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Alex Moreau

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Alex Moreau Empty Alex Moreau

Post by Tinkerfel on September 24th 2017, 1:19 pm


"Alex Moreau"

The Bio

Real Name: Alexandra "Alex" Moreau
Hero Name:  Marionette
Alignment:  Neutral Good
Age: 19
Gender: Transgender - Female
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: 'Fire' orange dye, naturally brunette
Eyes:  Amber, pink-purple when using powers
Height: 5'6
Weight: 132lb
Blood type: O

The Looks

The Personality

Alex hides it reasonably well, but having come out to her close friends and family only the year prior, and seemingly developing her powers at the same time took a rather deep toll on the young woman. Just when she thought she was adjusting to her new more open life, she was hit by something that scared her. It took her some time to adjust, learning to treat her newfound abilities like she treated the subconcious thoughts she'd also recently begun to deal with. And slowly she began accepting her abilities, and using them where she could to help in her day to day life. As much as she tries not to let it happen often, she does find herself falling to her lazy and nerdy roots when she doesn't have to bring herself to being sociable, thus this is a side of her not many really see. She tries her best to hide her past self, including her love to games and playing sports, always feeling a little worried that they will link people to her past life, but those who get close to her personal life will find she might appear a little high strung, she can be extremely relaxed when she doesn't need to worry.

The Story

Originally from the North of Britain, under a completely different name, Alexandra Moreau would move herself half way across the world  in order to gain herself a new life, and with her slowly developing powers, it allowed her to hone them in a place where nobody knew her, where she could blend in to the background. She left behind her barely accepting parents, keen not to discourage their only child but taking the most minor steps to treating her as their daughter that they possibly could take. Telling them she was a meta-human never really came to pass. She left her home, travelling to more 'powered parts' as she might call them, somewhere she could learn in privacy how her abilities worked, and to what extent. Slowly she had been honing her abilities in secret, being extremely careful if she must use her powers when in public, thankful that her ability is nearly invisible.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Strength
3. Agility
4. Endurance

The Powers

Telekinetic Strings: From her finger tips, Alex can throw near invisibly strings, one from each finger, as a telekinetic construct. This allows her to move things with the strings as they wrap around what she aims for. As she gets better with her control, she is able to increase the range with which she throws the strings, currently able to control them out to 10 metres, with each string seperately able to lift 150lbs individually.

The Weaknesses

Pretty Human: Outsides of her powers, she is still human. Whilst she is athletically built, she isn't in any sort of 'peak condition' and she hurts like any other human.

The Items

The Fluff

  • Semi-Openly Trans: Alex doesn't broadcast her status, but she doesn't actively hide.
  • Hero Worship Complex: Alex has loved heroes since she was little, and even if she might eventually consider herself one, she founds herself still captivated just encountering a known hero.

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Alex Moreau Empty Re: Alex Moreau

Post by Chellizard on September 24th 2017, 11:36 pm

Approved and moved.

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