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Nadira El-Mahdy

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Nadira El-Mahdy

Post by Thalia on September 18th 2017, 2:32 am

Nadira El-Mahdy

"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Nadira El-Mahdy
Villain Name: N/A
Title: The Desert Spirit, The Guided One, Boss
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman/ Champion’s descendant
Hair: Dark Purple
Eyes: Aqua
Height: 5’9
Weight: 122 lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

Many words could be used to describe the type of person Nadira El-Mahdy has grown up to be. While the young girl at one point in time was very childish and clueless, she has become very cunning and sly as a result of being raised in a band of thieves. Nadira can swindle and deal with even the most stubborn of people and doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. Her headstrong nature and stubborn will cause Nadira to push forward and trample over anyone who gets in her way, regardless of the consequences.

Nadira has learned the art of persuasion from Madeline herself, giving the young Arcadian descendant the gift of the silver tongue. Nadira has such a way with words that she can often inspire and manipulate people into doing anything she asks for. Those who fail to meet the ambitious woman’s demands are often met with a side of her that no one in their right mind would look forward to facing. Nadira can be extremely harsh not only to those that oppose her or fail her, but even those that dedicate their lives to her and her cause. Working under the notorious queen of the desert is an undertaking one must truly be prepared for.

Nadira is the very definition of calm and collected. A lesson learned from her failures and upbringing, Nadira takes every precaution imaginable when ever she puts any of her plans into motion. She has learned to be prepared for anything life could throw at her and as a result has left her with a calm and cool demeanor. You will hardly ever see the young Egyptian caught off guard or surprised by much. Because Nadira strives to always be one step ahead of the curve and always prepared for any probability, she has taken to amassing quite a wealth of knowledge. With her organization constantly expanding in the shadows and the constant rise of her new country, Nadira has a lot of information she must intake and manage on a daily basis. Most normal people would be consumed by this, but Nadira has found a way to stay on top of her game.

The Story

Nadira El-Mahdy was abandoned and left for dead as a baby. For reasons unknown to her, neither of Nadira’s parents wanted nor cared for her and as such, sought to rid themselves of her presence. Luckily for the Arcadian descendant, a local thief happened to cross paths with the baby and took her in. The old thief brought Nadira into the vast network of urchins they had grown to call a family. Once the baby had grown old enough, the thief put her to work, stealing things for him and the rest of her “family” all as just a means for survival. Nadira’s home turf was Cairo, Egypt and her targets mostly consisted of clueless tourists and poor and unfortunate peddlers.

Being the only family she grew up knowing, Nadira felt out of place among the urchins and the old thief. Where they were all content with just getting by and being together, Nadira longed for something bigger. She was never satisfied with the marks she was given and always tried to stray from the path laid out for her by the master thief. She’d often be caught trying to steal things not on her list, such as jewelry, gems, and other items of luxury, each time she would be caught by the old thief that knew his little sphinx was far to ambitious. Upon being caught Nadira would often play coy, but would eventually relinquish the excess goods.

Eventually Nadira grew into a rebellious teen, she became too much for the old thief to manage especially when he had the rest of his family to look after. It was during this time that Nadira decided to split away from her adoptive family in an attempt to make a name for herself. Because of her headstrong nature and ambitious nature, Nadira sought to seek out a more nefarious sort to align her self with. Because of her small stature as a teen, this new batch of individuals that Nadira had decided to mix herself up with, used her to sneak into the forgotten caverns beneath the city. Many rumors swirled about the city of ancient treasure and an unspeakable power that lay dormant beneath the sands. Because of this, discovery of the ancient sunken city was paramount to the group Nadira now belonged to. Nadira was often forced or coursed into venturing into unstable caverns in search of the lost ruins. One on particular trip, the entrance that Nadira had used to gain access to the caverns collapsed and she was trapped beneath the sand.

With no way to get back out, Nadira ventured further into the caves until she eventually came across a very old sandstone door inlaid with gold. Almost as if the door had been waiting for her, the second Nadira’s fingertips brushed against the ancient stone, the door gave way. An unsettling amount of rumbling and the sound of stone grinding on stone filled the corridor as Nadira was granted entry to the lost empire of Akhenaten. The sight of the sunken empire was something to truly behold, a sight that left the rambunctious teen utterly speechless. Despite having grown up with two different “families” Nadira felt more at home in this massive crypt than she did anywhere else. Light trickled in through several cracks in the ground above and illuminated several large buildings adorned in gold, one in particular stood out more than the others. A very large and almost intact palace, adorned with a massive golden sun disc, lay at the other end of a sprawling and very developed city.

