typically preceeded by the fact that he has to royally screw things up first, get caught or somehow place other people at dire risk.

Meta-Awareness: Despite his cocky attitude and acting like to total jerk, Jack is fully aware of jhow much of a screw up he is. He will even point out the fact that he can't help someone, or that something won't go as easily as they think because he hasn't screwed up or messed things up yet. In an even more rare case; Jack might even bring up the fact that because of time or some other condition they will need to "Skip the part where I do everything wrong and possibly injure one of us and just do it right the first time."

The Weaknesses

The worst thief...ever: Jack can sneak around, but he tends to move at the wrong times, observe things that aren't important while neglecting things that are actually quite important. He can't pick locks, he can't even pick the pocket of a person. He tried once and literally just fell on his face.

The Curse of Jack Foxx: Jack has horrible luck. If he even CAN successfully preform a theft, the outcome is never what he intended, nor wanted. For example, Jack attempted to steal form Santa Clause and was devoured whole by the greedy sack. Jack also attempted to steal a 20 dollar bill from a table, where a family had tipped generously. When he went to leave the building, he tripped down the stairs, only to walk outside and realize he had dropped them money. Of course how could he forget the time he attempted to steal some kids bike at school and ended up having the principal's car back into him, flipping him over and ruining the bike.

Hypochondria: Jack is overly anxious and abnormally paranoid regarding the state of his health. If he sees someone coughing, he tries to distance himself as much as possible. If he sees something unsanitary or otherwise disgusting, he is prone to believe that there is something wrong.

Person of Interest: Jack is always the primary suspect. Even if he wasn't related to the crime in any way. If he shows up on a crime scene, the police all start looking at him. This kid really does make the best scape goat. Unfortunately for him it's only a thrid of the reason he's the worst thief ever.

Soul of Obsession: Jack inherenlty fixates and binds himself to someone else, almost as if somehow he feeds on their approval. Jack preforms better when this person is around, or he is trying to assist this person. However, it becomes quite unfortunate that whenever something would otherwise benefit others, he himself pays a price for it.

The Items

Lockpicking Set: A set of lockpicks. That he doesn't know how to use...

The Fluff

Bond: While Jack is not a great thief, things always seem to have a way of playing out in the favor of those Jack feels bonded to. That being said, Jack has a particularly hard time refusing or turning down a request made by those people.

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Preston Wiley a.k.a The Human Photograph:

Preston Wiley

"I got a Doctorate to prove the theory of dimensions beyond the third. Now I'm stuck in the second...

The Bio

Real Name: Preston Wiley
Hero Name: Human Photograph
Title: "The 2-D Dude"
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175lbs.
Blood type: Ink

The Looks

The Personality

Preston Wiley is a very intelligent man, in fact he's probably the most intelligent of the whole group. Unfortunately his doctorate is in Physics and Quantum Theory. None of which helps him much given his very strange condition. Preston is a very light hearted man, always wishing to move forward to the future and looking for the happiness on the horizon. Unfortunately, as he is "The Human Photograph" he finds himself always stuck in the past, even if it's only by seconds.

The Story

   Preston Wiley's powers didn't mainfest until he was 26 years old, after achieving his doctorate. Preston was involved with an organization of scientists involved in the exploration of Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and other areas of the Quantum Theory. the scientists, Doctors and Professors all became transfixed upon the completeion of a device, which they were comissioned and funded to research and create. Dr.Preston Wiley, and his team were challeneged to utilize quantum theory in order to prove the existence of multiple universes. For three years, from the ages of 23 to 26, the conglomerate of scientists theorized and pitched ideas that would help them prove the existence of other universes. It was Preston whom suggested that perhaps the proof they sought was in the form of something they had never suspected.

