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The Lore of Chimera (and SHRP 2)

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The Lore of Chimera (and SHRP 2) Empty The Lore of Chimera (and SHRP 2)

Post by Humanity September 30th 2017, 2:42 pm

In the year 1980, Chimera was formed. The world was faced with it's first secret society of methumans, organized and unified with the common goal of metahuman equality. The society had been established and growing for several years, amassing anything or anyone that constituted as inhuman, but subjective to the world of humans. Chimera was founded in the 14th century by a group of three individuals. Thorgron the Destroyer, Anaxii the Silver Wolf, and King Chimera. These three individuals had land and loyalty of their subjects, and eventually they formed a secret pact between the three of them. They had become "The Tribunal" and sought out the woes of man and put an end to them. But soon the world began to recognize their greatness, and shunned them for their inhuman capabilities.

By the 15th century, Anaxii the Silver Wolf had sacrificed his life so that the other two members of the tribunal and their companions, Sadrith Mori and Xayn Lourishna, might live. With this sacrifice, King Chimera and Thorgron The Destroyer decided that this world was not ready for their kind, as they were few too and far between. The time of "different" or exceptional people would be in the future, so the future is what they needed to prepare for. King Chimera began amassing wealth and fortune, his life would be dedicated solely to the eventual rise and growth of this "group" he had helped found. Thorgron's powers continued to preserve his youth, however his powers required several years of continual sleep, from which he could never be roused. Thorgron would enter this sleep, Sadrith Mori would continue to use his powers over blood to preserve his own vitality, while Xayn entered an experimental stasis conjured by Sadrith. Meanwhile, King Chimera came face to face with The Eternal in Siberia, sparking memories of a past best left forgotten.

In the 16th Century, Chimera had finally gained momentum, deep business ties and threads into nobility as King Chimera, while Thorgron woke from his slumber to once more. King Chimera and Sadrith graced the courts, Xayn was awoken to use his unique powers to assist with their espionage and subterfuge. By the late 16th century, Sadrith Mori had taken on an apprentice, and her name was Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, a countess of the kingdom of Hungary. Elizabeth, who began her practice into blood magic, beginning with the torture and murder of 650 victims, earning herself the nickname Countess Dracula for her vampire-like tendencies. She was known to even bath in the blood of virgins to maintain her youth. King Chimera was appalled by Sadrith's lack of discretion, and utilizing his connections to the royal family he posed a false testimony from a servant. While her status protected her from death, she remained locked in a windowless room for five years before she was approached by King Chimera, and offered the ultimatum to join them or perish. Upon her acceptance, they feigned her demise and she joined the ranks of the reclusive group.

In the 17th century, France was under powerful influence from King Chimera and his growing group. While King Louis XIV held great power in Europe, it was King Chimera that whispered and subliminally suggested many actions. The Chimera's former followers had died, though the original clan remained strong. Sadrith, Elizabeth, Xayn, Thorgron and King Chimera continued to be on the search for servants and members of Chimera, starting with the socially elite and potential revolutionary types. Amongst them, was Franscios Bastille. As King Chimera's expedition throughout the lands continued to grow Chimera in power, there had hardly been a place he didn't sow seeds. By the end of the century, electricity was formed, and Gravity had been explained through Newton's laws. Chimera was all too quick to take opportunity of such things and begin founding their organization on more stable grounds.

By the 18th Century, Chimera had officially set it's roots within Russia, managing and overseeing their global operations. It was then that King Chimera had come in contact with a surge in metahuman population. Chimera was quick to create a selection process and only took in the most careful, cautious and capable individuals; much to the dismay of the other members. Many believed that THIS was the time for the metahumans to rise up, but King Chimera kept his eyes to the future. For the next long, while King chimera would continue to recruit and establish their group as their influence bled into Africa and Australia.