The light from the sun disc illuminated the whole sunken valley and provided the young teen with all the light she needed to navigate the labyrinth of roads as she made her way towards the palace. The city was littered with broken chunks of buildings, pottery, old and time faded jewelry, and bones….lots and lots of bones. The people who once called this civilization home all perished with their king so many millennia ago. Nadira’s life would forever change the very moment she set foot within Akhenaten’s palace. A very strange but also calming male voice called out to her, echoing through the abandoned hallways of the expansive palace.

The voice continued to beckon and draw Nadira further and further into the depths of the palace. It grew louder and more clearer as Nadira made her way into the heart of the ancient structure where the voice had fully transformed from a whisper to a booming commanding tone. The voice called Nadira to a very strange door but before she could reach it, an unusual heat overtook the cold shadows of the tomb-like palace. Nadira spun around and came face to face with the queen of Arcadia, Madeline. The demon queen was almost as impressive a sight as the sunken city was. Nadira was unsure what to make of the situation, but being a teen, she questioned the sudden appearance of the demon queen.

Madeline explained to Nadira that the voice she heard was that of Akhenaten, Nadira’s ancestor. Beyond the door lay the twisted and mangled visage of the once proud king. He had been trapped in this prison for millennia after Madeline had fallen into her hibernation, and longed to be free. The only problem with that, as Madeline explained, was that in all his years of imprisonment, the once righteous ruler had continued to feed off of Arcadia’s energy and as a result, had grown far to powerful for even Madeline to contain, in her current state.

Nadira was quite confused by the sudden bombardment of information, and begged the question, what was so bad about freeing the ancient king, her ancestor? Being a stubborn girl, Nadira attempted to open Akhenaten’s prison in Madeline’s face only to be blown away from the door by a blast of dark energy. Despite being clearly outclassed, Nadira challenged Madeline anyway. The result wasn’t much of a battle at all, it was completely one sided, and the goddess of war made sure that Nadira knew it. Madeline left Nadira with some echoing words of wisdom and encouragement along side a very bruised ego and a scar across her left cheek. Nadira had not only been denied an audience with her ancestor, but also got her ass handed to her by the other. The words Madeline left her with, gave Nadira a new goal to focus on. She would embrace her heritage and learn all she could about Akhenaten and his fallen empire, all in an effort to recreate it in today’s world.

Nadira would set out to do the impossible, and would succeed. Using the knowledge gained from Madeline and the knowledge uncovered in Akhenaten’s sunken city, Nadira would create a new country in her own image atop the sight of one of Akhenaten’s greatest cities. As if resurrecting the ancient city herself, a very advanced and fully developed country would rise above the dunes as a glistening diamond in the middle of the desert. Putting her Ambition to good use, Nadira would accomplish all this in just a few short years after her encounter with the two ancestors that started it all. With four other like minded individuals all under her belt, Nadira’s empire has spread across the world, dipping its hands in shady underground illegal activities. The utopia they’ve created is but a beacon of hope for what the would could look like under their rule. While on the surface all the residents seem completely happy with their lives and leaders, there is a far more sinister hand at play.

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: Goddess of the wind- Nadira possesses the power of aerokinesis which allows her to control and manipulate air and bend it to her will. Using her control over air, Nadira can manipulate and even generate air currents while outdoors, increasing or decreasing their strength on a whim. Nadira is capable of manipulating air into various projectiles. With Nadira’s impressive control over wind and air, she can create tornadoes of varying size and intensity ranging from a small six foot tall dust devil capable of knocking people off their feet, to a massive full blown F-5 tornado. Nadira’s control over air is so powerful she can even pull the air right out of another person’s lungs (PC permission required.).

Power 2: Goddess of the desert- Nadira was born with the power to bend the very earth and all its elements to her will, including metal. Nadira’s geokinesis allows her to shape and manipulate both elements regardless of their state. She can Move/lift earth, rocks, boulders, stones, sand and metal objects at nearly any speed whether she is in the air, on land, or underwater. Nadira is capable of altering the shape, density, sharpness, and dullness of earth and metal even going so far as being able to liquefy them as well. Nadira can use this power in conjunction with her aerokinesis in order to generate harsh and powerful sandstorms.

