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Post by BCAjax on September 10th 2017, 5:02 am


"Move or I'll move ya"

The Bio

Name: Joseph McCauley:
Renegade name: Bullets:
Title: none
Alignment:]True Neutral:
Hair: Dirt-Brown:
Eyes: Emerald Green:
Height: 6ft 3inches:
Wejght: 280 lbs:
Blood type:A+:

The Looks

The Personality

Joe McCauley spent his childhood years in the Ulster region of Ireland, a place still torn apart by conflict to this very day. Consequently he has developed a gruff and taciturn disposition on the outside that he uses to hide his real feelings. Bullets can be abrasive and curt, and does not like to be perceived as weak but once his respect is earned he is known to show a kinder side, with a special fondness for senior citizens and cats.
The Story

Joseph was born to unknown parents in Hurley, Northern Ireland and promptly abandoned at the nearest Catholic church. The resident Priest took him in and the boy enjoyed a few years insulated from the Troubles that were rocking the country. This peaceful upbringing lasted until Joseph was 16, when government forces stormed the church and arrested the Father for harboring guerilla fighters in the wine cellar. The father resisted their subsequent attempt to impound the church coffers and was killed right in front of Joseph's eyes. The trauma of the event triggered latent metagenetic abilities and he managed to escape into the arms of the IRA, becoming an impassioned fighter and enforcer for the group. Eventually, he tired of the constant violence and sought to make a new life for himself in America. He has found a steady job as a Bouncer at the local Dive and a sort of calling in protecting the residents of his new neighborhood. A few run-ins with the law and several do-gooder heroes who objected to his slightly brutal version of street justice have landed him in hot water a few times but deep down he really does his best to look out for the little guy.
The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

1:Adoptive Muscle Memory: Bullets's meta-gene has expressed itself in two parts, the first being his ability to automatically copy any human movement he sees with complete accuracy for up to three days after he views it, making martial arts, feats of athleticism, and precision crafting trivially easy for him.

2:Metal Mimic (Iron): The second half of Joe's meta-gene allows him to secrete a form of living Iron from his body, effectively covering it in a flexible metal sheath. This sheath increases his durability and strength, allowing him to move normally in his iron sheath and lift up to 300 pounds above his head. It turns his eyes teeth and tongue into ferrous material,  and even his blood is transformed into liquid iron and provides a spongy cushion for his brain to absorb impacts.
The Weaknesses

1:Hyper Metabolic: Using either of his powers causes Bullets to burn a excess amount of calories, to the point where he must consume a full three course meal after a 30 minute use of his abilities. A full hours use of his powers without refueling will cause his cells to begin using extra body fat and shortly after that stop producing glucose, literally causing him  starve.

2:Heavy Metal: While in bio-iron form Bullets weighs as much as your average anvil, causing him to sink like a stone in water, crack fragile surfaces, and making stealth almost impossible. His pseudo-iron form also makes him vulnerable to corrosion and magnetism effects.

3: Tactile Loss: When in Iron form, Bullets loses all sense of touch, making it difficult or impossible to complete tasks that require any significant amount of manual dexterity. It can also make it hard for him to realize  when he is being attacked from behind in some situations.
The Items

Joseph lives simply, he owns a small flat, a few suits, a beat up 2 seater truck, and a thick oaken shillelagh with  lion's head carved on top.
The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

Joseph "Bullets" McCauley stood on the curb, rain pelting the shoulders of his well-worn grey suit and sending droplets streaming down his ruddy face and into the gutter below. He had been waiting for the supplier Stewie the snitch had informed him would  be arriving at this warehouse going on two hours now. If these punks didn't show up soon he was going to be fairly irate and people tended to walk away with broken bones when he felt that way. He grunted as he stamped freezing feet against the pavement and ran a callused hand through his shaggy black hair. The drug pushers and gangbangers he could almost tolerate but running guns? Through his neighborhood? He knew where that lead. Before he had time for another black thought a windowless white van pulled up to the opposite curb and disgorged three beefy Mafioso types who began to unload black duffel bags and large cardboard boxes at speed.
Bullets rolled his shoulders like a bulldog and approached the men. The biggest member of  trio moved quickly to intercept the six foot three two hundred and eighty pound Irishman, placing himself in Bullets' path arm crossed.
"This is a private place of business sir" he scoffed.
Bullets drew up close enough to smell cheap cologne and expensive cigars, looming slightly over his counterpart. "Move yer car" he growled.
To his credit the man didn't blink. "Look pal," He spat. "I got a deadline to make and no time for mooks like you." "You go ahead and beat it and I won't have my boys here send on a little ambulance ride capishe?"
Bullets spared a glance at the other two men, who were menacingly cradling tire irons and giving him hard glares, and then fixed the leader with an icy scowl. "Shouldn't have said that lad," he rumbled.
"Alright you asked for-AAAARH"
The head Mafioso was cut off in mid-sentence by Bullets whipping a fist directly into his nose, sending  a crimson spray splattering on the tacky suits worn by his now cringing cronies.
Bullets cracked his knuckles and allowed himself  a rare smile as his ferrous form began to emerge from his very pores like  bad terminator flick. This was always the fun part.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Post by Chellizard on September 28th 2017, 4:44 pm

The only issue that I have with the application is the fact your Metal Mimicry is a duo power; giving strength and durability.

About how much stronger does it make him? I imagine fairly strong.

Of course the plot limitations are the only thing in the way in most cases, however I must insist you add one smaller weakness giving yourself 3 weaknesses to counter balance the duality of Metal Mimicry.

After that, you should be good to go.

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Post by BCAjax on October 7th 2017, 6:54 pm

Added a weakness and made a note of the Metal Mimic's increased strength. Lemme know if it needs more work and thank you for reviewing.

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