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The black knight

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The black knight

Post by Cerek on September 23rd 2017, 7:19 pm

His eyes still closed surrounded by dark and vague voices.

"How many was it?..."

"Last count was four hundred and twelve dead, six hundred wounded, two hundred twenty missing presumed dead."

"Dei Aylum... How does such a thing happen deep in Veah? I heard it was a Tyge saboteur."

"There's no sense guessing, plus you'll have more work soon. Another group of injured and we're already stressing the sedative stock."

Aelius starts to wake up, his eyes still feel quite heavy. His whole body wakes up as well in agony as if he'd been beaten around by a consruction crane. He turns his head to see the two nurses who were chatting before. Even though he cant feel most of his right side he manages to talk.

"mmm Hey uh, nurse."

They both turn around.

"Ah you're awake, good. You were out cold for nearly thirty hours, some bad wounds but not life threatening."

"What happened? I was on my way to Nerus three when... That ship, it exploded."

"Yes, the Gren Ardel, a prison ship was the victim of"

The tall male nurse nudges the female one before she finishes.

"Ahem, innapropriate."

Cebra looks at them both expectantly.


"Well... some rumors say it was a Tyge saboteur. My colleague here doesn't believe in rumors however psht."

Aelius lays back and thinks about the Tyge fleet he just faced, he wonders if the saboteur might be a straggler. He can still feel some effects from the drugs he was given, it's not enough to force him to sleep again but thankfully enough to dull the pain. He wonders what's going to happen to his new post, it's doubtful he'll reassigned due to this injury though. No doubt word has reached Duke Overlord Escherlin, he would be the first to offer false sympathy Aelius thought. He laid on his side, his thoughts now drifting to his mother Corda and father Sejanus. His father would likely be in the garage woking through endless lines of code to perfect the crown militaries Machina armour. His mother served as the radio dj to a local station.

Nerus 3, A world relatively covered in snow and ice save for the equator which is rather temperate. The equator experiences three seasons of Summer, Autumn and Winter. A few kilometers away from the captial city lies the military base Brachus. Sitting in front of a large flat screen the news of the Gren Ardels destruction plays as Mezha sits, here eyes glued to the screen. The reporter mentions another ship caught in the explosion and that a young officer of the red crown was rescued.

"The officer one Arch Paladin Aelius Ulysees Gaide was rescued by first responders more than thirty hours ago. He was caught in the initial blast while in transit to Nerus three. Unfortunately we have no more information on his current condition. Hundreds of injured and dead were quickly taken from the wrekage as a plasma leak was detected in the engine core. It is feared however many more are trapped inside the ship now with failing life support and no srtificial gravity..."

She goes on but Mezha had lost interest in the rest of the report, rather frustrated that they didn't mention what medical facility Aelius was at. Not like it mattered though, she was stuck where she was at Nerus three until Aelius arrived... Or at least she hoped he'd arrive. What a shitty piece of irony it'd be if her only ticket out of the passive aggressive, prejudicial station she'd been assigned to died like this. It was a selfish thought she did regret a little bit but her desperation was at an alltime high. Her people, known as "The warrior class" are a race of the Gen mod species. They have the unique ability among Gen mods to concentrate their musculature and increase it's density. This gives them incredible physical strength and speed beyond what any natural soldier of the crown can do.

The ability to fight was on the front was always Mezha's dream, the only drawback was suffering the prejudice of Crown born soldiers. Gen mods were at one time of course rebelling enemies of the crown, even now two hundred years later they are looked down upon. Much of it has to do with fear of what gen mods were capable of. The fact that they looked so much like humans but were so different. As such in social ways Gen mods were discriminated against sometimes, but rarely aggressively. Mezha had her fill of the awful things that were said behind her back, from soldiers she fought along side with no less. From a lift steps out a female soldier into the crowd of other soldiers around her. She clears her throat and shouts above the commotion to everyones notice.

"If you were one of the one's recently assigned to the uh... what's the name. The the new Paladin guy Gaide, then report to the RCS Far gaze."

Mezha jumps to her feet and walks over.

"Any news on the Paladin himself?"

The soldier looks back over her shoulder.

"Sorry major, no word was given to me."

"Yeah thanks."

Mezha grabs her bags and heads towards the ship down a long series of halls alongside other soldiers and officers. Arriving at the docks platform Mezha looks around for the Far gaze, a sign above shows where each ship is. The Far gaze was docked near the end of the platform, it was of a more sleek design than most Crown vessels. It was colored white and silver with a crimson bridges as was standard for Crown ships. It was well armed boasting fifteen rail canons on either side along with anti craft weaponry and ion charge torpedo ports. Though admitedly compared to a battleship this was light weaponry. She boarded the ship handing her transfer data cell to one of the officers standing next to the lift.

The officer takes the small device and inserts it into a computer console, a green light flashes as well as a chime. The officer waves her in as many behind her get their own data cell ready. When inside Mezha is greeted by a lower ranking officer and shown the way to her room. Aelius having sufficiently recovered or rather too impatient to heed the concerns of the doctors puts his clothing back on in a bathroom checking himself in the mirror. The idea of arriving to command his fleet in a descevelled state was unthinkable for such a proud man. He looks deep into the mirror, this incident wasn't enough to shake him and if it was he'd never show it. Aelius always strived to show strength in front of his soldiers, it wasn't just for show though. He used it as a strategy to always keep everyone positive and focused.

Leaving the medical facility in another small trasit vessel made Aelius grumble a bit, obviously. The ride however was smooth and the pilot not nearly as chatty as the last one. Aelius' thoughts would often drift when he had spare time, but now they were focused on the pilot who had died and how he had lived. It vexed him somewhat, to a point where he'd like to keep in touch with the military investigators. It's not likely though as Crown military police were notoriously secretive and prefered to report to the royal body. The rest of the ride to Nerus-3 was uneventful. When Aelius arrived at Brachus on Nerus-3 he proceeded directly towards the docks. He had been to Nerus before but usually for a vacation, it was still a pleasant sight knowing he'd never be back for a long time.

The bridge of the Far gaze seemed of the highest level of Crown technology for an exploration and combat vessel. Aelius entered the bridge and was greeted by the bridge crew by means of of standing at attention. Aelius walked towards the center of the room taking a good look at the crew around him as they expectantly look back still saluting. He stops and takes a deep breath.

"You, all of you. You soldiers of the red crown. We sail the black ocean as our lords and Queen command. I expect from you the honour, loyalty and zeal that every soldier should hold in their soul. We will find new worlds, new people and new opportunities, carrying the good will and name of our empire across the stars. Let us show the universe the grand design of the empire."

Aelius commanded the crew back to their stations and to prepare for departure, the maiden voyage of the Far gaze.


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