    Preston wiley pitched the idea of a camera that could help them detect, project and capture the image of an overlaping universe, or rather capture the wavelengths and frequencies of molecular and submolecular interactions witht he electromagnetic spectrum. Ocf course he was ridiculed, but he recieved a very generous donation from an anonymous donor, telling him to pursue his research. Preston did so eagerly, and nearing the end of his 26th Birthday, he created the device he named "Veritas Obscura" a bulky and impracticle poloroid camera. The image device was tested, and pictures revealed more than the scientists could have ever hoped for.

  Pictures of dinosaurs, pictures of actual living dinosaurs had been seen, and immediately the validity of the Veritas Obscura was called into question. To put these doubts to rest, Preston and Veritas Obscura co-creator Professor Philips both decided to take a picture, shaking hands. The picture was absolutely beautiful and the development was instant. there was no falsifying these results. Unfortunately, the Professor then alerted everyone to the disapperance of Preston after the flash.

    Somehow, the Veritads Obscura, resonated with the quantum composition of both Preston Wiley and Professor Philips, altering them in ways they could not have predicted. Preston Wiley was pulled onto the second dimension, forced and trapped in a picture unable to function on the mehcanics of out own world. Professor Phillips gained the insightful ability to nullify people's powers by rationally defining, quantifying and disproving their validity in the face of universal laws.

     Professor Philips helped Left Shark and Brick Man fund the League of Extraordinary Metahumans, and so Preston decided that he would join the Proletariate of Ironic Powered People, in hopes of making a difference in the world through the curse placed upon him by his machine.

The Priority

1. Endurance - Killing me can prove quite difficult, epsecially when I'm not here.
2. Reaction - I need to move quickly, if I don't I may be trapped in one space for a long time!
3. Agility - Again, I need to move quickly!
4. Strength - I don't need to be strong. It's not like I can lift anything anymore.

The Powers

Obscura ~ The Human Photograph: Preston has the unique ability that he exists on the 2nd dimension. this means he is a flat character with no actual volume to himself, he is not able to interact with thrree dimensional things. He is a moving person. This comes with the benefits of the fact that 3-Dimensional barrieors may not obstruct him in the way that they may obstruct others, it grants him qich movements and actions whereas others may have difficulty. This presents it's own difficulty and appears to be a mixture of intangibility as well as teleportation. (Imagine him as a stick figure, on a wall, moving on it and walking on it.)

The Weaknesses

Obscura: Just as Preston's power allows him to bypass and access some areas better than others, there's equally the same problem. If there's an area that cannot be reached via a wall, there must be some 2-D bridge that exists for him to cross. (Example: If there is a hallway with an adjacent hall, and Preston is on the wall... he cannot jump the gap. He would need something 2-D for him to travel to and transfer too. So if someone were to take a picture of the two walls and draw a bridge in marker, Prestion would be able to walk across and rejoin them in the real world.  

Obstruction: Certain things, such as lines on signs, or bullbing out items on a flat surface may obstruct Preston's ability to move through or around something.

Damaged Surfaces: Preston cannot conventionally be killed, however it is possible for him to be harmed when the surface he is on sustains enough damage.

Trapped! Preston's movements can be obstructed when a picture is taken of him, or if he is surrpunded but other limitng factors.

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Hanna Newton a.k.a The Clock Keeper:

Hanna Newton

"The Clock Keeper"

The Bio

Real Name: Hanna Newton
Hero Name: The Clock Keeper
Title: "Princess"
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120lbs.
Blood type: O for Odd

The Looks

The Personality

Hanna is quite sweet and charming, in the beginning people would describe her like an innocent child or indeed that was what she had been. But over time she grew quite adventurous, often hauling her friends on with her hair brained schemes and plotted paths. She has developed an ever inquiring mind and a thirst for books, she rarely goes anywhere without one. Like her mother she is sweet but she has inherited her father’s temperment. As the years have gone on, and after contracting her mother's terminal illness, Hanna has become a little obsessed with time, clearly counting down the grains of sand in her life.