In the 19th century, King Chimera established the Houses of Chimera, and began to officially section off land that these houses were responsible for. They defaulted to a feudal system where each group was independent and responsible, however they all bowed before The King and his House; House Atterrius. The original Houses were; House Atterrius, House Dreighoson, House Mori, and House Lourishna. After their influence became prominent in the regions, they began to systematically make people "disappear". But any metahumans who were caught, imprisoned or scheduled to be executed brought a question before the group. What were they doing to stop it? King Chimera then appointed his Champion and blood-oath brother Thorgron to found his own House. The House was full of men and women that would train under Thorgron, and their whole purpose became about serving Chimera, it was more than induction, it was practically indoctrination as they broke you mind. To join this house was considered to be the death of anyone who joined. Thorgron sent agents across the world and conscripted metahumans sitting in cells, locked behind glass or worse. Using their connections they would make these people "disappear" and bring them into The House of The Dead.

The 20th century hit and Chimera's influence remained hidden, but was ever growing in the Eastern hemisphere. After an Archeological dig went wrong, a race of metahumans broke free from their icy tombs, these beings known as homoglacius or "Men of Ice". Memories of lives prior had flashed to King Chimera's eyes. The homoglacius were startled by the world around them and in their migration, they wandered into the "House of Pain", an independent family that had yet to make a name for themselves. The Homoglacius annihilated their defenses and moved to ensure their survival from "The Eternal." The House Fralon had just been founded in an agreement for Sadrith Mori to marry off his daughter to Barabus Fralon, and they were bloodthirsty warriors with a burning heart. The battle would have been ugly, had Thorgron not realized that a lapse in communication prevented the Fralon from doing as ordered and standing down. Thorgron then turned to the Bastille family, a minor family within House Atterrius, and beseeched them to organize a defensive measure. The Bastille family then coordinated with a minor family from House Lourishna, The Aelros family" and coordinated a great defensive barrier to stand against the mighty Fralon.

By this time, Chimera was becoming more than simply rumor, their influence had already dominated Russia, Europe and Australia. Egypt was barely resisting their influence and the America's had remained untouched. With the homo-glacius suddenly being protected and then labeled "Endangered" they gained sanctuary within Siberia and Russia. The world began to take notice. The leader of the homo-glacius, Izra Polaris, identified King Chimera and thanked him for once again assisting them, as he had in the distant past. Izra soon began to inform King Chimera and the others of the impending threat that The Eternal posed to them, and out of survival Izra was offered a place in Chimera, to which she accepted. After the battle, the Bastille and the Aelros were also given their own houses in honor of their service, while the Fralon had to pay reparations. Therefore The Horde of Polaris, House Bastille and The House of Sentinels was born.

Nearing the close of the 20th century, around 1975, King Chimera fell in love with a woman that could actually live as long as he could under natural circumstances. Nostro Aelros was appointed as the head of the Royal guard and would be accountable for the protection of his family. Shortly after the formation of the three new houses of Chimera, there was an assassination attempt upon King Chimera, which failed due to Nostro. In the year 2000, the beginning of the 21st century An assassination attempt happened once more, on a much larger scale.

In the Americas an organization known only as "The Agency" had finally realized the deep roots of Chimera and had taken matters into their own hands. Sadrith Mori was sent to the Americas to meet with a new "partner" known as "The Baron" when The Agency struck. A siege of both rebels and agents took to the castle. In the battle Thorgron was mortally wounded and retreated into his comatose-like sleep, his wife being murdered was the last thing he saw. King Chimera assisted his soldiers in the defense of his land, but to no avail. King Chimera searched for his wife and sons in the chaos, only to find Nostro Aelros had been poisoned and the warrior was denied an honorable death. It wasn't long before he found the bodies of his slain family.

King Chimera refused to eat. Refused to sleep or drink. Eventually he starved himself to death, but before he died he called into the family Payne and gave them instrutions to begin an inquisition, and discover who betrayed him. Who had sent his "brother" into a slumber and ripped his family away from him. When King chimera died, the Inquisition began. As is his power, The King chimera was reborn a year later. In the year of 2018, King Chimera returned to the fold and awarded the family for their successful Inquisition by granting them the title "The House of Pain". Much had changged in his rebirth, but his brother still slept. He had also come to learn that Sadrith Mori had vanished and the house had been renamed to "House Moriath", and Xayn Lourishna had sacrificed himself. The Agency attempted to fire a Nuclear missile upon Russia, and Xayn took the form of a large raven before throwing himself into the missile, lifting it above the atmospehere where he met his unfortunate end.

