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A Sushi Place in Beachside L.A.

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INV ONLY A Sushi Place in Beachside L.A.

Post by The Nekromonga on September 30th 2017, 8:48 am

In a city of metahuman gangs, supervillains, alien invasions, robot uprisings and magic, and many other forms of superpowered insanity, there are also many places where normal life tries to eke out a living. The Little Tokyo district is infamously run by the Yakuza, but on the surface at least, things are orderly.

On a side street near the central business district is one such little shop among many, no more than 5 meters wide and about the same deep. It had only about 4 tables, and a bar that divided the diners from the kitchen area. The entrance was a traditional sliding paper door, while the sign a carved wooden board. At the moment it was empty, save for the owner who was preparing tonight's horse radish.

The interior was clean and clean white wood was the material of choice. A single screen was playing the news, going on about the usual issues- climate change, the president, and metahuman violence.


The older, Japanese looking man with a graying beard would greet any comers. "Ayyy. Welcome to the Sushi shack. Take a seat. So what'll it be?"  He says with a tired american accent, and hands the new arrival a menu containing all the usual Japanese fare. "Hey, we got a new house special today- Ikizukuri. Live fish sashimi. All the white kids love to creep their friends out with it."
The Nekromonga

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