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Leah Miller ("Psorceress")

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Leah Miller ("Psorceress") Empty Leah Miller ("Psorceress")

Post by blackrose16 on October 1st 2017, 5:17 pm

Leah Miller

Ice Queen

The Bio

Real Name: Leah Miller
Hero Name: Psorceress
Title: Ice Queen
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Leah's hair is straight, long, and blonde, with the fringe of her bangs ending right above her eyebrows. Her hair is typically tied back into a tight bun with a black ribbon, unless she's sleeping, in which her hair is then tied back into two braids. A black rose, or black flower, hairclip sits clipped to the right side of her head.
Eyes: Leah's eyes are blue-green and medium in size. Her eyelashes are short in length.
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 136 lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Leah has long, straight, blonde hair, with the fringe of her bangs ending right above her eyebrows, and tied up in a tight bun with a black ribbon. She keeps a black flower clip clipped to the right side of her head. She has medium sized blue-green eyes, with short lashes. Her skin is slightly tanned, but otherwise pale, with a peaches-and-cream complexion. She has an hourglass figure with ample sized breasts and slightly muscular thighs the size of small tree trunks. She is of average height and has a healthy weight. She typically wears little to no makeup, but favors pale pink lipgloss and either black, bronze, or blue eyeshadow. She has a habit of dressing in all black while dressed in casual clothes, but can also be seen wearing sweatpants and tank tops, or other comfortable clothing as casual wear. With jeans, leggings, and dressier clothes, she tends to wear a pair of black knee-high boots with short chunky heels.

The Personality

Leah is a very stoic, very focused, and very stubborn individual. Underneath her stoic demeanor, she is very shy and very nervous, especially around people she's meeting for the first time or in situations she's not used to. She also hides some hot-headed tendencies underneath her stoic demeanor, as she doesn't want her anger to leak out and potentially harm those around her. She is a very kind and friendly individual and will do anything for a friend.

The Story

Leah was born in the United States on March 16. She was born to young parents, but they were lovingly supported by family and modest incomes. She was a very good baby, hardly crying, unlike most babies. She discovered her powers at a very young age when she would throw an occasional temper tantrum, and things would begin flying around the room. Her mother was the best at pacifying her.

She attended normal schools, with normal children, and learned to keep her powers a relative secret. When she made a couple of friends, she was afraid that they would treat her differently if they knew about her powers, so she did everything possible to keep her powers a secret from them. However, her plan failed when she began being bullied and her emotions went wild. One of her new friends noticed things flying around and Leah's hair floating up around her, tears streaming down her pale face. After Leah's friend was able to calm her down, Leah shrunk back in fear that her new friend would be afraid of her and treat her differently, though she was wrong. After that incident, her friend convinced her to tell their other friend of her powers, which she did.

As she grew older, she learned to keep her powers in check by hiding the emotions that caused any mishaps. It was never her intention to hurt anyone with her powers, so she figured if she kept her emotions hidden, her powers would be kept under control and no one would be aware she even had powers, besides her friends and family. However, this plan would prove to be harder than she thought, as she encountered people that only served to make her angry or play with her emotions. She began to seclude herself from everyone around her, preferring the silence and solitude of her room and the company of her stuffed animals and notebooks over her own friends and family.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Power 1: Telekinesis-Leah's telekinetic abilities manifest with an icy blue aura, which she can use for a variety of uses.

Power 2: Telekinetic Cutting-Using her telekinesis, Leah can hurl icy blue, crescent-shaped blasts of psychic energy at her enemies.

Power 3: Psychic Force Field Generation-Leah can create icy blue shields made of pure telekinetic energy. Her shields can shield herself, as well as any allies or friends.

Power 4: Platform Creation-Leah can create icy blue platforms for her or her friends to stand on, walk on, jump on, use as stairs, etc.

Power 5: Flight-Using her telekinesis, Leah can enable herself to fly.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Dexterity-She can only lift or move what she can see or perceive.

Weakness 2: Mass/Strength-She can only lift or move a limited mass, equal to several people or several heavy household appliances, though she typically only lifts mass equal to what she can normally lift bare handed, around 60 lbs and slightly above.

Weakness 3: Cutting Power-Leah's psychic energy crescents lack any actual lethal cutting force. Her energy crescents can slice, but only so far as to cause inconvenient flesh wounds.

Weakness 4: Shield Durability-Leah's shields are only as strong as Leah can hold out to make them. The strength of her shields depends on her stamina and, even occasionally, her emotional situation at the time. If her stamina is low, she may be able to make a shield, but it will break easily.

Weakness 5: Platform Durability-Like her shields, her platforms are only as strong as Leah's willpower. If she is weakened in any way, her platforms will be weakened too and they will break. If she becomes unconscious, her platforms will disappear.

Weakness 6: Flight Durability-If Leah's stamina isn't high enough, she won't be able to fly well, and in a worst case scenario, at all. If she is tired, she may only be able to lift her body a few inches off the ground, and her movements will be sluggish.

Weakness 7: Incapacitation-If Leah is incapacitated, either by fear or illness, her powers won't work. Even the slightest cold will hamper her ability to use her powers.

Weakness 8: Incontinence-If Leah enters an extreme emotional state, such as anger or stress, her powers will go out of control. Only someone whom she trusts, and/or loves, will be able to calm her down. This is why she hides her hot-headedness underneath her stoic demeanor.

The Items

Requiem-Requiem is a pair of knee-high, steel-plated boots that Leah uses in battle when infusing her body with her psychic powers to enhance her strength in hand-to-hand combat. This is her weapon of choice, which reflects the usage of only her legs in combat. Her weapon compliments her fighting style by focusing all of her power into her legs, matching her Taekwondo fighting style and her focus on kicks over punches.

Weakness 9: Requiem-Though powerful, Requiem is still a normal weapon. It is made out of a tough metal, but even that metal can rust, break, or deteriorate over time. Leah has to have the weaponsmiths maintain her weapon, so it doesn't break or deteriorate over time. Her fighting style attributes to many of the breakages or cracks seen in her weapon and her weapon cannot withstand many non-physical attacks. If she were to kick something fairly heavy at full strength, made of a non-physical material, such as her own telekinetic power, her weapon would be likely to shatter, along with several bones in her leg.

The Minions


The Fluff

Leah's powers will go out of control if she becomes emotional and will stop working if she is either incapacitated by extreme fear or illness.

The RP Sample

Leah walked down the hallway to her room. She had just finished her last class of the day and she was tired. She did her best to avoid the other students walking down the hallway, but was unsuccessful as she was stopped by her three best friends, one of them being her roommate. All she really wanted was to change into some pajamas and crawl into bed for a nap before dinner rolled around. Why was it the purpose of everyone in her life to prevent her from doing the things she liked during her free time? She wanted to take a nap? Her mom would call her to do something. She wanted to write? Her dad would call to tell her dinner was ready. Now she was on her own and her friends wanted to bother her. She simply gave them a polite smile, told them that she was tired after her long day, and told them that she was going to take a nap before dinner. They looked a bit puzzled, considering they hadn't said anything yet, but her friends just nodded, told her to have a good nap, they'd see her at dinner, and walked back down the hallway. Her roommate looked back at her, but followed their friends down the hall, wisely leaving Leah to sleep, knowing how she got when she was woken up from a nap or a sound sleep.

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Leah Miller ("Psorceress") Empty Re: Leah Miller ("Psorceress")

Post by Chellizard on December 29th 2017, 8:37 pm

Approved and moved.

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