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Thomas Teller

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Thomas Teller Empty Thomas Teller

Post by Jax September 2nd 2017, 1:59 pm

Thomas Teller

"Alright Tom. You got this... You hope."

The Bio

Real Name: Thomas Teller
Hero Name: (To Be Determined)
Title: The Third Webslinger
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Rusty Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 172 lbs.
Blood type: AB

The Looks

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Thomas' first try at a Spider Suit. He openly admits that his design has been heavily inspired by the Scarlet Spider.

The Personality
Thomas is bright, eccentric, and outgoing. Taking the scenic view of life, he likes to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. He has no trouble meeting people and making acquaintance, but he is much slower to find a true friend in someone. He may be plenty outgoing, but behind that veneer is a man who has a sensitive and guarded inner life which rarely comes to life. He openly admits to using his wit as a coping device.

Thomas has strong feelings on the world. Optimistic, sometimes to a fault, and something of a bleeding heart, he holds that there is a kernel of good in almost everyone. He's willing to fight for that kernel and has a hard time admitting when he's wrong.

The Story
Tom was born and raised in the good old NYC. Living with his Aunt and Uncle from a young age, he has very little recollection of his parents. His mother died when he was young due to heart disease and he is told that his father was never really a part of the picture to begin with. Apparently, he had lived with his mother for a short time before running off at the mention of children.

His Aunt June and Uncle Matt were parental figures enough. June was warm and loving, but with a fire in her for justice. She would often go through old photo albums of herself and Thomas' mother marching at protests back in the 80's, and never hesitated to speak her mind. Matt had a spark of adventure in him and would often take Thomas out of the city on weekend camping trips and hikes. He often encouraged Thomas to pursue sports and was his most enthusiastic supporter when he joined the Cross Country Club in high school.

Thomas was a fairly good student, with an average school life. He graduated and has begun attending NYU for college, paid for with the help of scholarships and some help from his Aunt and Uncle. Currently, he does not have a plan for what he is majoring in. When asked, his go to line is, "It's a work in progress."

Not long after entering college, Thomas' life would change fundamentally. The first blow came when, one night at dinner, Aunt June complained of chest pain. Not long after, the family was following an ambulance, rushing June to the hospital. She was soon diagnosed with the same heart disease that took Thomas' mother. It was a still treatable, but the medicine and treatments were expensive. More money than the Tellers had. Uncle Matt got a second job and Thomas tried to scrounge up extra money by reporting on NYC supers for blogs and websites. Money was still tight.

The second change was an accident. The hospital where June was being treated was a research and teaching hospital and new treatments were being tested all the time. The newest was a drug that attempted to replicate the effects of the Meta Gene. The hope was that the original regenerative properties of the Meta Gene could be replicated and used to treat many illnesses that would be terminal otherwise.  It was a turn of fate that Thomas happened to be walking down the same hallway as an intern at the hospital. Anyone could have accidentally bumped into the cart that intern was pushing. Those Meta Drugs could have fallen and broken all over anyone's hand. It happened to Thomas though, and the fact that he had the open wound on that hand from a spider bite the night before didn't help.

Some reaction must have occurred between Thomas' DNA, the spider's, and the drug, because a few days after what was thought to be a harmless accident, spider powers began to manifest themselves. At first, Thomas felt no inclination towards the hero life. He simply used his powers to get better angles for photos, closer for a quick interview. He was very much keeping things on the down low. Then Aunt June went into heart failure.

The treatments had been helping, but they had only lessened the symptoms. The underlying cause of disease had still been wrecking June's body. By the time the damage was caught, it was too late.

There were no final words. No lessons for Thomas to live by. No closure. Nothing to move on from. Just a quick death and a gravestone to visit. For awhile, Thomas gave up using his powers completely, plagued by grief. He moved through the motions of college as best he could. He and Uncle Matt tried to move on as best they could. But things couldn't stay that way forever.

One year after June's death, a few days after a memorial mass for her, there was a supervillain attack on Thomas' campus. The situation was desperate and Thomas, remembering his Aunt and her moral compass, was compelled to act. He nearly lost that day and walked away with more than a few bruises and broken bones, but he did something to help that day. It dawned on Thomas that these powers were a gift. His Aunt would have wanted this way, and the more Thomas thought about it, he wanted to do something too. He wanted to help, to be a hero.

So now, with a rag-tag costume and all, Thomas has begun to swing through the streets of New York, taking his first steps towards being a hero.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Reaction
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Spider Strength: Thomas may look a little slight, but looks can be deciving. His spidey affinity has augmented his skeletal structure and musculature so that, at max he can lift approx. 6 tons.*

Spider-Agility: Thomas' reflexes and agility have been greatly enhanced by his date with destiny. His reflex time is faster than the average human's by a factor of roughly fifteen and his connective tissue and joints are about twice as limber. *

Wall Crawling: Does what it says on the tin. He can crawl on any surface that has some friction to it.

Spider-Sense: That good old tingly feeling that warns Thomas of impending danger.

The Weaknesses

Green as Grass: Thomas is currently very new to this whole hero business. He has no training, combat or otherwise, and is often outclassed, both by his enemies and allies.

Slippery Wall Crawling: If a surface is near frictionless, or could be considered as such, this can interfere with his wall crawling. Special substances can cause this or even a heavy downpour can make him have trouble finding his grip.

Blindspot: Thomas' Spidey Sense only has a range of about a hundred feet and even within that he won't be able to sense the specific nature of any threat, only the severity of the danger it poses to him and even a general direction if the danger is strong enough. It also can be fuzzed by too many things happening at once, and other Spiders (or arachnid based anything) can't be detected by it at all.

Big Softie: Thomas is at heart a believer that everyone is good at heart and strongly supports giving everyone their second chances. This can prove to be his downfall if he gives the wrong person too much slack.

The Items

-Web-Shooters: Currently the only special item of Thomas' kit. They are loaded with cartridges and can only supply a limited amount of web.

-Weakness: Thomas, by virtue of rotten luck, does not have the benefit of being able to make his own webs. However, after studying the other web slingers for some time, he has been able to manufacture his own and make some makeshift web-shooters. His stuff isn't as good as the real thing, but it gets the job done. Still, if he's not careful, he can run out of the stuff.

The Fluff

Thomas often has to balance his real life concerns with his heroic antics. This can lead to scheduling conflicts and plenty of grief in his personal life. He is determined to keep the two lives as separate as possible. Currently, Uncle Matt does not know about his activities. Thomas earns extra money by blogging about supers online and writing for online publications.

- - -

* Note that I have pulled these numbers from the Marvel Directory. I've actually decreased Thomas' strength significantly, accounting for a lack of physical training and exercise, as compared to the original Spider-Man. For reference, please refer to the "Known Superhuman Powers" section of the following web page:

Application created by [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Thomas Teller Empty Re: Thomas Teller

Post by Dubloon September 2nd 2017, 10:43 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

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