The Story

The story of Hanna is quite a short one. She was born to Salone Newton and the Late Yamm/Jake during the night. Almost right off she was a charming baby, big blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and willing to charm a smile out of anyone. Hanna, like most babies had her favorites and her least favorites. Her favorite chew toy was Dragon the dog, her favorite jungle gym was Artemis. Her favorite nose to grab was Michael Atterrius'. Lots of favorites.

So how did Hanna age so fast? No one is quite sure. All they know is that it has to do with coming into contact with the man Michael atterrius. Salone often jokes that Hanna had an allergic reaction to him. But over a space of three weeks, Hanna went from a 9 month old to a seventeen almost 18 year old girl. Constantly pestering the people around her and very smart… or as smart as the daughter of the Dragon King could be. Hanna has retained her ability to charm people and to encourage them to like her… even if it for a darker cause. Her wild streak will leave her in many a pickle, far more often than not she is guaranteed that.

Soon after Hanna achieved the physical age of 17 it was discovered that she had contracted the same disease as her mother. Anima venántium. It is not as bad as Salone's case was but Hanna does have black outs, seizures, and muscle pains. This disease will likely cause the death of her, just as it did her mother. However her father Yamm, now reincarnated as Matthew, has reached out and brought his Princess back to the fold, working vigorously to save not only the life of his new wife, but the life of his daughter.

The Priority

1. Strength - You might want to rethink the meaning of "hits like a girl"
2. Endurance - This cannon's not made of glass.
3. Reaction - Not as adaptable as I wish I was.
4. Agility - The only time I run is to be on time.

The Powers

The Clock Keeper: You can set your watch by a Swiss train, and a Swiss train might as well set themselves on Hanna's watch. Hanna is obsessed with time, to the point that she's actually been called autistic over it. The level of obsession is unhealthy, but it grants her a very unique ability to be able to tell you what time it is, no matter what has transpired, no matter how long she's been unconscious or what drugs she is under the influence of.

 The Dragon Princess: Hanna's power has been inherited from her father; Yamm The Father of Dragons, Patron of the vampire and The Primordial Chaos itself. Hanna has the ability to take the form of a dragon, while in this form she gains incredible strength and durability, though her reflexive nature and her speed suffer greatly. This power accellerates the process of Anima venántium, meaning that the very power she uses to protect people, causes the sands of time to slip faster and faster.

The Weaknesses

Anima venántium: The inherited disease of Salone Newton. Hanna suffers from a rare genetic condition found in shapeshifting metahumans. Salone Newton was a time collector, and therefore she was capable of using her powers to add time to her life. Hanna, on the other hand, is only capable of using her powers at the COST of time from her life.  

Gullible: Hanna is not a child anymore, but she still believes in the best of everyone. she takes everyone at face value, and seems to be rather apathetic when it comes to someone lying to her.

Photosensetivity: Hanna's eyes are sensetive to light, exposure to bright light has a deeper inpact on Hanna, even capable of blinding her where others would be able to stare at the light. It also breaks her concentration.

Unhealthy Obsession: Hanna keeps clocks and keeps track of time in a very unhealthy and obsessive manner. Unfortunately, if something were to ever happen to these clocks, Hanna would lose herself to her temper, which is unlike her very "chill" and calm personality.

Memento...Mori: Hanna is in possession of a memento from her mother and her father from his past life. The memento is a locket, clasped together with two rings on the golden chain. The rings match the ring on Hanna's finger. Hanna guards this at all cost, and will stop at absolutely nothing to maintain possession of these precious mementos.

The Fluff

Leviathan: Hanna is a water dragon, known as a Leviathan. this allows Hanna to breathe under water while in her dragon form.

My dad's THE fat@$$ alpha dragon!: Hanna is able to hear the voice of Yamm, and contact him at any time. This is not always a blessing, though it proves to be a vital key in Yamm's return to Matthew, or so one might think.

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