King Chimera, stricken with grief made his presence known to the world. He renamed The House of Sentinels to "House Nostro" and in a single night the leaders of countries were killed, and the emblem of Chimera was seen all over the world. He issued a warning to the world that Chimera, that metahuman kind would not tolerate the interference of man any longer. They could leave Chimera in peace and only The Agency would pay for their crimes...or they could all submit to The Agency's will, and pay the price. King Chimera began to focus his resources on his techonolgy and prewparing for a way to avert nuclear war, or at least the fallout.

King Chimera learned that his betrayal came at the hands of Elena Marie, to which he repaid her treachery in kind. He disbanded his own House, leaving his bastard son to take up the mantle in whatever house he chose. Then he began on his quest for vengeance against the crimson witch. The first step was utilizing her son against her, he arrange a meeting in Solvakia where he got the upper hand on her, restraining her magic's and dragging her through the snow. There, King Chimera physically tore her heart from her chest and with a wish, infused it with the Cintimani stone, leaving the woman for dead upon the Siberian Islands. By the time he returned to his duties he learned that nuclear contact was inevitable. Hacking the missile's targeting system was difficult, but when it happened they needed to decide where they were willing to accept the impact. It was a difficult decision, but King Chimera elected to let the impact hit in the New Siberian Islands, contaminating the entire coastline into what would become "The Eternal Haze".

King Chimera eventually calmed from his rage, though his pain never left. He realized that, in his anger and in his vanity, he had alerted the world too soon. The very mistake that others wished to make in the 18th century, he made now in the 21st. The family Teslan had come to King Chimera's bastard son and coerced him, persuaded and tempted him to join their family, and utilized his clearences to retrieve the corpse of Nostro. With the corpse of Nostro, the Teslan took the body to The Eternal Haze where they were confronted by the waking corpse of an iced over woman, one that used her powers to reanimate the corpse of Nostro, sending the undead warrior into a bloodlust rage, one that only stopped when he was about to strike down the bastard son of his master. In that moment, Nostro broke free of the witch's control and drug the corpses of the Teslan back along with Dante.

It was extensive work, however nanite technolgy allowed King Chimera to create a way to avert radiation sickness, and with a few years of effort, Nostro was capable of breking free of "The Voices" that commanded him. It was uncertin if it was his determination to break free, or if there was something special about him, however he was no longer slave to The Eternal or the undead woman who served him, the one now being called "The Witch of Winter" whose powers seemed to function by drawing on radioactivity and utilizing it in the form of magic. Nostro even found himself with newfound powers and abilities, ones that he desired to serve his King once more with. Chimera was given it's final houses, House Tetchunam lead by the undead Nostro and finally the family Telsan was honored with the title of House as they now served King Chimera loyally, which would contribute to his continual development of technologies.

In 2021, King Chimera unleashed "The Gray Goo" upon South America, a nanite technology that consumes, breaks down and repurposes everything it comes in contact with. It's sole role in life is to destroy every living thing and convert it into gray matter. It's consciousness is unhackable and no matter whom opposes it, the creature is unstoppable, only King Chimera has the kill-code. He also unveiled the developmental technology to actually unite and pull two parallel realities together. He unveiled this to Dr.Dressler, whom confronted him with the intent of stopping The Gray Goo. Dr.Dressler was immensely powerful, but he was defeated by King Chimera and banished to the parallel universe (SHRP 1) the target universe that they would collide with their own.

With this technology, King Chimera would tie SHRP 1 and SHRP 2 together and layer them overtop one and other. With this machine they could then select which traits of which universe they would retain, therefore Chimera could still exist and all of their resources, while still being able to be rid of the highly advanced "Agency" of their universe. All the while, they would keep The Gray Goo alive in the transition so that the Americas would fear it and it's destruction. From there King Chimera from SHRP 2 would be impersonating his SHRP 1 counterpart, whom is loved and respected. He and only he, would solve the uncrackable code of The Gray Goo and save the world, offering opportunity to seize what his vanity and anger denied him in the universe they once inhabited.


This is a ROUGH summary to be sure. But also keep in mind that we will have a group of multi-dimensional time travelers that are going between SHRP 1 and 2's histories to correct events that the merger is affecting, in order to foil King Chimera's plot... so it's not just a front-line battle!


The Lore of Chimera (and SHRP 2) Humani11
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