Power 3: Unbreakable Body- Being the descendant of one of Arcadia’s many champions, Nadira has inherited some of her ancestors powers through genetics. The passed down powers of the champion’s dilutes overtime to the point where few or only one of the powers gets passed down. In this case, Nadira only inherited one power from her ancestor and it came in the form of some rather impressive durability. Nadira’s body, or more importantly her bones, are gifted with a diamond like toughness which in turn protects the ambitious woman from most physical harm. To add to this, Nadira’s skin is highly resistant to the elements, such as extreme heat or cold.

Power 4: My Soul is my weapon, My ambition as it’s strength!- Through some mysterious means, Nadira has found a way to weaponize her soul. She does this by converting her soul into a type of tangible energy which takes the form of a clear or crystal colored orb surrounded by blue flames. This soul orb has a number of uses and can be manipulated in any way Nadira sees fit. She can throw the orb and cause it to hover in a spot until being called back to her. The orb acts as an extension of her body and allows her to perform melee attacks from medium to short range. Additionally, Nadira can summon up to six additional orbs. These additional orbs can be manipulated in the same manner as her single orb, or they can be used to fire a beam of soul energy at a foe. As a side note, Nadira is always seen with an orb either in hand or floating by her side.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Have you ever tried to summon a tornado inside?- Since Nadira’s aerokinesis only allows her to manipulate air and not generate it while she’s indoors, she requires vast amounts in order to summon even the smallest of her tornadoes. Because of this, Nadira is unable to whip up a storm indoors.

Weakness 2: If I could do it with my eyes closed I would.- Nadira’s geokinesis only works if she can see what she’s trying to manipulate. If there is no earth or metal within eye sight she cant manipulate it at all.

Weakness 3: If only my skin was as valuable as my bones.- Nadira’s impressive inherited durability is mainly concentrated in her bones making them nearly unbreakable. The durability lent to her skin however, only protects her from elements and not weapons meant to pierce. This means Nadira is susceptible to being harmed by bullets and can suffer stab wounds. If shot in the right spot or stabbed, Nadira could suffer internal damage.

Weakness 4: I’d like to see you split your soul into this many pieces.- The process of summoning more of her soul orbs causes a great deal of stress on Nadira and can be very taxing to her stamina, leaving her in a weakened state after successfully splitting her soul into six additional pieces.

Weakness 5: Severed Connection- If Nadira is hit by an attack of the magic variety, then she loses her ability to harness her soul as a weapon. This means after being hit with a magical item, weapon, or spell, Nadira is unable to split her soul into extra pieces. This limitation also extends to the soul orb she is always seen with. This orb will dissipate and fade to nothing due to the impact of a magic attack.  

The Items

None at the moment.

The Minions

Big Four (coming soon™)

The Fluff

Excellent hand to hand fighter- Despite her impressive powers and abilities, Nadira is more comfortable in hand to hand or close quarters combat. Nadira has spent many countless hours honing and perfecting the art of hand to hand combat.

Residual Arcadian power- Being the descendant of on of Arcadia’s ancient champions, some of the powers have been passed on through genetics. As a result of many generations of dilution, Nadira has inherited a very weak form of accelerated healing. Her wounds will heal quicker than the average humans, but don’t expect to see her wounds stitching themselves back up mid fight. Another residual ability, is the ability for Nadira to revive after death, and to never physically age past her current age of 26.

Shadow of an Empire!- In just a few short years, Nadira took everything Madeline had to offer her, and built herself a rather impressive dynasty. In memory of her both her ancestors, Madeline and Akhenaten, Nadira has erected as false utopia of sorts in the vast emptiness of the African Sahara. The small country is home to some of the worlds most advanced and cutting edge technology. Massive buildings rise above the sandy dunes of the desert and gleam like diamonds as the sun reflects off their glossy exteriors for all to see for miles around.

Beneath the surface of this glistening utopia lies the heart of Nadira’s operation, as shadow organization that has its hands in a variety of nefarious dealings. Nadira’s operation dabbles in the experimentation of biochemical weapons, drugs, arms trade, human experimentation, and AI research. The massive organization continues to grow day by day and is headed by Nadira and her four generals, Smiley (aka Sabrina Lockhart), Cyrus Lockhart, Kan Odin, and Sheng Lei. Each general is responsible for overseeing different branches of not only Nadira’s shadow organization, but also different branches and functions of Nadira’s country.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Re: Nadira El-Mahdy

Post by Arcana on September 18th 2017, 7:49 am

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Re: Nadira El-Mahdy

Post by Shadowoof on November 24th 2017, 5:23 am

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