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Robyn Knight

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Robyn Knight Empty Robyn Knight

Post by stbrown02 on August 26th 2017, 2:42 am

Robyn Knight

"Would you put day drinking under experience or special abilities?"

The Bio

Real Name: Robyn Knight
Hero Name: Alias
Title: The Drunken Wonder
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human, Caucasian
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8
Weight: 124 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Personality

Robyn has a straight-forward personality. She doesn't like bullshitting around and she doesn't care to much about being bullshitted to. Due to her past traumas, she has a strong sense of family values protecting anyone close to her. Robyn will help or assist anyone who she thinks deserves help and will stop anyone who pisses her off. Her position on killing opposing forces is if they are relentless in trying to kill her or anyone she's protecting, she believes she has the right to defend herself. Even if a death occurs because of it; but the majority of the time Robyn pulls her punches.
The Story

It was October the fifteenth, Robyn's eighteenth birthday her parents, Harvey and Diana, decided to take her on a ski trip in the mountains. While on the way to the lodge, a caravan of hazardous waste trucks surrounded her parent's sedan. Before she knew it there was a collision, a pile-up, and a massive explosion. Robyn can recall every single moment in the car after that, the situation she was in was horrible. She laid pinned down against her seat by some huge piece of debris, and a huge flowing gash across her forehead; but that was the least of her problems, she could see, with perfect clarity, her mother and father both lying dead in their own blood and guts directly in front of her. Blood spewing wildly from their bodies, some even getting onto her herself. As her vision started to darken and get cloudy, whether it was from her weeping eyes or the collision she couldn't tell, she saw out the corner of her eye, tons of bright, fluorescent green sludge like liquid seeping through the car's shattered windows. The closer it got the more Robyn's body felt tingly, she tried to crawl away from the radioactive sludge but with the huge weight on her chest, she could only get so far. The last thing she could remember was being surrounded and covered in a pool of the green waste then all after that was darkness.
She awoke in a hospital bed, unaware of where she was or what was going on. Quickly she searched her vicinity for the button to call for a nurse, and pushed it. In about five minutes a shocked heavy-set, white woman in a nurse's uniform dashed in, she immediately start coercing Robyn back into a lying state, fussing over her like a newborn baby. She then said "What are you doing! Don't over exert yourself, just wait a few moments Dr. Handler will be right in, he's currently in surgery but he'll be out in a few." Robyn didn't understand what was going on what was all this fuss about? "What are you going on about Lady?" She said in an irritated tone. Robyn noticed a ID card on the woman's right bosom with the name, Rose O'Neill. "I mean can you please tell me what happened, Ms. O'Neill?" Robyn said in a calmer tone. "I guess it would only be right to fill you in. Well you were in a very fatal highway accident, were the only survivor. Ms. O'Neill had a very dreary and gloomy look on her face all while she said this. You've been in a coma for the past fourteen months. O'Neill consolingly rubbed Robyn's hand after saying this. Robyn's mind raced with so many thoughts at that moment it felt as though she would implode. She was the only survivor, she was completely alone.
Over the next couple of weeks she started to make a good recovery, her doctors were astonished at how fast her recovery was, it was at least three times faster then any other coma patient's. Internally something felt off, she felt different, she felt physically better even though she definitely shouldn't have because she'd been motionless up until basically two weeks ago. At first she just assumed the culprit was the various meds she had been taking; but after she'd been discharged from the hospital, she knew it was something else.
After being discharged from the hospital, Robyn took a few weeks to experiment with these new found abilities she gained, testing the limits of them. But she had one major problem, she had no job and no where to stay. After looking different low-skill needed jobs on the internet, she stumbled upon some old Dog the Bounty Hunter clips and after spending a few hours looking at them she had an idea. She could get whatever licensing needed and then she could start taking bounties and private investigator jobs, and maybe later down the line she could expand further.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Agility

The Powers

1. Superhuman Strength
Due to the unknown chemicals causing a multitude of mutations throughout her genome and body, Robyn gained the ability to lift enormous amounts of weight. She has yet to document her uppermost limits; but she did once dare herself to lift a trailer truck that weighed about 60 tons and after a while she began to feel quite sore. So she would estimate that it's somewhere around that weight.

2. Superhuman Durability
After the incident, Robyn's body and tissues have become far more resistant to various types of injury , particularly impact forces and bludgeoning damage. She made the educated guess that her skin and muscles cells became denser and hardier. She discovered that being slashed by knives and such only produced light wounds that could be patched up easily. Once she fell off a three-story building right onto a car and only suffered minor bruises to her back.

3.Accelerated Healing Factor
After her stint in the hospital, she realized her miraculous recovery was probably because of another ability of hers. After a little experimenting she discovered she could heal small, medium, and large sized lacerations and bruises in  a few hours. It also helps to make weak poisons/toxins inert and stronger ones have lesser effects. Anything more severe then that would probably require a hospital visit and surgery; but she could recover in one-third the time of an average human.

4. Flight
When testing Robyn was testing her durability by jumping off buildings, she discovered that she had the ability to fly. Again she hasn't documented her top speed, though she can easily catch up to most cars; so it's likely that it is subsonic. Robyn usually uses this ability as a way to increase her jumping heights, since she dislikes flying so much. When she does fly she tries to keep at low to mid altitudes and average speeds.

The Weaknesses

1. PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
After seeing her own parents die right in front of her cause severe mental damage. Being unable to help them or do anything for the matter during that time created a feeling of helplessness. Certain things can be a trigger for Robyn like massive amounts of gore and massacre. When she gets set off a few things could happen. She could go into a wild rampage or just shut down completely or everything in between.

2. Alcoholism
As soon as she got within the legal age Robyn started heavily drinking. She used alcohol as a way to cope with all her past and present trauma. Using as a short-term solution for forgetting her problems.

3. Limited Durability and Healing
Even though she is quite durable, she's not invincible. Given enough force her "thick skin" could shred just as easily as an ordinary human's. Energy attacks, given that they are strong enough, could bypass her protective layer all together.
Robyn can only heal her wounds to a certain extent. Any serious injuries like limb amputation and organ damage won't be affected by her healing factor. She would just lose the destroyed part of her body given she gets patched up in time.

4. Flight
Robyn somewhat dislikes flying and she especially hates when she has to do it for extended amounts of time. When she goes extreme speeds and high altitudes for more than a short period of time she starts to get airsick, probably because she's drunk.

The Items

1. Bulletproof Flask
For when your in a dangerous situation and you need a drink.

2. Bulletproof Leather Jacket
Robyn had this specially commissioned from military supplier. Robyn assumed sooner or later she would be in some sort of gun fight down the line and her "thick skin" isn't thick enough when it comes to bullets.
The jacket is highly durable it's not easily shredded, it can take bullets from multiple types of handguns; but anything high caliber would tear right through it.
The interior of the jacket is made of some sort of refined metal mesh; so this jacket has significant weight to it, it weighs about 35 lb. The jacket also can't take high caliber shots. This thing wasn't cheap to make so a downside was that it put a giant dent in Robyn's pockets.

The Fluff

Due to her accelerated healing rate she ages at one-third the rate ordinary humans do.

Due to being a Private Investigator, she has great analyzing and investigative skills.

Because of Robyn's regular heavy drinking she has built up a high tolerance to alcohol, this coupled with her tolerance to toxins means she has to drink three times as much as a regular person.

The RP Sample

It's been a few days since she got discharged from the hospital and it's been at least a week since she realized she had superhuman abilities. She had to see what was the limit to these things and even if she figured out how to use them somewhat decently "What would I even do?" She murmured to herself.
Later that Day
Robyn climbed the fire escape along the side of the apartment building. When she got to the roof she peered over the stone ledge, a sinking feeling started to creep into her stomach. "Am I crazy? I must be crazy, why am I about to do something like this." She said. "Oh yeah that's right, I don't have anything else to lose."
A determined look crept across her face. A moment barely passed when it happened, Robyn launched herself off the side of the concrete building with her arms and legs stretched wide and eyes shut. "Oh no! Oh good no, fly fly fly FLY!" She screamed out. Panic ensued as her body started falling faster and faster towards the pavement. "Calm down, chill out!" She tried to get into a peaceful state of mind, "Think about birds, kites, jets, anything that flys!" As she started thinking about all that stuff she felt it, friction against the wind. Her eyes shot open like the starting gate at a derby, below her she saw the passing faces, trees, buildings, and all. She did it, she was flying!

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Quote : "Would you put day drinking under experience or special abilities?"

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Robyn Knight Empty Re: Robyn Knight

Post by Chellizard on August 26th 2017, 4:46 am

Approved and moved.

Welcome to SHRP.

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